Friday, August 26, 2011

DBTV - Episode 32: Dierks Thanks Fans For His Latest #1 (AITOO)

In this week's DBTV, Dierks thanks all the fans for making "Am I The Only One" the Number One song in the country.  Watch as he contemplates where to have the #1 party, since Silverado's - named in the song - has just been shut down.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Am I the Only (Number) One?

This week, Dierks Bentley is the "only one" sitting at Number One! Congratulations, Dude, on your 8th #1 hit, and a huge thank you to all the DB Congress for helping to get him there! 

Here is what Billboard had to say in their chart roundup:
Dierks Bentley closes a gap of more than two years at No. 1, as “Am I the Only One” draws 39.2 million audience impressions and becomes his first leader since “Sideways” ruled for two weeks in July 2009. The new chart-topper is Bentley’s eighth, a list that boasts three consecutive No. 1s between December 2005 and November 2006. He first led with debut single “What Was I Thinkin’” in September 2003. Reaching the summit in its 22nd chart week “Am I the Only One” is the artist’s second-longest No. 1 climb—he needed 24 weeks with “What Was I Thinkin’.” His best time to No. 1 was 17 weeks with “Every Mile a Memory” in late 2006.
And from Mediabase/Country Aircheck:
Congrats to Dierks Bentley, Steve Hodges, Shane Allen and the entire Capitol/Nashville promotion team on scoring this week’s No. 1 with “Am I The Only One.” The chart-topper is the first single from a new album expected early next year.
 Here are the final numbers for those of you who are curious:
  • Billboard 39.2 million audience impressions/5539 spins up 198 over LW
  • Mediabase 40.6 million audience impressions/5934 spins up 231 over LW/854 points gain 
Now, we're pushing for a 2nd week, but it's going to be more difficult. The song is still picking up gains over last week (which is better than Lady A was doing this time last week when they were #1) but it's starting to lose points to Remind Me on Mediabase and the audience appears to have peaked. So, we'll see! But keep calling and requesting it - just don't drive the DJs TOO crazy - we'll need them in a few weeks when "Home" is released. (As of today, there is not an official radio date for the next single.) 

Thank you all again for your hard work! We rocked it out - pat yourselves on the back! 

~ Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Radio Roundup: Dierks Bentley On Air Interviews with K-FROG, WQYK, KSON

Is Dierks Bentley starting a new clothing line? Maybe Rock-N-Roll Booty Jeans? Dierks talks about the famous Jake, and the definition of a Rock ‘N’ Roll Booty with The Frogmen.  Special thanks to their producer Kelli Green for tweeting DB Congress with the link!  Oh, and look!  They even have a flag in their logo--look familiar?

Hey @dbcongress the @frogmenshow talked to Dierks this AM. Check it out! @KFROGRadio"

Click here to hear Dierks Talks to The Frogmen of K-FROG in California.  Also, don't miss these 20 awesome photos and Facts about Dierks from K-FROG.


Radio interviews continue with WQYK 99.5's Dave, Chuck, Veronica and Cledus, where Dierks talks about his little weiner. Get your mind out of the gutter.  We're talking about his little dog named George. He also talks about how he wrote “Am I The Only One” and performing it on the road. And now that he’s married with kids with a song like that topping the charts, Cledus T. Judd was curious if his party days are over.  Listen to the interview here.


John & Tammy Best Of - KSON-FM, San Diego, CA spoke with Dierks about his Camero catching on fire, his -7-year-old jeans, his girls going camping; Evie being generous and kind, and performing after the Padres game this Saturday 8/20.  Click here to listen.

Did your radio station interview Dierks?  Tell us about it so we can share!  Post which stations you have requested Am I The Only One today and who played it for you!  One 3 more day 'til #1!

Hit that campaign trail hard, congress!

Dierks Gives DB Congress Props In Chat With US1035

US1035's Catfish and Launa in Tampa, FL talked to Dierks Bentley this morning and they played Domestic, Light and Cold--which Dierks admitted was never a single, but would be a good fit for the set list of the upcoming Country and Cold Cans Tour. 

Dierks talked about his thoughts being with the families of the fans killed in Indiana.  Launa asked if he makes the decision to go on stage with pending bad weather and Dierks said, " singers want to get out there...our fans are here, they paid money, they wait all day long, we wanna get out there and at least play two or three songs."

They compared Catfish's old car to Big White--Dierks' old truck with 196,000  miles.  The bus on the other hand is 50,000 miles shy of a million miles--we're gonna have a big million-mile party for the bus.

But my favorite part was the huge DB Congress shout out!
"...I go out to these shows and they're all out there with their [DB Congress] shirts on and the congress--I call the fan club the congress--I figure if you're part of the fan club, you spent money to be in the fan club your voice should be heard louder than the others so I listen to what they have to say and they really give me good advice and good support over the years..."

 Listen to the podcast here:

DBTV Episode 31: My Last Name Bus Proposal

Dierks Bentley was sweet-talked by a guy into proposing to his girl through song.  "So darlin' if you're wondering why I got you here tonight..."  Watch to see what happens after she replies.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big D, Bubba & Dierks: Guy Talk & New CD

Does Dierks zumba?  Big D and Bubba--who have both been in radio since they were 14 years old-- talk to Dierks Bentley about eating, drinking, losing weight, keeping weight off and zumba? Click here for part one of their radio interview this morning.

Bubba says he can relate to DBs next #1 song, "Am I The Only One?"  Dierks admits he had a Hank Williams, Jr. moment when thinking about writing it (All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down). No name for the album yet. "It's not coming out until February, so I gotta make sure I've got just the right title for it."  Did you know Dierks was a pilot? Click here to hear him talk all of this and that and if he feels safe on stage.

In the final audio clip, the guys talk about booties--and not the baby kind--in reference to the line in the song:  "When this country cutie with a rock and roll booty came struttin in through the door."

The guys go on to say, "You would think Dierks Bentley--would drive a Bentley!" NOT!  See below for Big D and Bubba's "Remember when we went for a ride in Dierks truck?" (Big White) from April 2010:

Send CD title suggestions to Dierks via Twitter, Facebook or leave a comment here under this blog!

Thanks Big D and Bubba for tweeting DB Congress with the link to the interview! You guys ROCK!

Ready "2" Top the Charts

Well, fellow Dierks fans, this is the week we've been waiting for. The week we push "Am I the Only One" to NUMBER ONE!

On the current charts, "Am I the Only One" is #2 on both Mediabase and Billboard. On Billboard, it currently holds about a 1.5 million audience lead over "Remind Me" from Brad Paisley/Carrie Underwood. Though "Remind Me" is gaining at a slightly faster rate than "AITOO," Dierks should have enough of a jump to carry him to #1 by the time the chart runs on Sunday. 

On Mediabase, it's a similar story. Dierks held a 615-point advantage over "Remind Me" when the chart ran on Sunday, and his advantage has been increasing ever-so-slightly each day so far this week. Hopefully, he'll be able to hold off Brad and Carrie through Sunday to snag his 8th #1 hit! 

My Twitter feed has been FULL of tweets from dedicated DBC reps tweeting their local radio stations to play the song - keep it up! I got a shoutout from my fave DJ last night because I tweeted how much I loved my "AITOO" car dance as he played it. With Dierks doing a round of radio interviews this week, it's a great chance to contact your local stations any way you can to tell them to PLAY MORE DIERKS! 

Unfortunately, I'll be taking inventory at work on Monday when the charts publish (the timing could NOT be more worse), but I should know about Mediabase on Sunday evening - I'll keep you all posted! 

C'mon, c'mon get your NUMBER ONE on! 

EDIT: This is what I woke up to! Just have to keep it there through Sunday!
Yay! Congrats to our Prez, and thanks to all of you who requested and drove your DJs crazy!

~ Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dierks Bentley's New Album To Be Released February 2012

K102's Wake Up Crew (Muss and Donna) followed DB Congress on Twitter and tweeted us the link to their 8-minute interview with our prez-Dierks Bentley.  He talks about the Sugarland stage collapse, Blake and Miranda's wedding and the fact that the new album won't be released until next February--2012! 

"I have another single I really want to put out before I release the record...kinda wanna put out two songs that kinda reflect both sides of me and my that's up tempo, fun and just a rowdy party song, and this next one called "Home" speaks a lot about current events and our country and it's a really special song to me, and I want to wait until it has a chance to do well at radio before we put out the album, so it's gonna be February."
Well, Dierks, if we can get "Home" to #1 before February, will you release the album sooner?  We can do it, right, congress?

Country & Cold Cans Tour Announced

Thanks to The Green Room PR, we have some info about a Dierks Bentley fall tour!
Multi-Platinum singer/songwriter Dierks Bentley will kick off the first leg of his Contry & Cold Cans Tour beginning Oct. 6 in Lacrosse, WI.  Special guests Jerrod Niemann and Eli Young Band will open for Bentley on the 22 city run that wraps up in Denver, CO on Nov. 19.  Fan club members can purchase tickets for the first date beginning tomorrow (Aug 16) at, while tickets for the general public will go on sale this Fri., August 19 through Ticketmaster.  Additional tour dates will be announced over the coming weeks.
"It's been a killer summer playing festivals all over the country and partying with the most die-hard country music fans out there," say Bentley.  "We're going to crank up the 'Country & Cold Cans' tour in the Fall and keep it going.  I can't imagine that I'll have to convince Jerrod or EYB to have a cold beer or two...they are always up for the party."
Bentley's current hit "Am I The Only One" is just a notch away from taking the top spot on the country single chart.  Bentley is currently in the studio finishing up his sixth Capitol Nashville studio album.  
I can't help but think that present company are a large part the die-hard fans DB is referencing!   He doesn't have to convince us to keep it going and have a cold beer either!  Jerrod and EYB are sure to be a fantastic addition to the party... Be sure to keep checking for new dates.

DB Congess Rep

Chicago DJ's Get Dierks to Fess Up: New Single & MM4K

Dierks knows how to get people excited without actually coming right out and saying "what" it is.  Listen as he talks to Chicago DJs Ramblin Ray and Lisa from US99.5, where he gives big hints about bringing Miles and Music For Kids to Chicago, and he talks about the new single: "Home." 
"I want fans to have two songs to kinda check out from this record before they make the decision to go buy's called, Home.  It's about our country...its a great song, hopefully it will move people in a really good way.  So we have a party song (Am I The Only One) and a patriotic song to check out before you buy the record."

Listen here.

A Great Bluegrass Debate

As most of you know, Team Dude breaks it down in the middle of it's live show and does a "late-night jam session on the bus" featuring bluegrass versions of some familiar songs.  Opinions seem to vary on the segment.  A recent blog on Ben Salmon's Frequency said the following:

My Biggest beef with the show is that bluegrass- a major influence on Bentley (he says) and the basis for his 2010 album "Up on The Ridge"- was given such an obligatory treatment.  Mid-show, the band brought out the upright bass, mandolin, fiddle, and banjo, but rather than rip through two or three or four songs from "Ridge", they aimed straight for the lowest common denominator.  They did the title track (and single) from the record, then used a "late-night jam session on the bus" construct to do a medley of familiar tunes, bluegrass style:  the "Dukes of Hazzard" theme, "All My Exes live in Texas", Billy idol's "Rebel Yell", Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive", and then a cover of U2's "Pride (in the Name of Love)" that was on the "Ridge" album.
People seemed to dig it- the "Dukes" theme, Billy Idol, and Bon Jovi tickled their nostalgia bones, no doubt- but it turned me off.  In fact, I thought it bordered on disrespectful to a style that Bentley claims to hold dear to his heart (and I believe him).  Think about it: Rather then showcase their chops and the genre they love by actually playing bluegrass songs, it was as is if the band feared losing the audience by playing bluegrass, so it chose to do its most accessible origin, one serious cover, and a bunch of half-jokey songs before scurrying back to the party country folks came to hear.
That's not honoring bluegrass music.  That's just kind of weak.  And I truly believe Dierks Bentley is better than that.

The blog features a review of the rest of the show in Oregon.  Here's the Link.

For those of you who haven't seen the bluegrass portion of the show (or who want to see it again), here's a video I shot in Westbury, NY.  Keep in mind, I'm not a professional ;-)

So... What do you think?  Thumbs up or thumbs down on the bluegrass??  Discuss.

DB Congress Rep

Iraq War Veteran Comes a Little Closer to His Wife

DB performs at Rimrock Auto Arena in MT

Dierks' shows hold special meaning for so many fans, but for a couple in Montana, one particular DB song created a night they won't soon forget.

During his second tour in Iraq, there was only one thing that got Ryan Smith through the loneliness of being away from his wife and son- music.
"It's the only thing that got me through a lot of long, long nights" Smith, 32, said.
On Saturday night, Smith and his wife, Heather, 31, were able to listen to the artist he listened to most- Dierks Bentley- in the flesh at Rimrock Auto Arena at MetraPark.  Bentley is one of the headliners for MontanaFair.
His song, "Come a Little Closer" is also the Smith's song.  After coming home last year, the Smith's have been looking forward to dancing to it together, and not they could do it live.
"If it wasn't for my wife and son, I'd be over there right now," Smith said.  "I was born a soldier. But I got through with all my arms and legs and toes, which is good because we'll be dancing."

About 6,600 other fans also danced at that show.  To read the full review, Click Here.

It's true that Dierks may not know the impact he can have on a fan's life from up on stage, but it's nice for us as fans to hear a great story about how DB music can help someone through even the toughest of times.

Thank you, Ryan Smith, for your service.  And thank you, Dierks Bentley, for bringing us all together!

DB Congress Rep

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dierks Goes Down Under in March 2012

Dierks Bentley will join Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and others at the "CMC Rocks the Hunter," Australia's biggest International Country and Roots Festival, March 16-18, 2012, the Country Music Channel announced yesterday.

Tickets are already on sale!  This year, for the very first time, CMC Rocks the Hunter is offering a ticket purchase payment plan - 'Time to Pay'.  The weekend concert ticket is $249 and camp site pricing is also available.

Other artists include Australia's own Lee Kernaghan, with whom Dierks duets on his Scars video. 

Colt Ford, Craig Campbell, Eli Young Band and Jim Lauderdale will also perform.  What a fantastic line-up!

DB Congress reps Stacey and Rachael are especially excited Dierks is coming back to their homeland! "Someone pinch me!  How am I supposed to sleep now?" tweeted Stacey the minute she heard the news.  Stacey and Rachael both met Dierks when he played Australia in 2009.

CMC posted, "Aussie audiences went crazy for DIERKS BENTLEY (USA) when he joined Brooks & Dunn on their sold-out 2009 Australian arena tour. Since he rocketed onto the country landscape in 2003, the chiselled hitmaker has earned a reputation as one of the most electrifying live acts in music today, with a string of chart topping hits and album sales climbing over 5 million in the US. Dierks will be releasing his seventh album, “Diamonds,” later this year."

Follow and chat with fellow fans on CMC Rocks the Hunter on Facebook here.

Australia is in my top ten destinations to do before I die.  Dierks AND Australia? Payment Plan? What do you think, congrass?

Dierks Bentley: A Day in the Life

This "Day in the Life" video of Dierks Bentley is from 2010, but totally worth watching again! See if you can name two things he pulls out of his truck and where he goes to "get a haircut." Post your answers on under the blog and you'll be entered to win a prize!

"Take a peak at a typical day in the life of Dierks Bentley, from hosting a radio show, to guest appearing in GAC television station and preparing for a show at Grande Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee."

Saturday, August 13, 2011

DB shows some love for Canada

Dierks Bentley performed on Friday night at the Queen City Ex. Bentley last came to Regina in 2009.
Dierks performs in Regina, Saskatchewan

Canadian Dierks fans were thrilled to have him back after his last show in Regina almost two and a half years ago (with Brad Paisley, 2/09).  It's obvious that Saskatchewan loves Dierks and he returns the feeling.

For those die-hard Bentley fans in attendance, and it appeared there were thousands in that category, the 15-song, 75-minute set certainly met their expectations.  It was obvious that Bentley was enjoying the evening and he wasn't shy about chatting up the audience.  A frequent visitor to Canada from the early days of his career, Bentley admitted he still gets nervous going through customs.
"Going through customs is always interesting...Even though I've been up here lots, I still get a little when they asked me today, 'What are you doing up here?' I told them I was coming to play some country music and drink some cold beer."
Bentley also provided another reason he enjoys coming to Canada.
"It's nice to be in a part of the world where I can admit I'm a hockey fan and a hockey player and not have the people look at me like I've got three heads." 
To read the full article, click here.

It appears that Dierks' ice-loving Canadian fans make him feel right at home when he travels north of the border, eh!

DB  Congress Rep

Dierks charms the Northwest

Dierks and crew spent this week in the Northwest, with shows in Washington, Oregon, and Montana.

When they weren't fishing, rafting, or cliff jumping, Dierks and the boys were playing to record-breaking crowds and getting rave reviews.  It was truly a great week to be a part of Team Dude!

According to the Commissioner at the Richland County Fair in Sidney, MT, "The sold-out concert by Dierks Bentley attracted fans...the night show was great, Dierks put on a good show". 

The local news in OR also took notice.  Here's a news story about the performance at the Douglas County Fair in Roseburg.


DB Congress Rep

Dierks, Jerrod, & Eli Young Band To Play "Country and Cold Cans Tour"

Only one date so far has been announced for Dierks Bentley's "Country and Cold Cans Tour" featuring Jerrod Neimann (Lover, Lover) and the Eli Young Band (Crazy Girl).  Set for October 6 at the La Crosse Center in Wisconsin.

Jerrod gave an interview on XM radio last week announcing he'd be touring with Dierks this fall.

Most seating for the Oct. 6th show is reserved at $35 a ticket, with a limited number of general admission pit tickets, also $35.

Tickets will go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday, Aug. 19, and will be available at the box office, online at and can be charged by phone at 1-800-745-3000.

Stay tuned to and for a full fall schedule of DB tour dates soon!

DBTV - Episode 30: Steve's White Water Rafting Birthday

Before the show that night, Dierks Bentley is sporting a "He's No Guitar Player" T-Shirt and white cowboy hat (huh?) when he takes his 'Team Dude' road crew for a wild ride down the river in Superior, Montana.  All this in honor of Steve Misamore's birthday!

"Dierks and the guys celebrate Steve's birthday by taking on the white water rapids of Montana in this week's all new DBTV, episode 30."

Yee Haw!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Special Offer for DB Congress Members: Dierks Intimate Weekend at Blackberry Farm

From email to DB Congress (fan club) members...


Dierks Bentley comes to Blackberry Farm, the #1 Resort in North America, in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of eastern Tennessee on Oct. 1. The weekend will offer two concerts, one Friday by an unannounced artist and one by Bentley on Saturday night, as well as a motorcycle ride led by Bentley and the Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson! Proceeds from the weekend will be donated to Music & Miles for Kids benefiting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

Join us for a great weekend and even better cause! This weekend is limited to 100 people - so call now to reserve your spot at this very intimate show!

As a member of DB Congress, Blackberry Farms would like to offer you a special opportunity to join in this weekend for $200 off the weekend admission and $100 off Dierks’ Concert on Saturday Night. Nightly rates for accommodations at Blackberry Farm begin at $645 and include all meals and snacks.

Call 800-557-8864 for more information and reservations.


Thanks for being a fan!

August 10, 2011

Special VIP Offer: Dierks after the Padres Game at Petco Park

For all you die hard Dierks Bentley fans who will be in the San Diego area August 20th, here's a special VIP offer for the game and Dierks' concert afterward. This is a $50 package and it includes a field level ticket and access to be on the field for the concert.

Padres Account Executive, Scott Simmons, stumbled on a few weeks ago and thought we'd be interested in some special deals!  He was right!  I also put him in contact with our local DB Congress rep, Janet, and she told him how Dierks is "really big on feeding off the fans energy” so Scott was happy to get this special offer package for us!

Pass it along to all your Facebook and Twitter friends!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DBTV Episode 29: Chasin Mason, Pimp My Ride, and Dang!

In this week's DBTV, Dierks drinks a can of  "Dang" and chats with opening act Chasin' Mason on their, uh, stylin' ride.  He says he's gonna submit it to Pimp My Ride!

"Dierks loves old things with character, but in this week's DBTV, Episode 29, even he is impressed."

Dierks DVR Reminder - August 14

CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock

Set your Dierks DVRs! As a reminder, ABC is airing a special on Sunday, August 14.  Dierks Bentley will perform on the CMA Music Festival from June.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Feature DB Congress Rep of the Week: Shelley From Oklahoma

The first time I heard Dierks on the radio, he was singing, "Come A Little Closer." I thought to myself, "Wow, listen to that gorgeous, raspy voice!" Right then, I was completely hooked! I love how Dierks has that little raspy-ness in his voice, but totally smooth all at the same time!

I've been around music my whole life and there's just something about 'that kind of voice' that will melt me every single time! So, I ran out and bought every CD that Dierks had out on the market! As I listened to more of his music, I realized just how many of his songs related to different situations in my life. An artist can 'sound great' singing/playing music, but a true artist can open others up to 'feel' their story.

For example, when I heard "Come A Little Closer," I could 'feel' what he was singing about because I was missing my husband (of 15 years now) so badly, but due to his occupation, he was having to live more than 4 hours away. But still yet, I could 'feel' the longing to be close to my husband, through this song. There are SO many songs that Dierks has recorded that I can relate like that to. He can speak to you through his lyrics and make you 'feel' his music all at the same time....thus making a true artist.

I was so completely overwhelmed by him and his music that I told myself, next time he's either in Oklahoma or a neighboring state, I've GOT to go see his show! Well, that time finally came and my husband had gotten to move back home. So both of us went! We drove 6-7 hours to Winfield, Kansas to see Dierks! We got lost in OKC and lost time trying to get to his show!

We finally made it but we were still running about 45 minutes later than what we wanted to be! Not only this, but there was a huge mix-up with some meet & greets, so the coordinator said he would make sure we were taken care of! So he tells me if I could make it to a certain area of the show grounds within 15-20 minutes, he would get us in to meet Dierks. We missed him by 5-10 minutes! Talk about heartbreaking! BUT, since we didn't make it in time, the coordinator let us in Dierks show VIP, right next to the catwalk!

I was absolutely star-struck and I was next to Heaven that night! I had my husband back home and we were together watching Dierks in concert for the first time in reach of the stage! WOW! I cried because I had such a dynamic night! Got lots of pics and my husband and I even rode a mechanical bull that night.  So now, every time we hear Dierks singing "Feel That Fire" we get really tickled!

I didn't get a hi-5 from Dierks that night, but I did at the next show we went to in Tulsa at 'The Joint/Hard Rock Cafe" last November! I'll never forget it! Dierks was singing the second chorus of "Settle For A Slowdown" going into the bridge of the song! That might not sound like a big deal to most, but to a girl from the country in southeast Oklahoma, that's a REALLY big deal!

I love being part of the DB Congress because I feel like I'm more in touch of what's going on in Dierks' career. I admire his honesty and respect his family values! I've seen and heard a lot of celebrities 'state their view' on different values & morals, but not very many actually live by them! I can tell, Dierks lives by his values. Just another reason why I truly adore him! Family is everything! I guess that's why "My Last Name" makes me cry every time!

I really hope one day my husband & I will be able to actually meet Dierks! But until then, I will keep jammin' and claiming "Its' a Dierks Day!" and keep on lovin' me some Dierks--Okie-style! Can't wait for the next CD release!

Thanks again DB Congress for listing me on your website as a rep from Oklahoma! I promise to ALWAYS promote Dierks Bentley and keep his music alive!

~Shelley Pryor~
SKPryor/DBC Member-OK Rep

*Thanks Shelley for letting us get to know you, and you're welcome! 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Get Your Dierks Tickets Up To 25% Off the Post Padres Game Concert at PETCO Park!

Hey DB Congress in California!  Dierks Bentley is performing after the San Diego Padres game on August 20th at PETCO Park.  Do you have your tickets yet?  Use this promo code to get up to 25% off!  And, it looks like they are going to offer a special ticket that is for the field for the concert.  We hope to have all the details later this week, so stay tuned!

Capitol Street Party 4 - September 21, 2011

As you know, our prez. Dierks Bentley's record label is Capitol Records Nashville.  The 4th annual Capitol Street Party has been announced for September 21, 2011.  It's is a free music event open to the public, scheduled to take place on Demonbreun Street near Music Row (Nashville, Tennessee).

Every year, Capitol Records celebrates the power of its artist roster by throwing one of the largest FREE music events in town. All performances take place on a specially erected stage set up across Demonbreun Street. Capitol literally shuts down Demonbreun Street and throws a party!

Past events have included Luke Bryan, Darius Rucker and Dierks among others!  No word yet on officially which Capitol artists will peform, but stay tuned!

Did I mention it's FREE?

DBTV - Episode 28 - First Annual Fairground Olympics

In this week's @DierksBentley TV, you the fans will decide the winner!  Brian Layson serves as referee.  Tweet or Facebook Dierks to vote for Dan (Hawk) Hochhalter or Cassady (Doctor) Feasby!