Saturday, May 30, 2009


Australia's Country Music Channel - CMC Top 30 Countdown - this week has Dierks Bentley's Feel That Fire at #9, but his Sideways video has entered the chart at #20! Thanks to Stacey, our DBC Director of Int'l Recruitment for the Aussie scoop!

In the US, results for Sideways for this week are:
CMT Top 20 - #11 (LW #11)
GACTV Top 20 - #12 (LW #14)
CMT Pure 12 Pack - still a no show

Go to the DB Congress Current Campaigns page to vote for Sideways on all the video countdown links every day!

Friday, May 29, 2009

DBC MEMBER OF THE WEEK - Jennifer(JenniferLynn)

Jennifer is one of our newest DBC members who represents Illinois. She's been a long time fan like myself and many of you! Her favorite DB song and album both have the same title: Long Trip Alone.

So what led Jennifer to become a Dierks fan? Here's what she said:
"I've been a fan since 2003 when LWTT (What Was I Thinkin'?) came out on the radio. I love Dierks' down-to-earth personality, it really appeals to me. His love for his dogs really is sweet and I can definitely relate - I feel the same way about my Shebby (she likes Dierks too!) Also, my boyfriend surprised me with Dierks tickets in 2007 at Joe's on Weed St. - Dierks just cut his hair and he looked so adorable! That was my 3rd Dierks concert and I've gone to every single concert in the Chicagoland area ever since! I am also a die-hard NASCAR fan and I love that Dierks also follows the sport and is a fan of some of the favorites (Kasey Kahne and Dale Jr.) This year Dierks performed in Daytona and ever since then, the NASCAR broadcast plays music from Dierks new cd, Feel That Fire, when they are coming back from commercial or going to commercial. It's great because I also get my Dierks fix while watching my favorite sport!!! One more point, I met Dierks last year at Country Thunder USA in Twin Lakes, WI and I was so nervous. I was shaking and in tears that I didn't know what to say or do. I've never been the type to make a fool out of myself and stumble around artists/celebrities but boy o' boy did I sure make a moron out of myself. Dierks was so sweet and gracious, though. He made me feel so comfortable and that is another reason why I love Dierks and his music!"
Jennifer promotes Dierks Bentley through Facebook and Myspace pages. She calls the local radio station (US99.5) daily to request Dierks songs. She encourages friends, family and co-workers to listen to his music and buy his cds, and she votes repeatedly on CMT. Jennifer said that she also sings Dierks' songs to her dog, Shelby, every day. Shelby loves it even though the boyfriend really doesn't like her music voice!

Jennifer said that she is a genuine DIERKS BENTLEY fan who is willing to do anything (within reason) to promote Dierks and see his music played more often and get him the recognition he deserves (CMT and ACM awards, etc.) Dierks deserves to win those awards because he truly is a unique artist and there is nobody like him in country music. She thinks this (and his down to earth personality) is why fans LOVE him so much!
"I truly enjoy being a part of the Dierks Bentley fan club and the DB Congress. I just love listening to Dierks' music and seeing him perform live. His voice, music, and personality really speak to my heart."

Welcome to THE Congress Jennifer and glad you're here!

-Amanda Morris(Mississippi Rep/DBC Secretary)


Are you in the Dierks Bentley Fan Club? If you are, then we want YOU! We are only 13 DB Congress representatives away from reaching a monumental milestone--500 DBC reps! There are many more than that in the official fan club, but these 487 die-hard fan clubbers are dedicated to promoting Dierks in some small way every day!

Voting on video countdown sites...blogging...calling DJs to request Dierks songs...handing out "Dierks" bracelets, candy, stickers...talking up DB to anyone who will listen...wearing DB dog tags and Tshirts...these and so many more campaigns are happening at the grass roots every day! And you could be a part of all the fun and camraderie!

Our goal is to reach 500 members by LCB (Last Call Ball, DB's annual fan club party), to be held June 10 in Nashville. That's 13 days and 13 reps needed so one a day and we will achieve our goal!

Not in the fan club? No problem. Just go to and join today! Then come back here and let us know you want to join the DBC and tell us your state you want to represent. It's that easy!

Help make DBC history! Join today!

DB Congress Chair
Representing Florida

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Dierks Bentley performed on the George Strait Artist of the Decade television special, which aired on CBS last night. The event was filmed live on April 6 in Vegas. According to CMT News, prior to singing "Blue Clear Sky," Dierks briefly went off script to recall his first major tour as Strait's opening act.

"In 2005, I was playing in this building, opening up for George Strait," Bentley said. "A girl called me that I had known since I was 13 years old. She said she wanted to come out to the show. We had tried dating a couple of times, but I kind of figured it wasn't going to work out because I was chasing this dream down in Nashville. She came out to the show, and you talk about 'out of the blue clear sky' -- 'One day you're giving up the dream/And the next you're picking out a ring.' We eloped down to Mexico that same year. So I owe George and Norma a lot for giving me my life, and I love my life. I really appreciate it, and you are my blueprint for what we aspire to be."
None of that dialogue made the television version. But Dierks did manage to show everyone his great sense of humor by giving George, uh, I mean Norma Strait a CD he just happened to have in his back pocket! See Dierks' performance below.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Not only did Dierks Bentley's Sideways make the Top Five on the country charts--just 13 weeks since it's release, but it also landed in the #49 position of Billboard's Top 50 Singles of all genres this week! Please enjoy the AOL Sessions version below:

Watch more Feel That Fire videos on AOL Video

Also, on, Sideways is mentioned starting at 1:44:

Just four more rungs up the ladder and he'll have his next #1 single! Keep calling your DJs, Dierks fans!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Hazel Smith writes a weekly feature article: CMT Hot Dish. This week's was a tribute, thanking all the country stars who appreciate her kind words about them. Dierks Bentley made the list!
A lot of my dear friends are also friends with my sons. Like Dierks Bentley. Before he got a songwriter's deal or a record deal, Dierks would hang out at the Station Inn, digging the musicians and the bluegrass music they made. He loved to hear Terry Eldredge (The Grascals) [Hazel's son is Terry Smith from The Grascals] sing, and he loved the great harmony singing and all the great players who have helped make the Station Inn so special. After getting his deal with Capitol Records, Dierks has included bluegrass on his records. I've thanked him, and he's thanked me. He's just a great guy. I'm betting on Dierks.
Hazel's prose can also be found in Country Weekly. She's the author of the cookbook, Hazel's Hot Dish: Cookin' With Country Stars, and she also hosts CMT's Southern Fried Flicks With Hazel Smith.

She's the same Hazel who, a few years ago, wrote a scathing open letter to the ACM's chastising them for not nominating Dierks for anything that year! In the same story, she challenged us Dierks fans to get mad and active--that's when Molly, DBC Speaker of the House, wrote an eloquent letter to the ACM to get our point across--and hundreds of us fan-clubbers signed it!

Thank you Hazel for all you do for Dierks, and for believing in him like we do! We're betting on Dierks, too!

DB Congress Chair

Sunday, May 24, 2009


"I Saw the Sideways video this morning on Aussie CMC TV!" exclaims Rach from Australia. "It's so good to finally dance in my loungeroom (I think that's like a living room in the US) to this great song."

The previous DB Congress Member of the Week is doing her congressional duty and promoting Dierks Bentley--especially on Fridays when the country music video countdowns of the week begin. "On most emails I sent on Friday to my work colleagues, I started with 'Happy Sideways Day.' I then asked people to go listen to the song, as it was Dierks tribute to Fridays! I think we could really reclaim Fridays as Sideways day," Rach declares.

After all, the lyrics demand it--worked all week it's time to play, gonna get a little bit sideways.

Just a few years ago, I used to dub Thursdays as "Dierksday Thursday" because that was when the video countdowns revealed their top 20 country music videos of the week. Now, CMT and GAC and CMC in Australia countdown the top videos of the week on Fridays, based on fan votes. That's where we need your help!

Vote for Dierks' Sideways video in the U.S. on CMT Top 20, CMT Pure 12-Pack and GAC Top 20. This week the video landed at #11 on CMT20, and finally debuted at #14 on GAC! Thank you DB Congress! Please urge all your family and friends to vote for Dierks this week and let's get him into the single digits, and make a showing on CMT Pure 12-Pack!

So, Rach, please post and let us know what number Sideways is on CMC TV this week!

DB Congress Chair

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend! Police will be out this weekend so please drive safely when you're on the road - don't speed, don't drink and drive, and do fasten your seat belt!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Each week leading up to the 2009 CMT Music Awards, is featuring a different poll and they plan to include the finalists in the week leading up to the show, to be held June 16. This week is the Fashion Poll. You can vote now for who you think had the hottest look at last year's CMT Music Awards (Here's a hint for the males: Since you're reading this on a Dierks Bentley blog, don't even thing of voting for Billy Ray or Toby!).

Vote as many times as you want and spread the word to all your family, friends and co-workers to vote for Dierks!


Up and coming Kentucky boy Clay Underwood already has a fan base, who are dedicated to supporting him (sound familiar?). Clay believes, "the artist answers to the fans...give 'em somthing good to listen to...if you love 'em they'll love you back...I still buy into that."

Clay's first single from his first CD--New Beginnings and Old Honky Tonks, hails some heavy writing credits: Dierks Bentley, Tammy Rogers and Lonnie Melvin Tillis Jr. "Behind These Walls" is quickly moving up the charts. The song is currently at #49 on the Music Row Country Break Out chart.

"I call "Behind These Walls" my right place right time song," Clay says. "They never tell me who writes the songs...when I heard it in the studio, I said, 'I think we could make it a single,' and everybody said, YEAH! I said what's the big deal? They said, 'Dierks Bentley wrote it!', and I said YEAH!"

Robert K. Oermann, respected music critic, author and historian, contributes his thoughts on Clay Underwood to MusicRow (Nashville's Music Industry Publication): "On a beautiful day, he’s shut himself in, aching and miserable. Loneliness has seldom sounded better. The production churns and burns around a passionate vocal performance of powerful melody. Get a load of those songwriter credits. Wouldn’t you have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Mel Tillis Jr., Tammy Rogers of the SteelDrivers and Dierks Bentley sat down to write together? Especially when they came up with something as cool as “Behind These Walls.” It earns Kentucky native Clay Underwood a DisCovery Award."

Another cut from the album, God's Up To Somethin' is a duet with Marty Rabon, from Shenendoah fame. "He came walking in with his bib overalls just as country as you please but man when we closed that door to start recording, he just really brought out the emotions," Clay remembers. "When you're down to nothin', God's up to somethin'. I couldn't be prouder to have him on the CD." This caught my ear, because Marty and the Rabon family is from my home town in Sanford, Florida! I remember many Saturday nights cloggin' on a piece of plywood to Marty and his family playing live in the backyard! He and his dad and brothers used to record as a group called American Bluegrass Express. I think I still have the autographed LP in my collectibles!

Thanks to Meg (DBC rep in FL) for finding all these Clay Underwood links:

Listen to Clay's KLMJ, Hampton radio interview here:

DB Congress Chair

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Check out this backstage video of Dierks in Australia (thanks to DBC rep Summerhaze for a great find!), he talks about koala cuddling, beach surfing, pub crawling and Australian fans...


DB Congress Connecticut was 'in da house' Wednesday night/Thursday morning, supporting the self-proclaimed public servant to his fans--Dierks Bentley. The aforementioned "house" was located at 30 Rockerfeller Center--Late Nite With Jimmy Fallon--NBC TV studio in New York City!

CT reps and best friends Renee, Lauren, Mandy, and Becky arrived with just enough time to get their VIP wristbands. "We were led to a security area, and while walking through the building my friend Becky spots those infamous curls of our favorite man Dierks just hanging out talking to someone in the doorway of the plaza," said 'CTcowgirl' Renee. "He traded in his cowboy boots for black and white Adidas sneakers, Jeans, and a black shirt...and he looked absolutely amazing as always!"

Just last week, Renee saw the announcement on to "BE IN THE AUDIENCE TO SEE DIERKS ON LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON!" and immediately entered for her chance to win seats in the "Band Bench" and an opportunity to surround the stage during Dierks' live performance on the show! After four agonizing days, she got a phone call the day before the show saying she'd won.

"During the taping of the show, we were allowed to, along with 40 other winners, be onstage with Dierks and the boys as they performed his latest chart-climbing hit, Sideways.

We giggle, he waves, we giggle some more. Gotta Love that DB smile! We couldn't talk to him or get pictures because security was whisking us off through the metal detectors. Dierks hugged a fan farther down the line and everyone got out their cameras for a quick snapshot of the country star before going into the studio.

The taping was very interesting to be a part of, lots of production people working on the set making the show run smoothly. Lots of laughs, too. Jimmy Fallon is extremely hilarious. When it finally came time for the winners to join Dierks onstage we couldn't have been more excited. There were three balconies onstage that held about 13 people each for the winners of the "Band Bench Sweepstakes." We were on Dierks' right-hand side.

The producers encouraged us all to dance and have a great time up there which isn't hard to do when Dierks is performing. Although in the playback you can hardly see us girls in any of the footage, you can definitely tell we are there. Dierks kept looking over at our side, partying it up just for him, and was smiling because he knew we were his congress, there supporting him.

He even laughed at us on our balcony during the performance when he sang "Gotta Make 'em wanna"...and we shouted "What"..."Gotta make 'em wanna"..."What"..."Gotta make 'em wanna come back for more!"

We all were doing the signature dance and you can see Dierks check our side one more time during the chorus to make sure we are all waving our hands to the left, then right, gettin' a little bit 'Sideways.'

At the end of the performance he raised his fist in victory to us girls and throws us up his guitar pick, which we caught. After closing the show with Jimmy Fallon, Dierks went around to all three of the balconies and shook everyone's hand. Our balcony was about eight feet high and I couldn't reach down to Dierks for my goodbye handshake, so he leaned back to make sure he made eye contact and gave me a wave and a smile.

What a wonderful ending to a perfect day in New York City!

We all waited in the lobby for a bit, but the band must have left through another entrance. Dierks knew we were there in support of him, and to represent the congress, though. It doesn't matter if he didn't come out for a final goodbye. I was hoping somewhere in the city he was enjoying the beautiful cool evening, and a nice cold beer after that great show!

So with that we packed up to get back on the train and head back to Connecticut. That one day in the city will forever be embedded in my Dierks memory bank. We will always take the opportunity to go out for Dierks and show our support. He is totally worth the miles and memories.

I wish we could do yesterday over. I would have gone right up to Dierks and told him Ronna sent me!"

Thanks Renee for the great play by play of the evening! I wish I could have been there with you!

To see the video, go to the link below and choose the Dierks Bentley Chapter 5, May 20. Dierks performs at the 38:00 minute mark:

Dierks on Jimmy Fallon

DB Congress Chair
Florida Rep


Check out this video of Dierks Bentley, answering CMT Mobile Q. questions.....

<a href="" target="_blank">Mobile Q: Dierks Bentley</a>

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Landing in the lucky #7 slot of the country charts this week, Dierks Bentley's dance hall ditty, Sideways, shoots up three from #10 last week. Just 12 weeks in, the Beavers/Bentley penned hit is still the fastest rising single of DB's career.

The Pitch Wayward blog assigns "A Keeper" verdict to Sideways.

"Another mishmash, but this one sounds natural by comparison, more like a band in a room than a label boss on ProTools. It's nothing more than a rock-and-roll pick-up song, built on fiery banjo, big ol' drums, at least three strong guitar hooks (including "Sweet Jane"), and a chanted chorus that owes as much to hip-hop as it does square dance. Unlike the "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk"s of the world, this shames neither. Bentley opens and closes asking some barroom gal her name; in between he tries to get her "a little bit sideways" without ever once suggesting that this hook-up means they'll be together forever (like Keith Urban, #5) or that they're somehow like a river meeting the sea (the sin of Brad Paisley, #4). Bentley's unapologetic horniness is a relief - Nashville being Nashville, he atones by including a track called "Pray" on his current disc. Choice Detail Guaranteed to Connect to Listener's Lives: Ain't no need to fight/Y'all take that redneck stuff outside/that's what parking lots are for."

So get your i-phones and keyboards ready, DB Congress reps! It's time to ask every DJ you know to NOT play nothin' slow! Gotta make 'em wanna play that song some mo'! ...all the way to #1!



If you're going to be in Nashville for the 2009 CMA Music Fest, be sure to schedule the Guitars of the Stars Benefit into your plans for Friday, June 12 at 2 p.m. Fans will be able to to bid on Epiphone acoustic guitars decorated by some of country music’s hottest stars at the inaugural auction at the Ryman Auditorium.

In addition to Grand Ole Opry member Dierks Bentley, other stars confirmed to contribute guitars are Charlie Daniels, Vince Gill, Jamey Johnson, Miranda Lambert, Craig Morgan, Dolly Parton, Kellie Pickler, Sugarland, Pam Tillis, Steve Wariner, Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban. These artists have designed the guitars in celebration of their current singles, hobbies, favorite country songs, or country music heroes.

All proceeds benefit the Opry Trust Fund, which has for more than 40 years assisted members of the country music community in need of help with medical bills, living expenses, utilities, rent, and food.

CMA and GRAMMY award-winning singer, songwriter, and guitarist Wariner will kick off the event with a number from his upcoming project, STEVE WARINER, C.G.P., MY TRIBUTE TO CHET ATKINS, followed by auction fun. The Opry star will serve as Celebrity Auctioneer, and GAC-TV and 650 WSM radio personality Bill Cody will be on hand as emcee.

I can't wait to see what Dierks' guitar looks like! I am envisioning a Feel That Fire theme of sorts, or hockey, or Harleys or blue-grass...or all of the above! What do you think his design will be? I am even more excited to see how much money his artistic endeavor brings in for the Opry Trust Fund!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Dierks made it to the final round! Vote, Vote, Vote for Dierks Bentley!

Dierks is nominated in the final round of voting at the 2009 CMT Music Awards. He is up for CMT Performance of the Year - "Country Boy" with George Strait, Alan Jackson, and Brad Paisley!

Watch the performance here:

While you're on the voting page, vote for Trey Fanjoy for Best video Director of the Year, awarded to the director for his/her body of work from the past year, including "Trying to Stop Your Leaving" - Dierks Bentley.

Dierks has also been confirmed to perform at the awards show, which will be held in Nashville on Tuesday, June 16th and will air live on CMT.

VOTE NOW for Dierks! Thank you for supporting your DBC president!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I finally found the June 2009 People magazine - Country Special edition today and quickly grabbed it off the Publix rack and put it in my shopping cart. I tried to leave it there and go on about my grocery shopping, but I couldn't stand it! I had to look inside to get a peek at any and all Dierks Bentley pics! Here's what I found:

Page 30...the left side of a 2-page spread of the 21 country stars honoring George Strait at the Artist of the Decade event. Since this is a Dierks Bentley blog, you'll have to buy the magazine to find out where Keith Urban's other hand is!

Country's Hottest Guys started on page 36 with Brad, Blake, Keith...and then I think I hesitated a little too long (for a die-hard Dierks fan) on the center-fold--Chuck Wicks looking fine in blue jeans and a white, wet top---in the surf, on the beach, when I found The Free Spirit Dierks Bentley on page 43.

Ironically, Dierks is quoted saying "I grew up in Arizona riding horses and wearing cowboy hats. Now I'm a country singer, and I don't wear hats and I ride motorcycles," he says with a laugh. "Go figure!" Now does that dispel the controvery over the American Songwriter comment, or what?

To watch the photo shoot video on, go to:,,20279105,00.html


Ryane's mom decided to add an "e" at the end, even though her name is pronounced RYE UHN like a guy, to make it more 'girly.' The 28 year old, Virginia DB Congress rep is a HUGE Dierks Bentley fan!

"He's my all time favorite, mostly because, well, he's DIERKS! His demeanor, his attitude towards his fans...I love that he tries to involve everyone on some of the decisions he has to make. He's very humble and I love that about him. "

The first time Ryane met Dierks, was at Merriweather Post Pavilion in the rain. "I looked HORRIBLE," she exasperated, "but it was awesome. I was stunned at how well the Meet and Greet went and how he took the time to answer everyone's questions."

The second meeting was her second year of CMA Music Fest in Nashville, TN at Dierks' Last Call Ball. "We waited and waited and waited, but, as it always is, it was worth the wait. The Meet and Greet went pretty quickly and the show he put on there was awesome as well."

Third time's a charm--it was in Solomon's Island, MD. "Cassidy was still pregnant with Evie, and when Dierks heard my name, he said, 'that has a nice ring to it! We might have to consider it.' That was cool!"

"It's funny that I'm a Virginia DB Congress rep, and while I have seen him in VA, I've met him in two other states! He's the best. I'm going to see him at the next concert here in town--Bristow, VA on July 25. It's the day before my birthday, so I'm hoping I can get another M&G. That would be the BEST birthday present ever!"

Ryane tells everyone about Dierks and how he's just different from the rest. "Unlike a lot of the other artists," she says, "he's accessible. He takes the time to talk to people and is actually interested in what we have to say. I love the excitement, sincerity and passion he puts into his music. He just makes it fun!"

Thanks for representing DB in VA, Ryane!


If you missed the airing of People Country on CMT this weekend, you still have one more chance. Tune in as Allison DeMarcus goes behind the scenes and takes you inside the pages of People magazine's special country issue. As you know, our DB Congress pres., Dierks Bentley, made the top 12 hottest guys of country list!

Next Show Time:
Tue., May. 19 10:30 AM ET/PT

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dierks Touching Tribute To Our Troops

In Honor of Armed Forces Day, please enjoy Dierks Bentley's tribute to our troops:

According to Wikipedia, in the United States, Armed Forces Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in May. The day was created in 1949, and was a result of the consolidation of the military services in the Department of Defense. It was intended to replace the separate Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Days, but observance of these days, especially within each particular service, continues to this day.

The first Armed Forces Day was celebrated by parades, open houses, receptions and air shows. Armed Forces Day is celebrated annually on the third Saturday of May, and Armed Forces Week begins on the second Saturday of May and ends on the third Sunday of May. Because of their unique training schedules, National Guard and Reserve units may celebrate Armed Forces Day/Week over any period in May. The purpose of Armed Forces day is to honor Americans serving in the five services - the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard.


On this week's Crook & Chase radio countdown, they interview Dierks and prompt him to say his fans are "the boss." Did Dierks disagree? Find out here at this audio clip:


DB Congress rep, Lynne (NJ), never thought she'd live anywhere but Texas. So when her husband got a promotion three years ago with his company located in Philadephia, PA, moving to New Jersey (a short commute) made her feel a little out of her element. She chose her Dierks Bentley Fan Club name--BabEb00mer--"because I feel like Dierks' music brings back a very familiar sound to any of us having been in high school and college in the 70's." She looks at life as an adventure. Below Lynne shares three of her favorite "Dierks Bentley" adventures!

Philly Concert
"The first concert my husband took me to here in the Philly area to get me through being homesick [for Houston] was Kenny Chesney with Dierks and Sugarland. Our seats were on the side not on the floor but almost right next to the stage. I fell in love with Dierks' music right then and there--it was magical! We were in the 3rd row and I was standing up through his entire performance although there were so many people around us who obviously were only there for Kenny.

Towards the end of Dierks' set, he points in our direction and I wave back. Dierks tossed a guitar pick my way and the people in front of me caught it. I was a little embarrassed since I figured he must have been pointing at them not me. I'm not one to make signs or make a scene so of course my husband is laughing at me. But then Dierks comes back over our way again, points in my direction and tosses another pick. I'm so not coordinated when it comes to catching anything mid air, but this time the pick hits me right in the chest. Dierks laughs and says in the mic that he at least has good aim. Now I'm very red in the face and honestly have no idea where the pick ended up but it didn't end up in my hands.

Dierks made me feel so special that he was actually pointing at me and I appreciated the way he really took care of getting as many fans involved in the concert as possible from that personal side he shows to all of us. I loved every minute of his performance, loved his music, the passion he has for his craft and how humble he comes across to everyone. All great qualities. I joined the fan club the next day and have been a die-hard fan from that point.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo concert
We had planned a trip back to Houston to see friends and to get me through that "home sick for Texas" feeling and realized that we would be there when Dierks would be performing at the HLS&R which is one of the largest fund raising events in Houston. We purchased tickets and I signed up for a meet and greet never thinking for one minute I'd be selected since I had signed up so many times in the past and had never been lucky enough to be selected. When I received the e-mail notification I think I went into shock. I was so excited but also worried I'd make a fool of myself as soon as I came face to face with the man. The guitar pick incident was a reminder that I could be easily embarrassed!

When we arrived at the event and I went to the designated location, I ended up being the first in line to meet him. I wasn't as prepared as I thought I'd be, shaking like a leaf, he took my hands and told me it was great to meet me. When he asked me my name I swear my mind went blank and he asked me again so he could sign the CD I handed to him for his autograph. He did impress me by asking me if Lynne was spelled with or without an 'E' which for me it's with an 'E'.

When he asked me where I was from and I said NJ he stopped writing and looked me straight in the face and said, "New Jersey?" I told him that I came a long way to see him and he said, "you have no idea how much that means to me for you to make such a long trip." I didn't tell him that I was actually from Houston and had come back to get over a little homesickness but that he was just the bonus on top of everything.

Seeing firsthand how he interacted with each fan in that room like it was just the two of them made me realize even more how he values his fan base. He actually knew several of the people in line and called them by name. When we all gathered in a circle around him for any questions after he spent one on one with each person, he went back around to every person and gave us another hug, thanked us for our support and told us again how much he appreciated us. This was just another affirmation of why I love everything about Dierks. He is still grounded and works hard to get to where he wants to be in his career.
I can appreciate the hard work and see this is not just a job to him, it's a career, a passion, what he is meant to be doing with this life.

Philly Last Call Ball
When the announcement was made that he was taking the Last Call Ball on the road and the Philly date was announced I again signed up and was completely in shock I had been selected to attend. When I arrived, it was fairly obvious that it is more than a bit disorganized.
Dierks stepped up and made sure his fan club was taken care of after finding out that while we were all with him in the meet and greet the venue did not section off any seating for his fan club. There were no seats available to us for the concert and we all ended up way in the back standing room only. Dierks made an announcement to his fan club members not to leave after the event that he would be giving a private performance just for us.
You know he did not have to do that at all and we knew he still had time commitments for a back yard barbeque someone had won and then had to get back on the road to the next Last Call Ball event. While most of us stood in the very back of the event, most fans didn't complain because we support him regardless of what happened. Just being there seeing him in person was such a wonderful experience for me. I know most people never get the opportunity to see him up close and have a photo taken with him, and I feel very blessed for just getting that experience of a lifetime.

Dierks doing everything he could to make it the best Last Call Ball experience for his fan club members and everyone attending the event was no surprise, given his generosity and appreciation to his fan base. I know everyone who stood in line to get a photo and an autograph after the event became a fan for life that day.

As for promoting Dierks, I have links on my facebook page, give his CD's as Christmas Cards to family and friends and wear the bracelets all the time. I currently have 'Sideways as my ringtone and if I'm in a location where I can let it ring more than once I do, so I can make comments like - "Don't you just love Dierks Bentley's new CD?"

How can anyone be in a bad mood when you hear Dierks music blasting in the car or on my iPod?"

Welcome to the DB Congress, Lynne! Thanks for all you do to support Dierks!

DBC Chair

Friday, May 15, 2009


People magazine, Country Special issue is on sale at newsstands TODAY! You don't want to miss this "Country's Hottest Guys" edition!

A solid dozen country men made the list, and our DB Congress president is one of them! In alphabetical order, Dierks Bentley is labeleld, "The Free Spirit." Fits him to a T, don't ya think?

1. Trace Adkins, the Roughneck
2. Dierks Bentley, the Free Spirit
3. Luke Bryan, the Smooth Talker
4. Kenny Chesney, the Heartbreaker
5. Jack Ingram, the Marathon Man
6. Tim McGraw, the Great Romantic
7. Jake Owen, the Catch
8. Brad Paisley, the Charmer
9. Blake Shelton, the Joker
10. Josh Turner, the Family Man
11. Keith Urban, the Heartthrob
12. Chuck Wicks, the Leading Man

See other blogs about this subject from our DBC reps Lauren and Erin at Country Music Is Love and Alison Bonaguro at

See more details on Country's Hottest Guys on While you're there, check out the Country Thunder video from August 2008. You'll see Lady A first, then Dierks shows off his bus, bunk, and uh...what happens when the camera "slips."

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Not only did Dierks get to perform "Sideways" on The Bonnie Hunt Show, but he also got some major "couch" time--7 minutes and 12 seconds, and talked about everything from Australia, to how he got started in the music business and how his career came full circle to the Opry, to Evie, Jake and George.

BH: You look like you could be from there (Australia)
DB: They're big on music, surfing and pubs...those are things I could get into!

DB: I ended up becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry...which is still one of my greatest accomplishments...I really love the Opry and everything it stands for.
BH: Aww that's really nice. (What? Nice? Where's the applause people!)

DB: Jake thinks he's like the third member of the marriage.
BH: I just love the way you read his mind!

Watch for yourself!


What is sure to be the seventh number one single for Dierks Bentley, Sideways, which landed in the top 10 on the BillBoard and Radio and Records charts last week, finds itself in the same spot again this week.

So, we've got our work cut out for us, DB Congress! Get those fingers on the phone and keyboard and tell your DJs not to play nothin' slow! Look like you came to rock! It's time to rally big time to blaze a trail with this campaign and leave #10 in the dust! Make your voices so loud you can't hear a thing but Sideways on the radio! Hey now here we go....gotta make all the listeners wanna call back for more Sideways on their radio!

The goal for next week...lucky #7! Let's make it happen!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Rach joins us from Dubbo, NSW, Australia, which is about 5 hours west of Sydney. She has been a long time DB fan since December 2004. She said she moved home to the country from Sydney, hooked up pay TV that included the Country Music Channel and watched her first DB video - "What Was I Thinkin'?" When MDD was released Rach went to the local music store to buy it. She was pleasantly surprised that they had Dierks in stock because she lives in a small country town.
Rach said, "I drive a LOT with my job, and it's GREAT driving music."

What led Rach to become a DB fan?
"His relateable songs make me laugh, cry, yell, love, but basically they make me smile," Rach answered.

She has told as many work collegues as she can to log on to to watch the video clip of Dierks driving in Sydney. She said it worked until they crashed the system yesterday! Try explaining that to the IT department! Rach said that she has written to Rob Potts Entertainment, Australian promoter, yesterday to ask him what she needed to do to help get Dierks back to Australia. She said she would gladly take guidance and instruction since she is new to promoting.

Rach said it was a week of 1st's for her - 1st DB concert, meeting Dierks for the 1st time, and Dierks' 1st time in Australia! She got to meet some new mates that have welcomed her into the Dierks family both in Australia and internationally!

She quoted Dierks - "Good things happen when you're around." Rach said that good things happened to her last week while Dierks was around! Everyone has told her how happy she looked, but says she puts it down to the positive vibe of Dierks! Rach said that being DBC member of the week would allow her to thank Dierks again for coming all the way to Australia, for making the effort, and being away from his family(that's tough). Rach says that it was appreciated that Dierks, Chris, and the band made it all the way to Australia!
"My shout for a free beer next time you are here!", Rach says to Dierks!

Rach's Top 5 DB Songs:
Settle For A Slowdown
Feel That Fire
Good Things Happen
I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes

Rach's Fav DB Albums:
"Modern Day Drifter followed very closely by Feel That Fire."

Thanks Rach! Loved hearing from you! Welcome to the DB Congress!!

-Amanda Morris (DBC Secretary, Mississippi Rep)

Monday, May 11, 2009


Old Enough To Be Dierks Bentley's Grandma is a very funny country song written by Sandie Thurston and Sandra D. Williams, performed by Shelly Rann.

Thanks to Cindy, DB Congress rep from Ohio, for finding it on You Tube!


The CMT Music Awards have added Dierks Bentley to the June 16 event at the Sommet Center in Nashville , Tennessee.

Is he presenting or performing? Who can tell me?! Go to Country Music Is Love to find out!

If you go to, you can vote for Dierks as part of the "Country Boy" Alan Jackson video, but the deadline is today, so what are you waiting for?


When I was in Nashville March 14, I met Kim from Kentucky. Like every DRT (Dierks Road Trip), we DBC reps always try to think of unique ways to promote Dierks Bentley to the concert crowd. Kim had a great idea to buy dozens of boxes of Cracker Jack and label them with a and fan club message! The local radio station allowed her to hand them out at their table outside the Sommet Center before the Dierks/Brad/Darius concert.
When the Feel That Fire CD was launched, I remember the promotion Capitol Records announced to send out CJ boxes to radio stations with various prizes inside, including a backyard party. But I never really heard if my local radio stations received one of the boxes or if anyone won any of the prizes.

Yesterday, posted an article about the Cracker Jack promotion (see below). It says someone in Greensboro, North Carolina won the grand prize from WTQR radio. If you're a NC DBC rep, please post a comment and fill us in on the scoop!

Dierks Bentley Sweetens the Promo Pot with Cracker Jack

For record labels seeking to promote their artists, it often pays to think out of the box. But for Dierks Bentley and the team at Capitol Records Nashville, thinking inside the box has its rewards too.The box, in this case, is that familiar cardboard container whose festive colors and image of a smiling boy in a sailor suit identify its ingredients as Cracker Jack. This mélange of popcorn, peanuts and molasses has been a national phenomenon for more than a century - so long, in fact, that it was celebrated in the third line of the lyric to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" ("Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack"), written by Jack Norworth in 1908 during an otherwise routine subway ride.

A century later, Bentley drew from the same well when he joined Brett Beavers, Brad Warren and Brett Warren to co-write the No. 1 song "Feel That Fire," whose second line reads: "She wants the toy in the Cracker Jacks." By the time he dropped by his label to play it for members of the staff, he believed enough in the song to suggest they release it as the first single from his upcoming album. (They agreed and decided to make it the album's title cut as well.)

Like candy on a hungry kid's fingers, the tune stuck in the mind of Cindy Mabe, VP Marketing, Capitol, after she left that meeting. "The Cracker Jack line is the one that hit me the most," she remembered. "The more we talked about it, the more we thought it would be cool to see if Cracker Jack would be interested in partnering with us."

A bit of research led to Mark Vitek, who was at the time Brand Manager for Cracker Jack at Frito-Lay, Inc. Fortunately, Vitek was also a Bentley fan, so the pieces were poised to fall into place. The only question was: What picture would the pieces form?

Vitek had the answer: a sweepstakes to promote the single by shipping 2,000 boxes of Cracker Jack to Country radio stations. Fifty-one of those boxes would include scratch-off prizes - 10 autographed guitars, merchandise, personal phone calls, personal station liners posted to the Web sites of winning stations and other items. One would come with a grand prize in the form of a free backyard concert by Bentley. Each station offered its prize to listeners through contests or drawings, after which it was determined that the grand prize had gone to WTQR/Greensboro, N.C., and from there to one of its lucky listeners.

The payoff was immediate. "It got Cracker Jack into Billboard, R&R and places they wouldn't ordinarily have been mentioned," Mabe said. "To be associated with music and cool, hip magazines isn't an everyday thing for them. And it was good for us too. The campaign was originally supposed to happen just after the single had gone to radio as a tease of more to come. Instead, because the single was racing up the chart so fast, we ended up moving the campaign closer to the album launch than planned and that helped spread the word that much faster too."

Somewhere, Norworth is smiling appreciatively.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Hope all the mother's out there have a lovely day! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! :)


I would be remiss if I always blogged the good without the bad, so here's a concerning post from Jacqueline Lewandowski, Buffalo Country Music Examiner,that was posted on Please let us know your thoughts on the topic after you read the entire article.

"Controversy is swirling around Nashville this week after Dierks Bentley’s interview with the American Songwriter Magazine was released.

The interview, released on Monday May 4th, was intended to showcase Bentley’s songwriting abilities, but instead has producers and country music enthusiasts in Nashville firing back.

Bentley, who is a native of Phoenix, AZ admitted to American Songwriter Magazine that he “can’t sing stuff that is overly country.” Bentley goes on to say “I wasn’t raised on a farm and I’m not really comfortable singing stuff that’s not who I am. But I’ve traveled and I’ve been all over this country, and I’ve found that country music isn’t about wearing a cowboy hat and growing up on a farm.”

Record executives and fellow songwriters took offense to Bentley’s comments in the article and have fired back with their own responses. The general consensus coming out of Nashville is that Bentley was describing a stereotypical view of country music, which offends the fans of country music.

However, while Nashville is taking offense, Bentley’s fans are defending the artist. Many find nothing stereotypical and offensive in the artists’ comments and in fact are enthusiastic that he admitted what fans across this country already know, you don’t have to live in the south to be a fan of country music.
Bentley’s final comments in the interview claim that country music is “a lifestyle, a culture, and a mindset." Which could not be more on point."

I'm going to reserve my thoughts to give you all a chance to share yours.


Saturday, May 9, 2009


Samantha L. (dierksbentleyTWO) met Samantha Rae at a Dierks Bentley show in Mankato, Minnesota in 2007. They had been emailing back and forth after meeting online through the fan club message board, and finally met in person.

Sam L., proud first member of the DB Congress to represent Wisconsin, also created and runs The Official Dierks Bentley Fansite Myspace page to promote Dierks in the digital world. Additionally, she's an Administrator at and wears an indelible DB logo tatoo on her lower back.

Sam-Rae, DBC Rep in Minnesota, recruited more fan club members than anyone else in 2007, which earned her a personal "thank-you" phone call from Dierks as her grand prize. How'd she do it? My understanding is that she asked all her family and friends to buy a DB Fan Club membership for themselves, for HER birthday! Genius, dude!

The two Sam's became fast friends and met at LCB (Last Call Ball fan club party) in Minneapolis in 2008. "We got to the Hard Rock Cafe pretty early in the morning to wait to get in. Dierks and the boys pulled up right in front of the Cafe and walked by and said Hi to everyone! The doors finally opened and of course we were the first ones in. We ate and of course grabbed a few DLC's(Domestic, Light and Cold from Bentley's Modern Day Drifter CD).

Then Dierks came walking in near Sam Rae and I, and pointed right at us! Kinda like he was confused with 2 Sam's being together. Instantly we looked at each other and started to laugh.

It was our turn for the M&G and I went first. Sam Rae was right behind me. I got my autograph and pic and Dierks asked me to wait by him so he could get a pic of him with my tattoo. So I stood off to the side.

It was Sam Rae's turn to meet D. Once she was done a few others went through the line and Sam waited with me cause I was embarrassed--Dierks' face by my lower back--I TOTALLY BLUSHED. Well Dierks took the pic with his camera of my tat and someone asked for of pic of all three of us and I just blurted out, "It's a SAMwich!" Everyone laughed!

Even Rod Janzen (lead guitarist) got caught in the middle of the SAMwich fun--doesn't look like he was embarrased!

After the pic Sam Rae and I were talking about the SAMwich and decided to call it a Samwich with Dierky Turkey! It was a blast! Now, where ever we go, Sam Rae and I together are called a Samwich! It was an awesome day! We are inseperable at concerts now! It's awesome!"

Thanks Sam and Sam for all your efforts to support and promote Dierks!


I love my Country Weekly! Love it even more now that it's "weekly!" And they certainly have lots of love for our DB Congress president, Dierks Bentley--especially lately! The May 18 issue (Carrie on the cover) dotes on DB from the Letters page all the way to the last page where they ask him 7 interesting questions--wait unitl you read his answers!

~Letters - Hey Martha! Interested in becoming a DBC rep for North Carolina?

~Chillin' with the Stars - What's in Dierks' fridge?

~Tootsies - the world famous, historic Nashville honky-tonk CW page pictures Dierks, but I'm pretty positive that's NOT his band! hmmmmmm

~Stars Up Close - another well-crafted, touching story by Steve Morley, from one of our very own California DB Congress reps, Janet M.! For those of you in the DB Fan Club, here is Janet's original post on the fan club message board.

~7 Questions with Dierks Bentley - Read what just about made him gag and why he's glad he has a daughter--not a son! It's interesting they picked "7" questions, the same number on his IceHoles jersey!

One more page that didn't mention him, but made me think of Dierks is the David Scarlett story on Keith Whitley--20 Years Gone. It's been two decades since keith Whitley died, but his influence still lives on. Many of you may remember one of Dierk's fan club journals where he posted about his admiration and reverence for Whitley. And Bentley's sure to be next single (hopefully), I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes, Dierks attests, is the opposite spin on Keith's first No. 1 single, "Don't Close Your Eyes."

OK, you know the drill, I've posted the pics, but it's your congressional duty to go buy the magazine! That's how we DBC dedicated Dierks fans say Thank You, Country Weekly!


You may recall reading, the "But Where's Stacey" blog a few days ago. Stacey's been doing a great job of recruiting more "International" members into the DBC! So much so, that I have decided to promote her from First Australian Rep to Director of International Recruitment for the DB Congress! Here's what she's accomplished in her first seven days in office:

"Hey Congress! I did 2 good deeds today: I somehow managed to recruit two of my Myspace friends into the Congress! Both are Aussies [and one is even from Tasmania - like me!]. There's beambabe [mish] and TassieDBFan [Nigel]. I'm soooooo happy that my blog/note on Myspace & Facebook managed to pull people in! Plus it helped that Dierks personally replied!"

Stacey is referring to the fact that Dierks - the Dude, our president himself - personally replied to her concert review on

haha...thanks stacey for the great post!!! i was so happy to finally meet you in person! the show in melbourne was "wicked"....i walked off stage feeling like we had really connected with the audience and that everyone was having a blast. must say it was also great to see vicky in perth...really great knowing i have hard core fans like you guys down under here....

alright..going back to read that post again...! (and yes, i had braces!!!!)

How many artists do you know who will reply to a fan's post? I don't know of any except Dierks Bentley!

With her efforts, she has helped the DBC be within 25 reps of reaching of our 500 goal! We are at 475 right now, 33 of which are International.

Now, Stacey doesn't know she's been promoted, so "mums" the word! Shhhhhhhh! I am sure her new duties will keep her busy trying to find new DB Congress reps in countries outside the U.S. and sending them to!

Congratulations, Stace!

DBC Chair


It was the 23rd of April in Iowa City, Iowa. Eileen (DBC Rep from Iowa) and her mom Judy arrived at the University of Iowa-Memorial Union early to see their favorite country music artist perform that night - Dierks Bentley.

"My mom and I got there early. Where we were waiting outside, Dierks' bus was parked right there. A little while later he comes walking down the sidewalk to his bus and I wave at him and he greeted me back saying, "Hi Eileen." It was so cool that he greeted me. It's always exciting to talk with him and spend just a few minutes with him. He remembered my mom also and she got a picture taken with him.

We also talked with the merchandise table guy and got a picture taken with Tim (Steel Guitar and banjo player in Dierk's band).
Once inside, after racing to the front of the stage and marking a spot for my friend Michaela who had a M&G, we just waited for Dierks to come on stage.
He sang most of the songs off the new album and a few old ones that we love so well.

I noticed the tape on his boots. I noticed the fall too, but didn't see what he tripped over. It was a fun concert and hope he still makes a couple more appearenes to Iowa this year. I got one photo of him with a cowboy hat on."