Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dierks Bentley Poses as a Pilot at 2014 CMT Music Awards Red Carpet

Riser Airlines Captain Holden "Mike" Johnson (aka Dierks Bentley) made his first appearance on the 2014 CMT Music Awards Red Carpet Wednesday night.  CMT's Katie Cook interview with him went like this:

"I just met a pilot on the red carpet, it's so interesting, I believe you're with Riser Air?"

Photo Credit: Michael Loccisano-Getty Images
"I am! I'm the senior captain of Riser Airlines, you might have seen me in the Kirk, spirk, dirk, Dierks Bentley video, I was the pilot on that plane and he invited me to come out here... this is my first time..."

"Has anyone ever told you, you kind of look a little bit like him?"

"We DO look alike, I'm bigger stronger, smarter, sexier, but..."

"I see you're not actually on a plane but you're working on the drunk part."

"*holding up his red riser solo cup...The good thing about being a pilot on Riser Air is we actually serve the captain before we serve the customers so we skirt a lot of FFA rules and regulations but it's a fun airline to fly for..."

"OK you're performing tonight can I make a guess it's gonna be Drunk On A Plane?"

"Yeah I might come and check out his performance, uh, big song tonight, drunk on a plane, I was honored to be on the video, be part of that video, I think it's gonna be a lot of fun tonight a lot of my flight attendants are actually in the video, tonight you'll see the attire that we wear on Riser Air, it's not regulation, FFA frowns on the attire..."

"Wow you are not breaking character!"

"It looks good...this mustache is about to break off...if I smile too much."

"Ok...and the Oscar goes to...I love you..have fun tonight."

"Captain Johnson, Holden Mike Johnson..."

Before the show, Dierks tweeted this animated promo via Vine:

A little later, Dierks asked his congress for help with bass player Cassady Feasby's attire:

"hey ...what should wear tonight...? looks like he robbed a thrift store. 

In the end, the whole band ended up wearing black and leather to perform "Drunk On A Plane."

We love ya, Dierks, but the stewardesses were 'pouring coke and ...kinda "cheesy." But you and the guys sounded great! Just wish we could have seen more of you and less of the dancers.

Click here to watch the performance.

Well, at least wife Cassidy was still smiling. Maybe it was the pilot uniform.

Up for Performance of the Year for his CMT Crossroads collaboration with OneRepublic (Counting Stars), Dierks didn't win, instead it was awarded to his buddy Luke Bryan.  You're still our Performer of the Year, actually Lifetime!

*EDIT: We forgot to mention that Dierks has his pilot's license (and his own plane) so he is a pilot in real life, not just on red carpets!

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