Saturday, January 31, 2009


Check back the first day of each month for that months events!

1 Charleston, WV - SOLD OUT!
3 Feel That Fire Album Release
3 The Today Show
5 The Today Show couch time
5 Live with Regis and Kelly
6 WQYK Tampa, FL Fan party at Hard Rock Hotel
7 Bud Shoot Out pre and post concert, Daytona International Speedway
12 London, ON
13 Hamilton, ON
14 Ottawa, ON
14 Windsor, ON
17 Winnipeg, MB
18 Regina, SK
19 Skatoon, SK
20 Edmonton, AB
21 Calgary, AB
24 Vancouver, BC
26 Spokane, WA
27 Portland, OR
28 Tacoma, WA

Thursday, January 29, 2009


After taking a hiatus from work in June 2008, I finally had plenty of time to delve more deeply into the website and the DB Congress thread in particular. I ordered my T-shirt, my bracelet and then wondered if anyone was doing bumper stickers or car decals. I quickly found out Donna (DBC TX Rep) had a friend who was a printer and he could help with DB Congress decals. We spent weeks coming up with ideas and posting them on the DB Congress thread in Dierksville getting feedback and suggestions from other members. We ended up with 3 awesome designs to choose from.

I had a M&G in July 2008 and brought some decals to Dierks. He absolutely loved them and was very excited to find out it was a collaborative effort of many Congress Reps. He asked, “Can I keep some of these?” “Of course,” I replied, “ this whole stack is for you.” He seemed really happy about that and even posed for a picture holding 2 of the different options.
My favorite thing about the decals is when people see them on my car and ask me about them. I tell them all about Dierks, the website and DB Congress. It’s such a great way to spread the word of Dierks. If even one person I talk to logs on to the website, joins the fan club or buys a CD, then I’ve done what I set out to do--promote the most talented, hardworking person in country music today. It is an amazing feeling to feel such a part of something bigger than myself and that’s exactly what Dierks and the DB Congress have done for me.

Interested in promoting Dierks everywhere YOU go? E-mail Alicia at . Decals are $2.75 (that is cost, no profits are ever made).

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Here's your chance to make your vote count! Select only Dierks current video each time you vote. Polls are open Friday through Wednesday and you can votes as many times as you like! Vote now. Vote often. Make Dierks #1 on CMT Pure 12-Pack Countdown.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Monday through Friday - VOTE and KEEP Dierks in the Top 20
Video Countdowns on CMT and GACTV!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Most people think fan clubs are for ladies only. But Kentucky DB Congress rep, David, is definitely a guy, who can't live down all the teasing us ladies dole out. Hey I might be making me a reputation of going my own way and I can't live it down.

Daughter Mallory is David's pride and joy, but when she turned him on to Dierks' music, it became his inspiration. "What Dierks has done for me is created a very strong bond between my daughter and I. It's a common thing that we have together which always gives us something to talk about. It allows us to communicate every day...and that is priceless."

David is a huge DB Congress supporter and is constantly coming up with new ideas. He "hand made" a large DBC banner to fly high in the sky in concert parking lots. Yes, ladies, he actually threaded the bobbin and sewed the edges!

And if you are looking to promote Dierks on your car window, here is a pic of the "Congress Cling." He would love to send one to any congress member who wants to display it. Like Tara's bracelets they are free! It's not about the money, he declares, "it's about spreading the word of Dierks Bentley, his music, and the DB Congress!" To order the DBC window cling, email David with your mailing address at

Sunday, January 18, 2009


'Round every bend I only see--DB Congress Ts! Such was the case on a HOTlanta concert day in May 2008. Representing Georgia, Florida, Alabama and North Carolina, DBC reps Tammy, Staci, Debra and Tanya show off their DB shirts and derrieres--catch you on the flip side, baby! What a great way to promote Dierks--in the parkin' lot of the Lakewood Amphitheater, surrounded by 10,000+ concert-goers...and future DB Fan Clubbers and Congress reps! Join DB Congress as soon as you can! Want your own DBC "T"? Just email Mona at


The DB Bracelet continues to spread across the nation (and the world). Tara is doing an INCREDIBLE job in keeping wrists wrapped with Dierks. She buys these herself with her own money and mails them to anyone who wants one. She also sends supplies of DB Bracelets to DBC reps to hand out for free at Dierks concerts. Follow the "db bracelet band's" journey on the MYSPACE page and LEARN HOW YOU CAN GET YOURS !!


Janet in Colorado makes candy wrappers with pictures and song lyrics of Dierks and the band and db congress, and wraps it around Hershey's miniatures, Smarties, Dum Dum lolipops ("Don't be a dum dum, join the DB fan club")--any wild idea will work! We give the candy out at concerts to "promote" Dierks, the congress and the fan club. SWEET IDEA JANET! Now fans can REALLY experience how Sweet & Wild Dierks really is!