Monday, July 10, 2017

"What The Hell Did I Say" Hits The Airwaves Monday (Plus A NEW Music Video!)

The fourth single to be released from Dierks Bentley's Black album, What The Hell Did I Say, is sure to climb the charts in a hurry. Can this summer anthem continue the trend and hit No. 1 like the three singles to come before it?

"We named the tour after this song hoping that it would be a single this summer because it perfectly captures the anything-goes spirit out there this year," Dierks explains.

Mission accomplished.

Though not a song penned by Dierks himself, it was written by the team who, with Dierks, wrote his single Drunk On A Plane--Ross Copperman, Josh Kear and Chris Tompkins. He knew he needed to have it on the album.

"I've learned over the years of making records that ... it's okay to have some of those fun songs on there," he shares.

It certainly brings a care-free spirit to the album and the tour, not to mention the social media craze with #WTH.

A song filled with regret, and a potential hangover, WTHDIS follows a man who clearly blacked out the night before. Waking up to a call saying "I loved every single word you left on my phone" leads the caller to try to determine "what the hell" he said last night.

The momentum-carrying intro practically begs the subject of the song to get it into gear to figure out what happened. The baseline teases of potential trouble in what he said. The chorus slams into the frustration (and humor) of not being able to remember. By the time you hit the bridge, you really start to get concerned (did he propose? promise expensive gifts?). While you never reach the answer, the journey is a sobering one set to a party song tune.

"My fans are really patient on this record [Black]," Dierks said in a recent media event. "We've taken a lot of twists and turns: Somewhere on a Beach was different. Different for Girls was different for me. And then Black, for that to go No. 1, it's not the typical song that does that. [My fans have] been really patient allowing us to do stuff. So to come back with a song that's a real down-the-middle, fun party song--it's kind of a good summer song, and I'm excited about it."

The new music video, filmed last month in Tampa on the WTH tour, was released at midnight EST. Watch it here:

You can help get this song to No. 1 by requesting it from your local radio station! Let's see how fast we can get this song up the charts and leave radio listeners saying, "'What the hell' was that song? Let's 'dial it up again'!"

Jessica Borrelli
DB Congress Rep, WA

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