Saturday, November 2, 2019

Dierks Bentley and Friends -- Hot Country Knights Performed at Joe's Bar in Chicago, To Benefit The Riser Foundation

Dierks Bentley kicked off Sunday night, October 27, 2019, at Joe's Bar on Weed Street in Chicago with, "The Mountain," a pre-Halloween treat for DB Congress members in attendance as it's not very often Dierks plays the title song to his 2018 album 'live' for his fans. 

It was appropriate though, as he sang, "I climbed like hell through the brush and the bramble."  He's come a long way to be in a position to give back in a big way, and the event and Joe's was a benefit for The Riser Foundation--raising over $33,000.

The Riser Foundation was launched in 2006, by Dierks and a handful of passionate Nashville supporters of charitable organizations--mostly to help children and families.  You may remember our blogs from the 10-year run of Miles and Music For Kids, the motorcycle/concert event that benefitted Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, and several children's hospitals around the country.

Over two dozen more organizations have benefitted from the efforts of The Riser Foundation over the years including:

Safe Haven - Spotlighted in Dierks' Riser video

Hospice of the Valley - where Dierks' dad spent his last days

Jordan Sterling Foundation -  Dierks' sang a song he wrote dedicated to his friend.

Music Health Alliance - Dierks was the 2019 spokesperson for Heal the Music Day

California Fire Foundation - Only The Brave movie, "Hold The Light," Granite Mountain Hot Shots

Add $33,042 from the event at Joe's and The Riser Foundation has donated nearly $8 million, supporting more than sick kids, but also homelessness, literacy, education and hunger over the years.

As usual, DB Congress reps were in line early in the day, to be front row for the show that night.  As with most benefits, many folks had bid upwards of $700, donating to the cause, and earning them early entrance--so sadly, the front row spots for hard-core Dierks fans were not meant to be that night.

But in the second row, he still saw us, called us out, pointes to us and proceeded to blame us for having to shake up the set list.

"It's always great seeing you guys here, but you make me have to change things. I was gonna do the same show we did last time I was in town, but I was like, nah...gotta change it up!"

The evening would not be complete without the benefit's namesake song, Riser, at which point the band left the stage and Dierks remained with just his guitar and heartfelt voice:


"I would not do this anywhere else 'cause it could totally wreck the show, but I know I can trust you guys to be cool letting these guys play about 2 or 3 songs.  These guys love 90's country, they're called Hot Country Knights...just give them a chance...

We dare you not to sing along to the catchy Hot Country Knights theme song!

We'll even provide the words.  H-O-T COUNT - RY - KNI - GHT - S!

After a few HCK songs, there was banter between Dierks and his dudes: Where's my band? Where are my guys? Will you guys do a couple of my songs, do you know my stuff?  Yeah--anybody can play your stuff.  Can you zip that?

To be in tune with the Riser benefit theme, we were proud to surprise Dierks early with the new limited edition Flag and Anthem/Desert Son Riser Camo Tshirts* that went on sale to the public the next day.  These tees give 100% of the proceeds to Folds of Honor, to help provide educational scholarships to spouses and children of our fallen and disabled service-members.
*The Camo shirts are currently sold out, but will be back in stock next week! Keep trying the link!

"We believe that there are everyday Risers all around, and it's our obligation to recognize, stand by and support them." - The Riser Foundation website

Donate to The Riser Foundation.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Cajun Congress Member Dies 'Holding On' to Dierks Bentley Memories

I first met Sylvia Silva in 2013, at Dierks Bentley's Last Call Ball 9 in Nashville--one of the Louisiana DB Congress reps known as the Cajun Congress.  I never met her mom, Ramona Ramos, also a DBC rep, but was saddened to read of her passing a few weeks ago.  Sylvia wrote the following tribute to her mom:

I send this ”Thank You” via FB because my Mom Ramona Ramos and I met these amazing people through FB. Many we have never personally met, so it seems fitting to extend my gratitude here.

My Mom loved dancing and MUSIC and we shared many good times centered around just that! I invited my Mom to join DB Congress, Dierks Bentley fan club and Mom easily fell right into the mix! We would join other Congress Members at concerts and meet ups and #DRT’s (Dierks Road Trips). Mom joined in our antics of dressing the part at our #1 celebration parties and wearing matching shirts at concerts, although Mom always added her own little flair to hers!

Mom was lucky enough to land several Meet & Greets with Dierks. She loved her front row seats or front row PIT! Her last front row PIT was at the young age of 73, at Champion Square in New Orleans, LA. She always brought little gifts to hand deliver to Dierks.

During the “I Hold On” campaign, I asked my Mom what does she hold on to and I’ll submit a picture. She took the picture of Jesus off of her wall and held it tight. It is one of my favorite pictures of my Mom. 

At the young age of 70, we brought her grandchildren to Nashville for the CMA Music Fest. We had the week pass which covered a week’s worth of craziness and country music from sun up to well past midnight. We all had a tough time keeping up with Mom! During that week, we landed Last Call Ball 9 tickets. At this very personal concert/fan party, Mom got a better feel of Dierks “the man” rather than “the performer.”  The music pulled her in but the “Dierks” he allows us to know is why Mom thought he was “A Doll." His love and devotion to his family and his faith, his love of country and respect for “Mother Earth” ~ all character traits they shared. She witnessed first hand his commitment to his fans as he stood at the front of Belcourt Theater and met with each person present.

My Dad, myself, my sisters and brother have so much gratitude for the DB Congress not only for extending your condolences, the beautiful plant (#Bentley)and for donating to my Mom’s favorite charities but also for embracing my Mom in the DB Congress and filling my Mom’s life with much love and friendship and MUSIC. We thank all of you and of course “The Dude” for bringing all of us together!  I’m sure my Mom is in Heaven singing... #BeautifulWorld, #LongTripAlone, #IHoldOn #FreeAndEasy, #Home, #Living

Special thanks to:
Cecia Guidry Benoit, Darrell A Benoit, Tracy Walters Carter, Marycoleen Geiger, Sherrie McKenzie Shamon, Nancy Harwood Eaton, Janet Marlborough, Amanda Morris, Nicole Dalton, Heather Ashley, Jenny Bable, Michelle Ly Wilson, Harriett Dickerson Watkins, Keri Nutt, Tom Underberg, Miranda Martinez, Christa Thornton, Mary Lou Greene, Ronna Clark, Jasmine Sanchz, Adrian Taylor, Renèe Glennon, Cheryl Parr, Carrie Srebro and Georgenne Joakim Foley.


Ronna Clark
DB Congress Chair (FL)

Friday, April 12, 2019

Dierks and Knox Live it Up in "Living" Music Video

Released as a single in February, Dierks Bentley's "Living" has been climbing the charts ever since. And it's no surprise, really. This song touches everyone's soul on some level. It's full of heart and life ... a reflection of the man himself. It was only a matter of time until an official music video was released. Goodness, did the team deliver!

Earlier this week, Dierks took to social media to start teasing the video. Dierks, his 5-year-old son Knox, puppies, wave riders, pajama jam sessions ... we knew it was going to be good!

A post shared by Dierks Bentley (@dierksbentley) on

The video follows Dierks and Knox in an epic day of adventure! This is fitting, given the song's focus of making the most of every day and truly living in even the most ordinary moments.

“’Living’ certainly celebrates life’s big moments and adventures, but for me it’s even more about being intentional and present in everyday moments,” Dierks said. “Knox is at that age where he can still find the biggest joy in the smallest things, and that childlike appreciation for life is the spirit I wanted to bring to this video to remind us of difference between just being alive and actually ‘living.’”

So here it is ... living, indeed!

Accompanying this release, People took fans behind the scenes for the making of this perfect video. Take a look here!

You can also see a fan-feature music video Dierks' team released in May 2018 as a series of music videos to promote the album The Mountain.

Dierks and the guys first played this song as a gift to DBCers present at a concert in Las Vegas in December 2017. "I was thinking of everybody here, but definitely these hardcore, hardcore fans standing down here ... this would be my gift to you." I had the honor of being along the stage for that moment, and I can tell you there wasn't a dry eye around me.

This song has touched so many lives. The lyrics and music had much to live up to. This video certainly lives up to the challenge.

Jessica Borrelli
DB Congress Rep, WA

Monday, April 8, 2019

Dierks Was "Travelin' Light" For 2019 ACM Awards

The 2019 ACM Awards had definite "light" moments for Dierks Bentley, including a performance that's being talked about across the country.

The night kicked off in the most perfect of ways, with the ACM social media pages announcing an early win for Dierks and Brothers Osborne. They walked into the event having already won the Music Event of the Year for their "Burning Man" collaboration.

While this doesn't come with an official acceptance speech, Dierks and the guys were quite grateful for the win, and sent out a tweet to say thank you!

(This win is extra sweet after Dierks' earlier interview where he noted his kids always remind him he never wins anything. Not tonight!)

Speaking of the red carpet, Dierks and his wife, Cassidy, looked absolutely stunning (thank you to CMT for this wonderful photo of the Bentleys (right) with Catherine Shepherd and Brandi Carlile (left))!

While Brandi is a Grammy award winning singer, songwriter and producer, many might not have known there were ties between her and Dierks. For those of us who have had The Mountain on repeat for the better part of the last year, her voice is a familiar one gracing our speakers. And DB Congress members were elated to have the chance to see their duet "Travelin' Light" live at the awards show, which Billboard said, in the most positive of ways, that it was "almost as if they were having fun at a karaoke session with friends--just with all-star vocals!"

You can watch their performance here.

Brandi's newest collaboration, Highwomen (a play on the 80s and 90s supergroup Highwaymen which includes Maren Morris, Amanda Shires, Natalie Hemby and Lori McKenna), even gave a Twitter invite to Dierks as an honorary member!

Based on the banter between Dierks and Brandi before the show, it was clear the two love to perform together and they embrace a live show audience. In another interview, they discussed the evening itself was light. As Dierks noted, "There isn't a lot of heaviness to this show. It's just a fun place to be. It's Vegas. It's springtime. It feels pretty good."

As Brandi said of "Travelin' Light" and of Dierks, "I wanted to sing it because I felt [the song] and I felt Dierks' voice so much. I'm a big fan of his humanity, the kind of dad he is, the guy he is, the kind of husband he is. He's just somebody I want to spend a lot more time with."

Perhaps Brandi will "lay it down" again on a future Dierks album? We're ready!

Bonus: This "light" photo was captured at the event, and our DB Congress friends across the pond had a little fun, seeking captions. How would you caption this photo?

Jessica Borrelli
DB Congress Rep, WA