Friday, October 26, 2018

The Burning Man 2019 Tour Hits The Road In January

While it was hinted to in a recent interview, having the full details of the upcoming Burning Man 2019 Tour has us on a mountain high!

The details came available first thing this morning with this announcement:

Joined by Jon Pardi, Tenille Townes and the ever-amazing Hot Country Knights, the tour takes Dierks and the team to 24 stops across the US and Canada.

When asked what will make this tour different than the Mountain High Tour that just ended, he replied, "It’s a great show, I hate to tweak it too much. There are some subtle things we’re going to do for all those fans that come a long distance and travel to show after show, but for the most part, the guts remain from last year. What makes it fun for us is changing up who’s on the road with us. ... I’m on the road with Jon Pardi and Tenille Townes, they’re just as important as anybody out there as far as making sure the vibe is right and that the experience is unique for the fans."

Here are the dates!

Jan. 17: Hamilton, ON (DB Congress pre-sale starts Oct. 30)
Jan. 18: Ottawa, ON (DB Congress pre-sale starts Oct. 30)
Jan. 19: Oshawa, ON (DB Congress pre-sale starts Oct. 30)
Jan. 22: Winnipeg, MB (DB Congress pre-sale starts Oct. 30)
Jan. 23: Saskatoon, SK (DB Congress pre-sale starts Oct. 30)
Jan. 24: Edmonton, AB(DB Congress pre-sale starts Oct. 30)
Jan. 26: Calgary, AB (DB Congress pre-sale starts Oct. 30)
Jan. 28: Kelowna, BC (DB Congress pre-sale starts Oct. 30)
Jan. 29: Vancouver, BC (DB Congress pre-sale starts Oct. 30)
Feb. 14: Ontario, CA (on sale soon)
Feb. 15: Fresno, CA (on sale soon)
Feb. 16: Reno, NV (on sale soon)
Feb. 21: Lexington, KY (on sale soon)
Feb. 22: Nashville, TN (DB Congress pre-sale starts Oct. 30)
Feb. 23: Columbia, MO (DB Congress pre-sale starts Oct. 30)
Feb. 28: Sioux Falls, SD (on sale soon)
Mar. 1: Wichita, KS (on sale soon)
Mar. 2: Omaha, NE (on sale soon)
Mar. 7: Moline, IL (DB Congress pre-sale starts Oct. 30)
Mar. 8: Deluth, MN (on sale soon)
Mar. 9: Grand Forks, MN (DB Congress pre-sale starts Oct. 30)
Mar. 28: Toledo, OH (on sale soon)
Mar. 29: Columbus, OH (on sale soon)
Mar. 30: Grand Rapids, MI (on sale soon)

"The goal is don’t hold anything back, every year put all you have into production, all you have into ideas, don’t save anything," Dierks said when planning for this new tour. "You put everything you have in every year and it forces us to find a way to top it the next year."

Be sure to log in to your DB Congress account to get access to the pre-sale (public sales begin Nov. 2)! And yes, it looks like the Seven Peaks VIP Experience is available for most shows (as are meet and greets)!

Jessica Borrelli
DB Congress Rep, WA

Monday, October 22, 2018

Dierks Bentley to Produce TV Show on Fox

Musician, artist, humanitarian, husband, dad--the titles for Dierks Bentley are endless, but there is a new one that can be added to the list: executive producer.

Though not confirmed by Dierks' team, the news took over the Internet Oct. 22 that Dierks' is slated to produce a new comedy show on Fox along with his manager, Mary Hilliard Harrington. We've learned they have teamed up with Jack Burditt, best known as the creator of the hit shows Last Man Standing and Modern Family.

The first to break the news, Variety said the show is "a single-camera comedy that has received a put pilot commitment at Fox. The untitled series is set in a Nashville bar, where singers and songwriters go to chase their dreams, or maybe just to fall in love if only for a night."

Sounds a bit familiar, no doubt, to Dierks, who got his start in country music in a very similar fashion--chasing his dreams on lower Broadway. It makes you wonder if there will be an opportunity to film some on location at Dierks' own bar in Nashville, Whiskey Row ... or even a personal appearance from The Dude himself?

There has been no word yet on when this show will air. But we have our tvs ready to go!

Jessica Borrelli
DB Congress Rep, WA

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Burning Man Music Video Is Fire!

It's no surprise a music video with a song title of "Burning Man" would be filmed someplace hot, but even Arizona native, Dierks Bentley, wasn't prepared for what the Palm Springs, Calif., desert held for the video team in the July heat. 

"I’m from Arizona, and this was hot. I felt bad for everyone involved,” Dierks said when reflecting on the video shoot.

Several members of the crew experienced heat stroke, vehicles got stuck in the sand; there was even a rattlesnake tamer with them at all times. 

But ... anything less and this video wouldn't be fitting for the song itself. And the video turned out exactly how they wanted it.

After the sun went down, though, the energy shifted, and the team soaked up the desert air. With the stars out and nothing else in sight, the other side of the burning man came to light.

“We went absolutely crazy,” Dierks said. “It felt so good—we had the music cranking, we were in the middle of nowhere and the stars were coming out. The fun we were having was true to a fault, we didn’t have to fake that at all.”

Joined by Brothers Osborne duo--T.J. and John--"Burning Man" is a reflection on Dierks' life, where he's come from and where he wants to be.

"I live in these two completely different worlds,” Dierks said. “I’m in my house in Nashville right now and I’m about to fly to San Francisco to do a show. And it’s not just physical, but also mentally I am always switching gears and trying to be successful in both of them. One day I’m doing something with [my] four-year-old with a bunch of their moms and the next I’m on stage ... I’m knee-deep in adulthood. I thought it would be fun to sing [this] with someone who doesn’t have three kids and isn’t as far along as I am or as old as I am.”

Directed by Wes Edwards (who also directed "Black," "5-1-5-0" and "Riser"), the video pulls in elements that Dierks fans will recognize from his career journey. It includes footage from every era of his music career, clips of his family, even a subtle nod to his Riser logo. 

Dierks' heart, passion, contemplation, and joy radiate throughout the video, continuing the 2018 trend we've seen from Dierks in his introspective year. 

"I wanted [this video] to be about my own journey in music--how many nights I’ve been on stage and the years I’ve put into this—who I am," he said. He added in a different interview, “This song is a personal reflection and it was important to me that you feel that with the video."

Jessica Borrelli
DB Congress Rep, WA