Saturday, July 21, 2012

Listen to Dierks' Chat with K92: 5-1-5-0, 50 Shades, and Ridge 2

Orlando's Country station, K92.3's AJ and Ashley, talked to Dierks Bentley while he was taking a few days off in San Diego earlier this week.  

Listen in as they talk to our prez about his tenth number one song, 5-1-5-0, ("yeah, my fans, they can get 5-1-5-0"), police code for crazy. They also accuse Dierks of reading "Fifty Shades Of Grey." He denies it and quips that the male version of that book is Penthouse Forum. Dierks placed fifth on a poll to play the book's lead character--Christian Grey--on the big screen.
"Wow! Here I was counting on becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry as being one of my greatest achievements, but I really greatest achievement may be placing fourth in the playing of Christian Grey. Did they make a plaque? I’d like to have that here somewhere. People will come to my house and the first thing they'll see is this fourth place plaque.”
Is there gonna be another bluegrass album, they ask? "Yeah I think there will be ... and I definitely plan on sometime in my career to have a "Ridge 2."

Listen to the whole interview here.

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