Friday, February 22, 2019

"Living" Released As New Single

It's official--a song very near and dear to many DB Congress members' hearts has been announced as Dierks Bentley's newest single.

First heard as a gift to DBCers present at a Las Vegas concert in December of 2017, the song "Living" quickly became a deep fan favorite.


For this very introspective, self-reflective, heart moving, downright gorgeous song, Dierks put his own pen to paper, personally writing this track with Ross Copperman and Josh Kear.

“The idea for this song started from being on the road and realizing how little ‘living’ we were actually doing out there,” he said. “Whole days would go by where you never leave the bus and all you would see is the back parking lot of the arena. Going to Walgreens was a big deal! That is when the idea was born that there is a true difference between being alive and actually ‘living.’ This song is certainly about big moments in life and adventure … but it’s more about finding the beauty and that feeling in everyday moments. My goal for 2019 is to get outdoors and seek adventure whenever possible while also being fully present and living in even the ordinary moments … whether it be my son’s hockey practice and my girls’ theater performances or sitting around the table having dinner in catering with my band and crew.”

While we can assume there will be an official "Living" music video in the future (not confirmed), this initial video was released before the album, and shares a fan story of truly living.

This might be presumptuous of me, but I, personally, could see this one going all the way to number 1 (which would make it his 19th number-one hit, following his 18th--Burning Man--just a couple weeks ago!). Now, we simply need to help get it there! Call, text, tweet your radio stations so we can share this lyrical gem with radio listeners everywhere.

With a heart full of grateful ...

Jessica Borrelli
DB Congress Rep, WA

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Dierks and Del, A Front Row Look

For DB Congress members, the name Del McCoury is a familiar one. A long-time friend and inspiration for Dierks, bluegrass legend Del has made numerous appearances in support our DBC President--like the time they performed Rovin' Gambler, and when Del appeared on the Up on the Ridge album for "Pride (In the Name of Love)," or even as recently as last year when they sang the National Anthem.

This time, it was Dierks' turn to show up to honor Del; he did so by helping celebrate Del's 80th birthday. Surrounded by family and friends, Del celebrated the best way a musician can--on stage at the Grand Ole Opry. Entitled the "Grand Del Opry," the Feb. 13 event hosted artists such as Sam Bush, Vince Gill, the Travelin' McCourys and more. It felt natural when Dierks' name showed up on the set list.

Just like it felt natural to know we had DBC reps in the audience! Mary Lou Greene, DBC rep from N.C., immediately knew she needed to make the trek to Tennessee. After seeing her photos, it was clear her story needed to be shared! Here's an interview about her Dierks and Del adventure.

How did you hear about the Grand Del Opry event? 
I follow Grand Ole Opry on all the socials, so I saw it as soon as it was announced. Dierks was not on the initial list of artists. My immediate thought was, “Wow, I would love to go,” but saw it was a Wednesday night PLUS I already had plans to fly to Nashville the next Wednesday, Feb. 20, for Dierks’ show at Bridgestone. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking about it.

You scored the front row! How did you manage that? 
When the announcement came out that they had added Dierks to the show, on Jan. 23, I immediately went to check for tickets. And there it was--a single seat in Section 4, Row BB, Seat 9. Front row. It was kismet. And that ticket was mine!

What was the most memorable part of the night? 
There were so many. I have a photo of Dierks and Del that captured it. The photo isn’t great but I will always remember it. Everyone came back out for the final number, "I Saw The Light." If you grew up in a Southern Baptist church like I did, you knew the words to this song by the time you were four, so that was incredibly special. And to look around at the talent on that stage, it was absolutely mind blowing. I had goosebumps from the minute the show started.

Have you always been a Del fan? 
I hate to admit this, but no. Just like I wasn’t always a huge Dierks fan (gasp). I grew up on country music. I was card-carrying member of the Loretta Lynn fan club when I was four. My mom took me to tons of country shows. In my teen years, I was a die-hard Alabama fan. Then I sort of lost my love of country music, not completely, but I just sort of became disillusioned with the plethora of music that all sounded the same. The story of me finding Dierks’ music is a long one, but let’s just say, when I fell, I fell hard. I saw the videos of him with Del McCoury and the Travelin’ McCourys, so when they were scheduled to play a show at a tiny venue in Mt. Airy, N.C. (about 45 minutes from me), I knew I had to see what this was all about. Growing up in rural North Carolina and Virginia, bluegrass music was all around; I clearly just never appreciated it. That show, though, at The Earle in Mt. Airy, made me a believer! I also met both Del and Ronnie McCoury before the show and got my picture with them. I have seen them three times since then and am always blown away at the music. There is nothing smoother than Del McCoury’s voice.

What was the most special Dierks and Del moment of the evening? 
Just seeing the way they respect each other. I mean, there was like joy oozing from the stage that night on all parts. Dierks, especially, seemed so happy and at ease playing up there next to all of the McCourys and Sam Bush. Dierks said he would not be doing what he is doing without Del, so we Dierks fans owe Mr. McCoury a huge thank you.

What is something you saw from the front row that others further back might have missed? 
I was so grateful to have snagged that front row seat, and as it turns out, the seats on each side of me were sold as singles as well, each to huge Del fans, both from W.Va. The guy to my right, Heath, has seen Del about 60 times and is the epitome of a Del-head. ... They come out before the curtain goes up to sort of warm up the audience ... Heath won a signed Hatch Show Print before the curtain went up by answering the trivia question: “When did Del McCoury first play the Grand Ole Opry?” Answer: 1963. ... I actually got to sing in the microphone (apologies to anyone who might have heard it!) and they announced my name and state. My 30 seconds of fame at the Opry.

The other moments I saw and tried to capture were when they were all on the stage for the final number. At one point, Dierks was in the back row with Sam Bush and they were interacting and laughing. Again, pure joy.

Are there any other special moments that took place that night that you’d like to share? 
Dierks said when he walked into the Opry that night [that the co-writer of Up On the Ridge, Angelo Petraglia, was in the house] so he had him come out for UOTR; [Dierks] took his guitar off and gave it to Angelo to play. That was pretty special. I don’t think I have ever heard UOTR without Dierks playing his guitar, though. I found it is incredibly difficult to stay in your seat for UOTR! I was dancing IN my seat! You know there is protocol and proper demeanor expected at an Opry show!

It looks like you ran into Dierks on Valentine’s Day! What did he say? 
Seeing Dierks on Valentine’s Day was the icing on the cake for that trip to Nashville. I knew he was playing a UMG show for Country Radio Seminar that Thursday morning at The Ryman Auditorium and I also knew he had a show in Ontario, Calif., that night. The show started at 11:30 a.m. so I kind of figured he would be one of the first ones to perform. My son, his girlfriend and I had just Ubered downtown to get a Valentine’s special latte at The Well Coffeehouse (chocolate strawberry – yum!), which is like one block up from the Ryman, then they wanted to go boot shopping. The timing just happened to work. We were walking by the parking alley next to the Ryman and he was coming out, white guitar case in hand and all. So I stopped on the sidewalk and he stopped as he was pulling out. He was like, “What are you doing here?” and to be honest, I have no idea what I said. He didn’t have long as he was headed to the airport to head to Calif. I told him we would see him next week at Bridgestone. He was super sweet and nice, like always. And he was off, in a hurry to get to the airport! And I realized immediately I forgot to wish him a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day wishes or not, what a perfect weekend at the Opry!

Thank you for sharing your story and photos, Mary Lou!

Jessica Borrelli
DB Congress Rep, WA

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Seven Peaks 2019 Announcement

It's official! The announcement DB Congress members have been waiting for has come!

The Seven Peaks Festival will be back in Colorado this Labor Day weekend!

In case you missed last year's event, here's a great recap from Rolling Stone, with a bonus article from the Taste of Country, labeling Dierks as the "most accessible headliner" ... we would have to agree!

DBCers found a public notice from Chaffee County earlier this year discussing a "public hearing [on Feb. 5] ... for the purpose of considering a Special Event Permit request from Live Nation Country Festival" with the event to be held at Buena Vista over Labor Day weekend. That could only mean one thing, right?

An announcement one way or the other was on the horizon ... we're just so grateful this was the outcome! 

Of course, Dierks pulled together one of his favorite bands--the Hot Country Knights--to help announce the news:


Oh, Steve Misamore, you are truly hilarious! Add Dan Hochhalter with his selfie mode and Cassady Feasby with his hairspray, and this is one unforgettable announcement! If this is any indication of what's to come for this festival, we wouldn't miss it! Only 195 days to go ...

While artists, ticket and camping details have not yet been released, last year's tickets went on sale in mid-April. We should know more in the next few weeks.

However, there is one website addition we did notice this year on the contact page! Has anyone else contacted Dierks?

Stay tuned and in the meantime, visit!

Jessica Borrelli
DB Congress Rep, WA

(Transcript from Dierks' announcement video: What’s up everybody! I’ve been waiting like six months to make this announcement! I’m so excited to announce that Seven Peaks Festival is coming back to Colorado, Aug. 30-Sept. 1 (Labor Day weekend, just like last year). We love this festival; it’s my favorite thing to do. I’m so excited you guys are allowing us to do it again. Thank you for all of the support last year and I cannot wait to see you guys again this year! A lot of bands, including these guys—the Hot Country Knights--it’s gonna be so fun! So we’ll see you guys, hopefully everybody out there a Buena Vista! Seven Peaks Festival, coming again this Labor Day weekend Aug. 30-Sept. 1. Check it out at Yes, this is so awesome!)

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Dierks Bentley Highlights from 2018

Can you believe it's already the end of another year (the 15th year of Dierks Bentley’s career!)? This was a powerhouse year for our DB Congress President. A new album, number one songs, tours, music videos, even his own clothing line and music festival—2018 brought what some would call the year the general public got to know the man behind the music (the Dierks we all know and love). 

Every mile(stone) was a memory in 2018! Here are the highlights:

January 10
Dierks started the year in epic fashion. After two months of silence on his social media channels, clues finally started to be leaked, resulting in what we’ve all been waiting for: a new album! This social media campaign revealed the title, logo, preorder information (including the beloved keys!), a live interview, and the announcement of the first single off the album: “Woman, Amen.”

January 16
Located on the corner of 4th Avenue and Broadway in Nashville, the long-anticipated Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row restaurant finally opened!

January 17
“Woman, Amen” was officially released as the first single off the anticipated album The Mountain. Throughout the year, the song made it to number one in just a few months!

January 18
Dierks and the guys had the opportunity to perform "Woman, Amen" on Ellen, where she introduced him as "one of the biggest names in country music."

January 23
The Mountain High Tour was announced in a very unique way, pulling in tour mates Brothers Osborne and LANCO. The tour kicked off in Columbia, Md., on May 18 and stopped at more than 30 cities, including the sold out Madison Square Garden in September.

February 5
As stated on The Boot, "Dierks Bentley received the 2018 CRS Artist Humanitarian Award in a special ceremony. The award was given in recognition of Bentley's substantial charitable work, including his Miles & Music for Kids concert and motorcycle ride, which occurred annually over the span of 10 years and raised over $4 million to benefit children's hospitals across the country, and the Country Cares concert he organized and hosted in support of those affected by wildfires in his home state, Arizona." Watch his full acceptance speech here.

February 10
As if we didn’t already feel like we were shouting from the top of a mountain with the excitement of the year so far, Dierks announced he has partnered up with Flag & Anthem to create a new clothing line, Desert Son. Fit for a son of the Arizona desert, this “authentic” clothing line is truly a representation of the desert son himself.

April 5
Dierks revealed the Seven Peaks Music Festival would be held over Labor Day weekend in Buena Vista, Colo. Guest artists already announced included Miranda Lambert, Brothers Osborne, LANCO, Elle King, Del McCoury, Sam Bush and The Cadillac Three, with more announced in the coming months.

April 10
In the style of his “Riser” music video, Dierks used this medium to share a real story of a mother-daughter super duo with the hope of inspiring others to action in "Woman, Amen" music video.

April 12
We finally received a release date for The Mountain! The album will be released June 8. This announcement included a downloadable track and the entire track list of the album. Dierks wrote 10 of the 13 new tracks “that are unified by themes of presence and positivity, and range in style from textured rock to acoustic folk, feeling both rooted and expansive at the same time.”

April 15
Dierks’ “Black” music video was nominated for Video of the Year at the ACM Awards where he had the opportunity to perform “Woman, Amen." This performance earned solid airtime through various platforms because of the kiss he gave his wife, Cassidy, at the end! This was also the evening where #WomanAmenACM submissions were featured during the performance (and those same photos have been used on tour ever since!).

Dierks created four "Mountain" music videos, sharing stories of people overcoming their personal mountains. Teaming up with Apple Music, these videos highlight “fans’ stories of resilience, perseverance and hope set to picturesque performance footage shot in Colorado.” Songs include "Woman, Amen," (see April 10) “The Mountain,” “Living,” and “You Can’t Bring Me Down.”

May 20
The Mountain High Tour kicks off in Columbia, Md., with many DBCers in attendance! It was clear Dierks hadn’t been on the road for a while--he was so excited, he didn’t even stop to talk until he was nine songs into the night! With tight transitions and a stellar setlist, it was the perfect opener for the six-month tour!

June 7
In the hours leading up to the long-awaited album release of midnight on June 8, Dierks and the guys performed the entire album top to bottom at The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. He also included a couple extra recent hits along with older country covers.

June 8
The album has arrived! “The Mountain just might be Dierks at his strongest—this just might be the summit of the mountain of a career he’s been climbing. … [It’s] inherently Dierks. It’s rugged and rock-tinged, but still undeniably country. It has a heart.”

The law enforcement lip sync battle that took over the country has gone, well, country. A chance to show these men and women in uniform are real people, they took the opportunity to lip sync to whatever songs inspired them … and Dierks’ “5-1-5-0” naturally was a perfect fit for many.

July 2
A personal message from Dierks arrived exclusively for the DB Congress. “I cannot even think of where to start when it comes to thanking you guys for, man, all the support all you guys do, all your enthusiasm … especially with the new album release, and just playing new songs and knowing that you guys are gonna be down front supporting us means so much to me and the guys in the band.”

August 22
As stated in Rolling Stone, Dierks received "the ACM Merle Haggard Spirit Award in recognition of a career that has spanned eight albums and blazed a unique trail with his artistry, just as the award’s namesake did during his lifetime."

August 31 - September 2
Dierks hosted his first-ever music festival, Seven Peaks! Drawing thousands to Buena Vista, Colo. (including many DBCers), Dierks took the time to walk through the camp to ensure he had the chance to meet everyone in attendance. Save the date for next year-there's no way he'd miss doing this again!

October 14
The “Burning Man” music video, featuring Brothers Osborne, was released, and it’s pure fire! Though a few team members actually experienced a heat stroke from the literal heat when filming, the result was perfection. “Dierks’ heart, passion, contemplation, and joy radiate throughout the video, continuing the 2018 trend we’ve seen from Dierks in his introspective year.”

October 22
Though we do not yet know the title or even the air date, we do know Dierks is slated to produce a new comedy show on Fox along with his manager, Mary Hilliard Harrington. This dynamic duo has teamed up with Jack Burditt, best known as the creator of the hit shows Last Man Standing and Modern Family. “The untitled series is set in a Nashville bar, where singers and songwriters go to chase their dreams, or maybe just to fall in love if only for a night.”

October 26
The Burning Man Tour will be hitting cities in the U.S. and Canada in 2019! This time, Dierks will welcome back Jon Pardi, and is adding Tenille Townes to the team (with the Hot Country Knights kicking it all off for each show!). Tickets are on sale now (if you haven't snagged them already!).

Those Hot Country Knights ...


November 14
Dierks performed “Burning Man” live on Good Morning America ahead of the CMA Awards later that evening. From where did he perform? His own Whiskey Row in Nashville, naturally! That evening, he was nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year (The Mountain), and Musical Event of the Year ("Burning Man" with Brothers Osborne).

Also November 14
It was announced that Dierks stepped down from the Metro Nashville Airport Authority Board of Directors, citing work being more time consuming than he anticipated, resulting in him not contributing as much as he would have liked. He was appointed in April 2017.

Those visiting Dierks' Whiskey Row in Nashville (along with other Lower Broadway restaurants) between Thanksgiving and Christmas had the opportunity to purchase items off the menu with a percentage benefitting Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital in Vanderbilt. For WR, if you purchased their legendary mac and cheese, some of the proceeds would have been donated on your behalf. A win-win!

Through the month of December--well, 12 days of it--DB Congress held a unique Twitter campaign: The 12 Days of Dierksmas Giveaways! For those who retweeted the 12 daily tweets (well, there were actually 13 because we were quite excited!), their name was entered to win the item of the day, ranging anywhere from beer koozies to meet and greets! Special thanks to BubbleUp,, Red Light Management, and Flag & Anthem for providing the giveaways!

December 1
This day saw gifts aplenty for Dierks and DBCers! In the last show of 2018, Dierks brought 10-year-old daughter, Evie, on stage to perform “My Religion” together. This was a priceless moment that many will remember for years to come! Also, before the show, Dierks had the chance to open his belated birthday gift from dozens of DB Congress reps, which included a customized guitar strap, giant fold-out birthday card, and a donation made to Jumbled Dreams on his behalf … to which he replied, “Best fans ever!”

December 5
In true Dierks fashion, he took the time to handwrite notes to his team, giving personal thank yous to the band and crew.

December 10
A favorite tradition for Dierks and Cassidy, the couple attended the Safe Haven Family Shelter annual fundraiser and joined a team to match 100 percent of all proceeds. With their contributions, the event raised more than $56,000 for the shelter—one very near and dear to the Bentley family.

December 18
Dierks had the opportunity to perform on the season 15 finale of The Voice, bringing “country to L.A. with a rendition of his hit, Burning Man.” Everyone agrees, it was an incredible performance! Even his family got to attend.

We simply cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store for Dierks and DB Congress! Let's climb that mountain!