Dierks Bentley Congress (DB Congress) was inaugurated April 21, 2007. Dierks mentioned in a November 2006 interview in DeKalb, IL that his fan club was like his "congress." Here's an excerpt:

"I try to keep that connection with the fan club as close as it can be. To me they're like the congress of the fans. They're the elected officials that actually pay money to be in your fan club and I really listen to them and I want them to feel like they're really part of this growth and all this stuff that's happening..."

Around that time,"Long Trip Alone" was hovering on the CMT Top 20 Video Countdown, and half a dozen of us fan club members were voting daily on cmt.com. But that was not nearly enough people, and I realized it was going to take an "act of congress" to get the video to #1. So I started the official thread in dierksville on dierks.com.

We are Dierks Bentley Fan Club members who represent
 our state or country and promote Dierks every day in any way we can. Click here for "Current Campaigns."

We have grown to over 800 Representatives
 strong, promoting Dierks in all 50 United States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, England, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico and Switzerland.

When dierks.com was completely re-worked in 2009, we started dbcongress.com on February 1, 2009 as a way to provide a site to list our reps and campaigns and help everyone keep up with all things Dierks! Shortly after, Dierks asked our permission to use "DB Congress" as the official name of his fan club.  Visit the Congress tab on dierks.com.

It’s an honor to serve as a member of the DB Congress and to be a Dierks supporter for life -- with no term limits!  
With DB as our President, there’s no tellin' what we might do, no!


DB Congress Chair (FL)

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