Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dierks Bentley Watches Faces of Front Row Fans; Hosts His Own Riser Screening in Nashville

@cmtcody and @DierksBentley
Dierks Bentley hosted his own life-story on the big screen tonight in Nashville at The Rosewall.  The Tennessean says Dierks almost pulled his pants down!
""We could save a lot of time here and I could just pull down my pants and show you my butt,” Bentley told the audience, who laughed in response. He said he felt like the film was so exposing it was almost the same thing."
While 100 music industry folks were invited to his upcoming documentary “Dierks Bentley: Riser” about the making of his latest album, “Riser,” which will be in stores on Tuesday, a few "fans" won tickets from CMT, who will air a special edition on Saturday, 2/22 at 2 pm eastern.

Kelsey Hodges just happens to be a DB Congress member as well, living in Nashville, and she took her fellow DBC-er friend Randy Alan Shaffer, along for the ride to the screening.  She's our guest blogger tonight!

Dierks and Kelsey
So we were across the street, parking, when we noticed Big White ('it's just an old beat up truck') riding down the road. We saw Dierks walk in the place and the hype began. We were hanging out outside of the venue waiting to go inside, seeing producers, engineers, and all of the band walking in. Randy and I along with 6 other fans got to sit on the front row and center. Cody Alan (CMT) walked up and introduced Dierks. 

Dierks said it was kind of hard watching this film, but he was glad he could hold on to something like this. The movie was great. I wanted to cry and wanted to break out laughing at parts, too. It showed personal moments from his home life playing with his girls to being with Cassidy in the emergency room for Knox's birth. 

Dierks came up onstage after the movie and said he was watching our row the whole time wanting to see our face reactions.  He walked straight to us and asked what we thought--he wanted honest opinions.  I told him it was all good, that I loved it! There were so many parts in the movie that made me want to cry and laugh.

I got to talk to him about songwriting, talked about some mutual writer friends we have in town and about how big of a role he played in me moving here four years ago. He went in for a hug afterwards and I totally accepted (haha)! 

Afterwards, Randy and I hung out, got some beers and just took in the moment.  The guys in the band, Cassady Feasby, Dan Hochhalter, and Brian Layson were all just chilling out.

As we were walking out, Red Light MGT gave us two copies of Riser--the full album!  Needless to say it has been playing in my car all night ever since!

Kelsey Hodges
DB Congress Rep (TN)

Thanks, Kelsey!  We can hardly wait until Tuesday to get our hands on the full album, too!

Watch the full length film on Palladia Saturday, 2/22 at 8:00 pm central.


  1. Thanks for the review. Very cool that Kelsey and Randy were able to attend. Im sure front row was a blast! Awesome that they got a copy of RISER when leaving. So good to his fans :)

  2. Loved reading your blog about the screening and that you and Randy got a front row seat. Granny Ann