Sunday, May 20, 2018

Dierks Bentley On Another Level for Opening Night of the Mountain High Tour in Columbia, MD

Dierks Bentley was nine songs into his opening night of the Mountain High Tour before he drew a breath. 

"I didn't get a chance to introduce myself....Hi, I'm Dierks Bentley, I'm your lead singer tonight and you guys are amazing.  You guys are so incredible I cannot believe ...just blows my mind you guys are all here, everywhere, alright! up top!"

The Merriweather Post Pavillion was a gorgeous setting, and the fans in Columbia, Maryland on Friday, May 18, 2018 didn't seem to mind the rain to have the chance at the Dierks Bentley Mountain High experience.

All six 'Team Dude' members managed four costume changes (and wigs) in record time from the VIP 'mountain-clad' acoustic set, to 15 minutes later opening for LANCO in overalls as "The Maryland Monroes," then the new set, and a psychedelic '70's-themed encore--complete with platform shoes, bell bottoms and oh, yeah, a pilot's uniform.

The VIP acoustic set started out with stripped down versions of 5-1-5-0, Up On the Ridge, Drunk On A Plane and new from The Mountain album, "You Can't Bring Me Down." Fantastic fiddle playing by Dan Hochhalter! At one point, someone in the crowd was face-timing and Dierks took the phone and introduced the band to them. Dierks on the mandolin was having a blast, then traded with Ben Helson for the guitar.  Thank God for the versatility of this skillful group of musicians! Check out the VIP acoustic videos on our DB Congress Facebook page!

It's 9:20 pm and the lights go dark.  The intro music starts..."Well I bet my soul on a six string gamble, and I climbed like hell through the brush and the bramble. Even though I had my doubts, told myself, don't look down, and I turned that hill into a pile of gravel.  It was only a mountain, nothing but a big ole rock.   Only a mountain,  it ain't hard if you don't stop.  It just took a little step, a right then a left then a couple million more, who's countin'?  Hell, it's only a mountain, Hell, it's only a mountain...then BAM! An explosion --90 seconds of electricity and elaborate new lighting (compliments of Chris Reade), and live electric guitars, drums, bass, and banjo. Dierks, Ben Helson, Cassady Feasby, Dan Hochhalter, Steve Misamore and Tim Sergent rocked 'The Mountain' hard, straight into the next song--I Hold On.

Transitions were tight--they never stopped playing. Ending each song on the same note the next one began--seamless.  Before Somewhere On A Beach, Dierks quipped, if you want to climb a mountain, you gotta start at the bottom, you gotta start at sea level before you reach that altitude. The wild drum sound of Woman, Amen was augmented with LANCO and Brothers Osborne drummers in addition to Bentley's own Steve Misamore and perfectly positioned Black as the chaser.

Burning Man brought Brothers Osborne to the stage again--a much anticipated number since the Brothers are featured on the album cut.  And many DB Congress reps heard it live first in Vegas in December 2017. Ben Helson and John Osborne killed it while Dierks,  jumped up and down excitedly:

Up On The

Ridge took a turn to Hillbilly Shoes (a nod to Montgomery Gentry), spotlighting the vocal talent of bass player, Cassady Feasby. "You think you know me, but you ain't seen nothin' yet.  Til you walk a while, a country mile in my hillbilly shoes, he belts out while Bentley harmonizes with background vocals:

During 5-1-5-0, LANCO lead Brandon Lancaster returned to duet with Dierks on the 90's throwback, "Sold" (Grundy County Auction).

So how did the tour name come about? Dierks tells us.

"Ah man, we've been off the road for a while...this is our first night of the Mountain High Tour.  I got a record coming out called The Mountain, so me and the guys we're responsible for the "Mountain" part of the name, Brothers Osborne are responsible for the "High" part of the Mountain High Tour.  Pretty good, right? We're just so relieved to be back on the road, this is where we love to be.  We had to take some time off to try to make the best record we could, but we missed you guys, miss being around you guys."

"It was a crazy year last year, it was a hard year for a lot of us in country music, in the country music community and a lot of difficult times out there that we all went through together.  I was meeting earlier tonight with a girl who was here with her family and its her first concert back since Route 91 and I want to recognize her and her family--thank you for coming out tonight and letting us be your first concert since then--really means  a lot to me and the guys that you guys came here."

"I know everybody here, you all have your own mountains you're climbing, your own personal battles, and I tell you the one thing I know is that country music fans have more perseverance and determination than any people I've ever met in my life and we're gonna send this song to all you risers out there tonight--this is for you guys, you are risers, there's nothing you can't do, nothing we can't get through together. Isn't that right?"

Am I The Only One? allowed the guys to all sit down for a minute (whew!) on the new stage with a U-shaped set of lighted steps, and Dierks introduced each of them, then strolled out to the B stage for Tip It On Back--a perfect fit for the fans on the lawn- and Say You Do, before heading back to the main stage for Living, Thinking and Sideways.

When darkness comes to town, I'm a lighter...the stage goes dark for a short time and then a 70's clad crew come back for the lively Drunk On A Plane encore and suddenly Dierks is maneuvered high up in the stage clouds for the Mardi Gras tune in a make-shift plane.

As if our clear eyes weren't even blinking, it was over, leaving us with a heart full of grateful for all Dierks and his crew gave us tonight, an uplifting evening, allowing us to feel that fire we've been missin', we were living!

Don't miss the Mountain High Tour tonight in Camden, NJ.  See all tour dates here.

Ronna Clark
DB Congress Chair

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Music Video Series Shares Fans' Personal "Mountains"

Though the promotion and hype of Dierks Bentley's ninth studio album, The Mountain, has focused on a literal mountain setting, the meaning is much bigger. Instead, it is a metaphor for life's challenges, focusing on the struggle and the moments of overcoming.

What inspired this picturesque metaphor?

“The people I meet on the road who are climbing their own personal mountains unknowingly inspired this album,” Dierks said. “Their stories are powerful and raw, but there is always a sense of resilience and hope. Those feelings are the foundation of this album to me.”

So, Dierks teamed up with Apple Music to share the stories of some of the people who inspired The Mountain--fans with powerful, real struggles. This four-part video series will highlight "fans’ stories of resilience, perseverance and hope set to picturesque performance footage shot in Colorado."

The first two videos have been released, with the next two coming out before the album release on June 8. These videos and stories will certainly get you thinking about life's mountains and will, no doubt, tug on your heart.

The Mountain
The first video features Daniel Foley, Boston Marathon runner and 2013 bombing survivor. Daniel's family was near the finish line when the bomb went off; they all witnessed the horror that took place that day. They decided to overcome the mountain together. "My wife and I decided we were going to focus on all the good, that we can come back from a terrorist attack and we can run the next year and not be afraid." Here's their story:

The second video features Jennifer Fry, a photographer who was born with low-tone hearing loss in both ears. Despite others telling her she wouldn't be able to have a normal life, she opted to prove them wrong. "I'm not really sure if I'm going to lose my hearing completely. I'm just going to keep going and hear the birds singing and water splashing, just everything. I want to take it in as much as I can." Here's her story:

You Can't Bring Me Down
The third video features McKenzi Loid, who passed away from a car accident while leaving a Dierks concert on April 24, 2017. Her mom (Robin Loid) and sister (Emily Wilkins) created the non-profit Cultivate Kindness in her honor. Their organization raises money to support Be The Light, an annual special needs prom. "It's wonderful to continue her kindness and her positivity through Cultivate Kindness ... turning that grief and sadness into something wonderful, like this prom, it's incredible to us."

Stay tuned for the final video, which should be available this week.

In the meantime, Dierks' team is still collecting "mountain" stories from those who have recently scaled a mountain of their own. Have a story? You can submit it here. It might be featured during the album release!

Jessica Borrelli
DB Congress Rep, WA

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Woman, Amen Music Video Shares Story of Mother-Daughter Duo

January kicked off beautifully for Dierks Bentley fans around the world, with the album announcement, tour announcement, clothing line announcement, and release of his newest single "Woman, Amen." Still climbing the charts three months later, it was only a matter of time that we'd get a chance to see the artistic expression of this empowering, uplifting song through a music video. And, once again, Dierks shows he's all heart.

In the style of his Riser video, Dierks uses this medium to share a real story and hope it inspires others to action. This time, he chose mother-daughter duo, Jennifer and Sydnee Floyd from Nashville, Tenn.

(photo by Capitol Nashville)

"I was really drawn to their real life experience, and I wanted to do a video based on real people with real struggles and real triumphs," he said. "These are the people I get to meet every day, and they are really the ones who have inspired this music."

According to a news source in Franklin, Tenn., Sydnee was born with PFAPA, a syndrome that results in fevers and sore throats, and EDS, a condition that affects the connective tissue in her body. After dealing with bullying and other hardships, the pair decided to move "to a big town" and a fresh start. There, "Sydnee took bullying and turned it around, she used it to motivate herself to do more for others."

With their hearts broken for the homeless community, they regularly volunteer for a local organization, putting together toiletries and essentials kits to distribute to those who are homeless.

As Sydnee says at the end of the video, "We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."

The video shows just how much of a positive difference they are making in their community.

“Jennifer and Sydnee make everyone around them want to do more, to be better … it was an incredible honor for me to honor them,” Dierks said. “I hope that by shining a light on the completely selfless volunteer work they do, it will maybe inspire other folks to do what they can in their own communities."

But, it wouldn't have had the same effect if Dierk's team had simply called Jennifer and Sydnee to see if they would be interested in being featured. No. Dierks needed to be in on the action. And what a surprise it was! Here's the backstory:

On April 9, we knew the video was on its way with a behind-the-scenes video Dierks posted through his Instagram page.

The next day, after the video was released, Dierks shared this full clip. Instant smiles and instant tears.

A post shared by Dierks Bentley (@dierksbentley) on

While pretty much anyone I know wouldn't be able to say "YES!" fast enough, Jennifer responded in the most humble, gracious way (letting all of us know he picked the PERFECT story for this song).

As Jennifer said in a later interview, “Sydnee and I are so excited and deeply humbled that Dierks Bentley thought we were special enough to help share his song. We hope that this video touches your heart like it does ours. New life motto #WomanAmen.”

Here it is!

Jessica Borrelli
DB Congress Rep, WA

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Title Track and "The Mountain" Tracklist Revealed

On April 12, those who follow Dierks Bentley's social media channels were given some very important news we've all been waiting for: The Mountain album will be released June 8!

That same day, those who pre-ordered The Mountain were notified of an extra special surprise: a downloadable title track!

Oh, it's an amazing week for Dierks fans, isn't it?

After we set up yet another Dierks countdown timer on our phones (54 days, 15 hours, 23 minutes as of the writing of this blog), we can now see what's been hinted at over the last few weeks. All song titles are available (and we have clips of many of them!).

As stated by Dierks' PR team, "Reaching a new creative high, Bentley co-wrote 10 of the 13 new tracks that are unified by themes of presence and positivity, and range in style from textured rock to acoustic folk, feeling both rooted and expansive at the same time."

Can I get a "Woman, Amen!"?

Here's what we know (click on the links for info about the songs):

1. Burning Man (possibly written by Josh Osborne, Jeff Silver, ?)

2. The Mountain (written by Ross Copperman, Paul Moak)

3. Living (written by Dierks Bentley, Ross Copperman, Jon Nite, Ashley Gorley)

4. Woman, Amen (written by Dierk Bentley, Ross Copperman, Josh Kear)

5. You Can't Bring Me Down (written by Dierks Bentley, Luke Laird, Hillary Lindsay)

6. Nothing On But The Stars (written by Dierks Bentley Ross Copperman, Jon Nite, Jon Randall)

7. Goodbye In Telluride (written by Dierks Bentley, Ross Copperman, Ashley Gorley, Travis Hill)

8. My Religion (written by ?)

9. One Way (written by ?)

10. Son Of The Sun (written by Dierks Bentley, Ross Copperman, Jon Nite, Jon Randall)

11. Stranger To Myself (written by Dierks Bentley, Ross Copperman, Heather Morgan)

12. Travelin' Light (feat. Brandi Carlile) (written by Dierks Bentley, Ashley Gorley, Jon Nite)

13. How I'm Going Out (written by Jessi Alexander, Jon Randall--a fun bit of trivia: Jessi and Jon are married!)

Collaborations on this album include songs with Brothers Osborne, Brandi Carlile, and world-renowned bluegrass musicians Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas and Tim O’Brien.

When reflecting on the tracks of this album, Dierks said, “For me it’s the best of both worlds, and it feels like something new. It’s powerful but also happy, with acoustic sensibility mixed in with the big sounds I like to have for the road. They are the songs I’d play for somebody to say, ‘This is who I am right now.’"

We'll take all the sneak peeks we can get until this album is released.

With "Woman, Amen" climbing the charts and flooding the airwaves, and now "The Mountain" available through major music services (and on repeat on our devices!), our Dierks playlists have gotten that much better, with the promise of mountain-sized talent to come.

Carrie Srebro
DB Congress Chart Reporter

Jessica Borrelli
DB Congress Rep, WA