Wednesday, September 9, 2015

CarryAnn Needs A Kidney--Please Share

We see it all the time, but it's different when it's one of your own.  As the wife of Dierks Bentley's drummer Steve Misamore, we consider CarryAnn Misamore a member of the DB Congress family--and she needs our help.

CarryAnn has Polycystic Kidney Disease.  There is no vaccine, no prevention, no treatment and no cure.  She has cysts on her kidney in the hundreds. Her kidney is failing and she needs a kidney in order to live.  She needs a donor with O Positive blood.

"I just want to keep being a sister and a wife and a daughter and keep living...I realize this is a lot to ask, so if this is not for you, I ask for your prayers."

CarryAnn - The Best Is Yet to Come 2015 from carryann misamore on Vimeo.

"You might be my family, a friend, an acquaintance, a client, a business friend, a friend of a friend, heck you might be the person that checked my groceries or a person that received flowers from us~whoever you are if you have come in contact with me in any way you have been what has helped me to see hope and have supported my faith in God. Faith in that the burdens of life can be heavy but no matter what this life brings each day can be better than the last. My life has been blessed beyond measure for sure and I cannot be more thankful. Today I am taking down a scary wall, I am putting my heart out on the table, I am asking for help and I am steppin out on faith that Gods got this.
Today is the day….no matter what - The Best is yet to come always!
Please Share. Many Smiles, CarryAnn Misamore*****Blood 0+ or 0- and A2 are compatible options for me**  For more info or to help please contact Vanderbilt Transplant (615) 936-0695, Nashville, Tn, or follow this link:

Please spread the word.  Share this everywhere and with everyone you know.  You never know who might be the match who could save her life--one of our own.

Your DB Congress Family

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