Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dierks in NYC Day 2: City Winery 10/19

Dierks Bentley and The Del McCoury Band formed a "Double D" team, performing at the City Winery in NYC on October 19. (Photo Credits: Stephanie Lanham)

As Kristin (PurdueCutie) would say, "Del, Yeah!" The DBC rep from Indiana promotes that phrase on a shirt at any Dierks show where Del or his boys are sure to play! She missed the NYC show, but two days before she was sporting the shirt when Del joined Dierks at Miles and Music For Kids, Nashville.

The most awarded band in Bluegrass history, The Grammy-winning Del McCoury Band, was also inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in 2003. Dierks and Del teamed up earlier this year on Bentley's own Bluegrass project, Up On The Ridge, to record a meticulous rendition of U2s, Pride (In The name of Love).

During the NYC City Winery show, Dierks joked about using the "delepromter" aka the lyrics taped to the top of his guitar. It appears Del got a kick out of that at his own expense!

(Photo Credit: Beth Longanecker)

(Photo Credit: Stephanie Lanham)

Delaware DBC rep, Becky, made her own "Double D" shirt and brought it to the City Winery. Even though the fan club Meet and Greets were cancelled, Becky was determined. She made contact with the City Winery management and gave them her shirt to take backstage to get Dierks and Del to sign it.

She expected to get the shirt back after the show, but got a surprise instead.

"This concert has got to be the best I have ever been to. The music was incredible. They had the City Winery jumping all night. I was lucky enough to have my t-shirt signed by both Dierks and Del because of a very kind employee, Schlmo, at the City Winery. He took the t-shirt to them for me before the show.

Right after they sang Free and Easy, to my surprise, Dierks held up the shirt and asked if there was a DB Congress Delaware Rep in the house. On the front I had Double "D" Concert with a picture of Dierks and one of Del. They signed above each picture and it made my year!

I want everyone to know just what a great guy Dierks is. The guy from City Winery said it was Dierks' idea to give me the shirt during the concert.

I thank you Dierks and Del from the bottom of my heart. As always, you gave it your all. I cannot say enough fine words to describe this concert. We laughed, we clapped, we stomped our feet. If you missed it, you missed THE BEST show.

Every member of The Del McCoury Band is extremely talented. I believe the bass player (Alan Bartram) blew us all away with his voice. Oh my, what a great, great night of entertainment--bluegrass style. I have to thank my fellow DB Congress member, Janet Lowe from New Jersey for being my partner in crime for the evening. We both had a blast.

Dierks and Alan (Photo Credit: Stephanie Lanham)

Dierks, you have to do another concert with Del! That was just more than I could have ever imagined. Hands down the best ever!"

I'd say your shirt was a "Triple-D", Becky! Dierks, Del and Delaware (on the back)!

Janet (DB Congress rep from New Jersey) joined Becky on this DRT (Dierks Road Trip), but almost didn't go!

"When I first heard about Dierks doing four shows in NYC, I debated whether or not to go. I had already scheduled a week's vacation in the beginning of October. My fellow DB Congress member from Delaware, Becky, really wanted to go but would rather go with someone else than alone. Finally I decided I was in. Becky went ahead and got the tickets for 10/19. Great seats: Table #2, seats 5 and 6. We decided it would be more affordable to stay in Secaucus, NJ then in NYC. After speaking with a few people, Becky realized it would not be a great idea to drive into the city and use a parking garage as she first planned to do.

I drove to Delaware on Tuesday morning and off on our Dierks adventure we went.

We followed the advice she was given. We took a bus from the hotel, then the subway to about one block from the City Winery. Of course the bus ride from the hotel was not as easy as we thought because two blocks away, Becky yells out: "Stop the Bus I forgot my tickets for a concert we are going to in NYC!" We got off the bus, walked back to the hotel, got the tickets and went back to the bus stop again! Becky had to tell the new bus driver the whole "forgot the tickets story" and he let us on without paying again. It was very funny! Our plan after the concert was to return to our hotel via a cab. Not cheap, but safe and comfortable.

When we first got to the City Winery we saw another DB congress member out front, Jane who let us know that they were not seating ticket holders just yet so we took a walk around for a bit. We went in and got our seats a little before 6:00 pm. A great venue for a concert, small and cozy.

The concert itself was great from beginning to end. It had a little bit of everything with Dierks joking around with Del and the other fellows and telling stories. Dierks gave each member of the Traveling McCourys some "song" time. I was truly blown away when Alan Bartram stepped up to the mic and began to sing. What a voice he has! (Instant crush on him.) The crowd went crazy after he sang. Del says to all of us "...and poor Dierks has to follow that!" We all laughed. Dierks and Del really interacted with the audience.

(Photo Credits: Beth Longanecker)

I think Becky's favorite part was when we saw Dierks hold up her T-shirt that her son had made and read it to Del. Del liked the idea of the name Double "D" Concert. Dierks then turned the shirt around and asked where was the DB Congress Rep from Delaware. He then reached over and threw the shirt to Becky...who gladly caught it and thanked them.

Every Dierks Bentley concert I attend gets better and better. Dierks is an awesome singer/songwriter. The only thing I missed was a meet and greet but I did get to talk with his tour manager, Chris, on my way to the Ladies room. I told Chris to tell Dierks the show was awesome.

Later on, while Becky and I were talking with other fans, Chris came upstairs to mingle. Myself, Becky and Chris had a picture taken. He seemed very happy that we enjoyed the show so much. We waited around for awhile longer hoping that maybe Dierks may change his mind and wander out. Eventually we hailed our cab back to the hotel with our memories of one fantastic concert! Another successful road trip to see Dierks and certainly not my last!

(Janet, Chris, and Becky)
~Dierks Bentley Concert Ticket 46.00
~Bus Ticket to NY 7.90
~Hearing you friend Yell Stop the Bus when realizing she forget the ticket information in the hotel room....

Priceless! "

Thanks Becky and Janet for sharing your stories! Next up, Joe's Pub--Songwriters Night!


  1. Ronna, Thanks for posting our story. We really had one great experience. Janet and I are traveling to CMA Fest 2011 together, too!

  2. Love your story and pictures. Looks like another good time at a Dierks' concert. I love those small venue also to hear Dierks.