Monday, July 2, 2018

Exclusive: Special Video Message from Dierks Bentley to His DB Congress!

Dierks Bentley has a heart full of grateful and he's letting his DB Congress know just how much we mean to him in this exclusive, special video message!

For our hearing impaired reps, here is the full transcript:

DB Congress!

What is goin' on guys? I cannot even think of where to start when it comes to thanking you guys for, man, all the support all you guys do, all your enthusiasm, all the stories you guys have shared with me and my team, my band, my crew, everyone back in Nashville over this last album campaign, especially the "Woman, Amen" stuff. Just all the support for this project--it’s been such an enjoyable ride for me.

You know, the journey itself has been the reward. It was so fun making this record, so fun writing it, recording it, working together with my team and working together with you guys to get the news out there to spread the news of the new album being released.  

Looking back on it, it was such a frenzied, kind of 18 days of album release week. But really just a much longer campaign, starting all the way back to when I first started writing this record. Kind of laying the groundwork. And to see you guys embrace the work, embrace the music and see your faces out there at these shows now, especially when we’re doing the new songs—it means the world to me.

Especially with the new album release, and just playing new songs and knowing that you guys are gonna be down front supporting us means so much to me and the guys in the band. 

So, I can’t say enough. Man, it’s been a great number of years. This last 18 months have been so special for me. Just having the time of our lives out here on the tour now because you know we did all the work, made the record, and now we get a chance just to enjoy summertime and the shows and this Mountain High Tour with Brothers Osborne and LANCO. 

So we’ll see you all out here! Me and the guys refer to it not so much as a tour as a celebration of the music and we’re having a great time celebrating every night. 

Thank you guys so much!


Thank you, Dierks! This means the world to us!

Ronna Clark,
DB Congress Chair (FL)

Hey, congress! Leave a comment here under this blog of what Dierks and "The Mountain" mean to you and you will be entered to win a Hatch Show Print from The Mountain album release show at The Ryman! Most original comment wins! Deadline July 6, 2018.


  1. Dierks and the mountain album mean the world to me! One for sharing my story, and two for letting me know that others out there share the same struggles, and triumphs. Going through a rough time right now, but I know I'll come over those "mountain" peaks soon, and succeed! Love the video message!

  2. Between work and family health issues, these past few weeks have been exhausting, but I put on The Mountain and truly have a heart full of grateful with each meaningful song. The album seems like a whole new level for Dierks' writing and sharing of his gifts. Love to all Congress members and to Dierks and the band!

    1. Thus is Sue Tuttle, Congress member from PA. Not sure why my name didn't show up. ❤

  3. Oh my gosh, tough question. Dierks' music is my happy place and I love watching the evolution of it. The album wound up being super poignant and a perfect soundtrack to the trip we just took out west to the Canyonlands - Dierks territory! Being out there among the mountains, mesas, and Joshua trees really made the album and the lyrics resonate with me. Then coming home to a family health emergency, the idea of climbing a mountain took on a different meaning. And with my own career, I can empathize with the song The Mountain. Dierks never disappoints.

  4. The πŸŒ„MountainπŸŒ„ has reminded me to slow down and really appreciate living.
    It and Dierks have reminded me to not get so lost and crazed in the social mediaπŸ“³πŸ€―driven world 🌎and get back to appreciating the basics. To being present πŸ“΄and to enjoying those simple things and the times amongst family πŸ‘¨‍πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘§‍πŸ‘¦and πŸ‘§πŸ‘΄πŸ‘±‍♂️🀡friendsπŸ‘¦πŸ‘΅πŸ‘±‍♀️πŸ‘©. To really doing what makes us πŸ™‚happyπŸ™‚, to understanding, valuing, and appreciating who we and others are.

    πŸ’ΏThe Mountain's πŸ’Ώsong are the πŸ”‘πŸ”‘keysπŸ”‘πŸ”‘ to "Living".

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    1. I love the album alot of great songs and i have my key that said Faith becouse that is what i live by.I been following Dierk from when he 1st started im very happy and proud of him he has come a long way and i hope i did all i could too get him where he is today i tell everyone what a great signer he is and shear all his music. He is my hero every time i play his CDs when im down and need lifted up not a day gose by where i dont play one of his Cds.Dierk I love you and so do all your fans.God bless you in everything you do.Love Jeanie

  5. Gave a MOUNTAIN CD as a picker upper to my daughter in law. She survived breast cancerin 2018 and her favorite is YOU CANT KEEP ME DOWN. Thank you so much for making it.

  6. Since buying The Mountain the week it came out, I haven’t been able to listen to any other music! I play it continuously in my car and start every morning listening to You Can’t Bring Me Down and Traveling Light. Right now I want to say those are my favorites, but I can’t because each day a different song is my favorite and they’re all my favorite because they all speak to me in a different way. Getting ready to sit down tomorrow and vote for the CMA awards and every single category that I can possibly vote for Dierks, I will. He’s a special person with a grateful and giving heart and deserves all the success this awesome project is gonna bring.
    It’s gonna put him right on top of another Mountain!!
    I love Dierks and I love The Mountain ❤️

  7. This cd is so beautiful. The Mountain is the story of my life as an abused child surviving victim and then learning to live. Now You Can’t Bring Me Down.

  8. Had a ticket to the album release but got sick and couldn't come. Was very disappointed but after I got the album everything was alright. Hope to see you in Atlanta in August.

  9. Man where do I begin. Getting a little taste of the new Album in Las Vegas was awesome. Sharing it with you, the band, crew & bunch of the DB Congress was a special night.
    Then off you guys went to Colorado putting your heart and soul into The Mountain. Watching the little tease clips got us all energized. We all wanted more. It's been an increadable ride so far. We will see you in Buena Vista Co surrounded by the peaks and mountains.

  10. Hard to find words to express exactly all that Dierks & "The Mountain" do for me. Such an eye opener and inspiration to get motivated to take my life back. Each song has a message that sparks the fire that I've been missing. Gives you a new outlook on life and reminds me to be LIVING!!
    I truely have a heart full of grateful for Dierks and all of the guys for doing what they love.
    Forever fan, Jenny

  11. I’m seeing Dierks 4 times in 4 cities this tour. I think that in itself explains what The Mountain means to me.

  12. Love this album! He always has a song or 2 that I can relate to my life. I am getting ready to send my oldest to college & my youngest to high school. The past few months have been crazy! Living is my reminder that sometimes I need to slow down & LIVE 😊

  13. Your albums paint pictures. That's what real music does. Loving every step on the climb up the mountain!

  14. From hearing Living & Burning Man for the first time last December in Vegas to hearing the whole album at The Ryman last month....this album is so very special to me....lyrics that speak to my heart & soul....The Mountain is the best album ever!! ❤️

  15. The Mountain is a great CD. I listen to it every day and always playing in my car. I was at the Ryman when you played the whole album and it was the best show I've seen. I will be traveling next month to Georgia for the concert. When woman amen comes on, my 7 year old is singing along. I just lost my father-in-law in June to stomach cancer. I was in the military and was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. I have traveled a lot. In 2012, I packed up a Uhaul and moved to Nashville not knowing anyone. I met my husband here and we live life. He is my best friend and we help each other get through our tough times.

  16. I know we’ve probably all got a story to tell about how, through life, we’ve been knocked down and had to pick ourselves back up....I know I have. The Montain represents that for did Riser. I haven’t told my story because, quite frankly, it’s too painful to tell....but as I’ve said before it’s Dierks that has got me off my ass and made me start living again. I’ve started going to many many more music festivals, shows, concerts, I’ve started travelling again...alone at 57 years of age. I’m not scared to do so any more. So, basically The Mountain is my story too in some it is for many. Thank you Dierks. You have no idea how grateful I am to you.