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Rated by AOL Radio listeners, Dierks Bentley makes the list twice for the Top Ten Country Songs of 2009.

By Sara D. Anderson...

10) Justin Moore: 'Small Town USA'

9) Dierks Bently: 'Sideways'
Backed with electric guitar and banjo, this playful tune about about picking up a girl at a bar reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

8) Keith Urban: 'Only You Can Love Me This Way'
7) George Strait: 'Living for the Night'
6) Kenny Chesney: 'Out Last Night'

5) Dierks Bentley: 'I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes'The second Bentley song on this top country songs list, this sexy yet romantic ballad is about commitment and a sense of home. Bentley says of the tune: "One of the best compliments I can get is when a guy comes up to me and says that one of my songs helped him out at home...maybe helped him smooth something over with his girlfriend or wife. That's the goal with this one."

4) Luke Bryan: 'Do I'
3) Lady Antebellum: 'Need You Now'
2) Jason Aldean: 'Big Green Tractor'
1) Brad Paisley: 'Then'


Ever heard Dierks Bentley sing a Waylon Jennings song live in concert? I have, and I can tell you D's voice fits perfectly into the Waylon groove. So much so that he's recorded a song for a tribute album. He usually covers Ain't Livin' Long Like This, but decided on Lonesome, Or'nry and Mean for the tribute song.

Dierks Bentley Joins Friends on Waylon Jennings Tribute Album

A few good ole boys and girls are coming together to record a tribute album to the late
Waylon Jennings. Jessi Colter, Waylon's widow, says she's already heard some of the tracks and promises, "It's going to be an incredible album. It's a very organic, heartfelt tribute, unlike any other tribute album."Among the artists who've contributed is Dierks Bentley.

Jessi raves about Dierks' take on 'Lonesome, Or'nry and Mean,' saying, "He did a real gravely voice version that is to die for. I called him and said 'Dierks, you just really broke my heart singing this song.'"

Jessi and Dierks, who are both from Arizona, have also struck up a friendship. She recently participated in Dierks' Miles for Kids motorcycle ride in Phoenix.

Read the rest of the story here.

Here's Dierks and Josh Thompson singing 'Lonesome, Or'nry and Mean:

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Dierks Bentley's three videos in 2009 are up for vote on GACTV's Top 50 videos! Voting ends Monday, November 30th, so please pull out all the stops on this campaign, congress! Vote daily, ask your family and friends to vote daily, and ONLY vote for Feel That Fire, Sideways, and I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes. That's our best chance to get our prez 3 spots on the list where he deserves to be!

I know the stength of DB Congress can make it happen! Thanks for all your support!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Mother/daughter team Jennifer and Debbie of Country Music Cares and their family started "Christmas Kids" over 10 years ago by providing presents like coats, clothes, shoes, and toys to needy kids who would receive little or nothing for Christmas without their help.

This year, CMC is holding an ebay auction of country music artist autographs, with proceeds going to the kids.

Whitney Duncan fans on Twitter, decided to donate $0.10 for every new follower until the 10th of December. Upon posting that article & beginning to Tweet the word many other fan Twitters have joined the effort--dubbed "Ten Until Ten" -- including DB Congress!

In addition, DB Congress will donate an additional 10 cents to any follower who joins the Dierks Bentley Fan Club and DB Congress between now and December 10th!

If you're not on Twitter, join us now! If so, please tweet to all your followers! If you'd like to contribute, send me an email to


Myspace Comments
Thanksgiving Comments - Myspace Comments

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Dierks Bentley Congress friends! I am so thankful for the friendships and the memories. Have a blessed holiday!

To Dierks, Rod, Robbie, Steve and Tim and all the crew--thank you so much for all the beautiful music and memories in 2009!


With all I've got to be thankful for
I should be doing so much more
I know

A Better Believer would look to the skies
And shout "hallelujah" with tears in his eyes
Open his heart and start givin it all away
When I take a hard look at myself
And count my blessings I can't but help
But wonder if there's been some kind of mistake
This life of mine should belong to a better believer

~Dierks Bentley, Rivers Rutherford

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Tony Thomas, KMPS radio DJ/Music Director, tweeted the following on Twitter yesterday:

"How cool is this? Go #9! The Rise of Kahne - A new DVD about Kasey Kahne, narrated by @dierksbentley!"

The Rise of Kahne - New Kasey Kahne DVD

Kasey Kahne | MySpace Video


Thanks to Jill (Dearpie), an inaugural member of the Arizona DB Congress who was right up front for the November 21, 2009 Miles and Music For Kids concert. She got some great shots of Dierks Bentley and specials guests like Jessi Colter, Jimmy Wayne, Stoney Larue, and Roger Kline and the Peacemakers.

Whoa! Where did his right hand go? It's magic!

Rod Janzen, Dierks Bentley, Jimmy Wayne

Rod Janzen, Jimmy Wayne, Jessi Colter, Roger Kline, Dierks, Steve Misamore, Robbie Harrington

OK, congress. I need a caption for this pic! Best answer wins a prize!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This week on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart, Dierks Bentley's latest single, "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes" took an unexpected leap over Taylor Swift's "Fifteen" to land at #7, inching ever-so-closer to the Top 5! It beat out "Fifteen" by a mere 16,000 audience impressions!

On Billboard's Indicator Chart (which, you'll remember, is the smaller-market's chart) it's already up to #5 ... I wonder if that chart will continue to be a sign of things to come?

Next week, I expect IWMYCYE to stay at #7. It's growing at roughly the same pace as the songs in front of it, and it's going to be at least 2-3 weeks before "Cowboy Casanova" and "Need You Now" fall enough in audience for it to surpass them. That, coupled with the Holiday weekend and a propensity for radio to start playing Holiday music, will likely be enough to hold things as they are currently for probably the next week.

I'm sorry I don't have more information to share with you this week, but I hope each and every one of you who is celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday has a wonderful and safe holiday. Please know that I am thankful to be part of such an amazing and awesome community -- I'm blessed to know each of you and thankful that our Prez brought us all together!

~ Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC)

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Dierks Bentley stopped by the Phoenix Children's Hospital:

{Source: Meg}

Then, posted the following article on their website:

Phoenix's homegrown country star, Dierks Bentley, attracted about 3,500 motorcycle riders and music fans to Tempe Marketplace on Saturday for a fundraiser for Phoenix Children's Hospital.

"I'm just the bartender at this event, mixing things up," Bentley said before leading 300 motorcyclists on a ride that started at Buddy Stubbs Harley-Davidson in north Phoenix and ended in Tempe.

"We have all these great bands, riders and fans getting together for a good cause," he said. Bentley, who has topped the country charts and sold millions of albums, was joined on stage by Nashville stars Stoney LaRue and Jimmy Wayne, Tempe's Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, and Scottsdale's Jessi Coulter.

His rides have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Children's Miracle Network, which includes Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Saturday's ride marked the first time Bentley has staged his Miles and Music for Kids ride outside of Nashville, which is now his home.

Debi Pompo of Paradise Valley, who took part in the ride, said, "They did a good job of putting this together. It was great to see everybody coming together, even though (economic) times are really tough."

Rider D.J. Bean of Paradise Valley said, "Dierks seems great. He's been a good sport."

The atmosphere at Tempe Marketplace was festive, under mild weather with Mark Curtis of Channel 12 News acting as emcee.

"I love it out here," said Bentley, who will stay in the Valley for a few days and return in late December.

"Dierks has bent over backwards to meet with the kids," said Will Mandeville of the Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation. He added that Bentley toured the hospital Friday and sang for children in a playroom.

Buddy Stubbs, who owns the Harley dealership where the ride started, said Saturday that Bentley will perform at his store for Arizona Bike Week, on April 16.


KMLE Country 108's Tim and Willy went out and supported Dierks Bentley in his event to raise money for the Phoenix Children's Hospital. They started their ride at Buddy Stubbs Harley Davidson and rode to Tempe Marketplace. Tim and Willy hosted an after ride party at Cadillac Ranch.

We're hoping to get some DB Congress rep/fan stories and pics to share with you on the concert portion of this worthy fund-raising event. Stay tuned!


Dierks was on Good Morning Arizona on Friday (they gave him a cake for his birthday), the day before the Phoenix Miles & Music For Kids event. Watch the video interview below where he talks about M&M4K, growing up in AZ, moving to Nashville, giving back, being approachable, country fans' loyalty, balancing family time, his boots, his birthday wish, and his wife Cassidy getting him something "black" for his bday...

*Thanks to Meg, DBC rep in FL, for providing the link to the video!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Myspace Graphics

On this 20th day of November, 2009, we the members of the DB Congress (Dierks Bentley Fan Club), do enthusiastically celebrate our president's 34th birthday! Today is a time to celebrate yesterday's accomplishments, and tomorrow's opportunities, a time to be grateful for family and friends, for good times and good fortune a time to look with aniticipation toward hopes and dreams come true.

Happy Birthday, Dierks! You mean the world to us and we will continue to work toward making and keeping you number ONE! We think 2010 is gonna be YOUR year! We want to help make all your dreams come true!

Love Always,

Your DB Congress
(see Rep page for all names)

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Shonda, DBC Rep in Kentucky, just joined the Dierks Bentley Fan Club in October and was fortunate to get her first M&G for the 11/14 Lexington show! Here's her story:

My Dierks Bentley Meet/Greet and Concert Experience
November 14, 2009 - Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY

I Actually Got to “Come A Little Closer."

We got an early start the night of the Dierks Bentley concert in my home town of Lexington Kentucky, after a quick dinner my friend Heather and I headed over to Rupp Arena. The email I had received about my meet and greet said to be there no later than 6 pm, so we figured the earlier we went the better. We parked my truck and as we started to cross the street I looked at Heather and said “is that sound check or a car stereo?” because I could hear music but it wasn’t clear. As we got across the street and on the sidewalk by Rupp we heard it clearly. We looked at each other and screamed, “SOUNDCHECK!” Dierks was singing “Dixieland Delight,” so like two little girls we pressed our ears up to the building to hear better. I’m sure the cops sitting a little ways down the road were having a good laugh at us 30-something-year-olds acting like 3 year olds at Sesame Street Live.

We went inside and I got my information about the M&G which wasn’t until 7:30 and it was almost 5 at that time, so we walked around for a while,then waited near the doors so we could get in quickly.

At 7 pm my nerves started kicking in as the doors opened and security checked us and let us in. We found the floor access stairwell and headed down to where I was supposed to be for my M&G. This was my FIRST ever M&G. Luckily Ronna was on Twitter and reminded me to breathe--that Dierks was really sweet and not to be nervous! (Thanks for that btw!)

I saw someone in line wearing a DBCongress shirt and started talking to her (Vanessa) when another member showed up (Rebecca) and I started to feel more relaxed knowing they were just as nervous as I was.

We were taken to the M&G area and given the lowdown on what to expect. I was watching the area to my left thinking Dierks would come out by catering (looked like a hallway that would lead to a dressing room to me) when he came out to my immediate right and said “Hey guys!” At that point he put his arms around Vanessa and Rebecca (darn it, I had let Vanessa get in front of me! WHAT WAS I THINKING?) Then he went to the front of the line to start the picture taking process, and I was immediately mesmerized.

I was only like fifth in line but it seemed to take FOREVER to get up there. He put his arm around me and took our picture, then took my “Modern Day Drifter” CD cover and asked me my name. I told him and got the immediate “How do you spell that?”(got that my whole life!) So I told him and he started writing. Then I said “Yeah, it’s Honda with an S.” He got this look on his face and leaned down and said, “So it’s an O?”, “uh yeah” “ummm I need to make a correction” he said and he smiled at me. I think I really didn’t care at that point WHAT he called me. But he fixed it and handed it to me.

Being the goofy fan girl I am, I had taken a gift for Evie from my son Adam (they’re 6 months apart in age—in fact their birthday’s are reverse from each other Adam is 04/10/08 and Evelyn is 10/04/08, a fact I find intriguing). I had enclosed a card with a note from Adam and a picture of him for Evie. Dierks told me I didn’t have to do that, buying a ticket and being there was gift enough. He started to look at the picture as I was walking away, then he hollered at me “How old is he?” I told him “Nineteen months old.” He grinned and said “He’s cute—gotta keep him away from Evie.” He then told me he’d read the card on the bus if that was ok. I honestly don’t know what I said then since I was still reeling because he said my kid was cute!

He continued with the picture taking when I got a Twitter update (imagine that) and my phone started playing “What Was I Thinking?” I sheepishly tried to turn it off before it went through the whole chorus, when he stopped what he was doing, pointed at me and laughed and said, “I like that! That’s cool! Glad it wasn’t something like Kenny Chesney instead!” and smiled. I could only think...I hope no one CALLS me; it’ll play “Sideways!”

We had our group picture and I got to be right in front of him when that one was taken (I’m dying to see that pic!). Then we had some Q/A time with him, he discussed the Coal Mining Protest issue (he wasn’t protesting BTW) that was a mix up,(ask me if you want details), and answered a few more questions. No plans of making Evelyn a big sister anytime soon—one child is manageable; and the boys were doing well. Someone asked about doing “House of Gold” and he said this wasn’t a good venue for that song, and I mentioned we heard DLD on the way in. I felt like such a dork when I admitted to HIM we were pressed against Rupp Arena to hear it. He thought it was cool we could hear it outside.

While he answered a few more questions I kept snapping the camera then he stopped in the middle of a sentence looked at me and smiled a cute cheesy grin then went right back to talking—it was GREAT!

Chris told him he had about 60 more people to see and he told him, “THIS is my fan club, THEY are what’s important!” But he was reminded that the Radio station people were there too—so he admitted WBUL had been good to him and he’d better see their folks too! He gave each of us a big hug as we left. I was so excited I nearly left my camera bag/purse on the table!

The concert was AMAZING! He started it off with “Sideways” and did selections from each of his CD’s along with tributes to some of HIS favorite acts, and he ended the show with “Folsom Prison Blues.” Heather and I had floor seats in the sixth row behind the pit so I was able to get some GREAT pictures.

As the concert was ending and the crowd was starting to thin out while Dierks was still running around on the stage, I had my camera up taking pics. Dierks went to the end of the ramp closest to us. He looked right at me and pointed, smiling! Heather smacked me and I nearly dropped the camera I got so excited—what a way to end a PERFECT night!

I’m ready for my next DB concert, and think I’m even ready to road trip for one! I’ve already warned my friends and family I WILL be talking about this experience for a LONG time to come! So they have to deal with it! I think it’s really cool too, that I’ve even made a few new friends through the fan club and DB Congress!

I think it' pretty cool, too, Shonda! Welcome to the DBC family!


Our DB Congress president, Dierks Bentley, has three music videos nominated for GAC's Best 50 Music Videos of 2009! You can vote through November 30 for you favorite. Dierks is counting on his DBC to vote "Feel That Fire," "Sideways," and "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes" all the way to the top!

Vote once per day by clicking HERE.

*(HINT: Only vote for the three Dierks videos to help increase their chances of making the Top 50!)


Last week, we showed you a picture of Mona, DB Congress rep in Iowa, and Director of Promotions (DBC Tshirts), who ventured out on a double DRT (Dierks Road Trip) and ended up with more memories than miles! She shared her story with us below...

The Val Air Ballroom in Des Moines, Iowa is all general admission. So the plan was for me to arrive as early as possible. I arrived at 5:30 am! Nicole arrived around 6:30. We watched the buses arrive before 8am. Kristen and her mom got there about 11, and shortly afterwards others started rolling in. I hadn't seen Kristen in over a year, great to see her again. It was a typical stand in line, take turns for bathroom breaks kind of day. For November it wasn't as cold as it could have been, but we felt the chill!

The venue opened about 6:30 and it was a mad rush to the front. Brandi got our spot dead center, right in front of Dierks' mic. It wasn't long before the beer started spilling. Someone bumped Nicole and when she started to apologize, I laughed it off saying,"well Dierks has started drinking already"--the beer hit the photo of Dierks on my shirt, right in the face! By the time the night was over, my clothes were probably quite drunk!

We were right up against the stage right in front of him! The stage was just slightly higher than my waist and no barricade. You know how Dierks takes someone's beer? He took Nicole's. He was holding it up directly over my head and I felt a drop of moisture hit my face. I was thinking, Dierks spilled beer on me? Then I realized, that's not beer, it was sweat! It was so hot in there! Just a few songs in and all of the guys were sweating! By the night's end, Dierks didn't have a dry spot on his shirt! I watched the sweat roll off of his arm and down his acoustic guitar! Ever notice the sweat stains on it? That's how close I was!

The last beer to spill on me did originate with Dierks. He brought two bottles out looking for the person whose beer he had taken earlier. Nikki, a new Dierks fan, grabbed one of the bottles. At the end of the show she spilled some of it down my back. Let me tell you, the beer in his bottles is so much colder than what's being served in cups!

I can't recall the exact set list. He played the hits. He did LONG TRIP ALONE, my fave. He also did Better Believer, so awesome. His acoustic set was different. He talked about his influences, played Hank JR, Alabama, and Waylon.

This pic ended up on Dierks' Twitter page from a different angle. His caption was: "michael jordan could not have made this toss! reminds me of a scene from the movie weird science..more than handful!thx des moines#fb. It reminds me of the song, "That Don't Make It Easy Lovin' Me" (When she threw it on my mic stand I figured they were probably double-Ds):

One of my favorite memories of this show is the look on Dierks face. Several times I saw him step off to the side of his mic. And he would continue singing and listen to the audience sing word for word. His smile was so incredibly awesome! You know he was loving this night! The crowd's response was the loudest, the most amazing I have ever witnessed. After the final bow, Dierks walked to the front of the stage to touch hands. The PA system started playing SIDEWAYS. The crowd started singing along, very loudly. The look on Dierks face...PRICELESS!

This is the best show I have ever seen.

I got the chance to tell Dierks that the next morning in Waterloo! Brandi was the one responsible for getting our place in line this time. And she did. Nicole and I arrived around 11. Not too long afterwards, Dierks pulled up in his jeep. He opened the door and said something to us about being there so early. HA! We talked to him for several minutes. He seemed a bit surprised when I told him out of seventeen performances, last night was the best! For me it was.

But Waterloo had it's moments...

Doors opened and 6:30 and it was a pushing match. I have never seen so much pushing and shoving quite like this. And I stayed up front! We got about the same place as the night before except there was a catwalk this time. (I don't think I like catwalks.) Those with M&Gs had a very hard time getting back to their spots. Beer runs...nasty! Amazingly, my clothes stayed sober. Samantha L from WI was at this show. She was busy before the opening act playing matchmaker (ok, Sam,the guard was really nice but we aren't going to meet in the middle).

This time was kind of hard to hear when he was just talking, guess it was a little too loud? The music was awesome as usual. Robbie was a little mischievous, I watched him deliberately knock Dierks' mic stand over when Dierks was on the other side of the stage. That mic stand hit the floor a lot!

I have two moments from the night...the end when Dierks finished his hand touches and started off of the stage. He stopped and just stood there with this proud yet humble, satisfied yet amazed expression. It was like the audience had given him just a little of what he gives to us.

Dierks changed the set list from the night before. He didn't talk before launching into LONG TRIP ALONE. He looked down and a saw me singing along. Eye contact during my fave! The very next song was BETTER BELIEVER. How absolutely wonderful, my all time favorite song followed by my second favorite Dierks song. Hearing them live back to back reminded me why I love those songs so much. They reminded me just how lucky I am.

I have more memories than the miles I have traveled to see Dierks. It's not just the awesome performances, perfect music, meeting Dierks, it's all of you. The laughter, the friendship, the emails. Even when I get frustrated with the shirts, your emails, your stories (Dierks pointing out the shirt in the crowd!) and photos, are priceless memories for me. And this DRT was uhmmmm, 715 miles, and twice as many memories!


Check out the video interview below where Dierks Bentley hangs out in the studio with Tim and Willie at KMLE Country 108 in Phoenix, Arizona. Dierks talks to callers about his dentist (and Dierks' superbowl ring?), a special thank you gift of hand-made glass for him, hanging out with radio all the time--is it grueling? And, he says he's still a zonie (grew up in Arizona)! He also talks about the 11/21 M&M4K in Phoenix, what Dierks considers the ultimate compliment, his favorite movie and actor, and so much more! Just click play!

*Special thanks to Jill (dearpie), DB Congress rep in Pheonix, AZ! What a great find! Have fun at the Phoenix Tempe Market Place M&M4K on Sat. 11/21! Take lots of pics!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Thanks to Melinda, we have a video of Dierks Bentley singing Rocky Top with Rod Janzen and Tim Sergent in Knoxville, Tennessee on November 6, 2009:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I know it's hard to name just one Dierks Bentley song that has touched your heart. But our friends over at Country Music Cares (who were recently featured in Country Weekly!) are having a contest. Just tell them which song has touched your heart and why, and you could win! Two 'caring' participants will receive a copy of the Kohl’s “Christmas in the Country” CD that supports Kohl’s Cares for Kids!

If you're on Twitter, after you post, be sure to tweet: “I just shared a country music song that has touched my heart & you should too on @CntryMusicCares & you might win!”

Now, since you heard this here, no fair posting a non-Dierks song over there! (haha)


Dierks Bentley and his dog Jake are featured on the month of October on the Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation 2010 Celebrity Pet Calendar! For a donation of $15 or more (it all goes to support the Animal Rescue Foundation) you can pick up a copy of the calendar here.

All proceeds from calendar sales support ARF’s life-saving programs.
*Due to the exorbitant cost of shipping outside of the United States, ARF is unable to fulfill calendar orders from other countries. However, if any DBC rep outside the US reeeeeeeally wants one of these calendars, let me know and I will order one and ship to you--you can send me a check.

NOTE: The pic above is retro Dierks and Jake from the 2003 self-titled CD (not the 2010 ARF calendar).

*EDIT: Thanks to Nici, we have the pic from the calendar!



This week, Dierks Bentley's "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes" crashes the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart's top 10, coming in at #9 (Zac Brown's "Toes" didn't go recurrent, which is the only reason it isn't #8). It is at #8 on Mediabase.

It had the 4th highest audience gain this week, behind the brand-new songs from Brad Paisley and Toby Keith, and Craig Morgan's current single. Mr. Carrie has created a spreadsheet which allows him to track audience and spin gains by day based on Mediabase's information, and he tells me that IWMYCYE is on track this week to have an even higher audience gain than last week! (He's doing it for fun, and tracking all songs. It's pretty fascinating stuff.)

Next week, I'm expecting that it will get the #8 spot due to "Toes" going to recurrent status, but I'm not sure if it's going to catch Taylor Swift's "Fifteen" to go any higher than that. But, the large jump in audience shows that the song is healthy and still growing fairly well. I think it will be in the Top 5 within 3 weeks.

And no, the cheesy pun titles won't be stopping soon. ;)

Everybody have a great week! Our Prez is in the Top 10 again! Let's get him on top where he belongs!

~ Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC)


Can I just say I am envious that always seems to get the official scoop about Dierks before his fan club (or db congress) hears about it! Hmmmmm??!! Oh, well, it's all good news. D told DB Congress reps at various M&Gs over the last several months that he was 'thinking' of doing a bluegrass album and playing the small bars in the spring and headlining next fall, but according to, it sounds like all that is a done deal, and a second album of new country tunes in 2010 to boot!

Here are just few DB quotes from the article:

"I've been looking forward to wrapping the tour we were on with Brad [Paisley], because I've been itching to come off the road and work on some new music. The tour has been a blast but now I look forward to getting in the studio."

"Nashville is my hometown; I've been here 15 years, so I know a bunch of the grassers, a lot of the country guys, a lot of songwriters and musicians. Every album I've done has a bluegrass song on it, so it's not a surprise that one day I might make a bluegrass record. It would be a cool thing for me."

"...Every night I walk off stage feeling pumped, knowing that we reached that place with crowd. I love that, but I want to take time to make two records, two great records. Then we'll get back on the road in late spring."

Sunday, November 15, 2009


The second of six big events across the U.S. hosted by Dierks Bentley to benefit children's hospitals is less than a week away, taking place in Dierks' hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. The Miles and Music For Kids event begins on Saturday, November 21, 2009 at the Buddy Stubbs Arizona Harley-Davidson with Dierks leading a motorcyle ride and ends with a concert at the Tempe Marketplace. The proceeds will benefit the Phoenix Children's Hospital.

A phone interview with the East Valley Tribune revealed some new Dierks trivia that even his die-hard DB fans may not know about!

Dierks told the East Valley Tribune, "I had a problem with my feet when I was born, and Phoenix Children's [hospital] really helped me and my family out. Once I got to a place in my life where I had some celebrity currency built up and I could do something that would really help these kind of hospitals out, I wanted to do that...the whole idea is to be really down home, really accessible and just have a good time and raise money for a good cause."

"A lifelong motorcycle fan (He drove a $600, 1982 Honda CX500 for years before being able to put money down on the bike of his dreams, a 2002 Harley-Davidson), Bentley will ride a loner from Buddy Stubbs Arizona Harley-Davidson."

Dierks will visit family who still lives in town, staying through Thanksgiving. He'll be visiting the hospital, too. "It's amazing to see these kids and their spirit. You're coming through there to entertain them and give them something to be excited about, but it's the other way around. They're the ones whose spirit really shines. The kids and the staff - they're angels. Just to be able to shake their hands, it means a lot."

Joining Dierks in performing after the ride are Jimmy Wayne, Stoney LaRue, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers and Jessi Colter.

DB Congress reps in Arizona and other states are planning to attend, so please take lots of pics and send us your story so we can blog it!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


First Name: Shelby username: shelbylee217
Location: Boston, MA

What is your favorite Dierks Bentley song? Lond Trip Alone

What is your favorite Dierks Bentley album? Modern Day Drifter

What is your favorite Dierks Bentley music video? Come A Little Closer

What led you to be a fan? I was always a fan of country music, BUT when I saw Dierk's video "Lot Of Leavin' Left To Do", those curls and that smile made my jaw drop! Then, I listened to the lyrics and heard - 'the Lord made me hard to handle' - I was like, oh no that song is about me and I was hooked!

"Dierks and his music have impacted my life so much in many ways. When I purchased the Long Trip Alone album, the logo inbetween his first and last name always stuck in my mind. So, I got it tattooed on the back of my neck two years ago! I saw many fans with the same tattoo, but I never thought mine looked like theirs. I treated myself and my boyfriend, Matthew, to our first DRT in Maryland (just weeks before Evie was born. Dierks actually admitted to having a helicopter ready to fly him home that day because his wife was so close to giving birth). It was my very 1st M&G with Dierks in Maryland and this city girl had just driven 10 hours to make it and almost didn't make the time. I WAS LATE!!!! Dierks said it was okay to let me in! I have never been so grateful in my life as that moment! I almost cried because I was so happy! He thanked me for driving all that way and asked why I would get my body tattooed with his logo. Before I could think of an answer, I blurted out "Because I LOVE you", and Dierks said "Oh you are so sweet!". I will never forget that moment as long as I live. Since then, I have met him 3 more times and have been obsessed with everything he is about.

If you ask anyone who knows me from friends, family, to my children - all I speak of is how much Dierks is humble, gorgeous, caring, how sweet he is in person, and how much I follow him and the guys! My children even sing along to every single song in the house and in the car. This past October, I brought my oldest daughter, Maureen, to NYC @ Madison Square Garden to my 4th M&G. My daughter is more obsessed than me now! She constantly asks when are we going to see him and can we give him a hug again! Dierks was so sweet to everyone!! I am a fanatic and my boyfriend signed up for a membership right before our NYC show and won a M&G for himself, and Matthew was ecstatic! I told him that Dierks was the best and for the first time he wasn't jealous of me going on and on about Dierks Bentley! He is hooked now too! I have bumper stickers on my car from Alicia and David (thanks guys). I only listen to Dierks Bentley all the time. I have my 1st autograph framed of a white tank from Hampton Beach when we waited outside well over midnight to get a glimpse of my him! He has signed hats, tickets, pictures, magazines, and has left a spot in my heart only for him. I have met so many great people who love Dierks just as much as I do! I chat with them on facebook and myspace and share pics and stories every day! I think the local radio station has a caller id because they don't answer my phone calls like they used to! But I have bypassed that and request online instead.

My favorite memory would be every single time I have met him and especially when I had a M&G in June in Hartford, CT. Dierks called me Shelly and I almost lost it! Only Dierks could get away with calling me Shelly (I never had the heart or the ignorance to correct him that my name was Shelby)! The time you spend at a M&G is very short but take every second in because not everyone who loves Dierks gets that chance to be as close as you get at a M&G! Also, when he met my daughter in NYC, I will never forget her facial expression! She was so upset when we had to leave the M&G room and go to our seats!! She hasn't stopped talking about him since then, but I reassured her that we will get to see Dierks soon, but he needed some time with his family. She finally understood."

First Name: Geralyn user name: GIGI6598
Location: New Jersey

What is your favorite Dierks Bentley song? Trying To Stop Your Leavin'

What is your favorite Dierks Bentley album? Feel That Fire

What is your favorite Dierks Bentley music video? Settle For A Slowdown

What led you to be a fan? I was watching GMC or CMT and I saw the video for "What Was I Thinkin'" and I was hooked! I loved it and loved him! Just thought that this guy is amazing...

Has Dierks or his music impacted your life in any way? Yes, in many ways. My husband got tickets for us to see Dierks with Brad and Jimmy in Camden, NJ for my birthday. I am pretty sure my husband just got the tickets for me, but after the show he was also a fan. After that show, I just had to see Dierks again, so I got tickets for the MSG show on 10/21 in NY and I was right there in the 7th row waiting with my beer that I bought for Dierks(which I learned at the Camden show), but he went to the other side for the beer that night. I think that Dierks can bring you all over the place with his music - you can be dancing one minute and crying the next. I think his voice is just very soothing and seeing him live is just the best! He is an amazing live entertainer and I can't wait to see him again. After the MSG show I seeked out the DB Congress and wanted to be a part of it.

I am a hairdresser at a salon so if you sit in my chair you are going to ask me about the guy on my mirror along with the pics of my kids and hubby! If you have ears, you probably will hear some Dierks as you are getting beautiful. I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY and always loved country music (not really a great fit for a Brooklyn girl, but who cares!). So I have always been a fish out of water. Now in NJ, there are more country fans, but still not really enough. So every chance I get I tell people, please give it a chance, even if you don't like country music - listen to Dierks and then tell me you don't like it! Impossible!! Even my son, Andy who is 6 will tell his classmates and friends about you know, Dierks Bentley, he's awesome!

I think the Camden show is my favorite memory because we were walking back to the car and my hubby and I were both humming the same song. Then, we got in the car and the local radio station was playing it too! We had such a great "grown up" date night that night, and after that, my hubby put Dierks' songs from me on his Ipod!

Welcome Shelby(Shelbylee217), Geralyn(GIGI6598), and Leah(leadanielle)! Thanks for supporting our Prez!!
-Amanda Morris (DBC Secretary/MS Rep.)


It was a beautiful 57 degrees here in Tampa, Florida this morning and all I could think about was Dierks Bentley lyrics from various songs to describe the sunny day, so I thought I'd share with our president...

DBC: @DierksBentley Morning, D! Sun comes yellow, sun shining on me like a big spotlight...a good day to follow your congress, don't U think?

So I go on about my day, take a shower, eat breakfast, start the laundry....hmmm, I wonder if he tweeted back? Sure enough, 2 hours later....

DB: @dbcongress always a good day to follow you guys.thanks for being here! fired up for what is kind of the last day of this tour.

Thanks for making my day, D!

Source: Twitter

DBC Chair


Friday, the 13th was lucky for DB Congress Director of Promotions, Mona from Iowa. You know Mona! If you've received one of the hundreds of DB Congress T-Shirts in the last 2 years, you got it from Mona! She was front and center at the Dierks Bentley Waterloo, Iowa show last night and if that's not lucky enough, her photo appeared in the Courier! She promises a full blog, but for now, here's a few pics and a story from

Nicole Hedgecock, left, of Des Moines, and Mona Purdy, center, of Spencer, are front and center as they watch Dierks Bentley perform at McElroy Auditorium in Waterloo, Iowa, on Friday, Nov. 13, 2009. (DAWN J. SAGERT / Courier Staff Photographer)

*EDIT: Also, to the right of Mona, is DBC rep, Samantha from Wisconsin!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Dierks Bentley is getting lots of hockey practice in lately. Conspicuously missing from the CMA Awards (*that is soooo wrong!), Dierks was playing a little late night hockey with a local Nashville team Wednesday night.

Then, this morning, he picked up some practice time with the Waterloo, Iowa Black Hawks, where he's performing his night job as country artist, singer, songwriter, entertainer tonight--probably as I type this. wrote an article with some killer pictures and a video of Dierks and the team.

Country music star Dierks Bentley celebrates a goal as he practices with the Waterloo Black Hawks at their morning practice session at Young Arena Friday, Nov. 13, 2009. Bentley, a huge hockey fan, was in town for a Friday evening concert at McElroy Auditorium. (RICK CHASE / Courier Staff Photographer)

Dierks himself posted a few Twitter pics and that distinctly DB humor on the topic:

"good news: about to skate with the waterloo black hawks...bad news: can't find my cup. #fb"

"pic with the waterloo back hawks after practice.several of the guys wanted to know if i could hook them up with @taylorswift13 .good dudes #fb"

"I usually get a workout in before a show and this is a lot more fun than going to the gym," Bentley said when the morning pre-skate was over. "I just love playing hockey."

"The funny thing is I'd like to get these guy's autograph as much as they'd like to get mine," said Bentley. "I'm a huge fan of hockey, and these guys are so accomplished…I'm trying to bring hockey and country music a little closer." ~USHL

Thursday, November 12, 2009


In its 16th chart week, Dierks Bentley's "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes" lands at #11 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart. However, if you want, you can celebrate that it is #10 on the Mediabase Country Chart. Unfortunately ... that chart doesn't quite "count." Sure, a record label will boast that a song went to #1 on Mediabase (ie. Brad Paisley's "Welcome to the Future"), but many outlets regard the Billboard charts to be the be-all and end-all of chart reporting (so, realistically, "Welcome to the Future" ended Brad's streak of #1s at 10).

The main difference between the charts is that Mediabase assigns each song "points," which is a combination of spins which are weighted based on market size and it's rather convoluted and hard to decipher. Billboard's chart is based on audience impressions, which is a fancy way of saying the larger your audience, the higher you are. It's easy to track and fairly easy to predict, though the panels (stations reported) differ in market size, and number of stations that make up the panel (124 at Mediabase vs. 126 at Billboard).

Billboard and Mediabase also have charts whose panels are made up of stations in smaller markets. For Billboard it's the Indicator chart, and Mediabase has its Activator chart. These charts show what's being played in smaller markets, and can occasionally indicate how a song is going to go (ie. Toby Keith's "American Ride" hit #1 on the Indicator chart weeks before it hit #1 on the Billboard chart). IWMYCYE is #8 on this week's Indicator chart, and was in the top 10 for Most Increased Audience and Most Increased Plays. It was also in the top 10 for Most Increased Plays on the Billboard chart.

It's going to crack the top 10 this week on the Billboard chart, finally, and looks to make a fairly sizable jump from #11 to likely #8. With Lady A's big wins last night on the CMAs, it's likely that Capitol Nashville will set its sights on Luke Bryan's "Do I" for a #1 push, and then once it's peaked, IWMYCYE should see a sizable push from the promotions department. And, of course, with the efforts of the Congress behind it, we know this song is headed to #1!

~ Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Grandpa took it off to Europe to fight the Germans in the war
It came back on some dog tags nobody wears no more
It's written on a headstone in a field where he was slain
It's my last name

My Last Name, the top fifteen single written by Dierks Bentley and Harley Allen has always had special meaning for Dierks and for many in our armed forces. But when he sang it last week on stage in Illinois, he was joined by two of our finest. It's hard to believe Dierks was without words when he posted this powerful picture on Twitter, considering the brilliant lyrics above.

THX to our veterans.pic is from IL last week during "my last name." words to describe the feeling #fb

God bless our veterans! Happy Veterans Day!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Dierks Bentley's performance in Harris, Michigan left quite an impression on yet another DB Congress representative. And even though, Jenny from Chicago, Illinois (far left above) didn't get a front row ticket like her DRT buddies, she did something a little different and ended up with a new perspective on how Dierks must feel during a performance.

Day One
"I left for Alicia's house Friday AM. Thanks to the bumper to bumper traffic on 294, it took me 2 1/2 hours to get to her house! So then it was Free and Easy Down the Road we go to Harris in Alicia's DRTmobile...WUP!!!

We couldn't write on the windows because of the rain, so all of Alicia's decals were our indication to other drivers that Dierks fans were on board. So we got caught up on what was going on in our worlds while we listened to the radio and Dierks' CD's. It was the first time I had heard Jack Ingram and Dierks singing Barbie Doll together and I loved it.

So, we followed Google Maps through a very foggy highway...then we were directed down some backwoods country roads, where our route was blocked due to construction...thank God for Alicia's GPS...but we really could use our Navigator!!! (that would be an inside joke from our Tinley/Indy DRT with Ronna, see previous blogs) [OK, what have I told you girls time and time should've used AAA TripTik Travel Planner!]

So, we finally reach the casino with plenty of time to spare until Alicia had to pick up her M&G pass. We took a tour of the parking lot. Found the buses and the jeep and took pics of the casino sign with Dierks' name and pic on it. Then we headed to the room for Alicia to get ready for her M&G. We could hear soundcheck from our room and they were doing a lot from FTF.

Alicia had her M&G, and then we went to our seats. We were in the same row, but different sections. I was in the center section row 4. I had on my new DB Congress tee. Dierks and the band started with Sideways. They were pumped and I was on my feet immediately! It was great to see them all again! I got a point from Dierks-thanks to my Congress tee!

I have to say I was disappointed in the crowd. After Sideways, people sat down! I'm like, come on people! This is Dierks! I stood the whole time, was starting to sit down during IWMYCYE, but then figured, forget that! So I stood right back up! I drove too far to sit down and I was only going to sit if Dierks asked us to! So needless to say, the people behind me weren't too thrilled...oh well.

They did a lot from Feel That Fire: Sideways, Life on the Run, Little Heartwrecker, FTF, IWMYCYE, and Better Believer. He did Wish it would Break with Rod and Tim. That was awesome for me as it was the first time I've heard it live. He did So, So long and then his usual hits from his albums.

He paid his respects to the military and their families as he usually does. I was so happy to hear Long Trip Alone since he didn't do it on Brad's tour. That was when they let people rush the stage. I decided to just stay at my spot. Dierks was very interactive with the crowd. He ended the nite with Folsom Prison Blues, and this was my highlight because when he tossed out his guitar pick at the end, it landed right next to me! YAY!!!!

After the show, Alicia and I met up with Tracie and her sister Tina. Dierks was in the same bar as we were for a bit. We admired him from afar--the man deserves to have a few with his dudes, right? Rod hung out with us for a bit and later danced with Alicia to LOLLTD! We all had a blast!

Day Two
The day was spent hanging out then getting ready. Could hear sound check again. Tracie and I had a M&G. We also met up with Stacy and Kristin from the fan club. I had the most fun ever in the M&G waiting line with Tracie, we were cracking each other up. I will have to say that it does seem like the M&G is more rushed than it used to be.

So it's my turn to see Dierks, he reaches out his hand to take mine and says, "nice to see you....again!?!" and that is all it took for my brain to turn to mush! For him to even have the slightest memory of meeting me before just wiped out any connection my brain had to my mouth, lol! I did manage to tell him the last time I saw him was on my Tinley/Indy trip with Ronna, Mona and Alicia. I was able to tell him about the guitar pick I got the night before and he signed it. He also signed my Greatest hits CD by my name, but all that came out of my mouth was, "could you sign my um um um um..." Oh well, once again I vow to make sure my brain functions at my next M&G, lol!

He did chat with the group a bit afterwards. I asked if he had pics of Evie in her Halloween costume, but he didn't have them yet. He again verified that he is headlining next year, at smaller venues. He also has to work on his next album...he said it was something acoustic. I redeemed myself as I asked quite a few questions and made good eye contact! It was over too soon.

Then it was on to the concert. Alicia and Tracie ended up getting front row seats with Tina. I had 5th row. The crowd was livelier. I stood right away and stayed standing! Rod had on these funky glittery shades, furry hat and boa. No one else dressed up.

Here is a pic of Dierks with a funny expression on his face. At that time he was singing the Sideways verse, "But I sure do like your style" and he looked at Rod like that...I was lucky to catch that on film!

The set was pretty much the same. He did sing Sweet And Wild, and this is where the crowd rushed the stage. Rather than head for the crowd, I did something different. I just focused on Dierks and the music. I didn't even take pics, and I have to say it was an awesome experience! You can just see by the look on his face that he loves what he does!

When he sat down for his acoustic set, he sang a few lines from You Hold Me Together. He tried Beautiful World, and forgot the lyrics! He was actually quite funny about it! See Alicia's blog about her front row experiences with this!

They ended the nite with Last Call and we were sad it was over. We did a little after concert partying and then it was our long trip home. Another awesome DRT! I am soooo glad I got to take another trip with Alicia, and finally meet Tracie! Her sister Tina was fun, too. Actually we need to recruit her into the DB Congress. It was also good seeing Stacy and Kristin.

I just have to say how thankful I am to Dierks for his music, his hard work, his AWESOME shows, and for the friendships I have made through his fan club. Dierks holds us together!"

Monday, November 9, 2009


Enter by Tuesday, November 17 for your chance to win two tickets to Dierks Bentley's Miles and Music for Kids concert at Tempe Marketplace on Saturday, November 21, 2009. Dierks is taking his "Miles & Music for Kids" Celebrity Motorcycle Ride & Concert out of Nashville for the first time to his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona.

The event will benefit Phoenix Children's Hospital.

The hour-long ride will depart Buddy Stubbs Harley (13850 N. Cave Creek Rd.) and travel along the beautiful, mountain-lined Piestewa Peak Parkway to the Red Mountain Freeway, passing downtown Phoenix Children's Hospital. The trek ends at Tempe Marketplace with a concert featuring Bentley and special guests Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers, Jessi Colter, Michelle Branch, Stoney LaRue and more.

In partnership with CMT One Country, Dierks is also planning to put on the M&M4K event in four other cities in the coming months: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Seattle. You can vote for which event you are hoping to attend on this blog page.


A while back, we told you the story of DB Congress Illinois rep, Stacy. Shy, shy, Stacy, who got coaxed by Dierks Bentley to go 'stage diving' into the crowd with him. Now, a few years later, she's on stage with him again! Follow along as we get a little Sideways and try something a little different than a normal blog. Stacy and I had a "chat" on Facebook about her Harris, Michigan DRT. Listen in...

Ronna: So how did you manage to get on stage?
Stacy: I made a sign that said "Came 400 miles to get 'Sideways' onstage" lol

Ronna: OMG! shut up!
Stacy: lol

Ronna: So what did Dierks say?
Stacy: In my m&g or onstage? lol

Ronna: Oh you had a M&G too! Is that where you showed him the sign? Did he invite you to go stage diving again?
Stacy: No no..I made the sign in the bathroom

Ronna : haha so he saw it from the stage and...
Stacy: he didn't! We "watched a movie."

Ronna: I can see that in the pic! So did he just ask you to come up on stage and watch a movie?
Stacy: my sign to everyone and pulled me on the amp and goes "you like movies stace?" lol

Ronna: I love it!
Stacy: It was great!

Ronna: Then what?
Stacy: He starts the intro to What Was I Thinkin', and goes "who is the curly haired dork?" lol and I go "I don't know but he's cute" lol

Ronna: You did not! Good come back line, btw!
Stacy: Did too! lol He just laughed his great laugh we all

Ronna: OMG! Much braver than your last time on stage with D! So tell me about your M&G!
Stacy: This was on the 31st..I was in MI on the 30th though but not for the show. We saw D and some of the guys in the casino later that nite (Fr. the 30th) Wow my m&

Ronna: What did you have signed?
Stacy: My Country Weekly's he was

Ronna: Cool...which one? with Jake or the other?
Stacy: I hid one issue inside the other and go "If you could sign the other one for me too I'd love ya even more" lol. He goes "Of course!"

Ronna: So how did the Q&A portion of the Meet and Greet go?
Stacy: Someone asked him what he dressed up as for Halloween as a kid and he said, "As superheros."

Ronna: Cutest pic ever of Evie in her Yoda costume!
Stacy: Yeah..she's such a cutie! Looks just like Cass!

Ronna: Any other juicy Q&A from the M&G?
Stacy: Sounds like he'll be headlining next year! Said he plans to play smaller venues! :)

Ronna: YEAH!
Stacy: I about

Ronna: I am turning XX on March 4 and so hoping for a show on that date. I told hubby even if it was Australia I was going to see Dierks ON my bday!
Stacy: Heck yeah!! I'm hoping he'll be in the area around my bday in Jan.!

Ronna: That would be the ultimate!
Stacy: Oh yeah!

Ronna: So any other Q&A hilights?
Stacy: None that I can remember...unfortunately we were kinda rushed because of radio people behind us :(

Ronna: Dang those radio winners...they prob don't even know who he is!
Stacy: I know!

Ronna: On the other hand, maybe they don't but become fans because of his awesome M&G skills...haha

Ronna: So back to the did that happen?...did he help you up on stage?
Stacy: The stage was small so I was able to pull myself

Ronna: So he read your sign and he said to you....what?
Stacy: He reads it and just smiles at Then when we were able to go up to the stage I held it up one more time to remind him and he smiles again and points at

Ronna: One more kiss from my baby, a smile from a friend...
Stacy: :) So when I'm up there he goes "Where's your sign?" So I give it to him and he reads it to everyone and goes "Well, since I already did 'Sideways', do you like movies Stace?"

Ronna: So he pointed to you and motioned for you to climb up on the stage?
Stacy: Just pointed at me then came over to me and grabbed my hand and started to pull me

Ronna: O_M_G! Did you freak out? No, never've been on stage before...old hat to you! lol
Stacy: lol..I freaked! I was thinking to myself "Oh God, what have I gotten myself into?" lol So we sit on his amp and start watching "the movie" lol Then when it was over he goes "I gotta go Stace!" I go "Ok!" then back to the front

Ronna: HOW COOL! And people wonder why we go to his shows again and again and again... it's a different experience every time!
Stacy: I know!

Ronna: I don't know if I could've thought of a response on the fly like that! At least not a clever one like you!
Stacy: For some reason I was on at that

Ronna: I would've probably said "Duh--that's you Dierks" LOL
Stacy: How I managed to think straight, I'll never

Ronna: Aha! I just thought of a cool title for the blog....What Was SHE Thinkin?
Stacy: LOL! I like it!

A little later after this chat, Stacy sends me an email with all these pictures. Wait! She didn't tell me about any of this! What?

Ronna: OMG your m&g pic is so awesome! So tell me about the "Dierks" name on the truck, and is the Kristin Toon in the pic with you? And is she dressed as Dierks for Halloween?

Stacy: lol..Yeah that's Kristin with me! And she didn't dress up as D for Halloween but her boyfriend did! She was just playing around with the And the "Dierks" truck was seriously just along side us on the highway! It looks like it's a food I flipped when I saw it and was like "Kristin look!!" So we had to take

*EDIT 11/13/09: Adding a few pics from Kristin (DBC rep in Illinois) ....
Stacy, Kristin and "Dierks"(aka Dave, rep name J3alz, Kristin's boyfriend in cosutme):

Dave and the real Dierks at the M&G on 10-31-09 (yes Dave is still wearing the costume!):

This is some random was her birthday...check out her hand-made shirt!:

I know this blog was a little different, so what were YOU thinkin'?


Wisconsin rep, Alicia (aroseluvsdierks), met up with fellow Dierks Bentley fan-clubbers, Jenny & Stacy (IL), and Tracie & Tina (MI), for a double DRT (Dierks Road Trip) in Harris, Michigan Oct. 30 and 31 (Halloween).

Alicia starts her review out with her Meet and Greet experience. Here We Go!

"So my M&G was Friday night at 7:15. I figured it would be a quick one because there were radio people after us and the show started at 8 pm with no opener. It was so small backstage and we had to just have the M&G in a hallway. It was really rushed, of course this is no fault of Dierks and I’m always grateful for the opportunity to talk with him even if it’s only for 30 seconds.

I brought my picture from the Tinley M&G for him to sign. He looked at it and said “I remember this, it was recently.” I said,”Yeah, it’s from Tinley Park, IL” and he remembered that we (Ronna, Mona, Jenny and I) went to Indy the next night as well. (Great memory, Dierks!) He answered a few quick questions and I asked if he was going to do Better Believer that night and he said yes. I was thrilled! I am NOT posting my M&G pic because I look horrible but here’s a beautiful pic of Dierks during it.

Dierks hit the stage around 8:10. Tracie and I had 4th row seats, but Tracie ditched me (LOL). Just kidding Tracie. Awesome show! It was so great to see a full Dierks set. Lot’s of songs I’ve never had the chance to hear live, like, Wish It Would Break (YAY…finally I hear that live, it’s one of my favs), Little Heartwrecker, Life on the Run, and Better Believer. I made my concert calls…Ronna [*Thank you!], David and Heather! He played about an hour and 40 min.

Tracie and Tina (Tracie’s twin sister) arrived after the show and we all hit the bars! We were just having a great time! Jay and a few of the DB crew were in the bar. Then Rod and Dierks showed up. We didn’t bother Dierks; he was surrounded and he saw us so we figured if he wanted to come over he would. He ended up going to play Blackjack.

We did hang out with Rod for quite awhile. He sat down at our table and we were just chatting and drinking. We all ended up going into the 2nd bar where there was a live band and danced and had a blast. I even danced with Rod when the band ended and Lot a Leavin' Left to Do came on! Totally fun! I wish we had a pic of that but Tracie’s camera battery died and I didn’t have mine downstairs. Then it was last call and time to wind down for the night.

On Saturday, we went down to the box office to get Tina a ticket for the show. She was joking around with the box office lady and said, I’ll take 1st row please. We all started laughing. Then the lady goes “Sure, I have Section B, Row 1, Seat 13, 14, 15.” So here we are staring at this women like she’s from another planet because we cannot believe what we are hearing. So needless to say we jumped all over that! I did feel really bad because there were only 3 seats and four of us and Jenny didn’t end up with one, she had 5th row. Next time Jenny, I swear!

So Jenny and Tracie had their M&G’s and then we all went in for the show. We had front row center! We got the low down from the security guys on which song they were allowing us to go right up to the stage so we were prepared. Dierks came out to Sideways and we were singing and dancing and having a blast. Rod was wearing a Pimp costume! He was the only one dressed up.

We were getting all kinds of love from Dierks! He motioned for Tracie to come up to the stage (I think she was in shock, I had to push her…LOL) during How Am I Doin’ and did a little spin from the stage with her to 'I danced along.' It was awesome! So we get another song I’ve never heard live--Sweet and Wild--and that’s when we get the all clear to hit the stage. We were front and center! We got lots of handholding and life was great!

Then Dierks and Rod bring out the stools and did Wish it Would Break, so we call Erin for her concert call. When the song was over Tracie and I yelled “Dierks!” and he looks down. I say “Say Hi to Erin.” He takes my phone and says “Hi Erin, where are you in the back?” Tracie and I say, “She’s in Florida.” So then he says something about Rod wearing leopard panties and hands me back the phone. Erin will have to blog her reaction because it’s so great!

So they start to play You Hold Me Together acoustically. Dierks was literally singing and looking right into my eyes and I was just smiling and singing back! It was seriously an awesome moment. Little did I know it wouldn’t be the biggest moment of my night.

Dierks decides to sing Beautiful World so he tells a little about the song and he starts to sing. Ummm…totally WRONG words. LOL. He starts laughing and says “I don’t even remember the words,” so he looks down at us and I start to help him out by singing the words to him. So he starts to play and sing again and then all of a sudden stops, hands me the mic and says “You sing it from the beginning.” OMG!!! I’m still getting a stomach ache just thinking about it. I was like “from the beginning?” and literally my mind went totally blank.

I was in major panic mode! For those of you who know me well I know this is hard for you to believe because A.) I LOVE TO SING, B.) I know every Dierks lyric ever recorded, C.) I am NEVER at a loss for words! Well guess what people? I totally choked! I looked over at Tracie and she says “I don’t know it, sing Row Your Boat.” Now all I can think is Row Row Row Your Boat, Gently Down the Stream. AHHHHHH… so I look to Stage Dive (Stacy) and she gives me this look like don’t even think of giving me that mic and starts shaking her head no (she’s got a great story of her own but I’ll let her tell ya). Finally this like 15 year old goes “I’ll do it” so I handed over the mic. She didn’t really know the words very well but at least she was able to sing something. I can’t believe I blanked!

It was still a totally awesome night and one for the Dierks history books! Maybe someday I’ll get to redeem myself!

P.S. Thanks Ronna for your Facebook comment, it made me feel so much better… 'and sometimes the best we can do is just to whisper a prayer,' that’s exactly how I felt! "

[You're welcome!]