Friday, March 13, 2009


Dierks stopped by WSIX in Nashville recently to switch sides of the microphone and play DJ for the day.

He not only played some of his favorite songs from guys like George Strait and his tour mate, Brad Paisley, but he also answered questions from fans. And if that wasn't enough, he gave away tickets to the final show of the Paisley Party Tour this weekend in Nashville and he also had a private listening party of 'Feel That Fire' with lucky WSIX listeners! Check out pictures here and an exclusive video here!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Dierks Bentley will be performing at the upcoming March 21 Saturday night Opry and the Tuesday night Opry on March 24 in Music City (Nashville, Tennessee) at the Grand Ole Opry House. Other artists scheduled include:

3/21: Dierks Bentley, Kellie Pickler, Charlie Daniels, Ralph Stanley, Marty Stuart, Jim Ed Brown, Mike Snider

3/24: Dierks Bentley, Craig Morgan

He became an Opry Member on October 1, 2005. Here's an excerpt from The GOO website:

"From his early days in Nashville as a researcher at TNN, Dierks has had incredible admiration for the Opry and its members. In fact, he was such a fan in those days that the Opry's General Manager Pete Fisher had to go as far as limiting his backstage access making Dierks’ induction this week as the youngest member of the Opry a true benchmark in his career. “It’s like having a home off the road and a place you can always go to play music in town,” Dierks says about his new status as ‘Opry member.’ “The Opry is such a huge part of American history. It’s bigger than just country music. It’s a big reflection of our country.”

Get your tickets now at!


"Can you sing that?"

With Feel That Fire officially stepping aside and moving to the number one spot on the Recurrent chart, Dierks Bentley's Sideways takes six giant leaps forward to #32, just two weeks into it's Radio and Records chart climb. The song also mustered up the most added stations at 19, and had the most increased audience: 23,906.

Hey now here we go
DJ don't ya play nothing slow
Gotta make 'em wanna
Gotta make 'em wanna
Gotta make 'em wanna come back for more
Keep calling and voting online with your local DJs! Many have "Top 8 at 8" countdowns Monday-Friday! Click on and thank all the stations for playing the song, and when they play any Dierks song, make sure you thank them, and politely request, Sideways as well.

Source:, March 13, 2009 Issue Date.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Photo Credit: Brian Tipton provided the particulars and photos of Dierks Bentley's March 6 Number One Party for Feel That Fire, his sixth single to hit the top spot on the charts.

In addition to Dierks, the other three co-writers of the song: Brett Beavers, Brad Warren and Brett Warren, along with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill joined in the celebration.

An ASCAP representative presented Bentley a guitar and a plaque for his latest achievement. posted a video of Dierks' speech, and more photos.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


In 2005, Kasey Kahne, driver of the #9 Budweiser Dodge in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, created the Kasey Kahne Foundation as a way to give back to chronically ill children and their families as well as disadvantaged youth. Every year the KKF raises funds for these deserving causes through several exciting events.
The Sound Check 9 benefit concert on March 5 in Duluth, Georgia (Wild Bill's) was one of those events, featuring Dierks Bentley, multi-platinum country music star. “I’ve been friends with Dierks for a while now,” said Kahne, a nine-time winner on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. “Dierks has been a long-time supporter of children’s charities, which is also the focus of the KKF. So teaming up on this concert is a good fit." All ticket proceeds go to the kids.

A special offering of 100 VIP Meet & Greet tickets with reserved seating sold for $150 per person. Reserved seating was $50, and General Admission was $30.

The latter was my budget this trip, and in my opinion, the best "non-seat" in the house! Re-united with many of my DRT (Dierks Road Trip) buddies from Atlanta last May, we all lined the front of the stage--the only place to experience a DB concert!

The evening kicked off with a question and answer session with Kahne, Elliott Sadler and Darrell Waltrip. Darrell asked Kasey how he and Dierks had become such good buddies and Kasey said they met at the Opry, got to talking, had a lot of the same interests--including NASCAR, country music, and children's charities. I recorded it, but there were several people in the audience talking loudly the whole time the interview was going on, even yelling at one point, "Stop talking and start singing!" How rude! After all--this WAS a benefit event--show some respect, people!
DB Congress representative, Angie (choppergirl) drove down from South Carolina again this year. "This had to be one of the best Dierks shows ever and one of the funnest DRTs I've been on. The day started early as I met Keesh and the Dierks-mobile and we swung by and picked up my friend Teresa and hit I-85 in SC with the pedal to the medal to Georgia! We got to Wild Bill's between 11 and 12 to see a handful of Dierks fans there. We hung around and chatted a while, and listened to soundcheck outside the doors--they sounded awesome.

As the day goes on we get to see more fan club members, a lot that I hadn't seen in a long time. It was really exciting when we went inside knowing the time to see D was getting closer. Nascar drivers took the stage first--DW, Kasey and Elliott Sadler talked a while. That was awesome since I'm a big Nascar fan as well.

Soon here comes Dierks and the band and they rocked Wild Bills! He sang all our favorites including some of the new songs. Hearing Feel that Fire and Sideways in person was out of this world! The whole night Dierks was right there in front of us. Keesh had her night made as he twirled her around and held the mic for her to sing along!

Dierks, you and the guys were awesome! Cant wait for a chance to see you again! Thanks for coming out and talking to us by the bus before you left! Was great seeing so many fan club friends and great meeting new ones!" ========================================================================
DBentleyFan7 is a new DBC rep from Georgia. She didn't' have far to drive! "This was my very first Dierks show, I have been wanting to see him live for the longest time and finally did! He is crazy and I loved every second of it!

One group had a sign saying 'I wanna feel your fire' and he screamed at them saying 'YOU WANNA FEEL IT?! COME ON FEEL IT!' And then he ran so fast to them and just let everyone grab him that was in the crowd!

He knows how to put on a show, wow! I loved him before, but now I am head over heels for Dierks.

There was also a moment where Dierks looked mad and I don't blame him! A girl RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME got a hand slap from Dierks and then she just decided to grab his boot; he almost fell when he tried to go to the next group because that lady held onto his leg! He looked back at her and THREW her hands off of him! I can't say I'm not shocked, there were quite a few drunks there and she was one of them. The girl next to her jumped down her throat and was saying she can NOT do that! You go girl!

I'm just so impressed with the way he performed. He knows how to get the crowd going! I'm a regular at Wild Bill's since they have a lot of country stars there, but Dierks was the only one I've seen get the crowd going as loud as they did! You can tell he loves his fans." =============================================================================
"OMG!!! That was me that jumped down her throat," says LILWHITETANK54, Tracy, DBC rep in Alabama. "She was all trying to get (bass player) Robbie's attention. She didn't even look at Dierks the whole time she was hollering at Robbie & that's why he moved I bet. I have no idea who she was or where she came from, she just came out of nowhere. When she could not get Robbie to pay her attention, that is when she grabbed Dierks' leg. I was totally mortified because I didn't know her and I was so worried he would not come back over there to us. After that I told her she had to GO (and a few more choice words)! But I had a blast and did not let her ruin it for me! I stayed afterwards & met Dierks & got pics & autographs! If anyone is on here that met me or my sister, (Tracy & Tabatha from Alabama) ya'll email me! ====================================================================================
Debra is a proud DBC rep from Alabama. Here's her review: "Hey all-just made it back from Atlanta today--Dierks was really on FIRE! I arrived at Wild Bill's about an hour before the doors opened and got to visit with my old DRT friends... Granny Ann and Debra above Debra and Angie (choppergirl)
...and met some new ones as well! Always love to meet new fan club members-you girls are the nicest people to spend time with and enjoy the concert with-seriously! Debra and Tracy above

Of course us DB fans-Congress members as well-were first in line to go in and made it right to the front of the stage! That was so awesome to have Dierks performing so close to us all night! Rod was so sweet to come and play several times right in front of us also! The band sounded fantastic and I heard Dierks perform Life on the Run for the first time LIVE and of course it was great! Thanks too Dierks for throwing Sweet and Wild in there for us-really enjoy you singing that song! Dierks sang to us lucky girls on the front row many times and Keesha got the dance floor twirl during So So Long! He held my daughter Kristen's hand and sang to her and I do believe she's a DB fan for life now-lol! Really fantastic performance by Dierks and the band-fun to see Robbie singing now! One of my best Dierks shows ever! I didn't get to see Dierks at the bus-my daughter wanted to stay at Wild Bill's with some of her friends so I joined them. Much love to my fav DRT buddies Ronna,Chrissie,Rachel and her gang,Tammy,Angie,Lisa,Holly and Kelly-it made the show sooooo much better to have you guys there with me! So great to finally meet Granny Ann-what a wonderful, sweet lady! Trenda and 2 new Tracys I met also!!

BTW there were several times that Dierks was so close to me I could have touched his boots too-but I would never think about doing that! He's so sweet about getting that close to us and I certainly don't want him to stop! Thanks to all the FC who commented on my DBC shirt (complete with Dierks autograph!)I also got many comments and questions about my DBC shirt throughout the night by other people there-love promoting Dierks that way! Thanks for a fantastic night Dierks-you ROCK!" My pics were some of the best I have ever gotten-but it's because we were soooooo close: ================================================================================
As for me, I loved meeting all the new people from the fan club. I was so flattered that Tracy asked me to sign her Band of Sisters (and a few brothers) book that Crissy (TX) made last year! Ann (AL) gave out tons of DB Bracelets sent from Tara (CA) and as I was squeezing my way through the crowd to get back to the front of the stage, one girl saw my bracelet and wanted to know where I got it--so I gave her mine! Anything to get people to to join the fan club and the DBC! I also handed out business cards to everyone who asked about the dbc shirts, the fan club or just curious about what DB Congress is all about. I remember this one lady who had been to Red Rocks in Denver, CO(I had my RR shirt on), and I gave her a card--hope she and the others find their way to this site!Me, Granny Ann, & Chrissie (GA) I did get a hand-hold from Dierks during Every Mile a Memory--that's always been a good luck song for me to get attention from D during the live show!

I love when Robbie sings "low, low, low, low"--just like his bass--during Life On The Run. Here's the first minute... video
I was surprised but happy to hear them sing Sweet and Wild. And Rod, Tim and Steve showed they're as talented as ever!
Robbie Harrington:

Tim Sargent (I saw Tim squeezing through the crowd by the stage before the show and we exchanged hellos):

Rod Janzen:

Steve Misamore:

I guess my favorite part was after the concert, by the bus. Although they had a long drive back to Nashville, Dierks made time to sign and take photos with about 20 of us die-hard fans. He was so excited to be singing with Jessi Colter at 10 am the next morning, so I think he was rushing to get out of the cold and to save/protect his voice.

I had him sign my FTF CD, but didn't ask for a picture. Instead, I used my time to ask, "Please tell me you've seen the website!?" "Yes, I have, it's great! Amazingly detailed! I have been meaning to blog about it. I told them (Echo) to get with ya'll to make sure you were ok with us (fan club) using the name "dbcongress." I told him yes they contacted us and we'd be honored! That's our Dierks! Always thinking of others! I hate that I can't remember word for word what he said, but I was just happy he has seen the site and likes it, and that I heard it from him in person! Made my whole night!

~Ronna, DB Congress Chair


Not only is Dierks Bentley one of the feature articles (Life Has Just Exploded) in the March 9th issue of Country Weekly magazine, but his Bentley-blues shine brightly behind the Table of Contents, and one of our Wisconsin DBC reps-Alicia-secured a spot in the Stars Up Close section!
Make sure to pick up your copy of the magazine and send thank you's to for all the Dierksness!

There's been no mistake, Dierks! You are truly deserving of the great blessings in your life. You work so hard and are doing so much more than you think. You open your heart and give it all away every day--to your family, friends and fans. We are all better believers because of you! We are proud to promote you every day!

DB Congress Chair

Saturday, March 7, 2009


One of our Band of Brothers representing Washington in the DB Congress goes by the user name "that_duck_dude." According to Layne (his real name), Dierks' short set was "packed with all of his hits and high octane numbers."

Even still, the entire evening at the Sundome was spectacular. "I am actually glad that I decided to see the show in the Sundome because it "only" seats about 7500. And can you believe the concert wasn't sold out? Really?"

With row 13 tickets and Meet & Greet passes in hand, Layne met up with other DB fan club members. "Everyone was so friendly," he recalls. "And I was the only dude so I kinda felt special. We were taken to a small...and I mean SMALL room that must have been a 100 degrees. It was like a sauna and hotter than Hades. When Dierks walked in he immediately commented about the heat in the room! We all had a good laugh about it." Dude, it is the "Feel That Fire" tour, right? Dierks knew he had met me before and couldn't remember my name, so I told him and he then repeated it a couple more times. I had him sign my cd and my Cowboy hat. I also showed him the shirt that I made using the Dierks tattoo template and on the back it said "". He thought it was a really cool shirt. I picked a red shirt and it was funny that the "Feel The Fire" tour shirt is red! He went around and hugged everyone before they left, including me, and said "Thanks Layne" so that was cool.

The seats were amazing and it looked like the first 6 seats next to the catwalk were for Dierks fans. You could actually reach up and touch the catwalk. Cool. Dierks' set opened with the video of him in the bar meeting the girls, but then has to go on stage which led to the opening number, "How Am I Doin'." Even with a 45 minute set, he did manage to sing "Feel That Fire" and "Sideways." Before breaking into "What Was I Thinkin'," he was sitting down at the end of the center catwalk (right in front us, I mean he was RIGHT THERE) eating some guy's popcorn and drinking beer before he started singing WWIT. Awesome. He closed with "Free and Easy" and got the entire Sundome crowd to sing the chorus.

I look forward to a stand-alone Dierks show so I can hear the new material.
Miss Ellie is a beauty from south Yakima, Wa. That's a long way from Alabama, but she snuck out one night (with mom Stacy) and met Dierks by the front gate of the Sundome. This was to be the 5½-year-old's first concert, "but she was way more excited because she got to meet Dierks!" exclaims Stacy. "He was very sweet to her and she was over the moon! It was HOT HOT HOT in the meet and greet room! My favorite part was when she asked him if he was going to sing "Country Roads (Every Mile a Memory)" and he sang some of it right there! Thanks Dierks! Another great concert! Hurry back! Ellie wants to meet you again (her exact words) GOD BLESS YOU! I am not quite sure what she was telling him at that moment (photo at right). I was trying to stay out of the way and Chris took that picture. It was so neat seeing it through her eyes...her very first concert and she got to meet Dierks Bentley!!! She is still talking about how he sang to her, said she was cute and that her name is pretty! Her bracelet is a charm one that her daddy gave her when he took her on a date a few months ago, there are 2 hearts on it one with her name, a star and a cross." Stacy was wondering if there are DB Congress shirts small enough for Miss Ellie (we'll check on that). How about a little white tank top?
DBC rep Holly, from South Dakota, shares her 4-peat experience: "This was night #4 of 4 shows in 4 days. I was feeling very sad and wanted to make sure that this show was the best one to have the awesome memories to hold me over until I get to see Dierks and Brad again. I got second row tickets again thanks to Brad's fan club. Well Dierks made my night. As he comes on stage, he scans the crowd and sees all 16 of us who had come from all over the U.S. to all four shows, and he holds up 4 fingers. Then during "How Am I Doin'" he takes my hand and sings to me. When he gets to the part were he introduces himself he looks into my eyes and says, "I know you already," and I tell him, "Yes you do." I'm glad a few of my friends thought to take some pictures of this. The show was amazing. Thanks Dierks for again making me feel like I was the only one there."


Until I can get this campaign on the "Current Campaigns" page, I'll post it here:

Voting started March 2 for the March Men's Madness Tournament on the Tampa US103.5 radio website. Jenny has ranked the hottest men of Country Music and placed her top Sixteen in elimination rounds!

Who's the sexiest man in country music? Currently Dierks is at 79%, beating out Blake Shelton--let's keep it that way!

VOTE FOR OUR PRESIDENT--DIERKS! You can vote as often as you like!

Dierks Fans Go To Congress

We made Country Weekly-March 23 issue "What's Online" section! Double click the image to read the article!


Thanks for all the photos you've sent in! Let me apologize for not getting them up on the "Fan Photo" page of yet. Until I can do that, here are a few pics of your fellow DB Congress reps--some new to the DBC, some have been around campaigning for Dierks for a while now:

OMG! I am so excited about your new website! It really looks awesome! I'm all teary-eyed and still have goose-bumps. It is amazing how you put everything together. Here is a pic of Dierks and I at the concert in Milwaukee, WI. Oct07.THANK YOU AGAIN! Sonya (DBC Rep, Wisconsin)
LOVE the DB Congress website! It is great! Thanks for naming me a lobbyist; I feel very flattered. I'm sending a pic w/Dierks. This sure is an exciting time for Dierks and the Congress, isn't it? Lee Ann (DBC Rep, Kentucky)
The site looks fantastic!!! I love it! Here's my photo with Dierks. Michele (DBC Rep, California)
Awesome work on the DB Congress website, it’s fantastic! Here’s a picture of me and Dierks. Kim (DBC Rep, Missouri)
I would absolutely love to represent Connecticut in the DB congress. I am a really big fan and am active on the board everyday as well as promoting DB everywhere I go! (Renee, CTCowgirl )
I'm in Kentucky, I believe my name is already on there, I looked for it:) Here is a pic of me with Dierks. Thanks! Great website! (Vanessa, vanessaannb)
Hi, just hoping you'll post this to the DBC website! My username is laceyw624 (Lacey) representing DB in Maine! Thanks!

The site looks great, you did a fantastic job! I have a picture of DB and me taken at the Mountain Stage show in WV on Feb. 1. I hope you enjoyed the video I took that he gave the Congress a shout out! (Nicholle, DBC Rep, WV)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


From Billboard today:

On the Hot Country Songs chart, Keith Urban notches his 10th No. 1 single as "Sweet Thing" rises to the top this week. It's the first single from Urban's new studio set, "Defying Gravity," which drops March 31 ... "Sweet Thing" gives Urban back-to-back No. 1s, following January's "Start a Band," his duet with Brad Paisley ... In other big news on the Country Songs tally, Dierks Bentley claims his highest debut ever as "Sideways" slides in at No. 38. It's the second single from his "Feel That Fire" album and the follow-up to the set's No. 1 title track ...

Go to, News for a behind-the-scenes clip of Dierks and the guys playing "Sideways" on a boat trip on Nashville's Percy Priest Lake!

Happy Birthday!!!

Hey everyone! We have a birthday girl today!! I just wanted to drop by and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ronna on her special day! I know she's going to see Dierks in Atlanta, GA tomorrow and I hope she has a great time because I'm sure she'll still be celebrating her birthday with Dierks and friends!

On behalf of everyone in the Congress...Have a blessed birthday!!

-Amanda Morris
DBC Secretary
Mississippi Rep.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


If you have Alltel, AT&T, Sprint or Verizon Wireless as your mobile phone provider, check out the new CMT Mobile When Country Calls channel.

If you have Sprint, for instance, you will need one of Sprint's Power Vision plans. Power Vision is the name of Sprint's network that delivers video and media content. Select Menu > Media Player > Channel Listing > Sprint TV, and select the CMT folder.

CMT Mobile and Sprint bring you the "CMT To Go" experience on your mobile phone with video clips featuring the latest country music videos, news, original shows and content only available for CMT Mobile viewers.

The Mobile Question for Dierks Bentley right now is: What's his ringtone? What photos does he take with his phone? A CMT Mobile exclusive.

If you get it to work (I have Sprint and I cannot find a CMT folder!), please come back here and post the answer in the comments of this blog! Thanks!


Brad Paisley may have been the headliner for three consecutive shows in the Pacific Northwest--Spokane Feb 26, Portland Feb 27 and Tacoma Feb 28, but Dierks Bentley was definitely THE draw for DB Congress reps (DB Fan Club members) from Montana, Oregon, South Dakota and Washington.

The Spokane M&G was sort of sparse. "It was kinda sad because only 4 fan club members showed up! They said they took 15 M & G envelopes to Will Call and only 4 of us made it down there," said DBC rep, JackieDee from Montana. "It was me, Holly, and two other girls. On the bright side we got a couple extra minutes talking to Dierks since there were so few of us! We actually were the last group to meet him because they wanted to give the fan club members as much time as possible.
We talked about the new album and he asked us what songs we liked. I found out that one of his favorites on the cd is mine as well (Better Believer). We talked about Brad's show and if any of us had seen him before. He told us that this year was mainly about getting out there and playing lots of shows to support the new album. He was so awesome as usual! He is hands down the nicest, most sincere country artist I have ever met. He appreciates us fans so much!" Fellow DBC Montana Rep, Cntrychik, was one of the fan club members who missed the show and the M&G, "because I got caught in the worst white out/winter storm I've ever been in outside of Missoula! Needless to say we tried everything possible to get there - checked into flights/bus/train, etc., but nothing was cooperating that day! To say I was disappointed is definitely an understatement! While I like Brad Paisely, I definitely was going for Dierks and I had soooooo looked forward to it!"

Jackie's avatar on is from the July 4th Missoula show in 2008. "He grabbed my camera at the end of the encore and snapped a pic! That was probably the coolest thing to happen to me at a Dierks concert! I actually showed him that pic at the M & G and he said he remembered doing that and he remembered that show well."

On to the show..."The concert was a blast! I got 3rd row right by the middle catwalk thanks to Brad's fan club--awesome seats! Dierks' set was great, I just wish it was a little longer! I loved hearing "Sideways" live, its such a fun and upbeat song! I can't wait for that one to be released to radio (official release is March 2, but many stations are already playing it)! I loved the cameos by Dierks during some of Brad's videos on screen!"=======================================================

Two days prior to the Portland show, Kyle O'Brien wrote an article for The Oregonian. I pulled out some of the quotes from Dierks that I thought were especially nice:

He remains connected to his fans through the Internet, thanks to that site ( There they can find Bentley's blog and his message board, plus personal videos from the road and the recording studio.
"I'm trying to make the connection as real as possible for the fans. With my Web site I reach a much larger audience. We have videos and fun stuff going on behind the scenes."
That kind of transparency takes down the wall between fans and artist. Bentley is grateful for their interest.
"I think there's a real connection there. When I do meet-and-greets, I'll sign anything you want, I'll take pictures and we'll have a chance to talk and share some stories. ... When I get a chance to do something real, I want it to be real. Keeping that connection with the fans is important, and I love doing it. They're taking the time and making that investment in supporting me. I don't want them to feel betrayed."


"Wow, what a night in Portland!" exclaimed Oregon DB Congress rep, Jules44 (Julie). "First we all had Meet & Greets, four of us, THREE generations of fans having one-on-one's with Dierks once again!

L to R: Daughter Kayla, Dierks, Julie, daughter Amanda,and grandson Camden. He's a fan club member. (justakid). The picture below was taken by Cam and Dierks posed only for him.
Then we truly enjoyed the concert. We were in row 11, right behind the left catwalk. It was an awesome, albeit short show as far as Dierks was concerned, about 45 minutes I think. First Crystal Shawanda performed then our guy boomed out with their new backdrop and old and new songs and the guys were all looking great and performed at their best.

Dierks first appeared in classic plaid and curls, ah the memories! Then later he wore a shirt with a big "7" on the back. "7" was our lucky number last night because my grandson turned 7 last night after midnight and it was also his 7th concert.

The Rose Garden was packed and the fans and all the excitement had Dierks saying, "Man, I LOVE this!", as he walked down the catwalk. He really gets going when the fans get going-how can we NOT get going with talent like that!
Brad was next and I'd never been to his concerts--really I only go see Dierks--but it was exciting and he incorporated Dierks into his concert/music. I don't want to spoil the surprises for the following concerts, but Dierks will be back at the end of the show, Crystal too."

Future DBC Oregon rep, kathysue, was also in row 11--on the right of the cat walk. "Great seats and surrounded by Dierks fans," she confesses. "I thought Crystal was really good and her "Daddy Let Go Now" song brought some tears to the audience eyes. She rocked and then our man Dierks was amazing and worked the crowd. Everyone just loves Dierks! You can tell by the reaction from the audience. Even when he came out at the end everyone was like "DIERKS!!!" I think he alone could have filled the venue. I wished he would've sang "Pray" or "Beautiful World." Those are songs people really need right now but I get why he sings the more upbeat songs to get the crowd going for Brad. "Sideways" is a definate crowd pleaser. It was fun to meet some DB fan club members."


DBC Washington Rep, Beth (PuyallupGal)arrived at the Varsity Grill around 1 p.m. "The Wolf was hosting a pre-show party with Dierks "hosting." Or at least that's what we were told, among other things. Around 6p.m., Dierks arrived, they gave away meet & greet tickets as well as tickets to a private performance. We were all told that he'd be signing after that. But not so much--Dierks quickly ducked out and headed back to the Dome for the show! The only bummer was the wasted afternoon sitting in a bar."

The show..."Crystal Shawanda kicked things off with a 30 minute set. She's an absolutely adorable girl & sounded great. Finally...Dierks! Now, I have seen a lot of concerts at the Tacoma Dome from The Backstreet Boys, George Strait, Ronnie Milsap, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, etc. Seeing Dierks play for a few hundred people in Elma, WA and then seeing him play on stage at the Tacoma Dome to a full house on their feet was just plain awesome! Even though it wasn't HIS show, just seeing him play that place makes me so happy!"

"It has been quite sometime since I've seen the guys, July to be exact, but they sounded amazing! The Tacoma Dome is generally notorious for horrible acoustics but the boys just rocked that place! I was afraid people would be sitting but they were up on their feet from start to finish & it was an awesome thing to see. He played about 8 songs or so and I think my favorite tonight was 'Sideways.' Love that song & it is so much fun at a live show. His 45 minute set was WAY too short. I could have gone for a few more hours of music. I didn't really get any pictures as I a) forgot film for my good camera and b) my digital completely died on me. I think my BlackBerry took better pictures anyway! LOL I did stick around through most of Brad's set to catch Dierks during 'Alcohol' but after that I took off in order to beat the mad rush.

They put on an amazing show. They just never cease to amaze and sound better and better with every performance!"

Saturday, February 28, 2009


As if getting married didn't keep him busy enough, Nid Collins, our first DB Congress rep from England, just launched a new and FREE Dierks Bentley media/message board (

As well as being just a regular message board in which to discuss and post articles about Dierks Bentley, it will also be the permanent archive of all the public domain audio/video that Metrostar (Nid) has been collecting and making available to everybody. At the new message board he will be able to lay things out more neatly and provide more samples and info. Other people will be able to contribute to the archive as well.

Please come along and help get the place started and come back often as Metrostar adds all the stuff he's known for. He has some great media coming up soon that he just knows you are going to love!

A very important reason for starting this message board for Dierks fans, is that it's FREE and therefore doesn't exclude anyone. All are welcome and able to post in all areas of the message board.

The audio/video archives are only visible to members. Everything else is visible to non-members as well as members, though only members can post. Membership to the whole message board is FREE.

Don't forget to come back here to every day to see the latest news on all things DIERKS!


Photo credit: NASA

I was watching my DVR'd version of the CMT Top 20 Countdown (where Feel That Fire landed at #6 this week) and heard that Dierks had pledged to take part in this year's Earth Hour. I had not heard of the event before, but evidently it is an annual challenge to local businesses and citizens to go dark for one hour. Set for March 28 at 8:30 pm, Earth Hour 2009 is meant to battle the world's climate change. For one hour, cities will simultaneously turn off all non-essential lights.

Go to for details.


I know there are tons of raving reviews out there right now on Dierks' new Feel That Fire CD (and I for one am rightly pleased!), but this one had a little different spin. Enjoy!

Is Dierks Bentley trying for some pop crossover?
Published Saturday February 28th, 2009

Mainstream commercial country music has some shining stars, and one of them is Dierks Bentley. His fourth studio album Feel That Fire could be interpreted as his stab at some pop crossover as well.

For example, the album begins with a guitar effect straight out of Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love to kick into the lead track Life On The Run. As Bentley establishes a mid-tempo groove, it is above all else a mainstream pop tune. This is despite the country spices in the instrumentation and storyline of a solitary rambler.

This transition is a very east one for the Arizona-born Bentley. His early years were honed with country soil, and always conjured up images of the Merle Haggard/Waylon Jennings school. However, he has always managed to straddle on terrain outside those country roots.

At his best on this album, as in his career of the decade, Bentley is a songwriter in the broadest sense. His voice could safely fit in any genre, being the polar opposite of a trademark country twang.

That said, Bentley's ultimate foundation is the country genre itself. Spices are always there - steel guitar in the love anthem with a pop beat Feel That Fire and the mid-tempo groover You Hold Me Together, banjo at the end of the work-week tale Sideways, Tex Mex in the love lament I Can't Forget Her.

In all cases, his able lyrics match his melodies in basic country genre storylines.

The 12-song album has a few traditional country moments, and they are collaborations. One is in songwriting, as Bentley teamed up with Rodney Crowell to write the anthem Pray. Bentley also duets with Patty Griffin on the waltz Beautiful World. The album closer is Last Call, a bluegrass romp with Ronnie McCoury and his band.

Whether Bentley reaches beyond his considerable country fan base with this album remains to be seen. Regardless, he has delivered something that will keep his bread and butter audience rightly pleased.

Fredericton-based freelance writer Wilfred Langmaid has reviewed albums in The Daily Gleaner since 1981, and is a past judge for both the Junos and the East Coast Music Awards. His column appears each Saturday.


Published: 02/27/09

Rising star Dierks Bentley makes a stop in Tacoma


Brad Paisley might be the main attraction Saturday night (2-28-09) at the Tacoma Dome. But a lot of fans will be equally stoked for his opening act, hunky rising country star Dierks Bentley. The singer, best known for anthemic hits “What Was I Thinkin’” and “Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go),” will perform cuts from his new disc “Feel That Fire” during his 45-minute opening slot. We caught up with him just to get an idea of what to expect Saturday.

Jasmin interviews Dierks about the tour highlights, video treatments, The tone of the Feel That Fire album, and special guests on the CD. "It’s got everything in the past (fans have) always dug, as far as the rowdy stuff and the sexier stuff," replied Dierks about the album. When asked about the set list, Dierks said, "It’s a fun show for us to play. There’s zero fluff. Not that there ever was, but it’s really tight."

Read the rest of the story here.


Use the links below to vote for the Feel That Fire video.

*R&R Official Chart Position - #5 (LW #4)
*CMT Top 20 Video Countdown - #6 (LW #3)
*CMT Pure 12-pak- #11 (LW #9)
*GACTV Top 20 Video Countdown - NA (LW #NA--two weeks in a row! What?)

Call/email your DJ, say, "DJ, don't ya play nothin' slow!"
Or go to to request Dierks' new single, "Sideways."

Friday, February 27, 2009


Straight from the February 27, 2009 issue of the American Country Countdown Newsletter, with Kix Brooks! Feel That Fire is #1 on the ACC chart for week ending Feb. 22, and Dierks Bentley is the artist/CD of the month!

KIX: I'm coming to you from the Great Scott Productions studio in Phoenix Arizona this week. I’m doing a little touring right now and stopped in to catch up on the hottest forty songs in country music. Dierks Bentley is a special guest this week… He’s a Phoenix guy you know!

Dierks tells Kix why he put bluegrass on his new CD, why failure can be a good thing and about starting out on Lower Broadway in Nashville.

Listen here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Dierks took time to chat with CW about life, his daughter, his wife, music, songwriting, studio time, the new album, babies coming alive, dogs, walking on the wire and living for what is.

Life Has Just Exploded

Dierks Bentley may feel he doesn’t deserve his blessed existence, but he’s “truly happy” with his wife, new baby and red hot career.

Shortly before the release of his new Feel That Fire CD, Dierks Bentley took time out to chat about his new music . . . and the new woman in his life, daughter Evie. Since then, both the title cut and the new CD have hit number one on the charts and “Sideways” has been announced as the project’s second single. Here’s some of what Dierks had to say.

For more from Dierks, check out the March 9 issue of Country Weekly.

Now that Country Weekly no longer offers subscription service, I am going crazy running all over town trying to buy a copy--with NO LUCK! The pub is nowhere to be found! Publix told me their distributor went out of business. CW has a brand new logo, they've transitioned to "weekly", and any issue now they are supposed to have Dierks as THE cover! And, CW actually told me in an email that the DBC website would be mentioned in an upcoming issue in their "What's New Online" section!

Who else is having the same problem? If anyone can help me out and send me copies, please email me at



From: Ted Shaw, Windsor Star
Published: Monday, February 16, 2009

While the good old boys were revving their engines Sunday at the Daytona 500, Dierks Bentley was cruising down the rocking country highway at the Caesars Windsor Colosseum.

This Arizona son who was bred on the outlaw country of Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash may just be the thing country music needs right now.

The fact his new album knocked Bruce Springsteen out of No. 1 on the sales charts proves he's more than country music's flavour of the month.

The 5,000 who filled the Colosseum were treated to a dynamic, high-energy 80 minutes of southern-fried rock 'n' roll in the Lynyrd Skynyrd tradition.

A sound built on the blazing guitar solos of Saskatchewan native Rob Janzen, Bentley recalled another Canadian rocker -- Bryan Adams -- in his onstage performance.

This guy loves being in front of an audience. You can see it in his face and hear it in his voice.

Opening with the hit How Am I Doin', Bentley roared his way through a mostly up tempo set that included most of the songs that have taken him to the top of the country charts in the last five years.

Surprisingly for an artist relatively new on the scene, the audience sang along to many of the songs. Hits that included Come a Little Closer, Every Mile a Memory, Settle for a Slowdown, and the new one, Feel That Fire.

When the heavy metal guitar riff that opens Feel That Fire cut a swath through the auditorium, many of those who were still in their seats for the first couple of songs jumped to their feet and sang or clapped along.

Bentley may have the name of a classic car, but he's all Chevy pickup when he performs. Not exactly a redneck but definitely a long way from the designer country of Nashville, Bentley is a product of a rock generation weaned on U2.

He's got a little of Bono's charm and talent for charging up an audience, too.

A honkytonkin' song like Sideways, from the new album, showed the rowdy side in Bentley. Later, he showed a different side on the ballads I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes, Long Trip Alone and Beautiful World.

Most of the time, he sang without a guitar, preferring to prowl the front of the stage and reach out his hands to the crowd.

But he's a serviceable player, and wields a well-worn 1969 Martin D-18 with authority. At one point, a member of the audience suggested Bentley give her the guitar. He jokingly agreed as long as she exchanged it for some of that "strong Canadian beer."

The show was paced to deliver the biggest emotional wallop in the least amount of time.

Among the other hits he touched on were So So Long, What Was I Thinkin,' and Come a Little Closer.

But when the opening chords of Free and Easy blasted through the speakers to open the encore, the audience responded with cheers and many sang along.

Just to remind everyone of his roots, Bentley finished the show with a rousing version of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues.

Bentley writes all of his own songs and while the lyrics are simple and homespun, the stories they tell are taken from everyday life.

The show opened with a video of Bentley backstage trying to score a beer from an inattentive crew. When he finally tracks down a drink, it's time to go on stage.

That self-deprecating humour went down well with the audience.


"What was I thinking?” What a great song! That one had me hooked, And for years I loved the music but shied away from fan clubs, chats, blogs, and other internet based stuff. I’m more old school. You know, go to the concert, buy the CD’s, ride around with the windows down, blaring the music, and praying no one I know hears me singing “Lot of Leavin’ Left to Do” at the top of my lungs! Not since Kindergarten had I been a member of a fan club!
After hearing LCB [Last Call Ball - annual DB Fan Club party] on my XM radio one morning on the way to work I remember thinking to myself: “I’ve got to be a part of this!” Now, here I am, mid-thirties, promoting my heart out for the hardest working country music singer/song writer/entertainer: Dierks Bentley & the TLB (Terminally Lonesome Band).
Once joining and becoming 'All Access,' I journeyed to Dierksville (on and my life was changed forever. The family & friends I have made there are very special to me! But once I saw how creative they all were I wanted to contribute too! BUT HOW? I’m just a gal from North Carolina--one of four NC reps at the time. What in the world could I do?

Then, I got an email from a company I used when I was in internet-based business that sells business promotional goods at low prices or free* (you pay shipping & tax of course). I thought, why can’t I use this to promote Dierks? So,I got online, made some cards (it was an election year so the patriotic art was prevalant!) and the ideas just flowed.Magnets for the fridge; large, medium or small car magnets (which I personalized with my own pics from the November 2007 DB concert), and business cards with the DB Congress logo & website address. I’ve ordered pens, post-it-note pads, address labels, etc. It’s easy and anyone can use it!

For the Atlanta Concert in May 2008, I was loaded down with Dierks material--prepared to promote! The car magnets were a huge hit! They went on my Equinox in Asheville, NC and we got comments on them everywhere we went! They were on both front doors and one on the back hatch with Dierks' picture on it! (I can’t wait to use them on the next DRT (Dierks Road Trip))! The business cards were passed out along with other things brought by many DBC reps! Atlanta didn’t know what hit it! Between the awesome concert Dierks and the TLB gave and the Congress, it was a night no one will ever forget!

I keep a few cards in my wallet, car, and my desk at work. If anyone mentions my DB Congress bumper sticker or T-shirt I happen to be wearing, I just pop out a card & welcome them to check out the website, ask if they‘ve heard DB‘s latest CD or if they have ever been to his show. Why? Because it’s the least I can do for our amazing Pres Dierks! He goes above and beyond the call of duty with us as Fan Club members and his congress. Anything we can do to show our support is my pleasure!

Happy Promoting Everyone! And remember, every mile is a memory when you’re a member of the DB Congress!

Tanya Roberts (TRR)
Proud NC DB Congress Rep!