Monday, March 29, 2010


This week, Dierks Bentley's WSM radio show was "Priceless," as in legendary Country Music Hall of Famer Ray Price. "We're gonna do a whole show on Ray Price's music and his influence on me and a lot of my contemporaries." Dierks says.

The Thread is stringing us along, from DB's Station Inn roots, to his Lower Broadway antics and now the third show in the series demonstrates how the history of country music legends are all connected.

Although Lot of Leavin' Left To Do began the hour, it was the only Bentley-penned song played. Instead, Dierks took us for a ride in Ray's old buick, showcasing a lot of the songwriters that had hits with Ray Price, from 1956 forward. Like Crazy Arms, You Done Me Wrong (George Jones and Ray Price co-wrote), and a Bill Anderson penned tune--City Lights.

Bentley played Invitation To The Blues written by Roger Miller, matter -of-factly letting us know the song peaked at #3, but it just goes to show you don't need a #1 hit to have a big hit.

A natural story teller, he goes on to outline Ray Price's 1953 band - The Cherokee Cowboys. Who knew Roger Miller, Willie Nelson, and Johnny Paycheck were all in one band! What a treat for the 1950's audiences!

Dierks reminded us that even though we're all used to hearing Crazy sang by Patsy Cline, (a big hit in 1962 for her), that Ray Price recut it in 1967; his version only went to #73 but the cool piece of trivia is that Willie Nelson wrote it.

One of Bentley's favorite singer/songwriter's of all time, Kris Kristofferson wrote, For The Good Times, and it won Price a Grammy for Best Male Vocal Performance. The song went #1 in 1970.

Next on the Price play list is The Lonesomest Lonesome, written by Mac Davis. "I love the word lonesome," Dierks admits. For those of us who are lucky enough to own his 2001 independent album, "Don't Leave Me In Love," that word - lonesome - is laced between every other lyric on the CD!

Ray Price has had 109 charting singles in his career and might have a few more in him! He's one of our true icons, still singing on the Opry stage! Dierks obviously has a lot of respect for the great Ray Price.

This week's episode of THE THREAD, presented by Dierks Bentley, is now available for download from the audio archive on the Dierks Fans Message board. You will need to be registered to access this free audio. The show has been edited to remove advertising and lasts 48 minutes.


Hey Deeeeeeeeetroit! From the back of his pick-up truck, Dierks Bentley announces the May 14-16 artist line-up for the 2010 WYCD Hoedown in Detroit, Michigan that you have been waiting for! You may recall we asked you a few months ago to let WYCD know who you wanted to see at the 2010 Hoedown (Hint: Dierks Bentley)!

Watch the video here to find out if your favorite made the list. The complete, up to date schedule can be found on WYCD's website. I know one DBC rep, Shauna, is sooooo excited!


Today Only - Monday, March 29, go to and download "Somewhere in Mississippi" by Dierks Bentley.

Watch behind-the-scenes video — and get an exclusive one-day download — of the country star's original hit-in-the-making for the Esquire Songwriting Challenge, shot by Danny Clinch for the April issue if of Esquire magazine, on sale now!

Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the song!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Have you ever done anything crazy to meet Dierks Bentley? For one DB Congress rep, what might be considered crazy to some people, was just 'trying her luck' to Michelle from Maryland.

It was October 22, 2009, and Dierks had posted a message on Twitter that he was getting ready to board a train from New York to Baltimore for the show that night. So Michele begged one of her friends at work to go to the train station with her so she could get a picture taken with him.
"this yes steve, it is,...taking a train from nyc to baltimore." 12:41 PM Oct 22nd, 2009 via TwitPic
"Let me start by saying, I am not a stalker! I follow Dierks on Twitter and he said he was taking a train from New York to Baltimore. I checked to see when the train got in and went to the train station."

She knows that may sound crazy but it was only a few blocks from the train station in Baltimore where she works so she thought she'd try her luck.

"I finally got a girl from work to go with me since no one I work with likes country music. We were at the station for about 10 minutes and my friend said, "Oh my God there he is." When I turned around, I almost died. It was like a movie scene in slow motion (in my head) [every song another scene, from some old movie goin' back in time to you and me...]." Her friend asked, "What do we do?"

Michele, not about to waste this opportunity, grabbed her arm and walked over to Dierks. "I figured this may be my only chance to ever meet him. We got pictures with him and he was so nice to us. I was so nervous! He was with Steve Misamore, the drummer, and they were taking pictures of each other on their phones. He asked us if we were taken care of for that night's show. I'm not sure why we said yes. I was so excited I didn't even think to tell him we didn't have tickets for the show! I'm never lucky enough to get M&G passes, so I had to take matters into my own hands! I'm so glad we went and I'd do it again if I had the chance!"

Michele is hoping to win a M&G through the fan club for the May 19 Baltimore show! Well, Michele, seems like your luck is changing! But we're crossing our fingers for you just in case!

Friday, March 26, 2010

BENTLEY, EASTON MAKE GRAND ENTRANCE uses Dierks Bentley to compare to Easton Corbin:

NEW 'COUNTRY': Easton Corbin becomes the first solo male to cap Country Songs with a debut single in more than six years, as "A Little More Country Than That" steps 2-1.

Billboard country charts manager Wade Jessen notes that the song is the first by a male rookie to command Country Songs since Dierks Bentley's "What Was I Thinkin'," which crowned the chart dated Sept. 27, 2003. Before Bentley, the last male to make such a grand entrance was the artist that Corbin dethrones this week. Blake Shelton, who dips 1-6 with "Hillbilly Bone," reached No. 1 with his introductory hit "Austin" in 2001.

Even Dierks himself said how impressed he was with Easton, tweeting the following:

"just heard george straits new song...whoever wrote that wrote an instant classic. killer song...downloading album immediately."
An hour later...

"wow...huge mistake!!! and a totally honest one...easton corbin is who I was talking about. great song..."a little more country than that" 12:32 AM Oct 30th, 2009

Congratulations, Easton! It's a great song that deserved the #1 spot!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Multi-platinum country music star Dierks Bentley will partake in a historical event on April 18. He will perform live at the Dow Live Earth Run for Water--the largest global water initiative ever at Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The event's purpose is to raise funds to combat the worldwide water crisis.

The largest worldwide water initiative on record to help combat the global water crisis, the Dow Live Earth Run for Water is a series of 6km run/walks (the average distance many women and children walk every day to get water), culminating with water education villages and live musical performances. The events will take place in 100 cities in 50 countries--all simultaneously on Sunday, April 18, 2010.
"I'm looking forward to this event and helping bring attention to the global water crisis," said Bentley. "The run/walks that are happening on the same day across the world are a great reminder that we are all connected and that we are all responsible for helping each other. I've always loved playing in Minneapolis…lots of country music fans there, and I'm excited to be part of this historic event."
Additional support to raise awareness and funds to help solve the global water crisis has been announced by Rob Thomas, Melissa Etheridge, Pete Wentz, Angelique Kidjo, Alexandra Cousteau, Carl Lewis, Kara Goucher and Jenny Fletcher.

Funds raised through the Dow Live Earth Run for Water will benefit Global Water Challenge in its efforts to bring safe drinking water to millions of people around the world.

"The money raised from these events will help thousands of people in the developing world get access to clean drinking water. We look forward to investing these funds and impacting lives," said Paul Faeth, President of Global Water Challenge.

For more information about the Dow Live Earth Run for Water visit

This is just like Dierks and his caring heart to participate in something that will help the environment. I wonder how the President of Global Water Challenge will react to Dierks singing Feel That Fire on stage? Or should he cover Brad Paisley's "Water" instead?

Monday, March 22, 2010


Dierks Bentley continued his one hour Monday radio show, The Thread, on WSM AM 650 today, starting out his second week with "Country Road," his rockin' version of the Barbara Mandrell classic. The theme this week is Lower Broadway (Nashville, Tennessee) and BR549, circa 1995-1997, when Dierks first moved to town.
"I was wandering around Lower Broadway at 19, and hearing all these guys truly influenced me. of the great their start on Lower Broadway like so many of us did, I was in the crowd myself, absorbing all that great music."
Partial play list:

~BR549, The Honky Tonk Song
~Merle Haggard, Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down
~Faron Young, Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young
~Ray Price, Heartaches By The Numbers
~Hank Snow, I'm Moving On
~Hank William, Honky Tonk Blues
~Johnny Paycheck, A-11
~George Jones, White Lightning
~Jamie Hartford, Somebody Gonna Pay
~Webb Pierce, There Stands The Glass
~Gene Watson, Fourteen Carat Mind

Dierks says he's "having a blast hosting this show, on the air castle of the south," and weaved in some terrific trivia about the great singers that influenced him during the mid 90's on Lower Broadway.

~The Louvin Brothers, Cash on the Barrelhead. "Loved that song...sang it a bunch of times when I put together my own band," remembers Dierks. "They're one of my favorite bands."

~Marty Robbins, Singing The Blues. Dierks told us Marty was from Arizona (same as Dierks), and knowing a guy had made it in Nashville who also came from Arizona gave him faith.
"Reminiscing helps me move forward in the music that I'm making...been in the studio a bunch recently working on a new country/bluegrassy kind of thing I think you guys are gonna dig and we'll get that out to you as soon as possible, maybe even play a few tracks on our new show here."
You can hear and download The Thread from the Audio/Video section on

Be sure to tune in again next Monday, to hear Dierks and part two to the whole Lower Broadway discussion.


Set your DVR and calendar for Saturday, March 27 at 3:00 pm eastern time. GACTV's Suzanne Alexander hosts, "The Collection: Dierks Bentley," spending the hour with Dierks Bentley swapping stories and tracing back through his video career, reminiscing about the video shoots and the antics that occurred.

Here are a few of DB's videos to get you warmed up for Saturday!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Myspace Comments

What are the odds that three people would have so much in common? DB Congress reps, sftballgrl_04 Stephanie (DBC Historian), brockmeb Bonnie, and kimberlymo Kim, all are big Dierks Bentley fans, they all live in Missouri within hours of each other and they all have a birthday in March! Steph and Bonnie are celebrating today, March 21 and Kim's birthday is Tuesday, March 23!

I have had the pleasure of meeting all three of these ladies through various Dierks events. Originally, we all met via the Community but met in person at Last Call Ball and the Opry when Dierks was performing. Their common interest and geographic locale affords them many DRTs (Dierks Road Trips) together, since DB frequently tours in the midwest.

It's amazing how one common interest -- Dierks -- brings us together and holds us together.

Have a happy birthday, Steph, Bonnie and Kim! Hope your day is as special as you are!


Saturday, March 20, 2010


One of Dierks Bentley's Up On The Ridge tour stops is The Music Hall on May 7 in Portsmouth, New Hamphshire, featuring The Travelin' McCourys with special guest Hayes Carll. We have at least four NH DB Congress reps, but I know there's a lot more Dierks fans in the New England area looking forward to this show! refers to Bentley as a rising new country/bluegrass star. The Music Hall's Intimately Yours concert series programming manager, Therese LaGamma, said, "We've had our eye on Dierks for some time — watching his evolution. We're particularly impressed that he doesn't just repeat his successes — e.g.: on this tour, instead of bringing his country band, he's going to be backed by The Travelin' McCourys."


Introducing "Dierks Fans Radio!" DB Congress member, Nid from England (soon to be the U.S.), is testing out a server for a new live radio stream, broadcasting nothing but the dude's music. Housed on the website, you can see the entire list of upcoming Dierks Bentley music and talking on stage you will be listening to, and please feel free to leave any feedback in that thread.

You can listen to the radio stream live here. The stream should connect automatically, but if not, the Windows Media Player link works very well.

Here are just a few Dierks goodies you'll hear broadcasting. Go to to view the rest:
~Dierks Bentley and Friends - Delfest - Cumberland MD - 250508.
~Last Call Ball Concert - Nashville TN - 100609.
~Mountain Stage set - August 2007.

*EDIT: This is just a test phase. So the stream will only be on at certain times.


Dierks Bentley will perform at Coyote Joe's in Charlotte, NC on May 21. He called the Tanner in the Morning WSOC 103.7 radio show to talk about his new bluegrass album and his up coming stop in their city. I know DBC rep, Carrie is looking forward to that date!

Listen here:

Dierks on his new bluegrass album « WSOC 103.7

Interesting Tim and Steve will join Dierks and the Travelin' McCoury's, but Robbie and Rod will sitting this tour out?!


You may remember the "Dierks is Her George Jones" blog I did back in December 2009. Well, I thought it was such a powerful story that I emailed it to Steve Morley at Country Weekly, thinking it would be great for the "Draw A Star" section. He loved it so I put him in touch with Angela Mueller, DB Congress rep from Wisconsin, who created the Dierks Bentley illustration from Andrew Allen's photo, for her grahics design class.

True to his word, Steve featured Angela's artwork in the March 22, 2010 issue of Country Weekly magazine, page 56. Not only that, but he gave the story the entire page of Stars Up Close!

So Steve, you are our DB Congress honorary DBC Rep of the Month! Thanks so much for all your Dierks and DBC support! It means the world to us!

As for the rest of you readers, please go out and buy the March 22 issue and show your support for Country Weekly! You might even want to send a "thank you" email to Steve!

Congratulations, Angela! I know you're on Dierks Cloud #9!

DB Congress Chair

Friday, March 19, 2010


Dierks Bentley is continuing his nationwide "Miles & Music for Kids" celebrity motorcycle ride and concert series with a stop in Seattle on Sat., Sept.18. Presented by Nationwide Insurance, proceeds from the event will benefit the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The 45-minute ride will depart Destination Harley-Davidson of Tacoma (2302 Pacific Hwy E Tacoma, WA 98424) and travel to the Puyallup Fair (110 9th Ave SW Puyallup, WA 98371). Tickets for the family-friendly event go on sale March 27 here. Prices start at $25, with special VIP packages also available.

“With our events in Nashville and Phoenix down, we are already well into planning Dallas and now Seattle too,” says Bentley. “The Puyallup Fair said they’d like to partner with us for this one, so we jumped at the chance. The more folks we can get involved, the more money we can raise!”

Last year, Bentley joined forces with Nationwide Insurance, CMT ONE COUNTRY and the Children's Miracle Network to expand the successful "Miles & Music for Kids" event to six cities across the country in 2009 and 2010, with all proceeds benefiting Children's Miracle Network hospitals in those areas. Since it began in 2006, "Miles & Music for Kids" has raised over $1 million.

For the latest news, visit

I know at least one Puyallup DB Congress member who's been waiting for this date to be announced!

Four down and two cities to go! Can't wait for the dates and line-ups for Atlanta and Chicago M&M4K to be announced!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


When I saw this tweet from Dierks Bentley's PR firm, "The Green Room" today," I couldn't wait to find out more!
@thegreenroompr: Go "Somewhere In Mississippi" with @dierksbentley & @Esquiremag ! Download DB's song on 3/29, watch the preview here:
So the scoop is, Dierks was hand-picked by the men’s leading lifestyle magazine, Esquire to be part of their April Music Issue, on sale March 23.

Esquire asked five of their favorite musicians — Dierks Bentley, Charlie Mars, Bob Schneider, Griffin House, and Ben Kweller — to come to the Shack-Up Inn in Clarksdale, Mississippi, and take part in a two-day fashion shoot with world-famous photographer Danny Clinch.

"And to make things interesting, we also asked each of the musicians to take the Esquire Songwriting Challenge: write, perform, and record an original song with lyrics that include the phrase "Somewhere in Mississippi." For some of them, this became the title of their song and they used it time and again; for others, they used the phrase once before heading in another direction. The results are five songs as unique and entertaining as the men who created them."

Beginning March 29, each musician's song will be available on as a free download for one day only.

Hear a sneak preview by clicking on this link.

Esquire say's they'll also debut exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of each guy performing his song — kinda like the trailer you just watched — so don't miss your date with an exclusive download.

Monday, March 29 is Dierks Bentley's day, so mark your calendar!

I know all our Mississippi DB Congress reps are gonna be excited! Especially DBC Secretary, Amanda!


Monday, March 15, 2010


Posted by morgan on 15 Mar 2010
in Fan Club (

In anticipation of his upcoming bluegrass and acoustic roots inspired album, Up On The Ridge, Dierks is kicking off the UP ON THE RIDGE TOUR this April! Of course, we're giving first access to presale tickets to the DB Congress, and we hope you're ready!

Presales for all of the dates below EXCEPT for 4/30, 5/9, 5/20 and 5/22 will begin Wednesday, March 17 at 12PM Local Venue Time.

In addition to presale tickets, we're excited to offer the DB Congress first access to some special VIP packages! If you choose to purchase a VIP package, you will receive a Cut The Line pass or Premium Reserved Seat (when available), a CD pre-order of "Up On The Ridge" and a Dierks Bentley beer koozie along with your ticket purchase! As always, tickets are limited and available on a first come, first served basis, so get them fast!

4/21/10 - Wonder Ballroom (Portland, OR)
4/22/10 - Boulder Theater (Boulder, CO)
4/23/10 - Arnold Hall Ballroom (Colorado Springs, CO)
4/24/10 - The Parish (Austin, TX)
4/28/10 - 40 Watt Club (Athens, GA)
4/29/10 - Blind Horse Saloon (Greenville, SC)
4/30/10 - Merlefest (Wilkesboro, NC)**
5/02/10 - Bijou Theatre (Knoxville, TN)
5/03/10 - Jefferson Theatre (Charlottesville, VA)
5/04/10 - Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium (Athens, OH)
5/05/10 - Highline Ballroom (New York, NY)
5/06/10 - Showcase Live! (Foxborough, MA)
5/07/10 - The Music Hall (Portsmouth, NH)
5/08/10 - Higher Ground Ballroom (South Burlington, VT)
5/09/10 - Calvin Theatre & Performing Arts Center (Northampton, MA)*
5/11/10 - Port City Music Hall (Portland, ME)
5/12/10 - Theatre of the Living Arts (Philadelphia, PA)
5/13/10 - Mr. Smalls Theatre (Pittsburgh, PA)
5/17/10 - State Theatre (State College, PA)
5/18/10 - The National (Richmond, VA)
5/19/10 - Rams Head Live (Baltimore, MD)
5/20/10 - 6th & I Historic Synagogue (Washington, DC)*
5/21/10 - Coyote Joe's (Charlotte, NC)
5/22/10 - Ryman Auditorium (Nashville, TN)*
* presale information coming soon for these dates
** no presale available for this date

Presale tickets can only be accessed through the Fan Club page of


Dierks Bentley started a new venture today! The Legend 650 AM - WSM radio gave him his own show! For an hour every Monday, Dierks picks and grins (at least I could hear it in his voice!) and spins the songs and stories that deeply rooted him in the Nashville, Tennessee scene about 15 years ago.

"I'm so excited! I can't believe they let me take over the airwaves! Thanks for letting me take up an hour of your air time! I cannot believe they turned the controls over to me!"

If Bluegrass music makes your heart strings happy, then you won't want to miss this first show. Dierks talks proudly of his early days at The Station Inn (his favorite bar), where so many legendary Bluegrass musicians took him under their wing and taught him to love the genre. People like his favorite band, The Sidemen, a staple at The Station Inn. And Jason Carter. "Jason got me up to speed pretty quick on blugrass."

Yes, the experience every Tuesday night is where he got his daily dose of education and it left an indelible mark on his soul. So much so, that Dierks is now releasing a Bluegrass album this summer to pay homage.

You'll hear Dierks tell some trivia about Gene Wooten, "...a great friend in the Bluegrass community who's no longer with us." Dierks bought his first lawn mower from him for about $20. "He took me under his wing and taught me a lot about Bluegrass."

Dierks features The Grascals, Ronnie McCoury, Rob McCoury, Mike Bubb, Mike Compton, Flatt and Scruggs, Jimmy Campbell, Terry Eldgridge, Jimmy Martin, and George Jones - the greatest country singer of all time as far as Dierks is concerned - singing "Why Baby, Why."

The reason for calling the show The Thread, Dierks says, is to play all types of music each week -- Texas, Oklahoma, Americana, Country, and Bluegrass, showing us the common points between all these types of music. You can take a Bluegrass band with the fiddle, dobros, mandolins, banjos and still play 'Country' music.

The show ended with the father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe.

Ring the bell! Ring the bell! I'm ringing the virtual bell for Bentley! (Listen to show and you'll know what that means!)

Thanks to Nid and for the audio archive.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Dierks Bentley Fan Club presale tickets are on sale tomorrow, 3/15/10 for Arkansas and Pennsylvania! First access to presale tickets go to the DB Congress members! These presales will begin Monday, March 15, 2010 at 12PM Local Venue Time (and don't forget about Daylight Savings Time this weekend). As always, tickets are limited and available on a first come, first served basis, so don't wait to get them!

4/7/2010-Barnhill Arena (Fayetteville, AR)
4/9/2010-Decker Gym at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania(Mansfield, PA)

Presale tickets can only be accessed through the Fan Club page in the Community section, with the special link, so make sure you log in!

Oh, and Meet & Greets are still open for both shows so make sure you click on the "Request M&G" icon on the Tour page!

Good luck!

Also, don't forget tomorrow is the first day for Dierks' radio show on WSM 650 AM at 2 pm central time. "The Thread" is bound to tie you to the past, present and future of country music through our president's wit and talent! Listen online at!


Attention Dierks Bentley Congress reps! How many times have you talked to complete strangers about Dierks and not had anything to give that person to seal the deal? I have a small supply of 2010 DB Congress business cards that I ordered from Complete with the 2010 calendar on the back so you can circle all the Dierks tour dates, I will be glad to send a few to the first ten DBC reps who request!

You can also order your own from Vista Print. If you just print words, no graphics and nothing on the back, you only pay for shipping and handling. (about $5.95) for 250 cards. I always keep a small supply in my purse. And believe it or not, hubby keeps a few in his wallet! We have been known to hand these out in a crowd, standing in line at concerts, at restaurants, even at the grocery store! Anywhere we see or over-hear people talking about country music! We just start up a conversation, "I see you're wearing a Brad Paisley shirt--did you see him in concert with Dierks Bentley? Are you in Dierks' fan club? Here's a card-check it out."

Email me at to get your sample dierks cards!

Monday, March 8, 2010


New Album News: "Up On The Ridge" Posted by morgan on 08 Mar 2010 in News (

Singer/songwriter Dierks Bentley has said many times that if he hadn’t discovered bluegrass, he’d never have become a country singer or landed a record deal. His love for country was kindled by the energy and artistry of bluegrass, and he’s never lost his passion for it.

Now, seven years into one of the most distinguished and critically acclaimed country careers of modern times, Bentley has plunged deeply into acoustic roots music. The results of that creative journey will come out this summer as the very special new album Up On The Ridge.

Much more than just a bluegrass concept album with guests, Up On The Ridge features Bentley working with some of the finest acoustic musicians in the world, including long-time collaborators the Del McCoury Band and a magical new musical partnership with Chris Thile and the Punch Brothers. The disc also features a number of vocal and instrumental contributions ranging from Alison Krauss and Miranda Lambert to Tim O’Brien and Sam Bush, among many others.

“This album won’t come as a surprise to my hard core fans,” says Bentley. “They've asked me: ‘when are you going to make a bluegrass record?’ And I was just waiting for the right time.” So with a grueling tour behind him, Bentley felt liberated to pursue the project. And for his career home, Capitol Nashville, Up On The Ridge represents a rare and exciting opportunity to capture an artist working entirely from the heart.

“I didn’t want this to be ‘Dierks Bentley and friends’ or a ‘Dierks does bluegrass’ kind of album. I wanted each song to have something special about it, and in the end I think each song really does have its own thing going on.”

Those songs came from Bentley’s proven pen, as well as some unexpected sources, such as Bob Dylan. Working with an award-winning singer/songwriter/producer Jon Randall Stewart and world-class recording engineer Gary Paczosa, Bentley has crafted an album with rooted familiarity as well as big surprises. “It’s my version of bluegrass music,” he says. “It’s not just banjos cranked up to eleven. It throws out a big net.”

In the 1950s and 60s, bluegrass and country music overlapped, living side by side on the radio and in record bins. Even though that’s rarely the case today, Bentley sees no reason why he shouldn’t be able to pursue all the styles that influenced who he is as an American musician. He is clearly destined for a long career, and Up On The Ridge is likely to be regarded as one of its highlights.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Wanna hear a preview of what Dierks' new radio show titled, 'The Thread' on WSM might sound like? Click on this link and listen as Dierks 'ties it all together' with a feature from his old stomping grounds at The Station Inn.

*Thanks Meg for a great find!


Thanks to on Facebook for this video!

We thought you all might like to see Dierks (and other Country music celebrities), in this promotional video for Luke Bryan, regarding his bid to win ACM Top New Vocalist. Keep watching, as Dierks is in it quite a few times. Thanks so much to Sarah (Snd716) for the heads up.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I became a huge Luke fan because of Dierks! Luke opened for Dierks in 2008 and I was really impressed with his confidence on stage in Gainesville, Tampa, Estero and Atlanta. His voice is awesome! Go vote!


Obviously, the Academy of Country Music was NOT thinking about all of Dierks Bentley's outstanding achievements in 2009.

~Feel That Fire - the CD - debuts at #1
~Feel That Fire - the single reaches #1
~Sideways becomes seventh #1 single
~Dierks COVERS Country Weekly (April 13 & September 21)
~Dierks COVERS American Songwriter magazine MAY-JUNE!
~Dierks for charity: St. Judes, Nashville4Africa, Miles & Music 4 Kids
~Dierks performs for George Strait - Artist of the Decade show
~Received CMT International Artist Achievement Award
~People magazine (Country) names Dierks 1 of only 12 Country's Hottest Guys
~Awarded a CMT Music Award for Country Boy w/AJ, GS & BP

What were they thinkin' when they didn't nominate Dierks Bentley for TOP MALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR? Darius is great and he and DB are buds, but Dierks deserved that 5th spot.

What were they thinkin' when they didn't nominate Dierks Bentley's Feel That Fire for ALBUM OF THE YEAR? He stretched his vocals to new levels with FTF, debuting the album at #1, two number one singles (FTF and Sideways, one #2 single (I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes). Really? What's it gonna take?

What were they thinkin' when they didn't nominate Dierks Bentley for ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR? It's not like they had to stop at 5 nominees--there are 8--and it's fan voted. Bentley belts out his hits and bounces all over the stage every single night, engaging the crowd from front row to the rafters. He's like the energizer bunny--he's MY Entertainer of the Decade!

What were they thinkin' when they didn't nominate Dierks Bentley for SONG OF THE YEAR [Awarded to Composer(s)/Publisher(s)/Artist(s)]. Cowboy Cassanova? Really? Compared to the #1 Feel That Fire? Too bad Beautiful World wasn't released as a single--should have been Song of the Year.

What were they thinkin' when they didn't nominate Dierks Bentley and Patty Griffin's Beautiful World for VOCAL EVENT OF THE YEAR opting instead for Seeing Stars (Jack Ingram featuring Patty Griffin). No offense to Jack, but Beautiful World was so much more impactful and it was nominated for a Grammy!

What were you thinkin', db congress when you DIDN'T hear or read Dierks' name among the list of nominees?

Sound off in the comments below!

DB Congress Chair


Dierks Bentley's official website, has a new home page! Check it out and join the DB Congress (fan club) today! Get access to pre-sale tickets, Meet & Greets with Dierks and more! Go to now!

Already a fan club member? Want to vote and promote Dierks a few minutes every day? Leave a comment with your username and the state or country you represesent and we'll list you here on on the Representatives page!

Join the fun! Be a part of our DB family!


Last March, Dierks Bentley was named the hottest guy in country in the US103.5 online "March Men's Madness" contest. DB Congress members and Dierks Bentley fans everywhere voted relentlessly and beat Tim McGraw by a hair - 51% to 49%.

It's time to do it again, congress! Start voting for Dierks in Tampa Bay country station US103.5's new online contest, "Country's Hottest Hunk".

Dierks is up against his buddy Zac Brown in the first round, so start voting now and get all your family and friends to vote! We need a repeat for our president!

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Dierks Bentley will host a one-hour weekly radio show for 650 WSM AM beginning March 15. Every Monday at 2 pm central, Dierks will kick off a series of new midday shows hosted by award-winning artists. The three weekly one-hour shows hosted by Dierks, Pam Tillis and Jim Lauderdale will air Monday through Wednesday at 2 p.m. CT. The shows can also be heard online at or as podcasts via iTunes.

CMA award-winner Bentley leads off on Mondays with his show "The Thread." Here's what Dierks had to say about his new DJ responsibilities:
"650 AM WSM is a country music institution...I can't believe they are turning the controls over to me for an hour every's the most fun I've had in a long time. Putting this radio show together is the most fun I’ve had in a long long time. I named it ‘The Thread' because it's my chance to go back to all the music that influenced’s the artists and songs that tie us all together as a genre. I get to pick the music, tell stories and do just about whatever I want with that’s anything goes."
"We look forward to having these diverse artists as part of the station line-up," WSM Operations Manager Joe Limardi said. "It'll be exciting to listen to them taking their turn on the other side of the microphone, stepping into the shoes of renowned station DJs that have filled the airwaves for 85 years. WSM continues to be on the cutting edge of programming like no other radio station in the country through digital media and an expanded playlist to encompass 'all things country.'"

650 AM WSM's first official broadcast day was October 5, 1925. The station is the radio home of the Grand Ole Opry, which has been broadcast live over the airwaves since its inception. WSM can be picked up in 38 states on 650 AM and worldwide on