Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dierks Gets 'Lucky' at the Final No Show George Jones Tribute

The “Playing Possum: The Final NO SHOW” tribute concert was held Friday night, November 22, 2013 at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN.  More than 100 artists performed, and Dierks Bentley was lucky enough to be one of those artists to honor his friend, George Jones.

George's wife Nancy described it as a family reunion.  Dierks said "it's like "The  Awards Meets `Field of Dreams'," according to a tweet from David Wild (@Wildaboutmusic).

Travis Tritt shared this photo on Twitter of him and his wife, Bobby Bare, Miranda, Blake and Dierks from backstage:

Singing, "I Always Get Lucky With You," Dierks poured his heart and soul into the classic Jones song.  USA Today correspondent for Nashville, Brian Mansfield tweeted:
"You can tell  has spent lots of time studying how to sing like . It pays off for "I Always Get Lucky With You.""
A play by play from The Tennessean showed Dierks played at 8:33 p.m., and afterward, Ralph Emery said “One of my favorite singers,” shaking his hand after the performance.

A few DB Congress reps were 'lucky' enough to be there in person. Ashley Wardrip says she doesn't remember much, "other than he was amazing, I was very excited, and after he was done I was ready to leave!  Everything was so rushed because they had so many artists there; they announced him, he sang, and left.

Special thanks to Ashely's friend Cathey Morris for sharing her video with us of the special moment!  At the end, Dierks holds up his guitar, as if to George in heaven, and said, "God Bless George Jones."

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