Tuesday, April 24, 2012

BentleyGirl2 Represents DB Congress Well in Missoula

BentleyGirl2, aka Lara Hatch, was "super excited" about getting her DB Congress T-shirt . "Just wanted to let you know that I received my shirt and it's just as awesome as I thought it would be. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"  

When the Montana DB Congress rep wore her new Dierks Bentley Congress (fan club) shirt to the Missoula show last Thursday at the University of Montana, she had no clue it would land her an interview.

"I just wanted to inform you that there is an awesome article about our president, Dierks Bentley, at Missoula up on their web site . It mentions how awesome he was (oh and a little about me sporting my DB Congress T-shirt!)"

She was being a little modest, because the article did a little more than mention her:
"Lara Hatch proudly sported a “DB Congress” shirt to the concert. Hatch holds the title as the first Montana “representative” in Bentley’s official fanclub – the “DB Congress” – and was one of a few lucky fans who got to meet Bentley backstage Thursday night.
She wasn’t sure what she’d ask him – “This is a fly by the seat of your pants thing,” she said – but she did have a poster for him to sign. When Hatch met Bentley before his last concert in Missoula, he told her he had hiked the “M” in flip-flops and looked around the Montana Harley-Davidson shop."
"The highlight for me," Lara admitted, "was the fact that I haven't seen Dierks in a meet and greet since 2008 and he actually remembered who I was and said he was glad to see me!  It was an awesome concert and the crowd even gave him a standing ovation!  I'm just happy to share ( as well as other fan club members) the love we share for our president Dierks."

Thanks for sharing, Lara! You represented DB and the DBC well in Montana!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dierks on Easy Street - Record Store Day

Vinyl album sales are up 20% over last year to date, and Dierks Bentley was a guest of honor, performing in the fifth annual Record Store Day today at Easy Street Records in Seattle, Washington.

Although he was only one of hundreds of bands performing in record stores across the nation, Dierks featured special guests such as Mike McCready from the legendary band, Pearl Jam. Many of you will remember McCready's guitar riff at the beginning of Life On The Run, on DB's Feel That Fire album, sounding so much like a motorcycle, you almost forgot it was a guitar--that's talent!

Dierks, bassist Cassidy Feasby and fiddle player Dan Hochhalter could not contain their excitement on Twitter about getting to play music with their idols.

Below are two videos from You Tube of the cover performances..  Before "Just Breathe" be sure to listen to DB talking about the song and what it means to him.  Dierks and Team Dude also sang Feel That Fire, Am I The Only One, and Home.  

Just Breathe (Pearl Jam cover):
Special guest Mike McCready!! Easy Street Records, Seattle, Washington - April 21, 2012 - Record Store Day - 100.7 WOLF

Dead Flowers (The Rolling Stones cover) Special guest Mike McCready!! Easy Street Records, Seattle, Washington - April 21, 2012 - Record Store Day - 100.7 WOLF

Life Finds A Way For The Grascals & Dierks Bentley

Bluegrass greats, The Grascals, posted on their facebook wall on Wednesday that they were, "tickled to learn that the song "Life Finds A Way" (the title cut from our new CD on Mountain Home) is the #1 song on the Bluegrass Today chart. Thanks to everyone that is playing it!"

Dierks Bentley fans will find the song especially sweet since he helped write it.  Country Standard Time confirms, "the album still finds the band is digging its collective teeth into composing as they co-wrote 5 of the 13 songs including the title cut with help from Dierks Bentley."

Long time friends, Dierks and The Grascals have been featured on each others albums over the last several years, such as Prodigal Son's Prayer on DB's Long Trip Alone Album, and Folsom Prison Blues on The Grascals Cracker Barrell project--The Grascals & Friends – Country Classics With A Bluegrass Spin.

Don't miss the CD release party for "Life Finds A Way," airing on GACTV Saturday, 4/21 at 9:30 am central.

Listen here.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Girl don't lie, you know you cry...

DB Congress rep, Tara Toro, from New York, is our DBC "link-finder" for DBC on Facebook!  She had the good fortune to fly to California (on a plane bound west) for two back-to-back Dierks Bentley shows. Did he really make her cry?  Find out how and why...

I have been a member of DB Congress for only three years, but in that time I have kind of made it my goal to attend every Dierks show I possibly can (which can be challenging with kids). I wanted a DBC shirt, but they were always unavailable.  So when I saw recently that they had arrived, I was super excited because I knew a concert was right around the corner!

Happily, a work trip in California for my husband came up and we realized we had airline tickets that were going to expire. I did not have to ask twice about coming along for two shows-LA and Pozo, April 13-14. My husband said yes and we were on our way (with kids in tow). Thankfully, I have a very supportive hubby!

So off I went solo to the Nokia on Friday the 13th.  I met some really nice fans near me and we chatted until the show started. Will Hoge (he’s really good!!) and Eli Young Band got everyone’s energy up as the openers. Dierks and the guys came out and did an absolutely terrific set. They played five songs off of “HOME” and all of the hits. He also had two special guests, Chris Shiflett from the Foo Fighters and Garrett Hedlund, from the movie, Country Strong.

Everyone around me was out of their seats and totally enjoying themselves. He has such a rapport with the audience and succeeds in connecting with so many people. He and the guys never disappoint and always give more than 100%.

Then it came time for "How Am I Doin’."  I know this is the song where he goes to a gal and chats with her. I had the crazy pleasure of it happening to me two months ago in NYC during HOME release week. When it came time for that part, and he walked over to me, honestly the first thought in my head was “what the?!” I mean, once is a once in a lifetime thing, but twice? 

He slipped a bit on the way over, so I braced his leg, then literally he sat on the stage in front of me, held my hand, asked my name then the usual “where’s the after party?” To which I replied, “on your bus,” and he laughed. Got up, inserted my name into the “Tara, don’t lie you know you cry, cos you know how good it used to be...,” looked over at me and pointed, and I pointed back.

Seriously, what a thrill! I cannot believe it happened. The guys next to me were so happy for me, they high-fived me.  No photo though, their camera had died.

The show ended with "What Was I Thinkin’." I know I will be thinkin’ about this night for a long time.

Day #2:  This is not a ‘Dierks held my hand’ story for Pozo but simply what a gal will do to get to a DB concert--set off alone on a beautiful sunny day, ready to pop the Dierks cd in the player for the 4-hour drive in the rental car.  After driving through Chevron land, I should have had a clue the poor GPS was not leading me in the right direction. 

Then I saw “Pozo 20 miles” and was psyched. The joke was on me.  It took me on Forest Mountain Road (I believe), a dirt road about 20 miles long up and down the mountain cliffs, one lane if you can call it that, no railing, small boulders in the middle of the road, me crying and thinking, “this cannot be the right road, there is no way Goldie (Dierks’ tour bus) could have gotten through this!”  Lots of prayers, and then seeing cars/RVs/buses and thinking I have reached the land!

Pozo was a totally different venue than the previous night in LA, but Dierks and the guys are so versatile that the shows come off so well no matter if it’s outside, a 500 capacity dive, or the 5,000 seat Nokia Theater.

He opened the show with “Country and Cold Cans,” and did four other songs off of HOME: “Tip It On Back,” which he said he hopes to have as the fourth single in the fall, “Home,” which was almost magical as he sang it against the beautiful Pozo sunset, “5-1-5-0,” and “Am I The Only One,” along with his hits and some Buck Owens “Act Naturally” in a nod to the Bakersfield sound. The crowd loved it and went a little 5150 (crazy) with their very interesting dancing on the grass, (I wish I had captured Dierks' face as he watched that) and weed smoking, to which Dierks inhaled deeply a few times to laughter and applause.

The nice thing at Pozo is, I got to meet David and his wife Jamie.  It is true that through the DBC you get to meet so many nice people who become your friends! There may not have been any personal moments at Pozo, but it was another fantastic show that was totally worth the cross country plane ride. And it took me a lot less time to get back to our friends’ house on a much safer road!

Tara Toro
DB Congress Rep, NY

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dierks Road Trip 2012: LA to Pozo

DB Congress reps, Dave and Jamie Watts, promoting our president in California, set off on a DRT (Dierks Road Trip) to Los Angeles and Pozo last weekend.  Come along with them on their journey...

Dierks Road Trip 2012 
By Dave Watts (aka @DistantShore19 on Twitter) 

Hey y'all (dbcongress),

If all I had to do was tell you about how awesome the first weekend of the new "Country and Cold Cans Tour" went, that would be easy. With four hours of concerts over two days, there are many memories.

Dierks was in top form playing all the number one's, along with five off the new album, mixed in with covers from artists as diverse as Buck Owens to The Foo-Fighters. The sound was great, and the new light show was top notch [thank you Chris Reade!] (In LA; lights blew out in Pozo).  But no matter what kind of fan you are, Dierks did not disappoint!  Duh! Selling out Nokia (4,300) and Pozo--wow!  Bigger, better, with a new album in tow, Dierks was incredible.

But sitting here reflecting on the weekend, all I can think about is Dierks Bentley--the person--and the Band of Brothers he has surrounded himself with. 

Some of my most special moments were more personal.  They include my wife (@jkonthecoast) and Tim Sergent (steel guitar) discussing his "warm hands" and where he bought his gloves--how real is that?  Another was Cassady Feasby (bassist, aka @drfeasby) and Dan Hochhalter (aka @fiddlinDan) taking time to shake our hands and say hi.  By the way, they were NOT part of the Meet and Greet (M&G)! Dan was talking to my wife about her life and her profession.

Cassady asked how our kids were and how the drive was from LA to Pozo.  This was NOT acting.  These were real questions, real conversations, with real people. Simply genuine is how I would describe Team Dude.

And of course, there is Dierks.  During Home in LA, thanking the fans, he points to my wife (we were 28th row) and says, 

"I see you, I see you DB Congress.  I’ve got the best fans in the world!"  

Everyone was looking at us with our DB Congress shirts on and cheering.  It was crazy. By the way, dbcongress, when DB points at you, he really sees you.   When he says, "I see you up top, with that lil' white tank top," he really does. When Dierks says, "I love you guys," he means it! 

And then of course there was show #2--Pozo, CA, where we had a M&G with our President, Mr. Dierks Bentley!  Needless to say we were  jacked up to finally get to meet Dierks after so many shows (our first was in 2006). Once DB came out and started to chat with the group, I knew this was gonna be special.  DB talked about the LCB8 and told us about his solo drive through the "woods."  Very cool getting into Dierks' head.

When it was time for the individual M&G, I was standing in line watching my wife chat with DB.  I had it all planned out.  I knew exactly what I wanted to say! Ha! What a waste of time because as I walked up to Dierks he turned, looked at me and said, "Dave...DistantShore19, right?  It's a pleasure to finally meet you!"  I was floored! A pleasure to meet ME?  He thanked me for all my tweets and constant support.  

I realized at that moment, I didn’t have to tell him about all the shows I’ve been to, or all the TV performances (Leno, Ferguson, etc.) because Dierks remembered.  He sees you on Twitter/Facebook supporting him.  He sees you in the front and in the last row. Dierks is watching us, too! Dierks is a Fan of US (HIS CONGRESS). He genuinely appreciates his fans. I truly believe this is what separates Dierks from other artists.

And now he has a group of musicians ("dudes") who feel the same way about the fans.  It was simply one of the best days of our lives.  

Eight years ago when I first heard Dierks, I knew I was connecting with his music on a much deeper level than with other artists (of any genre of music).  It was touching my soul.  I always believed in DB, his music and his message.  It always felt personal with Dierks, And finally getting  that once in a life-time chance to meet him only affirmed what I already knew:  Dierks, “the human being,” is what makes Dierks, “the artist/musician,” so damn special.

Thank you, Dierks.  We love you, Brother!

Dave and Jamie Watts
DB Congress Reps, CA

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Last Call Ball 8 Announced!

Who's ready for the biggest party of the year?!  Last Call Ball 8 has officially been announced!

From Dierks.com :

DB Congress, you're invited!  Join us for Dierks' Last Call Ball 8 during CMA Fest in Nashville!
Date:  Wednesday, June 6
Time:  9 p.m. doors - 10 p.m. show
Venue:  Cannery Ballroom
One Cannery Row
Nashville, TN 37203
(walking distance from CMA Fest)
Get Tickets:  On sale Friday, April 20 at 10 a.m. central time through Dierks.com
Ticket Prices:  $35 / DB Congress Member  -  $40 / Guest*
*You must be a member to purchase guest tickets.  Limit 1 member ticket and 3 guest tickets per member.

See you all in Nashville!  :-)


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Radio Spins 5-1-5-0 Like a Yo-yo

In its 4th week on the charts, Dierks Bentley's latest single "5-1-5-0" is starting to storm up the charts. On Billboard, it moved up 8 spots to #37, and on Mediabase it moved a whopping 11 spots, from #50 where it debuted last week all the way up to #39 this week! Last week, it officially went for adds, and picked up 30 first-week Mediabase panel adds (Billboard's are not publicly available); this week it snagged 27 more adds. In total, "5-1-5-0" has been added at 72 of the 139 stations that make up the Mediabase panel - little more than halfway in just two full official weeks! Radio is already starting to go loco! 

Thus far, the song is garnering fairly strong, positive reviews. Bobby Peacock of Roughstock reviewed the song today, giving it 4 stars and saying the song is "fun to listen to" and while noting it's not the deepest of songs, points out that not all uptempos need to be meaningful and concludes by calling it a "silly little piece of ear candy." He went on to say that it's ear candy he won't get sick of after a few listens. 

It appears radio echoes these sentiments as "5-1-5-0" becomes one of Dierks' fastest-rising non-lead singles. "5-1-5-0" is certainly making a lot of noise, and seems like it should deliver our Prez's 10th #1 single and be a perfect warm-weather jam. 

If your radio station hasn't added it just yet, don't get frustrated: many stations will add the song now that it's Top 40, but some stations won't add it until it's Top 30 (it's just how they program their songs). And the Top 30 is just around the corner: if it doesn't hit Top 30 this coming week, it definitely will the following week. But keep calling, emailing, tweeting, and requesting the song on Facebook so radio knows you're "just this side of loco!" 

~ Carrie Srebro (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Arizona's Own Country Star, Dierks Bentley

Simply titled, "west...", Dierks Bentley tweeted this picture of himself shortly after landing in Arizona to kick off his North American leg of the Country and Cold Cans tour.  And what better state to start in than his own "home" state of Arizona!

Thursday, April 12 marked the date for Country Thunder 2012 in Florence, AZ.  Check out this video from the Tuscon News Station, KVOA.

Here's an excerpt of an  interview with azcentral.com:

Question: How does it feel to get back to the country mainstream a bit after diving into bluegrass on your previous release?

Answer: It feels great. I like big shows, a lot of volume and a lot of energy. I love electric instruments. But I do love mixing those with bluegrass instruments and cranking those up, too, with a little bit of that rock energy.

Could you talk about the writing of the title track?

I was writing with Dan Wilson and Brett Beavers, thinking about Gabby Giffords because that had just happened four days earlier. And all the info-entertainers on the 24-hour news channels were constantly barking, trying to divide people. The politics were just so bad at that point. Dan said something about "America." Brett said something about "home." And I was like "This place is all called home. America."
We have so much more in common than we have differences. I travel the country more than any politician. I play small towns no one's ever heard of. I hang out with military families. I think I have my fingers on the pulse of this country pretty well, and what I hear on the news just doesn't seem like what I see in real life. So we captured it all in the song. And what I love about the song is that it's something anyone can relate to, and, hopefully, it helps somebody get through a tough time in their lives with the recession or having a family member in the military.

Are you surprised that country radio has embraced the song?

Totally. Oh yeah. And I'm the biggest country fan there is, but I'm always a little cautious of a slower song or just a song with subject matter. ... This song is a little bit less of a chest-beating type of patriotic song. So yeah, I was definitely worried.

It's complex.

It is. But Capitol Records, they wanted to make it a single, and I was like, "All right. We'll see how it works out."

I'd say it worked out pretty well, landing DB his ninth number one single!

Dierks to Participate in Record Store Day

Dierks Bentley has been added to the list of artists who will be taking part in the 5th Annual Record Store Day on April 21st with a special acoustic performance at Easy Street Records' Queen Anne location in downtown Seattle, WA at 1:00 PM PT.
 “Record Store Day is such a great event that has hardly had any attention in country music,” said Dierks. “Some of the coolest exclusive product comes out on this day at indy retailers, and I wanted country fans to be able to get in on the action. I may have a few surprise special guests up my sleeve too. I'm really excited to take over Easy Street for an hour that afternoon…Seattle is such a great music town." 
Artists like Coldplay, Foster the People, Ryan Adams and The Black Keys will also be taking part by releasing exclusives, making special appearances or performing at brick and mortar record stores to celebrate music.

 Don't forget, Dierks will be in Alaska tomorrow continuing the Country & Cold Cans Tour.  Click here for all upcoming tour dates.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter from DB Congress!

Easter image

Happy Easter to all our dedicated Dierks Bentley peeps (reps) and your families!  Happy Easter to Dierks, Cassidy, Evie and Jordan, too! And to all the Team Dude, Inc. and  your families...Cassady, Brian, Dan, Jay, Chris, Brit, Tim, Steve...we'll see you real soon on the spring tour!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Dierks' Night at the ACM Awards: Inspirational

Dierks Bentley's evening at the Academy of Country Music Awards last night started out with a walk on the red carpet with wife, Cassidy and an interview with GACTV's Storme Warren:

One of the first awards of the night was Song of the Year, and DB Congress collectively held our breath hoping to hear our president's name called. And the song of the year goes to....."Crazy Girl," by The Eli Young Band.  Sighs of disappointment from the at-home audience, but Dierks was the first one to jump up out of his chair to genuinely congratulate his tour mates.  It was just a few months ago that DB surprised EYB with a congratulatory cake on stage to celebrate Crazy Girl going to #1--their first ever.

I'm guessing the highlight of the evening for DB was his introduction by his idol, Bono, from the legendary U2.  Bono said this about his '"friend" Dierks, 

"Dierks Bentley's music reaches all the way from Nashville to my kitchen in Dublin. When he sings 'Home,' I feel patriotic about America. And I'm not even American. I think anyone who hears it understands that America is not just a geography. It's not just a country. It's an idea. I think country fans get that deeper than most."

Watch the intro here: 

The poignant and patriotic performance resulted in a standing ovation! What an inspirational moment.  We are so proud!

Twitter was buzzing with kudos from fans and industry alike:

Like Little Big Town what a great and authentic performance!

Tony Thomas did such a heartfelt performance of "Home" on the . And had an unexpectedly patriotic intro from Bono, completely cool.

GAC is gonna be walking around at all the after parties asking the other performers who introduced them on the ?

New York Veteran Music Journalist, Jim Bessman: Dierks Bentley unquestionably the best country artist of the current crop, far and away.

CMT's Cody Alan: I thought gave the performance of lifetime with 'Home' introduced by Bono at -Who was your favorite?

Country Music Is Love named Dierks' performance as one of the top ten moments of the night:

"Keith Urban and Dierks Bentley Pay Homage to America- Labelmates Keith Urban and Dierks Bentley undoubtedly delivered two of the best performances of the night. Urban honored the troops when he sang the self-penned “For You” from the Act of Valor soundtrack and Bentley delivered a heartfelt performance of his patriotic No.1 single “Home.” Both performers received a standing ovation."

When Blake Shelton accepted his Male Vocalist award, he quoted the lyrics from "Home:"
"...I was sitting back there...repeating the lines to Dierks' song [Home], been a long hard ride, got a ways to go...that's still how I still feel, but I'm proud to take this home tonight..."

Today, Dierks tweeted:
"w/ friends catching up on last night. humbled and honored by bono's introduction to our performance of HOME. equally so by your tweets."
Later the Eli Young Band tweeted: "Thank you to everyone who believed in Crazy Girl and us! I can't believe we won an ACM! Holy cow!" to which Dierks replied:

Even without the win, Dierks was so humble and inspirational.  He's a class act.  That's why we'll always be fans for life--award or not.  As the song says, "I won't lose hope" that someday he'll get the industry recognition he deserves.

DB Congress Chair

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pre-ACM Awards Interviews with Dierks Bentley

In case you missed it, Dierks will perform at the 47th annual ACM Awards tonight at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.  He's also nominated for Song of the Year for his number one single, "Home."  Check out a few of the interviews behind the scenes.  The first is a video from ramcountrymusic.com  and the second one is audio from ACM Award winners for Major Market Station of the Year,WQYK in Tampa, FL.

"Picture Dierks Bentley onstage performing his single “Home” with “really cool footage behind on the screens of soldiers and families” and you have the makings for an incredible, possibly tear-jerking moment ...that you definitely don’t want to miss."

"Dierks Bentley stopped by to talk with Dave and Veronica, they talked about his new single, “Home” and how it got a slow start, performing on the ACM awards show tonight, oh and his property up on the ridge in Nashville. Click here and then scroll down to listen to the Dierks interview.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Dierks and DOT Team Up For Motorcycle Safety

Dierks Bentley Congress representatives in Illinois will love this video!  Dierks did a PSA for motorcycle safey for the IL DOT, Traffic Safety division!

CMT "Unplugged" will feature Dierks Bentley

Last year MTV's "Unplugged" expanded to include CMT, opening the series to country artists. Dierks Bentley, whose single "Home" is nominated for Song of the Year at Sunday's Academy of Country
Music Awards, will follow The Civil Wars, with an episode of "CMT Unplugged" to air this spring.
"I love breaking my songs back down to their originalacoustic foundation," said Bentley. "When I write these songs bymyself or with friends, we just use acoustic guitars ... so,it's fun to sometimes go back to just the simple groove and ideayou had to begin with."

The Influence of Earl Scruggs Life Reflected by Dierks Bentley

(Photo from Country Weekly 2-20-12)

In October of 2010, Dierks Bentley was having the week of his life. Not only was he celebrating five years as a member of the Grand Ole Opry, but he was lucky enough to share the stage and spend time with legendary bluegrass icon, Earl Scruggs that week.  Dierks called it a "career highlight" for himself.

Earl Scruggs died on Wednesday, March 28, at the age of 88 of natural causes.

According to the Associated Press, "Scruggs' use of three fingers — in place of the limited clawhammer style once prevalent — elevated the banjo from a part of the rhythm section — or a even a comedian's prop — to a lead instrument that was as versatile as the guitar and far more flashy." AP generously quoted Dierks throughout their story:

"It's not just bluegrass, it's American music...there's 17- or 18-year-old kids turning on today's country music and hearing that banjo and they have no idea where that came from. That sound has probably always been there for them and they don't realize someone invented that three-finger roll style of playing. You hear it everywhere." 

AP also said, "Bentley and bluegrassers like Sam Bush and Jon Randall Stewart celebrated him at the Tin Pan South gathering of songwriters in Nashville and Eddie Stubbs dedicated the night to him on WSM, the home of the Grand Ole Opry. Bentley attended Scruggs' birthday party in January and had a chance to pick one more song in a circle with the legend. He even snapped a picture with his 3-year-old daughter, something he says he'll cherish forever. (Photo above is believed to be Dierks' 15 month old daughter, Jordan.)
"I think Earl was ready to go see Louise.  I think he was ready to go. But we're lucky. We've got a lifetime of his music that's recorded to listen to and he's in a better place.
Upon learning of Earl's death, Dierks tweeted:
"lost one of the pillars of bluegrass music and country music today. rest in peace ! thanks for a lifetime of music to listen to!"
Thanks to Dierks, we all know Earl Scruggs a little better and appreciate his musical influence on the world.

Rest in peace, Earl.  God Bless.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Radio Starting to go "Loco!"

In case you haven't heard, Dierks Bentley's new single is "5-1-5-0," and it was sent to radio this past week. It officially goes for adds on April 9th. 

But some radio stations nationwide have gotten a head-start on playing the song. Sirius XM's "The Highway" has been playing it in regular rotation since right after Home was released. Stations in Portland, Oregon; Charlotte, NC (woohoo!); St. Louis, MO; Nashville; and Ft. Wayne, IN have all followed suit in the past few weeks. 

All of the unsolicited airplay paid off this week, as "5-1-5-0" is this week's 'Hot Shot Debut' at Billboard, coming in at #56. (It has not yet charted at Mediabase, nor is it high enough for me to even track it!) "Home" hasn't even gone recurrent yet!

It sounds like our Prez is ready to get a little "5-1-5-0" this summer, too. Watch the latest DBTV as Dierks talks about the fan reaction to the new single, and how that helped them decide on it as the new single:

Are you ready to get a little loco this summer, Congress? Let's get Dierks his TENTH #1 HIT and THIRD #1 IN A ROW this Summer!!! 

~ Carrie Srebro (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dierks Bentley's Treat to a San Antonio Fan's Tweet

"It all started with a simple tweet and out of it came an unforgettable experience!

Every year the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo is held at the AT&T Center and each night there is a free concert following the rodeo. This year Dierks Bentley was scheduled to perform on Saturday, February 25th which happened to be Finals night.  We knew tickets were going to sell out fast but didn’t realize how quickly it would happen.  By the time we decided to attend it was sold out. Imagine my disappointment; Dierks would finally be in my area and I didn’t get tickets in time!

I took a moment to update my twitter that night (Feb. 17th) posting:
 “that moment when you order tickets and the screen says SOLD OUT. Saddest day ever. @DierksBentley at the Rodeo. Hopefully I can win some.”

I never expected the reply that followed would actually happen. To my surprise a few moments later I received a text on my phone “@DierksBentley mentioned you on twitter.”

WHAT?! I just stared at the screen and thought to myself I have to be dreaming. Hands shaking I rushed to open Twitter, it seemed like the application was taking forever to load, and as my feed updated I saw for myself the Tweet of the Year:
"@EireneCook: that moment when you order tickets and the screen says SOLD OUT. Saddest day ever.” – just txted my tour mgmr. 2 tix @ will call!”

Did that actually just happen?! Now, keep in mind, this happened in the middle of the night. I couldn’t believe it so woke up my husband to make sure it was real; he looked at it and was just as surprised as me. How was I going to get back to sleep now?

I always knew Dierks was a gracious artist and this solidified my opinion even more. Who knew that of all the tweets he received that night he saw and responded with such an amazing gesture to mine?

The night of his concert was finally here and after receiving a confirmation tweet from Dierks and his tour manager letting me know the tickets were at will call Alex and I headed down to the venue. The box office staff handed me an envelope that read “Eirene – Dierks Bentley Guest.”

After enjoying the Rodeo portion of the evening it was time for his performance! What’s neat about the concert is the stage rotates so no matter where you are in the arena you have the perfect seat. As I expected, his performance was incredible. He performed songs from “Home” and many of my favorites from the older albums. I can’t pinpoint my favorite moment from his concert because the entire evening was too good to be true. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to thank him in person for the tickets but made sure to send him a tweet thanking him for the tickets. If I ever get a chance to meet him I’ll make sure to thank him for the amazing evening!
DB Congress Rep, Eirene with husband Alex

As every Dierks fan knows, his concerts are always a great time. This time the concert was extra special and will always hold a place in my heart, not only was it my husband’s first Dierks concert but we were there because Dierks took the time to notice my tweet and provide us with a night we will never forget. I will be forever grateful to him." 

J Eirene 

Eirene is a DB Congress member who originally represented Dierks Bentley in Colorado, but now lives in Texas.