Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The August 3rd issue of Country Weekly features a full Star Stats page on Dierks Bentley! Make sure you pick up your copy today to find out who left off the E when signing a gift to "Dirks," what kind of cereal he keeps on the bus, and what his fall back plans were for a career.

Oh, and if you think CW has slacked off on DB mentions since the April 13 solo cover, you'd be mistaken! I counted 11 mentions of "Dierks Bentley" in the August 3rd issue-cover to cover.

The first DBC rep to tell me all the pages his full name appears, will win a prize! Hint: one page mentions "Dierks Bentley" 4 times!

DB Congress Chair

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Our friends Lauren and Erin over at the infamous Country Music Is Love website are running a poll to see who you think is the cutest country dog! I think we all know it's Jake Bentley, but apparently the fans who are voting at are not convinced! Jake is in third place!

Go vote now, DB Congress, for our "first" dog--Jake Bentley! I think George (photo left) should be nominated, too! Oh, in case you haven't figured it out yet, the dude in the center is our president-retro Dierks Bentley!


"I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes" will make its official chart debut this week at #46, which I know seems disappointing after "Sideways" rocked the charts its first week (debuting at #38).

However, I am not distraught at this news, for a couple of reasons. First, IWMYCYE actually is charting the week before it went for adds. Since it just went for adds officially on Monday, the official chart impact date would have been next week. So, a debut of #46 based on early adds alone is fairly impressive. Second, ballads and slow songs tend to be more of a "slow burn" up the charts (no pun intended)... and ballads in the Summer take a bit more time to get going because everybody still wants their party songs (which is why "Sideways" is still in the top 5 on many stations). Third, unless your name is Brad or George, your ballad will take a bit longer. Haha. Ahem.

Seriously, though, #46 is a GREAT starting point for us, and I know getting IWMYCYE to #1 will be a lot of fun for us. So call/email your radio stations. Get on Promote the song any way you can think of. Our Prez is becoming more and more of a household name ... it's only a matter of time before we're hearing this song all the time!

~ Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter - NC)


I remember my first time meeting Dierks like a video in my mind. Three hours into the 2004 CMA Music Festival (Fan Fair) autograph line for Dierks Bentley, the waiting was coming to a close and my friend and I were the last few people to meet him. What Was I Thinking was not just the name of his soon to be #1 song, but a 'constant question poundin in my brain'--what possessed me to wait this long for a fairly new, curly haired cutie?

I stepped up, "Hi, I'm Ronna."
"Hi, I'm Dierks (like we didn't know). Thank ya'll so much for waiting."

What? No-thank YOU, dude, for staying! And thus began my Dierks-fan-for-life commitment.

Now, GAC is asking fans to vote on their favorite "first" videos from their favorite artists. What Was I Thinkin' is among the nominees!

There are over 60 music videos to choose from, so we need your help to get WWIT to the Top 20 where it belongs! Vote Daily here!

Voting ends August 10, 2009. The final countdown based on YOUR VOTES will air on GAC August 26th at 8 p.m. ET! The countdown will re-air on GAC all the way through the month of September!

*HINT: You can vote for up to 10 videos, but don't! Just submit WWIT only! That will help our chances!


Dierks caused quite a stir on Twitter today!

"picked up a hitchhiker in colorado...#fb "

One listener called in to WQYK in Tampa today to tell the DJs she read where Dierks Bentley picked up a hitchhiker and so the discussion began. My husband called in to say DB better be careful--picking up hitchhikers can be dangerous--remember that Aileen Wuornos was a real scary serial killer who killed seven men in Florida between 1989 and 1990 (see the movie, "Monster").

So my husband called me at work to see if I was listening--he knows anything he hears that's "dierks" related to let me know! So I quickly pulled up Twitter on my phone and saw the caption in question, and then this picture popped up:

Everybody all together now...awwwwwwwwwww! Beautiful Beanie Baby Bentley--Evie!

So I called my favorite DJ-Veronica-to clear up the "hitchhiker" rumor and she played the clarification on the air! Thanks V-Girl!

Morale of the story? Don't believe everything you read until you see the whole picture!

DB Congress Chair

Monday, July 27, 2009


The August 18 Atlanta free Dierks tickets are available NOW! Go to The password is "Bentley."

Atlanta has always been a special congressional meeting place for the DB Congress! Check out the home page of you will see 20 DBC reps in Atlanta at the Lakewood Amphitheatre in May of 2008. Then there was the Kasey Kahne benefit at Wild Bill's in March 2009.
Now, in August 2009, our DBC president will sing for free at The Tabernacle in Atlanta! Let's show Dierks how many of us DBC reps can be there to support him!

Hope to see you all there and don't forget to wear your DBC T-shirt!


Just a reminder that our friends at Country Music Tattle Tale have three days left on their online charity auction to benefit Special Kids of Tennessee. Make sure you bid on your favorite Dierks items before it's too late! Here's the latest list of bids on eBay as of 9:13 pm eastern time:

  • DB Autographed 3D Glasses 1 Bid $14.99

  • DB Autographed American Songwriters Mag 9 Bids $17.50

  • DB Autographed CD - Modern Day Drifter 23 Bids $36.50

  • DB Autographed Hot Sauce Bottle 5 Bids $15.50

Come on, Dierks fans! Surely we can contribute more than $84.49. Remember, 100% of the proceeds go to SKOT! But hurry! Bidding ends July 30th at 8:30 p.m. central.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

DBC Member of the Week - BLUUBABY25(Renee)

Renee joined us this week from Florida making FL one of the states with the most reps with 27! WOW!

What is your favorite DB song? Come a Little Closer
What is your favorite DB album? Feel That Fire
What is your favorite DB music video? What was I Thinkin’

How long have you been a fan of DB? Ever since I heard that unique smooth voice on the radio. From the very first song I was hooked.

What led you to be a fan? His drive and heart for true country music that keeps getting better and better with every passing song. And not to forget his loyalty to his fans!

How do you promote Dierks? Constantly calling radio stations and request his songs, always telling friends and family about the BEST country music and needing to buy his music, and having window clings on the car so everyone knows about Dierks.

"I will and always have been a loyal true Dierks fan. Making sure that his music becomes #1 is something I have been trying to play part of since day 1 and every little bit helps. I want every fan to know that every request and anything each and every one of us can do to help support Dierks become #1 will add up and make a difference and hopefully get him to the top."

Welcome to Renee and our newly joined DBC reps:
chrissyfl - Florida
Keesha12 - Michigan

Thanks for supporting our Prez!!

-Amanda Morris (DBC Secretary/MS Rep)

Friday, July 24, 2009


I know we're moving on to the next single, and I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes has already made a big splash on radio, but Dierks and the crew spent last Sunday splashing around J Percy Priest Lake --located 10 miles east of Nashville, TN--to celebrate their last #1--Sideways!

"sideways party with band, crew and fiends on percy...#fB" - @dierksbentley twitpic
Did You Know?
Percy Priest reservoir was constructed by The Army Corps of Engineers at mile marker 6.8 on the Stone River with 265 miles of shoreline. It offers a variety of outdoor recreation to over 5 million visitors each year including fishing, camping, boating, canoeing, swimming, skiing, hiking, horseback riding, and much more.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Dierks Bentley's next single "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes" doesn't officially hit radio for adds until this Monday, July 27, but so far 38 stations have picked up the song for airplay, and many Dierks fans and Congress members have mentioned hearing it on the radio at least once this week! How exciting!

Some of the cities that have picked it up include Baltimore; Tampa; Houston; Salt Lake City; Boise (who I believe was first!); Detroit; Atlantic City; Buffalo; Lafayette, LA; Fayetteville, AR; Ft. Collins, CO; Portland, OR; Dothan, AL; Spokane, WA; and Evansville, IN. If you're a DB Congress Rep in one of these areas, please e-mail the station's Music or Program Director to thank them for being among the first to play Dierks' newest song!

Let's all take the weekend to "regroup" between singles and get ready to take IWMYCYE to the top of the charts! Monday is the big day, and I'll be sure to keep you all updated on the adds and when it hits the chart.

See you guys on!

~ Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter - NC)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


A few minutes before Dierks Bentley was to perform last night, he was backstage at The Grand Ole Opry House catching up on his text messages. One in particular caught his attention from his pal Brad. So, the president of the DB Congress decided he wanted to share a "tweet" with all his Twitter friends...

wow...the president of the usa just said "Dierks bentley calls country music the best shrink 15 bucks can buy." thx @bradpaisley for text#fb from TwitterBerry
The Tennessean reported on President Obama's White House Music Series: A Country Music Celebration in the East Room, with live performances last night by Charley Pride, Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss--all members of The Grand Ole Opry.

“A lot of people think I’m a city boy, but I do appreciate listening to country music,” Obama said in his opening remarks. The President praised country’s dedication to storytelling, said the music “contributed to the life of this nation and chronicled the history of our people” and quoted Harlan Howard, Garth Brooks and Dierks Bentley.

“Dierks Bentley called (country), ‘The best shrink that fifteen bucks can buy,’” Obama said, drawing laughs from the D.C. crowd and reassured glances from the Nashvillians in the room, who were thinking, “Hey, he pronounced ‘Dierks’ correctly.”

Funny. That's the first thing I wondered--did Obama say Dierks' name correctly? Affirmative!

Opry membership requires a passion for country music's fans, a connection to the music’s history. And it requires commitment – even a willingness to make significant sacrifices to uphold that commitment.

Commitment is something Dierks has always had in abundance. Several of us DB Congress reps were listening online at and chatting. From the screams we were hearing, we knew he was on stage and sure enough they announced, "It's time to get a little sideways with Dierks Bentley!" But he started out with Free and Easy and it was 'rollin' like Mike Snyder's old banjo'. His voice sounded like he had a slight cold but the gravel sounded great to me! Commitment--the show must go on. He followed up FAE with Feel That Fire and finally closed, surprisingly, with Beautiful World--mentioning the text from Brad and the Presidential quote as his intro to the song he says he would like to be known for. He introduced his "band of brothers" and Jon Randall was actually playing with the band as well.

Dierks said he used to sneak in back stage to the Opry years ago to pick up tips of how to be a better singer. It worked!

God bless you, Dierks! We love you too!

Monday, July 20, 2009


A few weeks ago, we told you to mark your calendars for two Tuesday night Oprys. Dierks performed July 7 --which I totally forgot about myself, much less remembered to remind you guys about--sorry!

So I wanted to make sure I posted tonight to remind you all about Dierks' performance tomorrow night - July 21. He is scheduled in the 8:30-9:00 (Central) time slot. You can listen at and we can chat right here while listening if you want! Just use the little blue box in the top right of this screen!

So while I was over on, I noticed the Opry Poll of the week on the home page:

Dierks Bentley shows off some hot dance moves at the FUSE Nightclub at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in the video for his #1 single "Sideways." With which of these Opry members would you most like to cut a rug?

Brad Paisley
Carrie Underwood
Martina McBride
Little Jimmy Dickens
Josh Turner
Dolly Parton

Does anybody else see a name missing? Hello? Grand Ole Opry? I'm not voting until you list Dierks' name right there with the rest of the choices. He's the only answer that goes with that question for me!


We got over to the arena parking lot about 10:30am Saturday morning. I’ve known ever since I found out about the show and got tickets exactly where I’d be waiting the day out. ..Under a small tree with enough shade over near the buses! When we got there, Dierks’ two buses and the jeep were there and his trucks were unloading the equipment for the stage..Hank’s buses were already there as well.

I can’t remember if the security guy was already there or if he came later, but he came over to us and said if we’re waiting to see Hank that he wouldn’t be there until 8:30 that night. We quickly told him that we were there to see Dierks, but sure..seeing Hank is kind of a plus. He said that he had seen Dierks before from working at a local show when Dierks came to the area a few years back. And of course I knew the one he was talking about..I was there! Haha. He said he liked Dierks, but just wasn’t too crazy about the “Sideways” video because it didn’t seem like Dierks with the break dancing and all. The guy said that he’s the one that would walk Dierks in the arena later. We showed him my pics from where I had seen Dierks last month and I about doubled over laughing after he left because he said “Man, he’s got some blue eyes don’t he?!” LMAO!

I first spotted Tim go into the arena and I hollered at him and he looked over and waved! Not much later he came back out and was going towards the bus until I motioned him over! He asked how we were and noticed my LWTT and said “’04!”. And what did he have in his hand?..none other than a Diet Coke lol. The last couple of times I’ve had the chance to meet him, he has had a Diet Coke in his hand and it ends up being in the pics lol. Of course only I would notice something like that haha. I asked if we could get a pic with him and he said sure. I think Momma asked where Dierks was and he said he was at the gym and that he’d be around! Again, go figure…I could’ve almost told you that! So he told us to have a great time and to enjoy the show and he went back to the bus. :)
Really from then on out, there was always somebody going in and out of the arena and the security coming over to chat for a few lol. (At least he was friendly..and liked Dierks!) I saw someone that I swore was Rod…he had that blonde hair just like him and a ball cap on, so I yelled his name and he said “Hey”, but kept on going. Then I saw him later and motioned for him to come over but he didn’t. And later that night I found out that it wasn’t Rod lol. I felt so stupid after I found out, but I’ll never see that guy again thank goodness…so I’ll be a little less embarrassed. But he shouldn’t have messed with my mind to thinking he was Rod lol. Oh well.. But I think I only saw Rod a couple of times when he was with Dierks. When I saw Dierks the first time he was texting or doing something on the Blackberry and when I yelled at him he didn’t look even look up, but I know they had to do whatever they had to first. About 20 mins later Steve and Rod came out to go to the bus and Rod was fixing to run after Steve to throw a water bottle at him! Wish I could have taken a pic of that or vid, but it happened too quick lol. And no, Rod didn’t throw the bottle, so no one was harmed. Haha!

There were people talking and carrying on over on the other side where the trucks back up to unload stuff, but we couldn’t see them. We heard someone talking kinda loud and I froze and me and Momma both thought it sounded like Dierks! So we got very quiet to listen carefully. You know how he says “UP!” during the beginning of F&E? Well that’s pretty much exactly the only thing I heard him say and I said “Yeah, that’s him!” Believe me, I know his voice when I hear it..even if I can’t see him lol! Momma decided to leave for a few mins, but I told her she better not be gone long and said that he’ll probably come out whenever you’re gone. She was not gone for maybe 3 mins and I saw him come out! I couldn’t even say anything. All I could do was motion him to come over and he did! I told him that the gate was unlocked and I went to open it for him lol! He instantly greeted me with one of those great hugs and asked how I was. Then, one of the first things I mentioned was my truck and pointed it out. He walked over to it and LOVED that I had the new SIDEWAYS & DBC stickers on there that Alicia had sent! He said he had to get a pic of it for Twitter! So I thought he wanted a pic of him with the truck in the background so I started to reach out for his phone and he said “No, get over here!”, or something like that.

Dierks took this pic from his Blackberry & here's the message he added with it: “hanging with amanda...long time hard core ya.”

I had an envelope and he asked me what I had and I told him they were my 8x10 pics from Bham for him to sign. I went over to my chair to get my marker and I had a few other things for him to sign. He saw my little pile on the ground in front of my chair and asked me if I wanted him to sign it too and I told him that he could if he didn’t mind and he said “No, not at all”, so he knelt down to start signing. I had a couple of magazines that had articles about him. I had the CW from 2007 where it talks about the DVD and he was trying to find the front cover to find out which mag it was and neither one of us could because I have had it folded to that page for soo long lol. But I had looked earlier that morning so I told him which one it was. And I FINALLY got my DBC shirt signed! I had a poster on my wall from the T.W.O. tour from Birmingham, AL last year and a couple of nights ago I happened to think about it and pulled it down and put it in my little pile lol. Now, it’s back up on the wall! Momma had a shirt that she wanted him to sign, but I completely forgot about it. Since she wasn’t there and no one else was around I didn’t get a pic taken with my camera, so thank goodness he decided to take a Twitpic! Lol. We hugged again and said he’d be back out soon since my Momma wasn’t there to see him. Then as he was walking to the bus, he turned around and asked me if I had a m&g for the show and asked me where our seats were. I told him that I had used the m&g for Birmingham last month and we had 6th row, but of course I always want as close as I can possibly get to the stage lol. Momma of course came back AFTER he left. She got mad at me for not getting him to sign her shirt lol. I really couldn’t help it, and told her if she had it in my pile that he would have signed it then! Lol. I had my settings on Twitter for updates to be sent to my phone. A few mins after Dierks had left, I had gotten a text. I saw that it was from Twitter, and it was the pic that he had taken of us by my truck! I was so excited to see it, but couldn’t tell that well since it showed up so small on my phone. But what really got me all teary eyed is the message he put with it: “hanging with amanda...long time hard core ya.” Because there’s really only a small handful of artists that would do something like that for their fans, and that had already made my day by him doing just that! It was sooo sweet! The security guy came over for a minute and asked, “Did he give you any lovin?!” I said he gave me some major lovin'! haha!

Remember when I told you that the security guy told us that Hank wouldn’t be there until 8:30pm?? Well, idk what time it was, but I think it had to be about 2pm or something, but we heard Hank do his soundcheck and it sounded good! I know he sang “All My Rowdy Friends” and I got excited! I head a woman singing with him, and couldn’t figure out why there would be a woman singing.

Then, Dierks went back in the arena and as he did he looked to see if we were there and waved! Hehe! Momma didn’t see him and she didn’t know what I was doing lol. Probably about 15-20 mins later he came back out and he held up his finger to say that he’d be just a minute. Well not much longer he and Rod pulled up in the jeep! He signed Momma’s shirt and she asked if we could get a pic by the jeep. He was on the “inside” of the fence and I don’t think he was too sure if we should come through that way because security might would say something..idk. But I should’ve told her to just hush because I didn’t get a pic with my camera then either, but it’s perfectly fine after the Twitpic. He said that they’ve got a couple of quick things they had to do and they’d come around to the parking lot. So we waited and waited…doors opened at 6:30pm and they never did show. We watched and watched to see if we could spot that little green jeep…you wouldn’t believe it…we saw about 4 other jeeps that was like his, but only different colors lol. And I finally saw it, but it kept going straight instead of turning towards the arena. A few mins later I got a text and it was from Twitter again and wouldn’t you know Dierks and Rod were on a “quest” to find Elvis’ Birthplace lol. If I had known they were going to do that, then I could have showed them where it was. It’s only a mile or so away from the arena. I was honestly thinking about it for a good few weeks that maybe I should mention that, but Momma said that he’s probably already seen it, so that’s why I didn’t say anything. DIERKS - NEXT TIME YOU COME BACK TO TUPELO (HOPEFULLY YOU’LL BE HEADLINING THE ARENA - I'VE ALREADY SENT YET ANOTHER EMAIL TO TODD, THE OWNER) I’LL BE YOUR TOUR GUIDE AND SHOW YOU ELVIS PRESLEY LAKE..ABOUT 5 MINS FROM THE ARENA! ACTUALLY I’LL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO BE THE GUIDE AT ANY SHOW IF YOU’LL LET ME! AND I’M SERIOUS LOL!

So now it was about time for doors to open at 6:30pm. The radio stations were there doing things, and one of them had a wheel and if you landed on one of the spots that had their teeny-tiny logo, then you would win m&g with Dierks and if you landed a bigger logo you would win a cd. We waited on a few other people to spin the wheel and then we tried. I missed the m&g by one space, and then Momma just completely missed it haha! But then two women tried after us and the second one got the m&g, and I think that was the last one they had because they pulled the little sticker off. I thought it would be funny if I had actually won a m&g after Dierks asked me earlier if I had one lol. We went in a little bit after doors opened and I easily got my camera in AND used it the whole show with no problems!

I hated that we weren’t on front row. I got 6th row through the pre-sale on Ticketmaster. Not many people would complain about such good seats, but when public gets better seats than what was offered during a pre-sale, then I think something just doesn’t seem right. You would think pre-sale would have the absolute best seats, but from the ones I talked to who did pre-sale the best anyone got was 5th row. One of my friends, who I’ve met through other shows, told me the other day that she had front row and center! I thought she was joking because she knows how much I love Dierks and knows how I am about shows. Not long after we found our seats, I saw her with someone and then I knew she wasn’t’ joking after all. I went up to talk to them for a little bit. She said that she figured if anyone was going to be on front row that it was going to be me lol. They really were front and center and I was jealous. I kept my ticket on me, but usually they’ll just check at the entrance to the floor and they did. There were security guys up front, but they really could care less and they didn’t check tickets or anything. There were 3 seats just a few down from the center and no one had come there yet to claim their seats. I stayed with her and her friend for a bit and talked until the one’s they were with came in and then I went and sat at one of the empty chairs during the opening act. Then, this one security guy who seemed to be over all of the others asked to see my ticket. He told me that I had to go back, so I did. Before Dierks came out I went up to that guy and pretty much begged him if I could stay up there until someone came to that seat. I told him I really wanted to be there during Dierks and didn’t care if I was that much for Hank…although I thought that it would be nice to still stay up there lol. He told me that he wasn’t saying that I could, but actually in a way he was. I told him that I really didn’t want to get in trouble and that I would go back if that person claimed their seat. I thanked him a few times for letting me stay. Then, when Dierks came out and came over to my side and saw me - I think he was kind of surprised to see that I had gotten on front lol.
I knew I was excited now for sure, but was looking around a lot to see if any one was coming for their front row seat. I just knew they’d show up, but they never did and I don’t know why, but lucky for me they didn’t! I got lots of lovin’ from Dierks throughout the show and actually from all of the guys! I think I was the only one down there that he actually knew. I got plenty of finger points and a lot of eye contact from the Dude! Tim even smiled and gave a little wave at me, Steve looked over and smiled a couple of times, and Robbie even made a lot of eye contact with me.

They all looked great and were having a good time! Dierks really didn’t have a lot of space to run around though…it was just an end stage so no catwalks. He did come over to my side a lot and with that new lens I got – amazing! I could instantly tell a big difference between it and my basic 18-55mm. I’m glad I decided to get it, but the only reason I got it in time for this show was because of our 6th row seats. I never thought I’d be able to stay on front like I did. Some times when Dierks would come over near me he was too close and I had to try to back up lol.

I was excited to see them bring a couple of stools out and I thought they were going to do the bluegrass part, but it was just him and Rod on the stools singing “My Last Name” and the first part of “Long Trip Alone” acoustic. I was so happy to hear them sing MLN because I really can’t remember the last time I’ve seen them do that one live. I definitely cried the whole time during MLN and half way through LTA. Then, after a couple more songs, we all watched a “movie.” The “What Was I Thinkin’” “movie” haha! That just kills me every time! It’s too cute how he does that! So he came over in front of me and sat on the speakers. He had two of the blue Bud Light’s, and I KNEW that he was going to give one to somebody so I thought…why not me?! I really don’t drink beer. I just wanted it for the bottle because it came from the show and knew that’d be a keepsake! I reached out for it, and he kind of waited a few seconds and finally gave it to me!

I really didn’t want to drink it, but there was no where I could pour it out, so the only thing I could do was drink it. He even had popcorn and some girl reached and got her some…I couldn’t though with the beer in one hand and my camera in the other lol. And it was hard for a few mins to take pics with just one hand and my other hand was about to freeze because that bottle was waaay cold! I had to sit it down a couple of times to get the feeling back into my hand lol. After he sang WWIT, it was all over :( I wanted a set list soo bad because I’ve never gotten one of Dierks’. I’ve gotten one of Rod’s a couple years ago, but when I did get the chance to get Dierks’ last month..the guy wadded it up and then threw it out. I’m thinking…who does that?!...and thought it was stupid. But I yelled at Jay to get me a set list, but he threw me one of Robbie’s picks, which he gave me plenty of last show lol. I wanted a set list dangit! Well, there was other crew helping trying to move all of the equipment off stage and I finally got someone’s attention and I got a couple of set lists! I think one was actually Dierks’ and I know the other one was Robbie’s!

I heard a lot of people saying really good things about Dierks after his performance! They went on and on about how good he was!

Plenty of love from all of the guys during the show, a pick, set lists, and a DL&C from the Dude himself! What else could a girl ask for?! I had an amazing time during the show! Dierks definitely knows how to make a girl feel special! When he came over to me before the show was more than enough for me!

I really don’t know what more I can say after everything I said on my last review about Dierks and everyone. I’m pretty much speechless. THANK YOU DIERKS FOR ANOTHER GREAT DAY & SHOW! LOVE YA!

-Amanda Morris (DBC Secretary/MS Rep)

Saturday, July 18, 2009


About five hours ago, Dierks Bentley was in the parking lot of the Tupelo, Mississippi concert venue, "hanging with amanda...long time hard core ya," according to his direct tweet quote, and then snapped this great picture. You gotta love all the dierks and dbcongress love in the truck window in the background! Way to go, Amanda! I know you will have a great time at the Ban Corp South Arena tonight! We can't wait to hear all about it, Ms. DBC Secretary!

Friday, July 17, 2009

DBC MEMBER OF THE WEEK - Bloomgirl79(Erin)

Erin is from Toledo, OH and has been a fan since Dierks first came out on the radio with WWIT.
"Before I even knew anything about Dierks, that song just hooked me on his music. Then I started learning more and more about Dierks as an artist and person and I just fell in love. He's the most down to earth, unpretentious, fan friendly artist around and he makes it a pleasure to be a fan."

Erin just ordered her DBC decal, and can't wait to put it on her car! She votes for Dierks every day on CMT and she calls the local radio station to request his current singles.
"I always vote for Dierks whenever he's up for any kind of fan voted award or recognition. I tell all my friends how amazing he is and have had two of them to sign up for the FC so far this year. I took one of my friends to her very first Dierks concert this year and she also fell in love!"
"I sing Dierks' praises at the top of my lungs to anyone who will listen (and even some who don't). I sell off my personal belongings in order to be able to buy concert tickets and travel to see him. I stand out in the torrential rain, freezing cold, humidity or blistering sun for a chance to meet him before his shows!"

So Erin, what is your favorite DB:
*music video? Settle For A Slowdown
*song? Settle For A Slowdown
*album? Long Trip Alone

Welcome and thanks Karissa and our other new DBC reps:
EricaWV - West Virginia
lcat - Kentucky

-Amanda Morris (DBC Secretary/MS Rep)


DB Congress is proud to announce new decal stickers! Alicia in Wisconsin, with the help of Nid in England, designed two different versions for all DBC members, to help you promote Dierks on your car or wherever you want to stick it! So take a look and email Alicia with your choice! There's no charge for the decal, but donations for postage would be greatly appreciated! Tracie (Michigan DBC rep) had a M&G recently and gave the new decals to Dierks and he loved them...said he was putting them on the bus! Here are the two choices. Email Alicia at

Oh, and by the way, TODAY is Alicia's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So, you think you can sing? You say you do karaoke every night? And you know all the words to every Dierks Bentley song? Well then...this contest is for you!

Dierks has teamed up with myspace karaoke for the Dierks Bentley Feel That Fire Karaoke Contest. The singing-submission-contest-of-skill-winner gets to meet Dierks backstage!

Grand Prize - Valued at $1,000 - includes:

  • A pair of admission tickets to the Dierks Bentley concert of winner’s choice (US or Canada)

  • A meet and greet with Dierks

  • Round-trip coach air transportation (if over 100 miles)

  • Two (2) nights hotel accommodations (if over 100 miles)

  • A selection of autographed Dierks merchandise

You must be a MySpace member in order to participate.

Enter here and read all the official rules and details. But hurry! You must submit your entry by July 28, 2009.


Dierks' entire CMA Music Festival press conference interview has finally been found! Watch as he answers questions about the fan club party, touring Europe, Miles and Music and much more.

DB Congress Historian

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


His admiration and reverence for the late legendary singer-songwriter, Keith Whitley, won't allow Dierks Bentley to record or perform any of Whitley's songs. But that didn't stop him from emulating the opposite of the famous single, "Don't Close Your Eyes." When Dierks wrote I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes, he definitely was thinking of his wife Cassidy, but in the back of his mind he wrote the Whitley-like lament as a tribute in typical Dierks style--raspy voice and all.

The third single from his Feel That Fire CD, IWMYCYE is sure to seize the number one spot on the charts for Dierks. Especially since there are 516+ DB Congress representatives all over the world who have been waiting to start reaching all the right buttons to hear this on the radio airwaves! The DJ's won't have a chance to play anything else!

See what others are saying about the release of the new DB single:

Dierks Bentley Myspace page
Critically Acclaimed Album FEEL THAT FIRE Has Already Produced Two Consecutive No. One Hits. Dierks gets intimate with the release of the Conway-esque ballad "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes." The track shipped to country radio this week and goes for official adds on July 27. Bentley says the romantic song "can't be more intimate, more one-on-one, man-to- woman if you tried." He adds, "One of the best compliments I can get is when a guy comes up to me and says that one of my songs helped him out at home...maybe helped him smooth something over with his girlfriend or wife. That's the goal with this one."The Boston Globe chose this track as the album's ESSENTIAL calling it "boldly intimate" and "as sexy and romantic a song about commitment and a sense of home as you'll hear this year." The New York Times followed calling the ballad "a slow smolderer in the vein of his 2005 hit 'Come A Little Closer.'"
This single is the third track released to radio from Bentley’s latest album, Feel That Fire. He currently has racked up two back-to-back No. 1 singles with “Feel That Fire” and “Sideways” and we have a feeling that if DB’s “congress” has anything to do with it, ”I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes” could reach the top spot as well.
Like most of country music's radio stars throughout the years Dierks Bentley has the ability to melt audiences hearts with a tender ballad and that's precisely what he seemingly is doing with his latest single, the steel-guitar-laced "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes." Story continues here.

Here is a YouTube video of Dierks performing I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes in his "sexy voice" at Last Call Ball on June 10, 2009:

We’re wide awake but girl I wanna make you close your eyes
And say my name like only you can say, then hold me tight, just hold me tight
All I need is only you and me alone tonight
Yeah, I wanna make you close your eyes
I wanna make you close your eyes
Girl, I wanna make you close your eyes

So, let's see where it leads, DB Congress! Straight to #1 for our president! Start reaching those buttons and say Dierks' name to all the DJ's! Let's show that we can take him to the 3-peat of #1 songs that he deserves! The official add date is July 27 but start asking now!
DBC Chair


The following was posted on Keith Urban's website in "From The Road Blog."

Take It To The Limit - Keith with Jason and Dierks

Posted by Luke in Escape Together World Tour on July 13, 2009.

When Keith asked both Dierks Bentley and Jason Aldean to join him on stage for the 1975 Eagles hit "Take It To The Limit" at two separate recent tour dates in VA and KS, both singers had to think on their toes and secretly devised "cheat sheets" to help them with the song that neither had previously performed live.

Dierks scribbled out the lyrics on his forearm with a Sharpie, and Jason followed a few weeks later by taping the printed lyric sheet to his mic stand with gaffe tape. Once he realized what both acts were doing, Keith didn't let either get away without a little public humiliation in front of both sold out crowds. Thankfully, the fans were more than happy to come to both Dierks and Jason's rescue, creating an arena-wide sing-a-long.

Enjoy the video clips here!

Monday, July 13, 2009


From Lady Antebellum's Twitter:
We scored our first No. 1 hit this week with "I Run To You!!" Thanks for the support everybody! :)
So there it is, Dierks fans: "Sideways" has ended its reign on top of the Billboard Charts this week, being "run" off by Lady A. No word yet on where "Sideways" will have fallen to, but from what I can tell, it's looking like it will be #3 or #4. I'm still hearing it a lot on the radio, so I can't imagine it will fall too far too fast!

Don't think this means it's time to stop voting. There's still Countdowns on GAC and CMT where our voices can be heard!

No word yet on what the next single will officially be and when it will be sent to radio, but I'm sure we'll know something soon ... and then we'll do this all over again! :)

Congrats to Lady Antebellum on their well-deserved first #1, and congrats to Dierks on having "Sideways" at #1 for two weeks -- it's not easy to do!

~ Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter from NC)

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Karissa is from Oklahoma City and recently joined the Congress! She's been a Dierks fan ever since he came out with WWIT and says that his deep voice is what drew her in!
"After finally getting the chance to see Dierks in concert - after waiting about five hours in 100+ degree heat - I was not disappointed! I immediately bought tickets for his next show here in OK! Kenny Chesney has been my #1 for many, many, many years, but now, I'm afraid that Dierks is taking his spot!! His energy and genuine personality really make him likeable. I can't wait to see him again in September!"

Move it on over Kenny because Dierks is sliding in! (Had to say that after the little slip at this weekends show) ;)

Karissa said it wasn't easy to choose just one favorite song, but would go with "Feel That Fire."

Favorite album was another toss up and it's between Feel That Fire and Long Trip Alone.

Favorite music video was "What Was I Thinkin'."

New DB Congress members are:
AndreaDBfan from Wisconsin
Melindanc_4 from North Carolina
Whitneytm from Missouri
PattyG from New York
Kellyjo96 from Oklahoma
BLUUBABY25 from Florida
Lovethosejeans from Illinois

Thanks Karissa and all of our new DBC members for joining! Welcome to the Congress!!

-Amanda Morris (DBC Secretary/Mississippi Rep)


Shauna is a DBC rep in Michigan so when she found out Dierks was scheduled to perform a show in her home state she was excited. And even more so when she found out she won a Meet & Greet through the fan club. It had been several years since she first met him and she was not sure if he would remember her. During her M&G, Shauna also met fellow Michigan DBC rep, Tracie.

"Tracie and I met. I was asking if she is on the board and I said my name. She is so sweet. Dierks remembered me when I said my name. We talked for a few seconds and got our picture taken. It was the best meet and greet ever. It was better than the first time. As Dierks and I were talking, we kept hugging. He called me a sweetie and asked how I have been. I told him I could not wait to see him perform. He pinched my arm, and later, he grabbed my hand during his set."

Saturday, July 11, 2009


While singing Feel That Fire on stage in Detroit, Michigan, Dierks Bentley "took a little slide off the stage last night..." according to his FaceBook post. He showed his appreciation to the fans and proved he wasn't hurt too badly by continuing with, "thanks for catching me in the front row!! great show. at the y now...beautiful drive."

So glad you're OK, Dierks! You know your fans will always 'support' you, literally!

Here's the same fall from another angle:


Radney Foster and The Confessions will release a new album, "Revival" on September 1, with a guest appearance by Dierks Bentley (who recorded Foster's "Sweet and Wild"). Dierks joins Radney on "Until It's Gone," the third cut on the CD.

Radney Foster's Revival emerged when the Texas native plunged into the roiling waters of change--his father's death and the end of his twelve-year, 5,000-mile separation from his son--and came up with renewed conviction.

Most of the songs on the album are what Foster calls "close to the bone," so personal that he either wrote them on his own or with trusted friends, like Darrell Brown and Jay Clementi (Sweet and Wild). "I Know You Can Hear Me," is a wrenching goodbye to Foster's father. "I Made Peace With God That Day" and "Until It's Gone"--both written with Brown--respectively capture the anguished fear of losing a child and vow to live with abandon (and crank up the volume) from here on out.

For his 50th birthday celebration, Radney is throwing two parties--one in Austin and the other in Nashville.

Dierks Bentley will be among the guests at the Nashville, TN party, to be held at the Exit/In on July 20th. You can celebrate with Radney, Dierks and other guests such as Darius Rucker, Randy Rogers, Marc Broussard, Bill Lloyd, Lee Roy Parnell, George Ducas and other surprise guests. It's sure to be a night to remember, and only limited tickets will be sold. Get 'em on the Exit/In website here.

Revival is available NOW for pre-orders and comes autographed.

Billboard Chart Widget


Despite the fact that his fame is skyrocketing, Dierks Bentley is doing a great job of keeping that personal connection with his fans. Not only with the lucky tailgaters in Detroit yesterday, but also by sharing with the rest of the world via his daily tweets on Twitter and FaceBook feed. Thanks for the "in the moment" photo, D!

"hanging out with some tailgaters after coming back from the is on here in detroit!" #fb


According to, Dierks Bentley is the only country act who will perform as part of the third annual Samsung AT&T Summer Krush, a free summer concert series designed to highlight the Samsung JACK mobile phone.

Dierks is scheduled to perform Aug. 18 at the Tabernacle in Atlanta. A limited number of free tickets for the concerts will be available through radio promotions, street teams and online registration at

{Source - Meg}


One of Craig Shelburne's old favorite's is Dierks Bentley's self-titled CD released in 2003. Read how 'unmistakably country' he thinks the whole album is on his CMT Blog:

With so few new albums to listen to, I’ve been digging through my own collection of old favorites. Today I grabbed Dierks Bentley’s self-titled album, released in 2003. (I can’t believe it’s been that long.) Some of my friends used to go see him play at the honky-tonks on Lower Broadway but I had never heard his music until “What Was I Thinkin’.” Cool song, especially that twangy intro. Very distinctive. But today I’m a little bit surprised by how unmistakably country the whole album is. I guess I took it for granted back then, since he had immersed himself in country music history before he landed a record deal. Although I admire his writing on “Bartenders, Etc.” and “Distant Shore,” one song I never get tired of is Buddy and Julie Miller’s “My Love Will Follow You” — whether it’s Dierks’ version or Buddy’s. And I’m tickled to rediscover “Whiskey Tears,” which is about as traditional as you can get. Next time he slips a demo CD to George Strait, he ought to put this one on there, too.
I left Craig a comment on the blog. Basically, he left out my favorite and the one that even Dierks 'wished' had been a single--Wish It Would Break. I know in my heart that would have been a #1 hit! There's still time, Dierks! Keith did it with "You Look Good In My Shirt", and Brad did it with "Waitin' On A Woman." You can re-record WIWB for your next album and release it as a single! DB Congress would surely push it to #1 for you! What do you say?

*Special thanks to Meg, DBC rep in FL, for submitting the link to this CMT blog.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I posted this audio text a few weeks ago, but now I found the video! Enjoy Dierks talking below about living out his dreams and getting a chance to thank his fans during CMA Music Fest and his fan club party. He speaks right after Martina:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


No matter what kind of music you’re into, if you grew up in the ’80s, and especially if you had an older sister, you couldn’t help but be influenced and awed by Michael Jackson’s music and talent." ~Dierks Bentley

*Special thanks to Meg, DBC rep in FL, for contributing to this blog.


Our friends at Country Music Tattle Tale are sponsoring their first annual charity auction! This year’s online auction will benefit Special Kids of Tennessee and feature autographed items from Nashville’s hottest country music acts, including 5 items donated by our DB Congress prez., Dierks Bentley!

  • Autographed Dierks Bentley Modern Day Drifter CD

  • Autographed Dierks Bentley Feel That Fire Hot Sauce Bottle from his #1 Party

  • Dierks Bentley autographed copy of American Songwriter Magazine

  • Autogrpahed Dierks Bentley 3D Glasses that he wore at his Roanoke, Virginia show with Keith Urban

  • Autographed Dierks Bentley Feel that Fire CD Cover

Bids will begin on July 20, 2009, so be sure to stop by CMTT to bid on your 'must-have' DB item! I think I must have that FTF Hot Sauce Bottle from his #1 party!


Dierks Bentley posted the above Twitpic on his Twitter page today, with the following caption..."sign outside of sony/tree publishing. a real honor. 2 weeks at #1 so far! thx Country Radio and Country Fans for making this happen! #fb"

Our pleasure, dude! Thank YOU for making great music!

Let's go for three consecutive weeks, congress! Call your DJs!

(EDIT by Chart Reporter Carrie!: Three weeks is looking good, guys! Based on audience size, Dierks has a virtual lock on the market. It's going to take something pretty drastic to knock him off -- Lady Antebellum's "I Run to You" should follow "Sideways" in two weeks, though. Keep up the great work!)

EDIT #2: Please enjoy Dierks' opening performance of Sideways at the CMT Music Awards:

Monday, July 6, 2009


Alicia has two extra tickets to the Friday night, July 10 Brad Paisely, Dierks Bentley concert at the DTE Energy Music Theatre in Detroit, Michigan. They were purchaed via BP's fan club, so they are within the first 10 rows. If you are interested, email Alicia at


Takara couldn't believe her luck, or lack thereof, not having her name drawn from the lottery of Dierks Bentley Fan Club Meet & Greet winners. But her luck was about to change...

"I was nearing the end of my second year of being in Dierks' fan club (July 22nd), and I again thought I wasn’t going to get a Meet & Greet to one of many of the concerts I’ve been to since I’ve been absolutely hooked on Dierks' concerts and music. I have to say I was very bummed out but still absolutely thrilled that I was getting to go to a FREE concert in Kansas City!

I was on my 4 1/2 hour journey to Kansas City blasting Dierks music on my car stereo when I got an email sent to my phone from a fan club member I just recently started talking to (Clint). It’s subject was titled “YES!” When I opened it up it listed all the names that were accepted for the M&G in Kansas City! And there was my name listed among Leigh’s and Clint’s. I started squealing and felt a bit light headed. I had to take a couple deep breaths. I immediately called Leigh to find out if she had heard yet!

I must say finding out the 'day of' isn’t exactly the best practice, but hopefully the Fan Club will get things together in a few weeks.

When it was finally time for our M&G we went into one of the surrounding bars at the Power & Light District and we were directed to wait in line and wait for Dierks to show up. He walked in and said “hey guys!” Then one by one he met all of us.

When it was my turn, he took a look at my picture and immediately recognized that it was from the Last Call Ball this year. He asked my name and I told him as he signed my photo. While he was doing so I had to ask him about his hair. I had noticed in pictures from the day of the LCB he had previously been at the Country Music Hall of Fame doing a signing and his hair was just wavy. Later when he showed up at LCB he had PERFECT GORGEOUS CURLS.

I know I’m not the only one who notices his hair, but I feel since I'm a hairstylist, perhaps I always have a watchful eye on his hair. Out of all things I could have talked about, I chose his hair, but I felt like I must know! I asked him if he does his own hair and if he uses anything. He said that it just depended on whether or not he’s been wearing a hat or not. That day he had probably put some water in it before he went to LCB because that usually does the trick. So I told him he had great hair.

We had our picture taken, then I went to wait with the other fan club members while he finished talking to us individually. Once he was done he answered a few questions. Someone asked how Evie was. He also commented that he really enjoyed the venue with the balconies and everything. Most concerts he is always looking down into the crowd, but it’s kind of neat to look up and see people all over the place.

Someone also asked if he planned on headlining again soon and he said “probably in November.” I hope it’s true!

It all went so QUICK, but I was thankful to finally get my chance! I can’t wait until my next opportunity!"

~Takara/Takara81/Missouri Rep

How lucky were you! Thanks for sharing!


Fatima is our one and only DB Congress representative in Mexico and she does a great job of promoting Dierks Bentley on a daily basis! She finally got to live out her dream of meeting our DBC president on, of all days, the Fourth of July! And of all places, in the US--Kileen, Texas to be exact! Read on for her exciting story!

"It was my first M&G with Dierks so I was very excited! I really don't remember the exact conversation since I was so nervous and I totally blanked! I had like a speech ready and couldn't remember anything the moment I saw him coming out of the door!

But as far as I can remember I told him I was very excited and happy to meet him for the first time, also that I was from Monterrey, Mexico, and he asked me where Monterrey was, so I said it is about 9 hours away from Kileen. He said that Mexico was special for him. I hugged him and on the picture he signed to me he wrote "Muchas Gracias" (that is Thank You in Spanish). So I said, 'oh so you do speak Spanish?' He said, 'hmm un poquito (little bit) hahaha.'

It was amazing. Even though the M&G lasted like 10 minutes it was totally worth it. I also gave him a gift with a letter telling him I was so proud to be part of the DB Congress and representing Mexico. Also in the bag I put tons of fun stuff from Mexico but he didn't open it because it was really packed. I just hope the Tequila chocolates didn't melt because the sun was burning!

I've never celebrated 4th of July in the US before, but it was Amazing to see fireworks and all the people getting together with their families dressed in blue, white and red colors to celebrate their independence. It's different from Mexico's independence day.

It was my dream to get to live this day and Dierks' show was amazing too. He sang for about an hour and a half and got a beautiful award from the US Military."

Thanks for sharing your special experience with us, Fatima!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Found this little gem on

Jimmy Wayne takes a camera with him everywhere he travels, and this week his label Valory Music Co. launched a weekly series spotlighting some of his favorite photos from the road. See below.


If you really want some insight into what's going on in Music City relative to the shutdown of echo, check out the June 12th article by Craig Havighurst from the String Theory Media blog. Although Dierks Bentley's new website is going through some major challenges right now--two different websites, unsavory/unmoderated posts, login issues, etc.--it could be worse. DB could have been one of the artist's who faced "darknet", or no website at all.

I heard from DBC reps who talked to Dierks at the Kansas City show, that Dierks is making sure the two new sites turn back into one "" website. Thank you, Dierks! The sooner the better!

darknet: echo artist clients face imminent web shut-down

When news broke in April that Echomusic of Nashville (popularly known as echo) was being closed by parent company Ticketmaster Entertainment, it was reported (all too briefly) as a story of some 60 lost jobs on Music Row. What hasn’t been reported is that early next week, on June 15-18, between 100 and 200 echo clients – most of them small or mid-level, independent or indie-label bands and artists – will see their websites go dark with no refunds and no ability to transfer their sites seamlessly to another host.

The echo platform, touted by the company for years as a unique integration of web site, e-mail list, merchandise sales and fan connection tools, was built on an architecture so proprietary and one-of-a-kind that sites “powered by echo” must be re-built from scratch. This is according to current and former Echo employees, as well as artist managers who are currently scrambling to rescue their artists’ vital presence on the web.

Click here for the entire article and interesting comments by former echo employees.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Dierks Bentley fan-clubbers/DBC reps are a tight-knit family. That closeness was validated at the July 2 Kansas City, MO show that Dierks performed for free. And good things happen to those who help others.

Eleven Missouri girls: Takara, Leigh, Jackie, Stephanie, Bonnie, Kim, Whitney, Georgia, Jamie, Jayme, and Stacey all saved spots at the rail of the stage. Some had Meet & Greets, some didn't--but they all looked out for each other--that's what the DB Congress family of fan-clubbers does.

Whitney hails from Glasgow, Missouri, where Dierks Bentley's dad grew up. So when the opportunity arose to see Dierks for "free" in Kansas City, MO, the two-hour-DRT (Dierks Road Trip) was a done deal. Friends Georgia (also from Glasgow) and Stacey & Jackie (Jefferson City) made the trek with lots of Dierks music and matching T-shirts:

Front: Missouri girls want to Feel That Fire; Back: Dierks is everything we want and more! (L to R: Jackie, Stacey, Whitney, Georgia)

"I actually didn't have a fan club Meet & Greet that night," explain Whitney. "Well actually, I had gotten two from Budlight but gave them to Jackie and my friend Georgia because I have had two fan club Meet & Greets before. It was hard to give them up, but since I just had the opportunity I wanted to give one to someone else."

It must have been tough to decide who to give them to, right?

"Stacey had gotten a FC Meet & Greet. I went through everyone that was there and those who had been the longest or hadn't met him I gave the passes to! Plus Jackie and Georgia were my DRT road trip partners so that made it easier! Several had just met him at Last Call Ball. Jackie hadn't had a meet n greet since 2007 and Georgia hadn't met him at all. If I had another it would have gone to Bonnie because it has been a long time for her too!"

"One of those M&G's for Whitney was just two weeks ago in St. Louis. And the other was a year ago in Kansas City. "In my M&Gs, Dierks and I have talked about how his dad is from Glasgow. I told him he needs to come back through soon and I would give him a tour! My grandmother actually used to work with his dad at the bank in Glasgow years ago. So she made a baby afghan when Cassidy was pregnant with Evie and I gave it to him last year with a little note explaining who made it, and the connection to my grandma. She was so proud that I was able to give it to Dierks!"

The group had lots of Dierks sightings, before, during and after the concert that day. While waiting by the stage, the band started sound check and they were allowed to stay and watch. Jayme's pics:

They did 2 songs, 'I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes' and an "oldie" that has been a fan favorite for years, 'Domestic, Light and Cold.'

"During the show, Dierks asked me for the sign we made. He took it, held it up, and talked about Glasgow, then propped it up in front of him! Dierks called us four 'Glasgow Girls' all day so even though Jackie and Stacey are from Jefferson City, they are honorary Glasgow girls! He also mentioned his dad and Glasgow right after singing My Last Name," says Whitney.

Good things happen to those who help others. Well, Whitney may have given up her M&G, but she gained a very special DB experience instead. Thanks to Kim who thoughtfully took these pics of D singing to her friend.

"He was singing, How am I Doing. I couldn't even tell you what was going through my mind.... I'm thinking something like... OMG is this really happening? Then I just started singing along with him. After all of that and the song ended I looked to both sides and said I hope you girls got pictures!" Yep, Kim covered you!

What goes around comes around. So, let's recap. Whitney helped Jackie and Georgia. Kim helped Whitney, and Jackie helped Kim by taking this pic:

And that's the story of how the DB Congress stick together and form a bond--not to be broken. We hold each other together and Dierks is our strength.