Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dierks Performs at the NHL Awards and Poses with The Stanley Cup!

 Dierks Bentley was the musical act for the 2011 NHL Awards Show tonight at The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.  Dierks did a great job connecting with the crowd--"is there anybody out there...up there (pointing to the rafters)...down there (high fiving the fans at the stage)." 

Photo Credit: Pugsley Jim McDermott. From front left counterclockwise: Dierks Bentley, Dan Hochhalter, Tim Sergent, Steve Misamore, Cassady Feasby, Brian Layson surround Stanley (The NHL Stanley Cup trophy)

Prior to performing, Dierks spent a few minutes with discussing Tim Thomas being his next door roommate in college, who they want to meet, Vegas, and being hockey fans. If they weren't watching hockey, they were playing Hockey XBOX while on the road touring.

Talking about being in Vegas....


Dierks and Team Dude perform "Am I The Only One" on the NHL Awards televised on VERUS...


Dierks talks about his old college buddy Tim Thomas...

Who they want to meet....

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