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Welcome to the most current updates for Dierks Bentley's songs on the charts, brought to you by our DBC Chart Reporter and Rep, Carrie Srebro (aka @corbers on Twitter), from North Carolina!

June 23, 2016

In just its fourth chart week, Dierks Bentley's "Different For Girls" featuring Elle King, jumps into the Top 30 at radio, coming in at #25 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart, and #28 on Mediabase.

I've been the DB Congress Chart Reporter since Sideways was working its way up the charts way back in 2009. I've celebrated some really high highs (most recently, Somewhere on a Beach, but Drunk on a Plane was pretty great) and had to share some really low lows (Bourbon in Kentucky, which I still can't really talk about without getting choked up, haha). As a Congress, we've all watched the annual Award shows and expressed our utter disbelief at Dierks' lack of recognition. We've watched guys who used to open for Dierks on tour blow up and become huge, their songs shooting up the charts as quickly as they possibly can, radio eating up everything they put out, bad or good. Their tours are huge. Their singles and albums sell incredibly well. We've often asked ourselves, "why not Dierks?" To us, we knew he was worthy of the same treatment. He's one of the hardest working and most respected guys in Nashville. Sooner or later someone would take notice, right?

I feel like, finally, the time is now. In the past, whenever Dierks has had a "big" hit, the following single has taken a while to take off. We saw this with DOAP, Say You Do, and Riser during the last album era, but it was true before that as well. Yep, even DOAP took a while to get going on the heels of I Hold On. Those songs could take up to 10 weeks to get into the Top 30 (which is generally when radio starts to move songs out of overnight rotation to more daytime play, and when sales typically start to take off a bit as well because more people are exposed to the song). Different For Girls just moved into the Top 30 after FOUR WEEKS.

And that's just radio. BLACK was his highest first-week sales week, besting Long Trip Alone all the way back in 2006. It's no secret that album sales are way way down in recent years - and yet Dierks has seen a steady increase in his first week sales since Home came out. The ACM co-hosting gig. The Today Show concert series on album release day...

It's all starting to look like his time is finally here. And maybe he'll never be as big as Luke, or Jason, or FGL, or Blake, or Kenny. But I don't know about you, but it's damn nice to know that people are finally seeing what we've seen ALL ALONG. And maybe, hopefully, we'll actually get to see him make an acceptance speech at the upcoming award shows... *fingers crossed*


May 10, 2016

In just its 16th week on the charts, "Somewhere On a Beach" has become Dierks Bentley's 14th #1 single on both Billboard Airplay and Mediabase! 16 weeks beats his previous fastest-rising singles "Drunk on a Plane," "5-1-5-0" and "Sideways" by two full weeks to the summit, and now holds the Mediabase one week spin total record, clocking 8979 spins during the last tracking week (Monday through Sunday). (It's at over 9000 spins right now in this tracking week, but its airplay is leveling off, so not sure if that will hold for Sunday's final chart or not.) With a sizable lead over #2 Old Dominion, it looks as though a second week at #1 could be likely, as well. What a great way to open the Black era!

On Friday, May 6, "Somewhere On a Beach" was also certified Gold by the RIAA for reaching 500,000 units (sales and streaming combined)!

Congratulations to Dierks, the songwriters, and his entire team at Capitol Records! This is shaping up to be a successful couple of years for our Prez!

April 2, 2016

Ten in ten! ‪#‎SomewhereOnABeach‬ lands at #10 on Billboard this week, in just its 10th week! #11 on Mediabase!

February 12, 2015

In its 19th week on the charts, "Say You Do" has risen to #17 on both Billboard and Mediabase. Due to abnormally high recurrent airplay for "Drunk on a Plane," one of 2014's biggest songs, "Say You Do" got a slower than expected start at radio, but has turned up the heat in recent weeks, after the slowdown of the holiday season. 

Sales are picking up as well, no doubt helped by last week's high-profile debut television performance on "Ellen." It's been holding steady in the Top 20 at iTunes Country for the past several weeks, and selling roughly 12k/week (last week saw sales in excess of 16k, thanks to the spot on "Ellen.") At 158,000 digital sales so far, it'll be a while before this one reaches certified Gold status, but it should be able to, especially now that its airplay and audience reach is increasing. 

"Say You Do" is actually having a chart run eerily similar to "I Hold On" last year in that it's been a little slower to catch on at radio, but once it did, it kept right on trucking. I expect "Say You Do" to peak in April (hopefully at #1, now that it's picking up speed a little it should happen), just like "I Hold On" did last year.  

(Sorry for a lack of updates to this page recently. The song's slow start at radio was admittedly discouraging for me, as it's my favorite song on the CD, and only recently has there really been much worth discussing. :) )

August 21, 2014
It's time to celebrate! "Drunk on a Plane" hit #1 this week on both Billboard and Mediabase - and as I write this, it appears as though a second week at #1 on at least one of the charts is likely. Fantastic!

As you can see from the ad Capitol Records had in this week's Country Aircheck, this is Dierks's 12th #1 hit!!! You can see all the accolades the song has racked up so far this summer, such as 7.1 million views for the video and it's now over 800,000 downloads - it was certified GOLD last month and will surely hit PLATINUM status in the next couple of months, which will mark Dierks's 1st Platinum-selling single. 

Did you get a chance to see Dierks's hilarious thank you video? You can watch it here!

Here's a great fun fact for you. Only three acts have had multiple #1s this year at Billboard. Can you guess who they are? *insert Jeopardy music here* You probably would have guessed Luke, and that's one of them. Maybe you guessed Blake, and that's two! And since I'm writing this on a Dierks fan blog, you probably guessed that the third person is none other than our president, Dierks! That's pretty awesome. 2014 is definitely shaping up to be one of Dierks's Best Years Ever.

After this second week at #1 on Billboard (I'm pretty optimistic about his chances, otherwise I wouldn't have even mentioned it), there will likely be a few weeks until we know when the next single is going to radio. DOAP is going to have high recurrent spins (which means once it falls off the charts, its audience numbers will still be high enough to keep it in the top 10 for a while), and that can sometimes cause a new single to struggle a bit because it takes radio longer to start playing it. The only major superstar release that I can see in the foreseeable future (meaning September) is the long-awaited new single from Garth Brooks. So hopefully once recurrent spins for DOAP die down a little and Garth makes his splash at radio, Dierks will be storming the airwaves again. (Rumor has it "Say You Do" is the next single. A little birdie might have mentioned that on his visit to SiriusXM's the Highway last week.)

Congrats on your 12th #1, Dierks! We're so proud of you and can't wait to do it again, as always!

June 27, 2014
Um, so I had no idea a month had passed between updates. Oops. Sorry y'all. Sorry Ronna!

The week after my last update it kind of got stuck at #19 at both charts for a couple of weeks.  When a song sits like that it is really hard to find things to talk about, haha! (I should note that it wasn't stuck because it wasn't doing well. It was just gaining the audience and spins needed to get to the next tier of songs to start passing.)

But now I have PLENTY to talk about. :)

So, as of this week, "Drunk on a Plane" is up to #16 on Mediabase, and #17 on Billboard. This coming week I anticipate #14 (MAYBE #13 on Mediabase) and probably #15 on Billboard. So getting very close to the top 10, and still gaining very strongly, which is good. That's allowed it to pass some songs, rather than relying on songs to fall off the chart for movement. The song is still very healthy and doing very well - it's behaving like a future #1 for sure!

What's very exciting, though, is that it's now at 351,000 in sales. At my last update a month ago it was at 124,000 - so that's a gain of 227,000 in sales in ONE MONTH. It's selling around 60,000 copies per week right now. And if you're doing the quick math in your head, yep, that means "Drunk on a Plane" should be GOLD-eligible (500,000 in sales) by the end of July! Really, in about 3 weeks. And I wouldn't be surprised to see it go Platinum (1 million in sales) by the end of the year (I would think by the time the song peaks it will be around 800,000 in sales, if it keeps at its current pace). It's still holding steady in the Top 3 at iTunes (it's recent competition being the new ones by Kenny Chesney and Miranda Lambert/Carrie Underwood). I'm really hoping it can hit #1 on iTunes, but realistically it has until July 7th to do so - Florida Georgia Line's lead single from their sophomore album is hitting radio then, and you KNOW that's going to be a big seller!

There are a number of songs ahead of DOAP that have already peaked and are falling, or are showing some signs of weakness at radio. The songs that are falling are essentially "free" spots for it to pick up, and the weaker songs are songs that DOAP could potentially pass due to its greater gains. And since the song is selling so well and testing so well (listener feedback is very positive!), I wouldn't be surprised to see some stations convert it to top 10 airplay before it actually hits the top 10. Love it!

May 31, 2014
It's pretty exciting what a difference a couple of weeks makes on the charts. Let's compare:

Two weeks ago on Billboard: Week 6, #32
This week on Billboard: Week 8, #23

Two weeks ago on Mediabase: Week 3, #35
This week at Mediabase: Week 5, #28

Two weeks ago on iTunes All-Genre: #73
Today on iTunes All-Genre: #27

The song is doing VERY well, as you can see. It's poised to break into the Top 20 already in the next two weeks! It might get there this week on Billboard, in fact - Mediabase is taking a bit longer to catch up, but it will even out by the time it goes Top 10 in the next month or so. It has one of the highest bullets in the Top 30, which means spins over last week (right now it's picked up about 700 spins over last week on Mediabase - that's awesome!). And as of this past Tuesday, there are only 19 stations left to add the song on the Mediabase panel (Billboard doesn't publish that info).

I really want to talk about iTunes, though - this is really exciting. "Drunk on a Plane" is currently outselling the massive hit from Frozen "Let it Go," as well as new music from Coldplay and Katy Perry, the new 'duet' from Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson, as well as some of the bigger hits on country radio right now, such as Blake's "My Eyes" and Brantley Gilbert's recent chart-topper "Bottoms Up." It's outselling brand-new music from Lady Antebellum, and is even outselling the Miranda Lambert/Carrie Underwood duet "Somethin' Bad" (I do expect that to change, though). It's already at 124,000 in sales, so a Gold certification should be no sweat (that's 500,000 in sales). But it's quite possible that "Drunk on a Plane" just might net Dierks his first PLATINUM single - something I'm keeping a very close eye on!

May 13, 2014
The follow-up to "I Hold On" has been at radio for a few weeks now, and "Drunk on a Plane" is 'taking off' in a big way! In its 6th week at Billboard, it's up to #32 and looks poised to break into the top 30 this week. Over on Mediabase, it's in its 3rd week, and sitting pretty at #35.

If you ask me (and you probably didn't, hehe), this song is set to break out in a really big way - it's somewhat reminiscent of "5-1-5-0" in April, 2012. The difference in DOAP's case is that its digital sales are much stronger than "5-1-5-0's" were two years ago. Some folks on Twitter yesterday mentioned that it was reminding them of Little Big Town's SMASH hit "Pontoon" a couple of summers ago, and I would say I agree with that. To put it in perspective, DOAP jumped from #363 on iTunes' all-genre singles chart to #73 in
JUST ONE WEEK. Amazing what a little bit of regular airplay will do in major markets, eh? Since then, it's been hovering in the 50-70 range on the all-genre chart, which equates to 15-30 on iTunes Country (it fluctuates when new albums are released, or The Voice tracks are sent to iTunes). 

Radio is treating this song really well - in just 4 full weeks at radio since its official adds date, the song is already on 115 of 149 stations on the Mediabase panel, and at over 60% of Billboard's panel of stations. 

All in all, it looks like our Prez just might have one of the biggest songs of the summer on his hands, and the memorable, hilarious video should only help that along (make sure you're voting at GAC and CMT!), as should the awesome RISER Tour!

March 10, 2014

In the #3 spot this week! With RISER the album debuting at #1, hoping IHO matches that! It's going to be tough to beat Frankie Ballard going for his first #1 with "Helluva Life" and Blake (Doin' What She Likes)
is right on our heels!

February 4, 2014
I Hold On made a big jump this week!  From #16 to 11 on Billboard and from #15 to 9 on the Mediabase chart! Keep requesting, congress! We need top 5 when RISER releases 2/25!

October 27, 2013 Top 30!
Moving up 4 spots, "I Hold On" achieved Top 30 status this week! Thanks, congress, for all your requesting efforts! Keep up the great work!

October 7, 2013 Update
"I Hold On" moved up 3 spots to #36 on Billboard Airplay this week and picked up 5 new stations ! Keep requesting, Congress! - Carrie

Hold On For "I Hold On." Goes to Radio 8/12/13
Tuesday, July 30, 2013

As promised, we just found out, thanks to Carrie, that "I Hold On" has an adds date for radio of August 12, 2013.  So mark your calendar to contact your favorite radio DJ that week and tell them you've been holding on way too long! Gotta hear the new single by Dierks now--please!

Carrie is on a "Baby Break!"  
July 29, 2013

Clara Edith Srebro was born 10:27 pm, 6/6/2013. 7 pounds, 9 ounces, 20 inches. So while your chart reporter is busy playing first time mom, I'll be trying to update you with the chart info until she's back in full swing! (Bear with me! I'm not nearly as insightful as our expert DBC Chart Reporter!)

First up, "Bourbon In Kentucky" spent a few weeks on the charts but never broke the top 40, despite it's unique production, melody, lyrics and guest harmonizer--Kacey Musgraves.  So, Dierks' label decided to go in a different direction, pulled BIK, and opted for the more up tempo autobiography, "I Hold On."  Whoopi Goldberg thinks it will be the "Country music anthem of the summer."

We shall see.  We will let you know when it goes to radio!

DB Congress Chair (FL)


Tip It On Back
Monday, July 29, 2013

TIOB ended it's chart run in the top five, at #5.  That was three number one's (Am I The Only One, Home, and 5-1-5-0) and one #5!  Not bad for the "Home" album!

Tip it on Back in the Top 10!
Wednesday, January 23, 2013

After 23 weeks on the charts, Tip it on Back has finally made its way into the Top 10 on both the Mediabase and Billboard Country Airplay charts. It marks Dierks' 16th appearance in the Top 10 on Billboard, and should it go all the way to #1, it will be his largest chart-topping streak, with 4 consecutive #1s (going back to Am I the Only One, Home, and 5150).  

However, Tip it on Back will need some help if it's going to get all the way to #1. So make it part of your every day routine to reach out to your local radio stations to keep them playing the song! Let's keep moving it up the charts!

Quick Update 
November 19, 2012

Just a short note to let you all know that Tip It On Back is #18 on the Billboard airplay chart and #17 on Mediabase! Keep requesting, congress! With the holidays upon us, it will get tougher to keep TIOB moving up the charts! Carrie will update you in a few weeks.


Tip it on Back Crashes Into Top 30!
October 4, 2012

After 3 weeks loitering in the lower-30s on both charts, Dierks Bentley's "Tip it on Back" took advantage of a chart "housecleaning" (lots of songs moving to recurrent status) and jumped to #26 on Billboard in its 7th week. 

"Tip it on Back" continues to perform well on the radio feedback charts, and can still be found within the Top 10 on the Callout America chart in particular. 

So far, we have not seen the daily gains like we saw with "5-1-5-0", but that's to be expected, so I'm not too concerned. "5-1-5-0" is still in the top 10 in recurrent airplay, and as that falls, TIOB's airplay should naturally pick up. (This happens often to faster-rising and bigger hit songs. Radio lets those go more slowly, and the current songs can sometimes be affected. Unless your name is Kenny Chesney.) Additionally, TIOB will hit the nationally-syndicated Top 30 countdowns this week, which will likely result in its largest single-week gain we've seen thus far. I definitely expect airplay to pick up over the next  few weeks. 

Keep doing what you're doing, Congress, and let's send this up the charts! 

Tip it on Back Starts Chart Climb
September 7, 2012

"Tip it on Back," the 4th single from Home, has started its climb up the charts. After debuting at #50 on Billboard two weeks ago, it jumped to #41, and then this week moved up another 5 spots to #36. Over on Mediabase, it was #38 this week. 

Looking ahead, I expect it to leapfrog some of the songs ahead of it on the chart this week. Although the adds have been slowly trickling in (more slowly than I was expecting, at any rate), it's already getting quality (high-audience) spins on the stations that are playing it and that will help move it up the charts swiftly. Of the songs I'm expecting that it will pass this week, it has at least 100 less spins than those songs, but will be passing it in audience - that's a good indication of how well the song should move once more stations add it and put it in rotation.

I'm anticipating that it will take roughly 20 total weeks (so about 17 more) for TIOB to make it to the penthouse. The timing will be tricky since we'll be heading into the holidays, and the charts "freeze" for all intents and purposes. Now, if it's #1 when the charts "freeze" then it's looking at a 4-week #1 (wow!). But if it's in the top 10, it's going to have an abnormally long chart run as a result of the holiday hold, and will likely peak in February. 

But I do expect for this to go all the way to #1, and become the 4th #1 from Home. And, if it does, it will become the first time he's had 4 #1s in a row, and 4 #1s from one album. 

Are we ready to do this again, Congress? Of course we are! We're always ready! Make sure you're calling, emailing, texting, tweeting, and Facebook-ing your local stations asking them (nicely) if they can play it! Let's get Dierks his 11th #1, and let's get Tully, Jon, and Ross their 1st #1 hit! 


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  2. Wow - your very own page...very nice, Carrie! Now that I've discovered it, I'll be sure to check it out every so often!