Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Home" Makes Billboard Debut!

"Home," the critically-acclaimed second single from Dierks Bentley's forthcoming studio release, made its debut on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart at #53! It did not chart this week on the Mediabase/Country Aircheck chart, however it was the #1 Most-Added song for the Mediabase-monitored stations. (It was #3 Most-Added for the Billboard-monitored stations.) 

For both charts' sister small-market charts, the song debuted extremely well: On the Country Indicator Billboard chart, "Home" debuted at #42, and was the #1 Most-Added song by a landslide. On the Activator Mediabase chart, it debuted at #39 - again the #1 Most-Added song. The small-market stations are an excellent indication of how well the song is being received nationwide, and due to the high debuts it received, it's safe to say the larger market stations will follow suit. The official Adds date is this coming Monday, October 10th. 

Capitol Nashville took out a full-page ad in Country Aircheck Weekly, which was full of quotes from various DJs, Program, and Music Directors nationwide. Are any of these from YOUR station? 

  • "'Home' is not a song. It's an Anthem, and I pledge my allegiance to it." - Gator Harrison, WUSY Chattanooga
  • "A Song of the Year contender for sure!" - Jay Roberts, WQYK, Tampa
  • "With "Home" Dierks paints an emotional and heartfelt portrait of our country, but it doesn't feel heavy-handed or politicized. It's brilliant!" - Mike James, WPCV, Lakeland
  • "Inspiring ... could and should be a career record for Dierks." - Kix Layton, WSSL, Greenville, SC
  • "Dierks Bentley's "Home" is a completely original American anthem - fresh, warm, patriotic, heartfelt. I love it!" - Cody Alan, CMT
  • "This is one of those rare songs that says something and avoids the cliche. Beautifully written and delivered." - Beverlee Brannigan, KFDI, Wichita
  •  "The new Dierks song is fantastic! It's patriotic without going overboard and being blatant about it. This song is a game-changer for him." - John Paul, Dial Global
  • "As the goose bumps raised up on my arms, all I could think was, 'This is the song that's taking Dierks to the next level!'" - Cory Myers, WWYZ, Hartford
  • "This is a very powerful song both lyrically and artistically. Speaks to and attracts the masses while staying true to our core." - Tyler Reese, WKKT, Charlotte
  • "The new single from Dierks, "Home," is just the right message to apply to these difficult times in our country right now." - Randall Bliss, WPAW, Greensboro
  • "Damn! That's one of the best songs Dierks has done!!!! A moving, powerful, emotional hit." - Sam McGuire, WYNK, Baton Rouge
  • "So far, Dierks is 2 for 2 from this new album. Am I the only one who wishes it was out sooner than February? Come on, Dierks, get this thing out!" - Travis Daily, WFUS, Tampa   
No, Travis Daily, you are NOT the only one eagerly awaiting the release of the new CD! Congress, let's get this song to #1 so we can celebrate a #1 song AND a #1 album early next year!

~Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter, NC)

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