Thursday, November 28, 2013

Trucks and Cars and Planes, Oh My! Dierks Bentley Enjoys His Rides

Dierks Bentley loves to go fast. Whether he's touring non-stop for days or in one of his many motor vehicles--he's got a truck, a car, jeep, a motorcycle, a boat, a bus, an ATV and even a plane --everything but a train--could his next ride be a NASCAR stock car?  Check out this article/interview from
"I just took a lap in the pace car and I wish I could have taken it for a spin. I think I could do all right. I had go-karts as a kid and I raced them, so I think it be comparable (laughs). No, even just being in the pace car, sitting shotgun, going into the corners, going whatever speed we were going. I think in the backstretch we were going 140 and under 100 in the corners. Even that, you could feel the “G’s” and feel the pull and I could see how it would be pretty exhausting after doing that for real, three times the speed with other cars around you all day long..."
A week before the last race of the season, Dierks popped up on the schedule as the opening show before the Homestead Miami Speedway race on November 17.  Living in Florida, I couldn't pass it up!  So I drove 10 hours round trip, picked up Sherrie on the way, and ran in to Dierks in - of all places -- the fan zone.  How appropriate.  He saw us first-before we saw him-and took time to take a picture, thank us for coming and comment on our attire, before walking in to the media center-probably to do that interview.  I was reppin' the Miles and Music Shirt and Sherrie donned a little white tank top.  So we're thinkin' this last part could be about us!

On what it's like to learn from someone the impact a song has had on them:
You meet those fans and that’s what fuels you. Bumped into a couple out here that were wearing my stuff and they come out here and they are sweating, they’re sunburned, but they’re excited to be here and you use that little extra boost, not that you even need it. What we do does matter and these songs get woven into the thread of people’s lives.




In case you're wondering about Dierks' other rides, here is some history:

His Truck - Big White - has over 200,000 miles and is the subject of the first verse of  "I Hold On."

His Car - a 1967 Camero - caught fire one night and Charles Kelley from Lady A was there.

His Jeep - a 1977 CJ7 - is often spotted with Dierks driving through parking lots of venues, saying hi to fans

His Motorcycle - a Harley - leads the pack every year at his Miles and Music For Kids Charity event

His Boat - a pontoon named the S.S. Grizzled Veteran - a houseboat he used to live on 10-12 years ago

His Bus- Old Goldie - turned a million - miles that is, somewhere around the Canada/US border last February.

His ATV - an end-of-tour gift from Miranda Lambert, ended up in a tree

His Plane - a custom Cirrus SR22T Xi - so he can get to and from shows, and back home to his family faster

Now about that train.... could it be true? "Train's a comin' / It'll be here 'fore too long."

DB Congress Chair (FL)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dierks Gets 'Lucky' at the Final No Show George Jones Tribute

The “Playing Possum: The Final NO SHOW” tribute concert was held Friday night, November 22, 2013 at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN.  More than 100 artists performed, and Dierks Bentley was lucky enough to be one of those artists to honor his friend, George Jones.

George's wife Nancy described it as a family reunion.  Dierks said "it's like "The  Awards Meets `Field of Dreams'," according to a tweet from David Wild (@Wildaboutmusic).

Travis Tritt shared this photo on Twitter of him and his wife, Bobby Bare, Miranda, Blake and Dierks from backstage:

Singing, "I Always Get Lucky With You," Dierks poured his heart and soul into the classic Jones song.  USA Today correspondent for Nashville, Brian Mansfield tweeted:
"You can tell  has spent lots of time studying how to sing like . It pays off for "I Always Get Lucky With You.""
A play by play from The Tennessean showed Dierks played at 8:33 p.m., and afterward, Ralph Emery said “One of my favorite singers,” shaking his hand after the performance.

A few DB Congress reps were 'lucky' enough to be there in person. Ashley Wardrip says she doesn't remember much, "other than he was amazing, I was very excited, and after he was done I was ready to leave!  Everything was so rushed because they had so many artists there; they announced him, he sang, and left.

Special thanks to Ashely's friend Cathey Morris for sharing her video with us of the special moment!  At the end, Dierks holds up his guitar, as if to George in heaven, and said, "God Bless George Jones."

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Because of Dierks Bentley, Kids at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital Have Hope

Because of Dierks Bentley, kids at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN have hope.  

Dierks' 8th annual Miles And Music For Kids charity event started off on Sunday, November 3, 2013 with a motorcycle ride from Harley-Davidson in Columbia, TN and over 1,000 bikers rode to the Riverfront downtown Nashville for a full line up concert.  Many DB Congress reps were among the riders.

"Charitable gifts are critical to our fight to find treatments and cures for childhood illness and injury that will reach well beyond our region and potentially save the lives of millions of children," states the hospital's website. It goes on to say, "Gifts of any size matter and support hope and healing at Children’s Hospital." 

This year, Bentley's event raised $307,296 for the kids--that's a lot of hope and healing!  And he broke his own  record, with that being the largest one day amount in the event's history.  All total, this event has raised over $2.5 million dollars in eight years for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals across the country.

As soon as Dierks signed the over-sized check, the little girl in the pink hoodie (a patient at the hospital), literally 'took the money and ran' off the stage!

Photo by Harriett Watkins

Artists who performed to the nearly sold out crowd of 10,000 included Tyler Reeves who warmed up the audience while waiting for Bentley and the riders to arrive.  Jake Owen, Brett Eldredge, Chase Rice, Easton Corbin and Luke Bryan followed.
Every year, the support from the fans for these events catches me off-guard,” said Bentley. “I shouldn’t be surprised because the country music community is the first to open their wallets to help out, but this year they were lined up before the sun was even up."

On stage, Dierks thanked not only the fans, but all the artists who gave their time for the good of the kids:
" the guys that showed up and played on this stage today that gave up their time, but equally as important, if not more guys [the fans], spending the money and time to come out and and're the reason why we all get to do this and we are just so thankful for the success you have given me and all these guys to a great cause like the Vanderbilt Children's thank you guys."

See photo slide show from The Tennessean here.

Because of Dierks Bentley, hundreds of fans have become good friends over the last 8-10 years.  Meeting through the fan club, the DB Congress gathered the night before to support Dierks by signing get well cards for the kids in the hospital. Nearly 30 reps from 14 states assembled to meet new Dierks fans and reminisce with old friends.  The camaraderie is amazing.

Photos below by Laci Kent Photography.  See more of her photos of Miles and Music For Kids here.

Brett Eldredge

Chase Rice - "I'm going out on tour w/ Dierks next near...not sure I was supposed to tell yet."

Dierks brought this little girl on stage and then gave her a signed guitar after the show

L to R: Brian Layson, Cassady Feaby, Dierks, Dan Hochhalter and Tim Sergent on banjo in the background



Easton Corbin led a sing along to "Roll With It"

Jake Owen 

Luke Bryan.  While Luke was singing, Dierks' daughters Evie and Jordan
 were side stage dancing, while Dierks himself was singing along to every word

Once the sun set behind the Nashville buildings, the temperature dropped; but that didn't stop DB Congress from showing their support of their favorite artist with "I Hold On" Little White Tank Tops, which Dierks seemed to really appreciate.  He sprinkled in "I Hold On" white tanks tops into the song lyrics for "What Was I Thinkin," "Sideways," and even the namesake song itself.

Watch the Nashville Country Club's video interviews of Dierks, Easton Corbin, Eric Close (Nashville TV show) and DB Congress NC rep, Sandra Grubb here.

DBTV recap by Ryan "Flash" Silver:

Because of Dierks Bentley, it was a memorable weekend for a great cause.