Sunday, June 29, 2014

Riser Bird Game Grand Prize Winner: Experience 'Opportunity of a Lifetime'

In celebration of RISER's release in February, Dierks Bentley created an interactive game based around the thunderbird image that represents the project. 

“There are so many addicting games about birds right now, and we thought it would be funny to create our own RISER BIRD game,” laughed Bentley. “I’m all about finding interesting ways to get music out to the fans, and this is just supposed to be fun.”

While trying to conquer each level, gamers previewed the new music throughout the bird’s journey, shared high scores and entered to win the grand prize trip to attend a RISER TOUR rehearsal.

DB Congress California rep, Cameron Slatterbeck, was the randomly chosen winner of the Dierks Bentely RiserBird Challenge grand prize--a special Riser Tour Rehearsal experience in Nashville, Tennessee! 

Read his story below.

"I played the Riser Bird game for a few days and made sure to share it on Facebook and Twitter in order to be automatically entered into the contest. I was on the leaderboard on for a couple days before other people passed me up. I obviously didn't think much of my chances to win because after all, you never think something like this could actually happen to YOU. 

About a week later, I was at the NASCAR race at California Speedway, an annual tradition my friends and I have. Toward the end of the race I noticed I received a Twitter message from DIERKS BENTLEY! It read, 
"Hey Cameron! You have won the RISERBIRD Challenge! Before we announce can you confirm you can come to Nashville at the end of April?"
I was ECSTATIC...but still not completely sold.

I was put in contact with Kevin Grace at The Green Room PR thanks to you guys at DB Congress. After much back and forth due to available dates and working around Dierks' schedule, I was all set to go to Nashville! I was comped round trip airfare and two nights hotel, as well as the opportunity to experience a private rehearsal for Dierks' Riser Tour! 

I opted to stay an extra night in Nashville on my own dime so I could experience as much of the city as I could. Kevin picked me up from the airport on Sunday, May 4th and drove me to the hotel, pointing out many of the landmarks and fun places to go on the way. Luckily I have a close friend, Megan, who went to Belmont and still lives in the Nashville area. So for the majority of the trip, she was able to show me all around the town. We went to the Parthenon, toured the famed Ryman Auditorium, and went to many of the famous honkytonks and bars downtown on Broadway and in Mid Town. 

Tuesday was my last full day in Nashville. Kevin picked me up from the hotel and we drove out to a huge warehouse in East Nashville that Dierks apparently rented out for rehearsals. I was quickly introduced to Dierks and his manager, both of whom could not have been nicer. The only people present were the band, the crew, some of his representation and then some country music TV and radio folks. 

The stage was built as an exact replica as it was going to be on tour. It was incredible! He played his entire set as if he were playing in front of a sea of 20,000 people. One of the best moments was when he played "Drunk On A Plane" toward the end of his set, and the brand new video was playing on the massive "WAVE" screen behind him. Afterward Kevin told me I was the FIRST member of the general public to have viewed the "Drunk On A Plane" music video. That was pretty awesome! 

Afterward, I was able to talk to Dierks for a few minutes. We just shot the s#&* about what shows I've been to of his, and how we both could not wait for his latest RISER TOUR, which I told him I would see him a few different times when he makes it out to the west coast in July. Dierks was everything I expected and more. I have only met a handful of celebrities in my life, but I could not imagine there being someone more down to earth than Dierks is. 

I thanked him for the opportunity of a lifetime and I went on my way. My friend Megan dropped me off at the airport the next day, and I could not have been more bummed to leave. The city, the people, the was all an amazing experience and I cannot wait to go back as soon as I can. Heck, I just might move there!"

Dierks Bentley Records "Ride On" Theme Song for Biker Battleground Phoenix

HISTORY® has partnered with country superstar Dierks Bentley to record a theme song for the new custom motorcycle building series BIKER BATTLEGROUND PHOENIX premiering on HISTORY Tuesday, July 1 at 10 PM ET/PT. Fans can preview the song titled “RIDE ON" in a special behind-the-scenes video from the studio on HISTORY’s YouTube page here: 

A Phoenix native and devoted biker, Dierks Bentley brings that biker attitude and passion to BIKER BATTLEGROUND PHOENIX. “RIDE ON” is a gritty biker anthem befitting BIKER BATTLEGROUND PHOENIX and Dierks Bentley – a perfect piece of brand synergy spearheaded by HISTORY. “RIDE ON” will be cut down to a 30-second opening for the series as well as versioned for Biker Battleground Phoenix’s multi-million dollar marketing campaign across multiple platforms including Rolling Stone and Vevo.Jingle Punks co-wrote and produced the song.

Bentley's Miles and Music For Kids annual event centers around thousands of motorcycle riders, lead by Dierks, riding for charity and ending in a full line up concert--all for the kids at Vanderbilt.

BIKER BATTLEGROUND PHOENIX goes inside the cutthroat world of custom bike building, giving viewers a never-before-seen look at how adrenaline, craftsmanship and rivalries determine who’s who among the country’s top custom bike builders. Following five of the most talented and ambitious bad boys of the business: Paul Yaffe of Paul Yaffe Originals/Bagger Nation, John Shope of Dirty Bird Concepts, Len Edmonson of Azzkikr Customs, Kody McNew of VooDoo Bikeworks and Brian Jenkins of Hatred Customs, viewers will witness how the competitive rivalries between these shops are sometimes fueled by respect and sometimes not, proving that skills and hard work doesn’t always pay off and sometimes scheming wins the prize.

Set your DVRs! BIKER BATTLEGROUND PHOENIX premieres on HISTORY Tuesday, July 1 at 10 PM ET/PT.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day, Dierks!

On this Father's Day, let's take a look at Dierks Bentley's perspective from both spectrums - having a dad and being a dad.

The Riser album oozes images of having a dad and being a dad.  In "I Hold On," Dierks references his dad throughout the song.

Dierks shared some funny memories about his dad Leon who died June 2012, with Y108 in Pittsburgh. Remember the "old beat up truck" that Dierks and his dad drove to Tennessee?  Dierks "holds on" to that truck as the song says, because of all the special memories he and his dad created in that truck.  And to come full circle, now Dierks has three of his own kids riding in the back of the 200k mile truck making new memories.  No amount of "jangle in his pocket" could make him trade up.

In his live show, when Dierks performs "Home," (from the Home album) it is one of the more moving moments of the night.  Especially when he inserts his dad into the lyrics and points to him on the big screen.  "Think.  Wonder what he'd think.  If my dad could see me now".  He'd be proud, Dierks!

Photo credit: Carrie Srebro, Tampa, FL, 9/20/13

In "Damn These Dreams," Dierks is torn between his two true loves - family and performing on the road.
"It was all fun and games 'til the little ones came/ 'Cause it makes my hear bleed/ When I gotta drive away and listen to 'em say/ Hey daddy, why you gotta go, please don't leave."
Being on the road a lot and being a dad to three kids of his own, Evie-5, Jordan-3, and Knox 9 months, it's easy to believe Dierks has never been alone with all three.  He told The Dr. Don Show about his fear:
My wife was like, ‘Yeah, I might step out and go do something real quick. Are you cool?’ I was like, ‘With three? No, I’m not. Like, there’s just no . . . It’s physically impossible. It’s not safe. I mean, no, you can’t go anywhere.’ It definitely requires all hands on deck. I think back to the earlier days where I used to think I was tired, you know, and you go catch a nap in your bunk or something like that. It’s a whole different level of reserves these days you just dive into but you know kids and their lack of self-consciousness, they’re so fun to be around. They kind of provide energy in a weird way. Whatever they don’t, alcohol makes up for the rest.”

Perhaps the most poignant page in the book of Dierks having or being a dad is when he sings about the legacy of a family name in "My Last Name."  We leave you with a passionate acoustic performance from The Grand Ole Opry in tribute to his dad.

In Loving memory of Leon Bentley:

Happy Father's Day to you, Dierks and all the guys in your band and crew, and to all our DB Congress family!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dierks Bentley Poses as a Pilot at 2014 CMT Music Awards Red Carpet

Riser Airlines Captain Holden "Mike" Johnson (aka Dierks Bentley) made his first appearance on the 2014 CMT Music Awards Red Carpet Wednesday night.  CMT's Katie Cook interview with him went like this:

"I just met a pilot on the red carpet, it's so interesting, I believe you're with Riser Air?"

Photo Credit: Michael Loccisano-Getty Images
"I am! I'm the senior captain of Riser Airlines, you might have seen me in the Kirk, spirk, dirk, Dierks Bentley video, I was the pilot on that plane and he invited me to come out here... this is my first time..."

"Has anyone ever told you, you kind of look a little bit like him?"

"We DO look alike, I'm bigger stronger, smarter, sexier, but..."

"I see you're not actually on a plane but you're working on the drunk part."

"*holding up his red riser solo cup...The good thing about being a pilot on Riser Air is we actually serve the captain before we serve the customers so we skirt a lot of FFA rules and regulations but it's a fun airline to fly for..."

"OK you're performing tonight can I make a guess it's gonna be Drunk On A Plane?"

"Yeah I might come and check out his performance, uh, big song tonight, drunk on a plane, I was honored to be on the video, be part of that video, I think it's gonna be a lot of fun tonight a lot of my flight attendants are actually in the video, tonight you'll see the attire that we wear on Riser Air, it's not regulation, FFA frowns on the attire..."

"Wow you are not breaking character!"

"It looks good...this mustache is about to break off...if I smile too much."

"Ok...and the Oscar goes to...I love you..have fun tonight."

"Captain Johnson, Holden Mike Johnson..."

Before the show, Dierks tweeted this animated promo via Vine:

A little later, Dierks asked his congress for help with bass player Cassady Feasby's attire:

"hey ...what should wear tonight...? looks like he robbed a thrift store. 

In the end, the whole band ended up wearing black and leather to perform "Drunk On A Plane."

We love ya, Dierks, but the stewardesses were 'pouring coke and ...kinda "cheesy." But you and the guys sounded great! Just wish we could have seen more of you and less of the dancers.

Click here to watch the performance.

Well, at least wife Cassidy was still smiling. Maybe it was the pilot uniform.

Up for Performance of the Year for his CMT Crossroads collaboration with OneRepublic (Counting Stars), Dierks didn't win, instead it was awarded to his buddy Luke Bryan.  You're still our Performer of the Year, actually Lifetime!

*EDIT: We forgot to mention that Dierks has his pilot's license (and his own plane) so he is a pilot in real life, not just on red carpets!