Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dierks Takes The Ridge To The Station Inn

Dierk Bentley started sneaking in to The Station Inn  (internationally known as the place to go in Nashville, Tennessee to hear Bluegrass and Roots Music), when he was 19 years old.  DB Congress rep, Emily Leisgang (TN), thought that was a cool connection since she was only 19 on her first time to the Station Inn to see Dierks perform.

That was just a few nights ago, when he took Up On The Ridge--his 2010 bluegrass album to the historic venue. "It was just awesome to see him in that kind of setting. As much as I love seeing him on a big stage it was really awesome to see him in a smaller setting and just have a ton of fun with it," Emily tells us.

Dierks teased earlier in the day that he was "just hanging out with some of the best pickers in town/the world. jon randall and @sam_bush. no big deal. ha!"  Later that night they joined him on stage!

"playing the greatest stage in MY world... the world famous . got a mad man on my left !"
Emily was joined by fellow DBC rep, Ashley Wardrip (TN) and together they captured some of the special moments on video. (see below).

"We waited a bit after the show and Dan [Hochhalter, Dierks' fiddle player] was waiting on him, too. Dierks came out and talked to Dan for a bit and then came right over to us and asked if we wanted a picture with him. I asked about a Riser release party and he said he hadn't even thought about it because he was so focused on this show and making that night perfect," said Ashley.

Photo Credit: Ashley Wardrip

Draw Me A Map (by Emily)

Down In The Mine (by Ashley)

Senor (by Ashley)

You're Dead To Me (by Ashley)

David Mattingly, DBC rep from Kentucky, made the drive to Nashville and offered his perspective:

"Dierks wanted to do an Up On The Ridge show, so he invited Sam Bush (mandolin) and Jon Randall Stewart (guitar) to play. They both helped write/perform on the Ridge album. Mike Bub (bass) and Scott Vestal (banjo) are known bluegrass musicians with credits a mile long. Jessi Alexander was there also, Jon's wife. She wrote 'The Climb' and 'I Drive Your Truck' (Lee Brice). She helped sing back up on a few songs. Jessi and Jon have a bluegrass band called "18 South" and play The Station Inn often.

Dierks was in a great mood Wednesday night.  He joked from the stage all night and it was fun to hear the other musicians tell stories of Dierks when he first started coming to The Station Inn.

A few of Dierks' regular band members were there as spectators--Tim Sergent and Dan Hochhalter.  We got some good chat time with D afterwards. He's so genuine and thanked us for coming out. They played almost all of Up On The Ridge songs and many other bluegrass tunes as well. Great to talk with Tim and Dan. RISER was the topic and its gonna be great!"

The next day, Dierks tweeted he was donating all the money from the performance to a worthy cause:

"btw, donating all the door money from our Up On The Ridge jam last night to . about $4,000. total blast! thank you"

Sounds like an incredible night, and just like our favorite artist to give it all he has to give! Thanks to Emily, Ashley and David for sharing their experience!


  1. Thanks for sharing. It does look like it was an awesome night! Wish I could have been there for sure. I'd love to see Dierks in a setting like that!

  2. Ann Soyars is who takes the money as you walk in at The Station Inn. She works there and post alot on the SI fb page. I've been there a few times but this time i wanted to introduce myself to her. What a sweet lady!
    Sho actually told me before the show that for months she had been asking D to do a show there. She never could pin him down to a certain date. So she canned him one day and said 'you are playing here on 1/29 arrangements are made, see you there'. Haha, it worked! She also told me D did a private show awhile back at SI for her 65th birthday celebration. I told her I knew hundreds of women that would love to have her profile picture on fb. D is hugging her and kissing her on the cheek. She said 'that was taken on my birthday! :)

  3. Great story, David! Thanks for sharing with us!