Thursday, January 29, 2009


After taking a hiatus from work in June 2008, I finally had plenty of time to delve more deeply into the website and the DB Congress thread in particular. I ordered my T-shirt, my bracelet and then wondered if anyone was doing bumper stickers or car decals. I quickly found out Donna (DBC TX Rep) had a friend who was a printer and he could help with DB Congress decals. We spent weeks coming up with ideas and posting them on the DB Congress thread in Dierksville getting feedback and suggestions from other members. We ended up with 3 awesome designs to choose from.

I had a M&G in July 2008 and brought some decals to Dierks. He absolutely loved them and was very excited to find out it was a collaborative effort of many Congress Reps. He asked, “Can I keep some of these?” “Of course,” I replied, “ this whole stack is for you.” He seemed really happy about that and even posed for a picture holding 2 of the different options.
My favorite thing about the decals is when people see them on my car and ask me about them. I tell them all about Dierks, the website and DB Congress. It’s such a great way to spread the word of Dierks. If even one person I talk to logs on to the website, joins the fan club or buys a CD, then I’ve done what I set out to do--promote the most talented, hardworking person in country music today. It is an amazing feeling to feel such a part of something bigger than myself and that’s exactly what Dierks and the DB Congress have done for me.

Interested in promoting Dierks everywhere YOU go? E-mail Alicia at . Decals are $2.75 (that is cost, no profits are ever made).

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  1. Thanks Alicia (WI buddy)
    I ordered one of each and I love them. Great job!