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Dierks Bentley's "Riser:" A Personal Reflection of His Life

Part One of our Dierks Bentley "Riser" reviews starts with Tara Joan, DBC rep in New York:

Dierks Bentley’s first release in two years, Riser, is being called his “most real and personal album yet.” After experiencing significant life events within two years time, the passing of his father and the birth of his son, Dierks returned to the studio, and recorded on the road, an album full of reflective, emotional and mature songs.

If you are looking for a record full of songs like “5-1-5-0” and “How Am I Doin’” be prepared for something different. Dierks writes in the liner notes that he “started writing and recording in a place of real grief and ended in a place of true gratitude.” The album encompasses a variety of moods from solemn to sad, and inspirational to joyful.  Throughout the record, one hears Dierks’s gravelly vocals, perhaps at the best they have been, pouring emotions into every song.

Riser is ballad heavy, with even the lyrically “lighter” songs showcasing a mellow, scaled back sound. The album contains twelve songs, including his current autobiographical top five single “I Hold On.” The album starts off with the dark, Kacey Musgraves assisted, “Bourbon in Kentucky” then moves onto the sensual, yet melancholy, “Say You Do.” In it, he pleads, begs even, for that one person to say yes for a night because he wants her back so badly. “Well, couldn’t you say you do/Say you might for tonight/Have a heart, bend the truth/Even if you don’t, couldn’t you.” In the same vein is “Hurt Somebody,” which closes out the album and on which Chris Stapleton assists on background vocals. In it, he knows that the woman with the “red lipstick like a smoking gun” is “gonna hurt somebody” but says “God, I hope it’s me.”

Prepare a box, or two, of tissues for “Here On Earth” which Dierks co-wrote about his father and the Sandy Hook shootings. Anyone who has experienced the pain and struggle of losing someone will be affected by this song. And even if you haven’t, there is no doubt this song will touch you.

Then, keep the tissues handy for “Damn These Dreams.” The song juxtaposes the thrill of living out his musical dreams with the pain of having to leave behind his wife and children in order to do so. It serves to remind us as fans just how much Dierks sacrifices to be on the road and perform for us.
If “I Hold On” is the first chapter in an autobiography, then “Riser,” written by Travis Meadows and Steve Moalker, would be chapter two. It is an emotional anthem for any one who has experienced a strain or hardship and managed to pull through.

“Sounds of Summer” and “Pretty Girls” lyrically lighten the mood of the album, although the melodies are still “chill”. In the latter, he sings about having nothing to do in town when the sun goes down except “watchin’ pretty girls drink tall boys/swingin’ their hips to a country song/silver cans up in the air.” The former, with its mandolin infused background, vividly paints images of that season we all look forward to with its tractors, kids playing, fishing and a cooler in the truck.

“Five” takes a look at the urgency a first love brings and how reconnecting with that person after years is possible.

“Drunk On A Plane” infuses humor into a song about trying to drown out the pain of a broken engagement while drinking one’s sorrow away in the clouds.

“Back Porch,” a song originally on the Country and Cold Cans EP (although slightly re-worked here) brings twang and funk to the album. The song has hit summer single written all over it.

Riser is an unhurried record that takes you through a myriad of emotions. It will undoubtedly be appreciated by Dierks's hard core fans and anyone who likes lyric driven country music. It's pretty perfect.

Tara Joan Toro
DB Congress (NY)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

LA Dierks Bentley: Riser Screening Shown in Silent Movie Theater

Nicole Birmingham is a 10-year Dierks Bentley fan.  Needless to say, she was excited to win tickets to his February 21st LA screening of his deeply personal documentary, Dierks Bentley: Riser. Interesting that it was held in a "silent" movie theater!  Here's Nicole:

I got to the theater in Hollywood about an hour early. I was surprised there wasn't a line. The theater is a very small place with a hallway type lobby. As we walked in, I saw a couple of people come down the stairs. Following behind them was none other than Dierks himself. He must have seen the deer in the head lights look on my face and knew what I was there for. He said that he was glad I was there and gave me a hug. We took a picture and he left to go do an interview with Larry King.

We waited for a short time and then we were allowed to walk into the actual theater, where Dierks was doing the interview. We walked through the theater into a small patio area in the back, where they were serving complimentary drinks. 


The people who were arriving at the theater all seemed to be in the music business, in one way or another. There were a few girls who looked like they may have won tickets as fans. We waited a short time and then Dierks came out there with us. It was truly like a dream being in such an awesome intimate setting. Dierks' music was playing in the background as I stood there just watching him mingle with the small group of us.

Someone told us that the documentary would be starting shortly, so we went and sat down right in front of the stage. A reporter from the E! Channel, Kristina Guerrero, hosted the show. She spoke briefly as a nervous Dierks stood onstage with her. He then spoke for a bit and introduced the documentary.  He said that this time around watching it, he only had 1 1/2 beers compared to the 6 whiskeys he had at the previous screening, saying how it makes him uncomfortable watching it. He also told us that his band mates were in Mexico sending him photos of them relaxing and what not while he's doing his album release week. 

I loved seeing the part of the film of him at home with his family, since that is a side that we don't normally see. The most touching part, as I'm sure many will agree, is when he is speaking about his father. The way he described him and the adjectives he used reminded me so much of my own father. I was there when my dad passed and watched him pass on and take that last breath as Dierks described. I held his hand as he was passing on. So, that moment of the documentary was really something that I could relate to. I am sure I wasn't the only one in tears at that point.

The funny parts to me were hearing Evie and Jordan speak to their daddy and his reactions to it. Evie has the cutest little raspy voice!   

The whole experience was one that I am so grateful for and will never forget! Dierks loves his fans and he shows it by doing things like this. He is unequivocally the most humble artist you will ever meet. I'm so proud to be a fan!

Nicole Birmingham
DB Congress Rep (CA)

If you have not seen the full one-hour version, Dierks is hosting a Facebook live stream of the film and chat on Monday night, February 24.


Dierks Bentley's RISER Release Week Schedule Feb 24-28, 2014

It's Dierks Bentley week February 24-28, 2014!  As with any album release, there's a whole lot of television appearances and live performances going on and a lot to keep up with, so we thought we'd share the schedule for Dierks Bentley's RISER Album Release Week below--all in one place!

Be sure to clean off your DVR and make plenty of room for all the Dierksness coming to TV this week!


The Lost Video: Bourbon In Kentucky premiers

Live Screening of "DIERKS BENTLEY: RISER" film in NYC

Join Dierks for a special Facebook Screening of DIERKS BENTLEY: RISER. Livestream the entire film at 9/8c!
Photo: Join Dierks for a special Facebook Screening of DIERKS BENTLEY:RISER. Livestream the entire film tomorrow night at 9/8c!


RISER Release Day - Dierks in New York City! Buy your CD at midnight (unless you already received your pre-ordered bundle)! Or download digitally! Help make it #1 on iTunes and Amazon!

Good Morning America on ABC

Larry King Now
Photo: Get ready for this week's all-new #LarryKingNow episodes! I sit down with Workaholics actors Adam Devine, Blake Anderson & Anders Holm, country music artists Dierks Bentley & Steve Grand and Pro Football Hall of Famer & NFL Analyst Deion Sanders. Tune in this week to Ora TV & Hulu for all new episodes & watch them on-demand anytime!

Sirius XM The Highway Superfan Concert - 8 pm
Host Storme Warren discusses Dierks' life and career, and plays songs from his new album, Riser.

iHeartRadio’s Live Series Concert - 8:30 pm - NYC


The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
 on NBC

Bravo's Watch What Happens Live


The View 

Joe's Bar Chicago album release show

Sirius XM The Highway Superfan Concert (Rebroadcast) 2 am EST
Host Storme Warren discusses Dierks' life and career, and plays songs from his new album, Riser.


Album Release Party at Whiskey Row - Enter to win from KMLE radio

Sirius XM The Highway Superfan Concert (Rebroadcast) 12 pm EST
Host Storme Warren discusses Dierks' life and career, and plays songs from his new album, Riser.

In case you missed a screening or the TV version of "DierksBentley: Riser" the documentary film, it will be available in the coming weeks for purchase!

Friday, February 21, 2014

RISER Now Streaming Live Via Rolling Stone

Dierks Bentley fans who have been waiting impatiently for his new album, Riser, got a treat this week when Rolling Stone released the full version on their website--streaming every song in it's entirety.  Riser has been on repeat in many DB Congress rep's ears ever since.

Listen here and read the emotional and candid interview.

Dierks Covers Country Weekly, Feature Article: Rising Son

Be sure to pick up the March 3, 2014 issue of Country Weekly magazine, featuring our favorite artist, Dierks Bentley on the cover!

The 6-page feature article, Rising Son, tells Dierks' story over the last 18 months and how the album "Riser" came to be--from the death of his dad to the birth of his son, and how that changed him.

Look for the nickname his daughters called his dad. Appropriate, don't you think?

Dierks Fan Gets Rodeo Star Experience

Last night, Dierks Bentley and his band of brothers performed in the Lone Star State at the San Antonio Rodeo.  DB Congress member, Kelly Lipham was there and she's our guest blogger tonight!

When I heard Dierks would be in my state (Texas), I didn't want to miss the opportunity to see him play. My Husband and I decided we would make the short flight from DFW to San Antonio. Thank goodness we did because we ran into him in the airport! That was my first time meeting him! He was so incredibly nice! (I was literally shaking in my boots).

We decided to get the "Rodeo Star Experience" at the San Antonio Rodeo. This package includes rodeo tickets, dinner, drink tickets & most importantly "Seats right on the dirt, close to the stage."  The set list was awesome! Dierks' energy was out of this world and had the crowd on their feet! The two songs from Riser he sang, "I Hold On" and "Drunk on a Plane" were outstanding. We were told that the Rodeo artists would not play very long, but I am certain that Dierks played as many songs as he possibly could in the time slot given.  I remember a few more songs he sang (it's been a whirlwind day!):

Up On The Ridge
Settle For A Slow Down
Come A Little Closer
What Was I Thinkin'

He talked about how he loved the new circle stage that spun around. And he joked, "we gotta up the sex because Pit Bull was there the night before."

I have to be the luckiest person on earth! When we arrived at the airport this morning at 8AM, I went to get coffee. Guess who was there in line in front of me!? That's right... The Prez himself!! Once again he was a gentleman! (He ordered a small coffee & had fruit). I asked if he would take a picture with my husband and I and he was happy to do it. We walked down the concourse a bit and talked about his busy week for the Riser Release Week. My feeling was that he is completely excited and yet humble! I do know I am really looking forward to seeing him on TV and having Riser in my hands this week!

Kelly Lipham
DB Congress Rep (TX)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dierks Partners with Mountain Dew for RISER Tour: A Dynamic "Dew-o"

Today, Mountain Dew® welcomes Grammy-nominated country artist Dierks Bentley to the DEW family, creating a dynamic new partnership that pairs the iconic brand’s one-of-a-kind flavor and heritage as a cultural instigator with Bentley’s trailblazer attitude and authentic sound. 

The partnership names Mountain Dew as a tour sponsor, helping Bentley take the personal and genre-bending tunes featured on his seventh studio album, “RISER,” across the nation this summer for his headlining tour. The tour will also feature special guests Chris Young, Chase Rice and Jon Pardi. “Fans know that they are getting something real when they listen to Dierks Bentley – he expresses who he is through his music and that’s a trait that vibes really well with the Mountain Dew brand,” said Greg Lyons, Vice President of Marketing, Mountain Dew.

“We’re so excited to welcome him into the DEW family, and know that DEW Nation will be a big supporter of his.”
“I’m fired up about the tour this summer and happy to have Mountain Dew and the DEW Nation joining us out on the road,” said Bentley. “Dew is a brand that encourages individuality and doing things your own way, and that’s something I can definitely identify with and get behind.”

Join the conversation about Bentley and DEW @mtn_dew #DierksJoinsDEW. A list of RISER tour dates and cities is available at The Riser album is available beginning February 25, 2014.

Response on Twitter was amped up:

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dierks Bentley Watches Faces of Front Row Fans; Hosts His Own Riser Screening in Nashville

@cmtcody and @DierksBentley
Dierks Bentley hosted his own life-story on the big screen tonight in Nashville at The Rosewall.  The Tennessean says Dierks almost pulled his pants down!
""We could save a lot of time here and I could just pull down my pants and show you my butt,” Bentley told the audience, who laughed in response. He said he felt like the film was so exposing it was almost the same thing."
While 100 music industry folks were invited to his upcoming documentary “Dierks Bentley: Riser” about the making of his latest album, “Riser,” which will be in stores on Tuesday, a few "fans" won tickets from CMT, who will air a special edition on Saturday, 2/22 at 2 pm eastern.

Kelsey Hodges just happens to be a DB Congress member as well, living in Nashville, and she took her fellow DBC-er friend Randy Alan Shaffer, along for the ride to the screening.  She's our guest blogger tonight!

Dierks and Kelsey
So we were across the street, parking, when we noticed Big White ('it's just an old beat up truck') riding down the road. We saw Dierks walk in the place and the hype began. We were hanging out outside of the venue waiting to go inside, seeing producers, engineers, and all of the band walking in. Randy and I along with 6 other fans got to sit on the front row and center. Cody Alan (CMT) walked up and introduced Dierks. 

Dierks said it was kind of hard watching this film, but he was glad he could hold on to something like this. The movie was great. I wanted to cry and wanted to break out laughing at parts, too. It showed personal moments from his home life playing with his girls to being with Cassidy in the emergency room for Knox's birth. 

Dierks came up onstage after the movie and said he was watching our row the whole time wanting to see our face reactions.  He walked straight to us and asked what we thought--he wanted honest opinions.  I told him it was all good, that I loved it! There were so many parts in the movie that made me want to cry and laugh.

I got to talk to him about songwriting, talked about some mutual writer friends we have in town and about how big of a role he played in me moving here four years ago. He went in for a hug afterwards and I totally accepted (haha)! 

Afterwards, Randy and I hung out, got some beers and just took in the moment.  The guys in the band, Cassady Feasby, Dan Hochhalter, and Brian Layson were all just chilling out.

As we were walking out, Red Light MGT gave us two copies of Riser--the full album!  Needless to say it has been playing in my car all night ever since!

Kelsey Hodges
DB Congress Rep (TN)

Thanks, Kelsey!  We can hardly wait until Tuesday to get our hands on the full album, too!

Watch the full length film on Palladia Saturday, 2/22 at 8:00 pm central.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

DBTV 124: Real Men Don't Curl

Go team Dude! Dierks and the guys didn't let geography squash their Olympic fever.  While Sochi was not on the tour list, Niagra Falls was, and they found a local Curling Club to test their athletic ability! Could this experience make them trade in their hockey sticks for curling equipment?

Friday, February 7, 2014

Dierks Bentley and OneRepublic Energize CMT Crossroads Taping

Thursday night, Dierks Bentley and OneRepublic took the stage at Rocketown in Nashville for a CMT Crossroads taping in front of a live audience.  DB Congress reps Amanda, Randy and Kelsey and other DBC members had the good fortune to be there in person!

@OneRepublic tweeted this pic on Twitter:

"Right now with our friends and doing Crossroads! Hellz to tha ya

Can't wait for CMT to air this episode mid March?  Read the highlights below and watch the video that won't be on the show.

Amanda (MS):
Dierks and OneRepublic were a great pairing for CMT Crossroads. I loved how they all were having as much fun as the crowd! They joked with each other and told stories between taping. It was the best Crossroads I've attended! They did a mash up of songs at the end that was just for fun and won't be included on the show.

They sang Free And Easy, I Hold On, Up On The Ridge, and Home from Dierks' catalog. Of OneRepublic's they did Counting Stars, Stop and Stare and Apologize. The mash-up even had some Justin Timberlake!

Randy (TN)

The bonus performance of Dierks Bentley and Ryan Tedder  from OneRepublic:

Dierks recalled times about playing the bars in downtown Nashville like Robert's. Ryan from OneRepublic talked about how he used to live in Franklin, TN and one of his favorite places to go was Waffle House. He started his musical journey in the early days of his career when he lived in Nashville, it was a big influence on him. Dierks was so pumped to play with OneRepublic, he would take time to say, "I just sang 'Apologize' with One Republic!" during breaks and yell at the floor in excitement.

Dierks' energy was through the roof last night, jumping around on the stage and having a blast. He even jumped into the crowd towards the end of the show. The last song that Dierks and Ryan sang was "Pride (In The Name Of Love)" a U2 cover. 

The two superstars recalled their first concert they ever went to. Dierks had a connection with the drummer from OneRepublic in that the drummer went to the U2 concert that was in Arizona (Dierks' home state). Dierks' sister was planning to take him but instead took a friend of hers so Dierks did not get to go. Dierks' first major concert he ever attended was a Bon Jovi show. He recalled there being a girl next to him at that first show in a black leather top.  He made the joke it was more like just a piece of leather but that he couldn't stop looking at her. When Dierks got the chance to open for Bon Jovi he recalled that at that first show all he did was watch that girl for most of the show. Bon Jovi told Dierks that it must have been a great show then to have women like that show up.

Then we got to hang out with the man himself! Look for us on TV on March 21st for CMT Crossroads. We were front and center with the spotlight on us the whole time.

Kelsey (TN)
The other song OneRepublic sang was "Good Life." I have never seen Dierks so hyped up before, it was awesome because it made us even more hyped. Dierks said it was surreal from running on the treadmill listening to these guys to jamming with them live. It was obvious Dierks was a true fan--kind of fangirling! Dierks crowd-surfed right on top of us. The two had great chemistry and it was a night I'll never forget! 

Dierks, Kelsey, Randy

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DBTV - Episode 123: Riser Rehearsal

Watch Dierks Bentley and Team Dude at Rehearsal as they get ready to release Riser on February 25th and the OneRepublic CMT Crossroads taping on Feb. 6!

Dierks Bentley: Touring Musician and Family Man in "RISER", a one-hour documentary film on CMT Feb. 22



Over the course of his career, Capitol Records’ award-winning singer/songwriter Dierks Bentley has given fans behind-the-scenes access on the road, in the studio and even at home. But never before have fans seen him like they will in DIERKS BENTLEY: RISER, a film documenting the ups and downs following the death of his father through the birth of his first son - the story that inspired his upcoming seventh studio album RISER.  Fans can preview a special edit of the film exclusively on CMT on Feb. 22 at 1:00P CT, and the full length will premiere the same day on Palladia at 8:00P CT.  The project will also be available for purchase in the coming weeks.

“The two phrases ‘touring musician’ and ‘family man’ were never meant to go hand-in-hand…it’s just hard. It really hurts your heart to walk out the door on your kids. It’s like the two loves of your life pulling at you – your family and your love of music,” said Bentley. “I wanted this album to be that deeper look at who I am and who I try to be, and so I guess it's the same with this film too.   The first time I watched the rough edit, I actually got physically uncomfortable because it's all in there…my whole life right there on the screen for the whole world to see."

Director Wes Edwards and multiple film crews shadowed Bentley over the course of the last two years, logging thousands of hours of tape, which were edited down by The Moving Pictures Boys (Nashville Docujournal, The Country Club Film) to the most pivotal moments.  The film covers everything from the most quiet, pensive moments from Bentley's bunk on the tour bus to the rush of excitement in the delivery room for the birth of his son Knox, and it's all set to the soundtrack of the album that these events inspired.

"I knew Dierks was a dynamic performer and charismatic guy," said director Wes Edwards.  "But, as a filmmaker it was a challenge to try and capture a portrait of a guy with so many different aspects to his life.  He’s a guy who can bring an audience of twenty thousand to their feet and a guy you can have a beer with in a dive bar.  He’s a guy that flies his own plane but uses a kitchen trash bag for luggage.  I hope this documentary accurately captures the Dierks I’ve had the honor to get to know personally - a guy with serious work ethic, love for his family and genuine respect for the people around him.  But most of all, I hope we are able to convey a true artist at work."

People has the first look of the film and fans can watch the trailer here:


Bentley will release his seventh studio album RISER on Feb. 25. To celebrate both the new album and film, he will host screenings over the course of the next few weeks in London, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York and Toronto.

See more here.

Enter To Win: Fan Club Exclusive - Dierks and OneRepublic on CMT CROSSROADS

Grammy-nominated band OneRepublic will share the stage with fellow Grammy nominee and country favorite Dierks Bentley when CMT presents an all-new episode of CMT CROSSROADS. OneRepublic and Bentley will meet and collaborate for the first time on the CMT CROSSROADS stage in Nashville. 

Dierks Fan Club (Congress) exclusive: Enter for your chance to be a part of the audience! This Thursday February 6th at 7:00pm! (Transportation/Hotel not provided).  You must be logged in at to enter.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dierks Takes The Ridge To The Station Inn

Dierk Bentley started sneaking in to The Station Inn  (internationally known as the place to go in Nashville, Tennessee to hear Bluegrass and Roots Music), when he was 19 years old.  DB Congress rep, Emily Leisgang (TN), thought that was a cool connection since she was only 19 on her first time to the Station Inn to see Dierks perform.

That was just a few nights ago, when he took Up On The Ridge--his 2010 bluegrass album to the historic venue. "It was just awesome to see him in that kind of setting. As much as I love seeing him on a big stage it was really awesome to see him in a smaller setting and just have a ton of fun with it," Emily tells us.

Dierks teased earlier in the day that he was "just hanging out with some of the best pickers in town/the world. jon randall and @sam_bush. no big deal. ha!"  Later that night they joined him on stage!

"playing the greatest stage in MY world... the world famous . got a mad man on my left !"
Emily was joined by fellow DBC rep, Ashley Wardrip (TN) and together they captured some of the special moments on video. (see below).

"We waited a bit after the show and Dan [Hochhalter, Dierks' fiddle player] was waiting on him, too. Dierks came out and talked to Dan for a bit and then came right over to us and asked if we wanted a picture with him. I asked about a Riser release party and he said he hadn't even thought about it because he was so focused on this show and making that night perfect," said Ashley.

Photo Credit: Ashley Wardrip

Draw Me A Map (by Emily)

Down In The Mine (by Ashley)

Senor (by Ashley)

You're Dead To Me (by Ashley)

David Mattingly, DBC rep from Kentucky, made the drive to Nashville and offered his perspective:

"Dierks wanted to do an Up On The Ridge show, so he invited Sam Bush (mandolin) and Jon Randall Stewart (guitar) to play. They both helped write/perform on the Ridge album. Mike Bub (bass) and Scott Vestal (banjo) are known bluegrass musicians with credits a mile long. Jessi Alexander was there also, Jon's wife. She wrote 'The Climb' and 'I Drive Your Truck' (Lee Brice). She helped sing back up on a few songs. Jessi and Jon have a bluegrass band called "18 South" and play The Station Inn often.

Dierks was in a great mood Wednesday night.  He joked from the stage all night and it was fun to hear the other musicians tell stories of Dierks when he first started coming to The Station Inn.

A few of Dierks' regular band members were there as spectators--Tim Sergent and Dan Hochhalter.  We got some good chat time with D afterwards. He's so genuine and thanked us for coming out. They played almost all of Up On The Ridge songs and many other bluegrass tunes as well. Great to talk with Tim and Dan. RISER was the topic and its gonna be great!"

The next day, Dierks tweeted he was donating all the money from the performance to a worthy cause:

"btw, donating all the door money from our Up On The Ridge jam last night to . about $4,000. total blast! thank you"

Sounds like an incredible night, and just like our favorite artist to give it all he has to give! Thanks to Emily, Ashley and David for sharing their experience!

We Can Make It in Five! DBCONGRESS.COM Turns 5 today!

Happy 5-year anniversary, DB Congress!  

Five years ago today, we launched!  So much has happened since then!

We are 767 dedicated Representatives strong!  Five years ago we were just under 400--so we nearly doubled our promo power from all over the world!

Nearly half a million unique visitors viewed our 1,500+ blog posts!  Our Facebook and Twitter pages have gathered more than 4,000 followers!

All of this for one primary purpose:  Promote our president, Dierks Bentley, daily!

Your efforts have helped Dierks achieve number one songs, videos and albums.  And his Facebook page is well over 2 million and one million followers on Twitter!  Phenomenal!

Now we have an opportunity to make history for Dierks again with his new album, Riser, releasing February 25, 2014!  We're thinkin' one of the songs, "Five," (written by Dierks, Riser Producer Ross Copperman and Ryan Tyndell) is appropriate for our 5-year anniversary! It is available as a 90-second preview now on iTunes, along with all the Riser songs.

"Now you're 600 miles away and a 10 hour drive, but if you called me tonight, I can make it in never cross my mind, yeah you stay there all the time."

Yep, we made it in five...years, and Dierks, you are always on our minds, and if you called us tonight, we'd be there in five!

Keep up the great work, congress! Keep requesting "I Hold On" and pre-order your Riser bundle today on!  Tell all your friends!

*Special thanks to Stephanie Lanham, DBC Rep (MO), for creating and sharing all the great graphics over the last five years!  That's her DBC logo at the top, and check out the new blog header!  Cool, huh?  What are you thinkin', congress!  Leave a comment and join me in thanking Steph!

Ronna (FL)
DB Congress Chair