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Voting is now open for Country Weekly's 2009 Country's Sexiest Man title. We need all DB Congress reps and everyone you know to vote for Dierks Bentley! We are not going to let Trace Adkins fans win again this year, are we? I know how much we as a team can make things happen--let's prove it again!

VOTE EVERY DAY Aug. 31 through Sept. 14.

The results will be published in the Oct. 26 issue of Country Weekly, on sale Oct. 19.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


The latest Tweet from Dierks Bentley let's us in on a life-changing decision. Can you imagine at 18 deciding to move from Arizona to Tennessee because of one night in a pub? Must have been some night!

"this is the bar where one night, when I was 18, I made the decision to move to nashville to try and "make it".wow"

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Watch what happens with Dierks Bentley and his producer-friend Brett Beavers when there's nothing to do but drink moonshine and ride a skateboard in Hazzard, Kentucky (Commentary by Keith Anderson):

Friday, August 28, 2009


Although he missed a M&G with Dierks Bentley, writer Dave Richards was duly impressed with our DB Congress prez, even if the rest of the crowd was not so enthusiastic:

"I caught Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley and some of Jimmy Wayne at Crawford County Fair. I spent about 45 minutes in a long, snaking line of traffic before even getting a whiff of cotton candy. The delay, alas, prevented me from attending a meet-and-greet with Dierks Bentley. He had graciously offered a chance to meet him before he played but my daughter and I didn’t pull into the venue until Wayne was well under way.

No matter. Bentley was on fire, even if the crowd response seemed a little underwhelming. He opened with recent hit “Sideways,” while “Feel That Fire,” in particular, scorched. “Come a Little Closer” also shined.

Bentley spent as much time high-fiving fans and racing from catwalk to catwalk as he did singing. Seemed to me he might have returned for an encore but the crowd didn’t exactly encourage him."


Found this article on

Country music artist Dierks Bentley is a beer-and-cornhole kind of guy. Sure, his latest effort, “Feel That Fire,” already boasts two No. 1 singles (the title track and “Sideways”), but the Arizona native and Nashville resident is just an easygoing picker and singer who finds pleasure in life’s simple things.

It’s for that reason that amongst all of the Music City egos and Nash Vegas glitz he’s somewhat of an anomaly. He’s created a growing and loyal fan base that loves his often-rocking style, which has elicited attention from outside the country music world.

This summer, the multi-platinum artist Bentley, known for radio hits "What Was I Thinkin'," "Come a Little Closer," "Settle for a Slowdown" and more, is hitting the road as opener for the red-hot Brad Paisley on a summer tour that includes a show tonight at Blossom Music Center. The News-Herald talked with Bentley about the tour, his unique style and why he, well, um, bribes fans with beer to get them into their seats early to see his show.

Let's start by discussing your rocking country music style, which has seemingly accomplished the impossible by attracting fans across different genres.

Dierks Bentley: We have a lot of friends in the Texas and Oklahoma country scene and the bluegrass country scene. And for the past couple of years I've had a chance to play both Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza (music festivals). So I've been able to ease in and out of different places, which to me is wonderful not to be pigeonholed in one spot. The core of it all is the love of country music. It's a cool thing to me to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry but also to get to play Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza. That's a fun tightrope to be able to walk.

Regarding your current tour, how did the pairing with Paisley come about?

Dierks Bentley: This year Brad called me up and asked if I'd be interested in doing a tour. I've always kind of wanted to go out on the road with him anyway. So looking at the way the economy is going, I just thought it would be a great way to be a part of a great ticket so country fans really get a lot of bang for the buck. Brad's a great songwriter, funny and a great musician. And his show has a lot of production. So it's an amazing show to watch and hear. My band is a small band, only five of us total and we run around stage a lot. It's probably a little bit more rock sensibility when it comes to the energy of our show, but I think it matches pretty well. I figure my job is to go out there every night and be the bartender that jumps up on the bar and makes a toast and gets the place rowdy and rocking for when he comes out ready to go.

So essentially you're playing the role of Tom Cruise in "Cocktail?"

Dierks Bentley: Hey man, "Alabama slammer, the velvet hammer." That's one of my favorite movies of all-time, by the way. "I make drinks so sweet and snappy" ... anyways. It's a great movie. So yeah, that's kind of my job to get out there, break something, get a fight started and get this party started. Plus, we do as much as we can before the show, whether that's trying to get a workout in to sweat out the beer from the night before or taking the Jeep out and hanging out with people tailgating a little bit to pick up on their vibe and energy so we can bring that backstage with us.

Wait, you have your own Jeep on tour?

Dierks Bentley: Yeah we have a trailer behind the bus. I have a 1977 Jeep CJ-7 that I carry with us. That's our way of getting out there and hanging with the fans who are tailgating. It's kind of freaking them out and surprising them for a little bit, but it's fun. Everyone thinks you want to be backstage but it's most fun out there where people are tailgating and playing cornhole. It's fun to get out there and hang out for a little bit and give out some free beer and head back in."

Wait, did you say free beer?

Dierks Bentley: I have a deal with Bud Light. I have more beer than I know what to do with. So I either have to leave it behind at the venue or just give it away to some deserving fans. So it's like, "Hey man, here's some beer come out and see us."

So you're basically bribing fans to get into the venue early enough to catch your set?

Dierks Bentley: (Laughs) I guess in a way it is kind of a bribe. Yeah, you caught me.


Marci gets credit for our DB Congress Twitter Quote of the Day!

"@countryweekly I am in heaven thanks to you...just found dbcongress on twitter!!! THANK YOU! from web in reply to countryweekly"

Follow Marci at

So, Marci, would you like to officially join the DB Congress? We just need to know what state you live in and we'll list you on the rep page!


Ever wonder why it's called the world wide web? Yep, those 3 little w's in front of a web address really do weave their way through a spider's web of infinity. I was just on Twitter and clicking deeper and deeper and found Carrie Underwood's official Twitter page.

Now that in itself is not so special, and the fact that she has 91,641 Followers is not so surprising, but SHE's only following 14 people! And, our president of the DB Congress--Dierks Bentley--is one of them! How about that!


I met New Jersey DB Congress rep Jen (jensting) and her sister Justine for the first time at Dierks Bentley's Last Call Ball V in Nashville in June. Jen admits LCB was "definitely the highlight of our CMA fest trip this year!" Jen and her sister recently saw Dierks again--this time in their home state! Here we go:

"My sister and I saw Dierks August 15th, 2009 at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ. It's only a few minutes away from Philadelphia, PA. There were about 100 total people who had M&Gs for Dierks, but only 20 of them were DB Congress (fan club) members, so we got to go first which was really nice. Dierks said that he wanted to make sure he was able to spend a little more time with the fan club members.

We all got a pic taken with him and an autograph. I had him sign my pic of him and me from this year's Last Call Ball. I told him that I was a nanny and that the kids and I listen to him all the time....that the youngest was two years old and he walks around the house singing "So So Long." Dierks thought that was really cool and said he had no idea that he had fans that young!

The Q&A was mostly chatting about how he was liking his stay in the city of Philadelphia. He said that he was having a great time and he went over to Center City (although he referred to it as "City Center" which was pretty funny. Nobody calls it that) and was working out at one of the gyms over there; hanging out with some of the people down there and he said he really liked it--said it didn't really feel like a big city at all. Lots of Michael Vick protestors were out, he said. Dierks mentioned that Jake's not too happy with the whole Michael Vick ordeal, and we all agreed. Then he told us that he got lost earlier that day in Camden when he made a wrong turn. We were all sympathetic because we know it's not a city you want to be lost in.

Dierks mentioned playing the XTU show a few years ago and House Of Blues in Atlantic City, saying that he really liked that venue and would love to play there again. Somebody asked him if he would be back next time as a headliner at the Susquehanna Bank Center and he said "Hell, Yeah!"

Then they took a big group photo and it was time to go. He hugged all of us goodbye and thanked all of us for coming (which I thought was really nice. He is always so genuinely happy to see his fans.) As we were leaving my sister mentioned to him that he should come back to Prospectors in Mt. Laurel, NJ (a small country club/saloon--very intimate and great to see shows there). He said that definitely he would, and that he hadn't played there in a long time and would love it. Hopefully he will. Then later on in the show he incorporated hanging out at Propectors ( into the song "How Am I Doin"....we were so excited to hear that!

It was a great show. And hanging out with him before hand was the best way to spend an American Saturday Night. It honestly felt like we were all just chilling with our friend before hand. Dierks is just a down to earth guy. It was a lot of fun."

~Jen (jensting) NJ DB Congress rep

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Music Row ranks the top country artists based on their Twitter stats. Dierks Bentley is increasing in Followers by an average 273 a day! Here are some more intersting DB Twitter numbers:

Updated 2009-08-27
Total Followers: 33,503
Tomorrow (Prediction): 33,776
Next Month (Prediction): 41,693
Average Daily Growth: 273
Overall Twitter Ranking: 1,464

** Data represents account activity at the time of the user's last tweet.

Actually, as I post this, he is already at 33,811--already surpassing MR's prediction for tomorrow!

Follow Dierks at


I just found this on Jimmy Wayne's Twitter ping post 30 minutes ago from backstage:
"Dierks is on fire!!!!!!!!!! "

Where are they tonight?


In preparation for the show tomorrow night, published a glowing feature article about Dierks Bentley, authored by Chuck Yarborough. I was really impressed by many of his literary rhetorics used to describe D's lyrical genius. Like this one:

But the atypical, unconventional, "distinctly different'' songs like "Beautiful World,'' "Pray'' and "Last Call'' could be grouped together in a subset called "The Evolution of Dierks Bentley.'' Part of that is his ever-increasing maturation as a songwriter, musician and singer. The other part, and perhaps the most impressive part, is his ability to soak up and meld his own talent with a "distinctly different'' cadre of co-writers.

And then when Dierks said the only way Beautiful World could be better is if Patty sang the whole thing, Mr. Yarborough responded adamantly:

DB: "That's a highlight of the record for me (Beautiful World),'' Bentley said. "Hopefully we'll get that song out there to country radio as the fourth single, right after 'I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes,' '' he said. "She's (Patty Griffin) iconic for so many people,'' Bentley said. "I really got into her music through Cassidy, my wife, who is a huge Patty Griffin fan. Once I got on it, I was majorly hooked and wanted to get her on the record. It's a good song to begin with. The only way it could be better is if she sang the whole thing,'' he said, laughing.

CY: Not so. Their voices are each "distinctly different,'' but they mesh in a way that makes that "good song'' a great song. Few who hear it will be able to avoid being "majorly hooked.''
And my favorite Dierks quote:

"I walk on the stage dry and walk off soaking wet,'' he said. "I go for more of trying to get an emotional response rather than just applause, and try to break down that fourth wall and get people really engaged.''
But that's when Yarborough goes haywire.

"Why? Because his goal is "to not make it me or them, just us together.'' So in the end, it's all of us, not just that little white tee shirt, sittin' right there in the middle by him."

What? Dude, it's "Little White TANK TOP!" But thanks for a great story!


Meet Karissa, everyone! She's a DB Congress rep from Oklahoma and she's all a'twitter with excitement! Check out her TwitPic!

"@DierksBentley picking up our tickets for Sept 10!!! Can't wait!!"

The Sept. 10th concert will be held in Norman, Oklahoma at the Riverwind Casino! Have fun, Karissa! *Crosses fingers that you get a M&G!


So, I opened my email and saw one from Country Weekly for the sneak peak at an upcoming issue--you know, the survey that makes you choose one:

*I like this cover and I'd buy it,
*I don't like this cover but I'd buy it anyway,

But there was no option to say "I LOVE THIS COVER,WHEN CAN I BUY IT!"

Dierks Bentley on the cover of Country Weekly - AGAIN! Well, this time not so solo, but we love Jake, too. He is such a sweet dog! And the best part is, I was there with a lot of my DB Congress buddies to experience the photo shoot! Details at the Atlanta Tabernacle blog.

This will be the September 21 issue on sale September 14.

THANK YOU COUNTRY WEEKLY! You just made my day!

*EDIT 8/28/09: Please keep in mind this is merely a test cover. Since I am part of the survey panel for CW covers, this was a test version and not necessarily the final version. Images, headlines and other things can change; changes can be caused by breaking news and such.

DB Congress Chair

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Thanks to DB Congress rep, Devin, we know that Dierks Bentley's 'What Was I Thinkin' was voted into the 9th spot in the Top 20 My First Video Countdown tonight! A big Thank You to DB Congress for voting!

If you missed Chuck Wicks and Emily West 'candidly comparing the humble beginnings of artists both legendary and current,' it's not too late!

Join these two nighthawks as they count down the 20 best of the best first videos that you the fans voted for at It will air again 5 more times:

August 27, 2009 12:00 AM ET
August 27, 2009 12:00 PM ET
August 29, 2009 3:00 PM ET
August 30, 2009 9:00 PM ET
August 31, 2009 1:00 AM ET


From the CMA World website... Press Release


Join Artists Trace Adkins, Dierks Bentley, Lady Antebellum, Martina McBride, Reba McEntire, Kellie Pickler and Zac Brown Band As They Tweet on

NASHVILLE - CMA will host its first-ever live Twitter feed on, Monday, Aug. 31 (8:00 - 11:00 PM/ET), during "CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock," airing on the ABC Television Network.

Fans can log on to see Tweets from artists including Trace Adkins (@traceadkins), Dierks Bentley (@dierksbentley), Lady Antebellum (@ladyantebellum), Martina McBride (@martinamcbride), Reba McEntire (@Reba), Kellie Pickler (@therealpickler), and the Zac Brown Band (@zacbrownband). Each artist will be posting their observations about the show as well as behind-the-scenes tidbits, anecdotes about other artists performing on the show, as well as memories from past Music Festivals.

"Twitter is one of the best ways right now to directly connect with fans - especially ones on the cutting edge of technology," said Dan Bowen, CMA VP of Strategic Marketing and Communications. "We're excited to work with to be able to bring a great group of Country Music artists together with their current fans and hopefully some new ones."

The "Tweet 'N' Greet" will create an interactive feed between the fans and artists. Fans will have a direct connection to some of their favorite performers, not only allowing them the opportunity to ask questions, but also providing them with behind-the-scenes access. In addition, CMA (@CountryMusic) will be updating fans with information on the participating artists' upcoming album releases, tour dates, and appearances.

"CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock," expanding to three hours for the first time, features high-voltage stage performances by chart-topping superstars, along with revealing special segments about fan favorites. Scheduled to perform are Adkins, Jason Aldean, Bentley, Brooks & Dunn, Kenny Chesney, Julianne Hough, Jamey Johnson, Kid Rock, Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, McBride, McEntire, Jake Owen, Brad Paisley, Pickler, John Rich, Darius Rucker, Sugarland, Taylor Swift, and Zac Brown Band. In addition, Kid Rock performs his smash hit "Picture" with McBride, while Wynonna and Naomi Judd reunite as The Judds to perform together for the first time at the CMA Music Festival in six years.

"CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock" is executive-produced by Robert Deaton and directed by Gary Halvorson. The 2009 CMA Music Festival is organized and produced by the Country Music Association. "CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock" was shot in high definition and broadcast in 720 Progressive (720P), ABC's selected HDTV format, with 5.1 channel surround sound.

{Source: Meg}


Since not all DB Congress readers are also on Twitter, I thought I'd share with you Dierks Bentley's newest "TwitPics" from his Twitter posts (tweets):

nice to be on the other end of the microphone for a night...! at my second home...

deep in eastern KY doing a charity show 4 kids. their water up here doubles as gasoline...or lighter fluid. #fb

That's Dierks, Davide Tolliver (Halfway To Hazard) and Keith Anderson clowning around. The H2H charity event raised over $200,000 for the Buckhorn's Children Center last weekend!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I stumbled upon this awesome blog from Heidi Wilson, called "Sleepin In," when I was alerted to her Dierks Bentley reference for "The Heaven I'm Headed To."

In Heidi's heaven, she recommends this beautiful song from Dierks' Long Trip Alone album, complete with lyrics, heavenly photographs and a link to listen!

Thanks, Heidi!

Read Heidi's whole blog here.


Alan Sculley wrote an article on The Morning Call website, but he must have written it a while back, because he still thinks Sideways is just a top five hit, and states Dierks has had 6 number one's--clearly Sideways was #7 --and I think we all know 'Close Your Eyes' will indelibly etch the eighth number one mark eventually! Here is some of the story:

For a guy who is generally seen as one big hit album away from becoming an arena-headlining country artist, Dierks Bentley didn't exactly play it safe with his recently released CD, "Feel That Fire."Yes, he did take steps to make "Feel That Fire" a bit lighter and more rocking than his previous CD, "Long Trip Alone," which was more introspective and fell well short of the sales he enjoyed with his second CD, the 2005 release "Modern Day Drifter."But Bentley also took some chances with the CD by changing up the recording process that had worked well for him in the past and challenging himself in how he went about writing songs.

Whether the new CD will put Bentley on a level with artists such as Toby Keith, Keith Urban or Brad Paisley (for whom Bentley opens at the Allentown Fair Sept. 5, along with Jimmy Wayne) remains to be seen. But "Feel That Fire" is already showing promise of being a difference-making record for Bentley.

The title song went to No. One on "Billboard" magazine's "Hot Country Singles" chart earlier this year, and the second single, "Sideways," went to the Top Five. Bentley is excited about the initial response to the new CD and about what the next single, the ballad "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes," could do to further build momentum. That song has climbed into the Top 40 on the "Hot Country Singles" chart."

I really couldn't be more pleased with the way things have turned out with this album," Bentley says." We released the record and the first song went number one. 'Sideways' is a top five hit right now. The crowds are reacting to that. I think the third single, 'I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes,' I think it's going to be a really big song for us."

Now Bentley has taken the fun on tour. Though he spent the past two years mostly as a headliner, the Paisley tour lets him reach out to a new audience."It's a chance to get more fans," Bentley says. "We're playing to 10, 15,000 people a night and hopefully we can bring some more people over to our kind of country music. So it's a great opportunity."

Again, though, Bentley had another reason for doing the Paisley tour that had nothing to do with his career."I've always wanted to tour with Brad," he says. "I like the guy a lot. I just don't get the chance to hang out with him that much."

Of course, accepting an opening slot meant settling for a shorter show -- about 45 minutes in length. For an artist like Bentley, who has had 10 Top Five country hits (six of which went to number one), that makes creating a set list challenging.

But Bentley feels his sets, which will vary a bit over the course of the tour, get the job done."We try to pack a really loaded punch. There's not one second that's wasted in that show," he says. "Whatever we decide upon, it's locked in and it's tight and there's no extra (time). We're going from one song to the next. No one's dilly-dallying around. Let's get as many songs out there as we can. Let's organize the set list in a way that it takes people on a little bit of a ride, but it leaves them high and excited and sets them up for Brad to come out there and knock them down."

(Source: Meg)


When Dierks Bentley was headlining back in 2007 and early 2008, he tried out a song at a few shows called, "I Sing For Free." Some of you may have heard him perform this. As far as I know, it has not been recorded--until now!

Now don't get too excited, Dierks didn't record it, but Brad did! Brad Cotter, that is! I received the following email from one of our fellow DBC reps today and couldn't wait to share with you all!

Hey Ronna!

My name is Amy and I wanted to share a DB moment with you. I ordered a CD last week from former Nashville Star winner Brad Cotter. I received it in the mail yesterday and as I was looking over it, a familiar name jumped right out at me. It was our president! Dierks
co-wrote a song with Steve Boggard and Brett Beavers called “I Sing For Free,” and Brad recorded it on his current album. I just thought that you would be interested in hearing about it. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Amy (Thegreshams)

Thanks so much for sharing Amy! It's a great song! I hope Brad releases it as a single!


Posted Aug 25th 2009 11:00AM by Vernell Hackett

Dierks Bentley recently had the pleasure of meeting the man responsible for a career highlight -- President Barack Obama quoting him. At a special White House concert last month, the president said to the audience, "Dierks Bentley called country 'the best shrink that fifteen bucks can buy.'"

Those words were written by Nick Shapiro, who came to see Dierks perform live in Bristol, Va., a few weeks later and was hanging out in the singer's dressing room after the show. "We were playing bluegrass until like three in the morning, and while we were all talking I found out he worked at the White House," Dierks explains. "I said to him, 'I can't believe Obama quoted me, that's just so crazy.'"Nick immediately told Dierks, "Well I'm the assistant speech writer for the president, and I put that quote in there ... I fell in love with your music in Austin, Texas, and I had to figure out a way to put that quote in his speech."

Dierks was thrilled to meet Nick, a huge music fan who at one time also played in a band. "We hung out all night and we ended up driving him and his girlfriend back to her house in the bus, which was a mistake because we hit a deer on the way and totally freaked the poor girl out!"

Monday, August 24, 2009


According to our friends at CMTT, Halfway To Hazard raised over $200,000 for the Buckhorn Children Center and Family Services, during their Charity concert/trail ride in Crockettsville, KY, August 22. Among other artists, our DB Congress president, Dierks Bentley, generously gave up his Saturday night to perform for nearly 25,000 country music fans in attendance in support of this worthy cause.

Halfway to Hazard’s Chad Warrix says, “We were hoping to just double last year’s attendance of 7,500 and raise more than the $110,000. The fact we more than tripled attendance and doubled money raised this year is staggering! We applaud all the volunteers and artists for helping us in accomplishing and surpassing our goals.”

Last year Lt. Governor Mongiardo honored Warrix and David Tolliver by appointing them Kentucky Colonels, an honorary title bestowed upon nominees for their service and contributions to the community as the inaugural event drew over 7,500 people and raised over $110,000 for Buckhorn Children's Center. This year, Mongiardo announced Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear named August 22 and 23, 2009 as "Halfway to Hazard Days." He also honored Tim McGraw, Dierks Bentley, and GAC's Storme Warren as Kentucky Colonels for their support of the event.

After the trailride, the fields were flooded with fans to watch Tim McGraw, Dierks Bentley, Danielle Peck, Keith Anderson, Lee Brice, and Halfway to Hazard perform. Country Girl will be talking with the [H2H] guys later this week to discuss the secret to their successful fundraiser.
WKYT said, "The music did not end until early Sunday morning after hours of entertainment from some of country's biggest and rising stars. We were given backstage access and talked to many of them. Bluegrass bands entertained the crowd as it continued to get larger Saturday afternoon. People came from as far away as Canada to hear people like superstar Tim McGraw, who flew in on a helicopter and was the first to perform during the evening concert.
McGraw says he's a big supporter of Halfway to Hazard. “The Halfway to Hazard boys, good friends of mine, known them for a long time, big fans of those guys, glad to help,” McGraw said.
Other stars were impressed by the venue and happy to support a good cause.
“Kind of a natural amphitheater thing, it's really cool! We're excited to be here and help out anyway we can,” Dierks Bentley said.

“I've known David and Chad for so long, they've been buddies we've been writing songs and playing all over Nashville before either one of us have record deals, so it feels good to do something with those guys, it's for such a great cause so it's good to be here,” Keith Anderson said."

Dori Hjalmarson at the website posted an interesting photo and an article that caught my attention, of a fan who drove 1400 miles to attend the event. Her name struck a chord in my memory--I think she's also a DB Congress member in addition to a H2H fan!

Sarah Goddard, center, takes pictures of the ATV parade through Buckhorn, Ky., on Sunday, Aug. 23, 2009. Goddard, a member of the unofficial Halfway to Hazard fan club, the Daisies, drove 1,400 miles to attend The Halfway to Hazard Charity Trail Ride and concert.

Hey Sarah! Ya there? If that's you, please post a comment and let us know!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Slowly but surely, "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes" is moving up the charts at country radio. It looks to land at #32 on this week's Billboard chart, but is just barely out of the top 30. Quite a few songs ahead of it are falling down the charts, which will certainly help it out, as well.

It's on 136 of 226 stations, so there are *still* 90 stations that have yet to add it to their playlist. It's a good sign for future growth, and also could be a clear indicator that radio is still playing more up-tempo songs to try to hold on to the last vestiges of summer.

The Program Director at WTNR/Grand Rapids, MI is the "Programmer of the Week" over at Mediabase, and one of his "Hot Picks" is "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes." Hopefully the remaining Program Directors will follow suit!

So, Congress, we know what we need to do. Let's hit the phones and make sure radio knows we want to hear some Dierks! Every phone call helps! If you can't call, email the program or music directors (you can usually find their names on the station's website). And, of course, there's always Hopefully I'll see you there in the coming week!

~ Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter - NC)

DBC Members of the Week - BentleyGirl2 (Lara) & mittensgizmo101 (Carrie) UserName: BentleyGirl2
Location: Darby, Montana

Fav DB song? tie: Sweet and Wild or Rhapsody exclusive "Take Me Down "
Fav DB album? Feel That Fire
Fav DB music video? Trying To Stop Your Leavin'

How long have you been a fan of Dierks Bentley? Since I was sitting in my brother's truck when I heard "Lot Of Leavin' Left To Do".

What led you to be a fan? He is a very down to earth kind of guy and I love his music! Anyone who can write, record and produce music like that has definite talent!

"I e-mail and use all of the major social networks to promote. I also make DB stickers and I am thinking about making jewelry too! I'm a rabid Dierks fan. Ever since that first song - I was hooked! We have a few common interests - a modern day drifter like myself who digs Harley Motorcycles, mix breed dogs, and having a good ole time! He reaches out to his fans both as a performer and as someone you would want as a neighbor to invite to bbq's! " UserName: mittensgizmo101
Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Fav DB song? Settle For A Slowdown
Fav DB album? Long Trip Home
Fav DB music video? Sideways

"I have been a fan of his for a while now and was ecstatic to get tickets to see him and Darius Rucker live here in Charleston, SC. I have always heard how wonderful his concerts were and it was 10 times more than I ever expected it to be! I am now a HUGE fan of his and addicted to his music. I plan to do whatever I can to support and promote Dierks' music!

I promote Dierks by sharing his videos on YouTube, Twittering about his music and his live show, and posting quotes from his songs on FaceBook. I plan to do a lot more work in the future. I am a huge fan of Dierks and country music in general. I feel honored to be a part of Dierks Bentley's Congress and represent SC to help promote his music throughout my state and the world. He is an amazing artist and person and I will always be a loyal fan of Dierks. Dierks makes me proud to be his fan and to love country music, a genre with wonderful people and fans always giving back to the community and supporting each other through it all."

Thanks girls and Welcome!

Also, Welcome more DBC members!:
pgbrochet from Delaware
cntrynurse from Ohio
J3alz from Illinois
edwin from Virginia
Ashley_1184 from Illinois
chris010 from Georgia

Keep up the great work DBC and keep CALLing your radio stations to request "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes"!

-Amanda Morris(DBC Sec/MS Rep)


Carrie, aka mittensgizmo101, is our newest and possibly our youngest DB Congress representative from South Carolina! She wanted to share her first live Dierks concert (Charleston, SC) with us--the first concert she ever paid for with her own money earned while babysitting. See related blog above (DBC Members of the Week).
All I could say is WOW!! I have heard so many wonderful things about his shows but I never thought it would be that good! I got there around 4:30 and since it was an outdoor stadium I got out of the car just as he was starting sound check. I thought that it was so cool to sit outside of the gates and listen to sound check.

Despite the rain I had the time of my life and wasn't going to let the rain ruin my last night of fun and music before I started high school the following Tuesday.

The second Dierks ran out onto that wet stage singing Sideways I knew I was in for the night of my life! I was up on my feet singing along and dancing very quickly. Dierks made it seem like there wasn't any rain pouring down. I totally forgot that it was raining because I was having so much fun!

I love how he talked about the military and talked about how he had found out about all of the work Charleston AFB does and was suprised how much comes out of here. I never knew he was a military child before that night. Knowing that really touched me because I am also a military child and now I feel like I can connect with Dierks on that level because I know what it is like to be a child growing up with a father in the airforce. I Loved his performance of My Last Name.

Before that night I never really realized the meaning behind Long Trip Alone but now that it's been explained and I've heard it live, I have a whole new look on that song.

That show was amazing, rain and all, and I could not have asked for a better night. I really look forward to seeing Dierks and Darius Rucker next year for another amazing homegrown concert. I didn't have a voice for the 2 days afterwards from screaming and singing too much to his music but I wouldn't have had it any other way!

There is nothing better than getting sideways with Dierks Bentley!

~Carrie, DB Congress rep in SC


Our friends at Gotcountry? posted a blog quoting Jimmy Wayne on touring with his pals Dierks and Brad:

“Every day we roll into the venues it makes me realize how fortunate I am to get to do what I do, and to be running up and down the highways with two guys who I’ve considered friends for years makes it all the more fun,”

“You know, when you see great artists—great entertainers—like Brad and Dierks are, you don’t always find people on that level of success so approachable, but that is not the case with either of those guys. Now I have known them since before I broke through years back, but you know, they treat everyone the same, no matter who you are."

Read the whole blog here, including a video of the trio singing, 'Alcohol.'

Saturday, August 22, 2009


"Although Brad Paisley happily took a break from touring to perform in front President Obama, the country singer is currently busy with his American Saturday Night Tour. In stark contrast to his tour last summer, which featured Taylor Swift and Kellie Picker as opening acts, Paisley scored Dierks Bentley and Jimmy Wayne as openers on his current jaunt.

Said Paisley to CMT, "There's lots of testosterone on the tour, which I've found is a lot like camp. We're sneaking into Jimmy Wayne's bus at night, sticking his hand in warm water and seeing if he'll pee." Bentley hasn't been the target of a prank yet, but he'd better watch his back, as Paisley told CMT, "I've got to do something to Dierks. Here's the thing-I have people saying, 'Don't you have a life?' It's hilarious."

Read the whole story here.


Feeling that fire
Dierks Bentley's 2009 CD was his first recording in 3 years. The wait was worth it.

BY DAVE RICHARDS [more details]
Published: August 20. 2009

Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley, and Jimmy Wayne will perform Thursday, Aug. 27, at 7:30 p.m. at the Crawford County Fair in Meadville.

Dierks Bentley could have headlined his own concert tour this summer. He's a superstar in his own right with six No. 1 hits, including 2009 chart-toppers "Feel That Fire" and "Sideways."Instead, Bentley opted to hang out with Brad Paisley all summer. He's opening the superstar's tour for "American Saturday Night," which includes an Aug. 27 stop at Crawford County Fair.

"I've known him for a while, but I never really had a chance to spend a lot of time with him," Bentley said. "It's part of the reason I wanted to do this tour. I'm a big fan of his music. One of the deciding things was I got to hang out with him more often."Never hurts to play in front of stadium-sized crowds either. The Paisley / Bentley / Jimmy Wayne package ranks as one of country's biggest 2009 tours.

"It really gives people bang for their buck," Bentley said. "And with a new record coming out, we wanted to play for as large of crowds as possible, so it made sense to go out there [with Brad].""Feel That Fire," released last February, was Bentley's first CD in nearly three years, an unusually long dry period."It just took time to pick the songs and, in the studio, put it together," Bentley said. "If you write your own material, it just takes longer, and I write most my stuff."

The wait was worth it. Bentley, one of country's strongest singers, sounds relaxed and in total command on a strong range of songs, including bluegrass ("Last Call" with Ronnie McCoury) and rockabilly (the stomping "Little Heartwrecker")."What I love about country music is it captures different sides of life -- the good times and bad times," Bentley said. "With this one, I think, I tried to make sure it tipped the scales in the fun category.

Still, there are what I consider some serious pieces of work on there, like 'Beautiful World.'"The latter song features Patty Griffin, one of his favorite female singers, on backing vocals."That was a huge deal for me," Bentley said. "She's pretty iconic, and I thought it might be a reach to get her to be part of something. But I was lucky. I'm hoping it might be a single down the line.

"Title song "Feel That Fire," he said, is currently his favorite tune to perform each night."It just gets a huge response."So does the gusty, shout-along "Sideways," the last song written for the CD, which hit No. 1 in July."We wanted one more fun, up-tempo song," Bentley said. "I wanted one out in summer that was a no-brainer that people can sing along to and know the words to. I was on an airplane, and it came to me quick. I've been kicking the show off with that song."

By the time he reaches the Crawford County Fair, Bentley figures he'll have a new song in the show -- "I Want to Make You Close Your Eyes," just released as the third single. The romantic change of pace is akin to his earlier hit, "Come a Little Closer."

Bentley gets about 45 to 50 minutes to perform, so he packs in the hits, along with the new songs. He's a man in motion on stage. Good thing he works out, both at the gym as well as on the ice. He plays hockey, left wing or center."I got into it because we have the Nashville Predators in town," Bentley said. "It's the most fun sport you can play."Plus, it's not as dangerous as, say, as singing country music."

I've had more injuries falling on stage than from playing hockey," Bentley said. "Once, I ran and jumped down on my knees, sliding. The end of the stage had this hardwood floor, slick as an ice rink. I just kept going, never stopped."I ended up in a fan's lap. I was a little slow the next morning."

Feel that pain by day; feel that fire at night.

It's a living.


Friday, August 21, 2009


According to this article on, about "How Online Culture Redefines the Artist-Fan Connection," The CMA says that Dierks Bentley's fan club membership is up 96 percent annually for the past four years.

This is great news! I like to think the DB Congress has at least a little to do with that. You all have worked so hard at recruiting one fan at a time to join the fan club, join the DBC and they in turn start promoting as well. I am so proud!

And we should celebrate another win tonight! The official website for Dierks Bentley deployed a major relaunch today, and guess what? It's just one site - That just made my day! No more "" In a few days it will go away--they are giving us time to save any posts over there. How nice!

I'm still exploring, but so far so good. I liked it well enough to add my avatar!


Thanks to Janet M (California DBC rep) for posting this link on Facebook! Very unique find!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pop Prick: Dierks Bentley "Sideways"
Pop Prick is by Josh Rank. He can be found at:

Dierks Bentley “Sideways”The literary genius of Dierks Bentley

This Top 40 country song follows in the same vein of such literary greats like James Joyce, Virginia Woolfe, and William Faulkner. It’s rare to find a contemporary song that employs the classic writing device of “stream of consciousness” narrative.

“Hey girl, what’s your name?
It’s so loud in here I can’t hear a thing
But I sure do like your style
And I can see you came to rock
In your blue jeans and white tank top
Man, that look drives me wild”

It’s almost as if he wrote the lyrics without thinking about them at all. As if he were walking through a honky-tonk bar, saw a pretty little thing, and spoke exactly what he was thinking into a teletype.

It’s lyric writing like this that the world of music doesn’t see enough of. People spend too much time paying attention to rhyme, content, and general aesthetic pleasantness. Bentley may be at the forefront of a new movement in music.

After passing some time rambling, the song stumbles upon a few rhymes. This is where the song veers off course. It should have just stuck to lyrics that any drunk hillbilly could come up with after pouring a jug of moonshine down his throat so the genius would not be lost. However. Bentley tries to force some rhymes:

“And it’s, hey now, here we go
DJ don’t play nothing slow
Keep those girls out on the floor
Gotta make them want to come back for more”

He somehow manages to keep the hillbilly simplicity while including rhyming words. This is commendable for the simple fact that it still has mass appeal to the country community while employing some literary technique. This is why the song has managed the acclaim it has.

I, however, like to focus on the more unique aspects of the song. All the pretty rhymes overshadow, but don’t erase the stream-of-consciousness beauty.

“Ain’t no need to fight
Y’all take the redneck stuff outside
That’s what parking lots are for”

Beautiful. And he brings it back to the moonshine thought pattern by including two words that aren’t even words and a double negative. Jeff Foxworthy would be proud.

Bentley may seem like a dumbass who would fail a seventh grade English class, but that’s an image he's created just to sell records. His true love for classic literature pokes through in the subtle devices he uses to write his music. Now if only he could find a way to write about something more than drunk girls at a bar, he might gain the recognition he deserves in the literary community.

Posted by Deckfight at 9:48 AM
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mlvslta said...
I love the review except for the last paragraph. He has written other songs that show this literary side. His writing appeals to a broad audience. Many of us consider ourselves educated. However, I enjoy the conversation style in this particular song.
August 18, 2009 12:30 PM

DBcongress said...
Interesting blog. Thanks for the positive comments about Dierks. I just wanted to point out that he actually has written about something other than drunk girls at a bar. Long Trip Alone, Beautiful World, Better Believer are all literary genius in my opinion--and have nothing to do with drunk girls at a bar, but take on a more spiritual tone. While BW and BB will likely never make it to radio, LTA won him several Grammy nods, but the radio and country awards industry paid little recognition to it--it only made it to #10 on the charts.I agree, he deserves way more recognition in the literary community.~RonnaDB Congress Chair


Attention DB Congress! If you experienced the Dierks Bentley concert at the Berrien County Youth Fair last night, I want your stories! Email to me your experience and pics at

In the meantime, here is a video I found on You Tube of Better Believer, and an interesting article from from yesterday, with lots of Dierks quotes. Listen closely at the beginning of the video, where Dierks talks about playing The Tabernacle.

Dierks Bentley, one of the most consistent country hitmakers to emerge this decade, will headline the grandstand entertainment Thursday at the Berrien County Youth Fair.

Singer-songwriter Dierks Bentley performs at Berrien Youth Fair tonight
By JEREMY D. BONFIGLIO - H-P Features Writer
Published: Thursday, August 20, 2009 1:09 PM EDT

BERRIEN SPRINGS - Dierks Bentley could easily be considered the poster boy for the alternative country movement. The T-shirt-and-jeans-wearing singer-songwriter has pop star good looks; his high-energy live shows often land on the rock end of the spectrum; and his current studio album, "Feel That Fire," has been lauded for its eclectic mix of rockers and ballads.

Still, Bentley insists, every tune he writes is steeped in country music's rich tradition."Some of the record is progressive, and there's more of a rock energy to the live show," Bentley says by telephone during a tour stop in Charleston, S.C., "but at the heart of it all is a love of traditional country music. To me being aware of that tradition is the cornerstone of a good country songwriter."

The Arizona native, who headlines tonight's grandstand entertainment at the Berrien County Youth Fair, grew up on a hybrid of honky tonk, bluegrass, classic country and modern rock 'n' roll. After moving to Nashville, Bentley spent his nights singing for tips at Second Avenue bars and his days working in the video tape library of the now-defunct Nashville Network. He soaked up everything he could from watching those historic performances and even sought out George Strait and George Jones to autograph his beloved 1993 Martin D28 acoustic guitar.

By blending old country sentiment with new country sound, Bentley has become one of the most consistent hitmakers to emerge in the genre this decade. Last year, after only three major label studio albums, he was able to release a greatest hits package, "Every Mile a Memory 2003-2008." With "Feel That Fire," his fourth studio album released on Feb. 3 by Capitol Nashville, Bentley has now had 12 songs land on the country singles chart, including seven that reached No. 1.

"I love the feeling of combining the best older stuff with the edginess of newer, more progressive sounds," Bentley says."I try to take the real life connectedness of the stories and songs of Hank Williams and Buck Owens, and then try to put a modern sound to it. ... As a songwriter, you're always trying to get better. For me, I just try to write songs that are going to reach out to as many people as possible, and I think we've done that with this record."

Bentley's 2003 self-titled release earned the 33-year-old his first No. 1 single, "What Was I Thinkin'." "Modern Day Drifter" (2005) included the No.1 singles "Settle for a Slowdown" and "Come a Little Closer." "Every Mile a Memory" and "Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go)" off 2006's "Long Trip Alone" both topped the country singles chart, and "Feel That Fire" already has two No. 1 singles, the title track and "Sideways," which was co-written by long-time collaborator Jim Beavers.

The third single off the album, "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes," debuted at No. 51 two weeks ago and has since climbed to No. 38.

"I'm not the kind of guy who wants to go into the studio every two years and just keep putting out more of the same because it has worked so far," Bentley says."I really wanted to change our approach ... do it in more of an old outlaw kind of country way. Use your guys; go in the studio; take the clock off the wall."

Bentley spent more than two years writing, road testing and recording new material for "Feel That Fire," a wide-ranging album that opens with a slide guitar rampage on "Life on the Run" and closes with a Ronnie McCoury duet in the bluegrass jam "Last Call." Bentley also added a Spanish groove to "I Can't Forget Her" (recorded by Clay Walker in 2003) and teams with Americana icon Patty Griffin for "Beautiful World."

Bentley understands why some traditionalists might think he's pushing the genre too far, too fast, but his reasons are nothing if not pure country.

"As a songwriter and a human being, I want to experience all that I can in this one life we are given," Bentley says. "It's all about moving forward but remembering where you came from."


I wonder how many Sharpie's Dierks Bentley goes through in a typical tour month. With all the autograph signing and all the set lists taped to the stage floor, I'm guessing hundreds. And that's just the black ones. Then there's the silver Sharpies for signing the black DB Congress shirts. I always carry silver Sharpies--just in case!

BRISTOL, Tenn. – Personalities among NASCAR’s Sprint Cup drivers are as varied as their musical tastes. Fans will get more of an indication as to what might make their favorite drivers tick during driver introductions for the Sharpie 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway tomorrow night, Aug. 22 at 7:30 pm. Each driver was asked to walk out to the song of their choice.*

It's no secret that Dierks and driver Kasey Kahne are friends. So it's fitting that KK has chosen buddy Dierks Bentley’s “Life On The Run,” for his driver introduction song before the Sharpie 500! Great choice, Kasey!

Let's go racin' boys!

Somewhere in the distance is where I need to be
All I care about right now is speed

Here they come now, they're closin' in
Pack of blood hounds gonna catch my scent
Here they come now, now I'm gone again

*Source: (Thanks to Meg for the link!)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I've been telling Janet (Wildcat), DB Congress rep in New Jersey that I'd blog her Dierks wall story for two months, so here it is! But now it's not just a DB collage on her wall at work, but a new and improved Dierks Bentley Collage! Read Janet's story in her own words...

My Meet and Greet Experience with Dierks Bentley on 8-15-09 at the Susquanna Center.

I have been a fan of Dierks Bentley since 2007 and became a fan club member in 2008. I became a DB Congress member a couple months ago.

February 4, 2009 my local country radio station 92.5 XTU hosted a Feel That Fire Fire Album Release Meet and Greet for Dierks Bentley at Dave N Busters at the Plymouth Meeting Mall. It was that day that I meet Dierks for the first time. It was an awesome experience and I found him to be a very down to earth and a caring person.

This past Saturday August 15, 2009 I was selected to have a fan club meet and greet with Dierks Bentley. It was the best twenty minutes of my life. Dierks spent a couple minutes with each fan club member chatting and taking a picture with them. When my turn came around (I was the last person in line) he greeted me with a hug and took a sneak peak of the back of my DB Congress T-shirt to see my sceen name. I go by Wildcat aka Janet from Pennsauken, NJ.

Dierks by himself. I asked "Can I take your pic real quick?" He said sure go ahead.
I had brought with me a picture that I took of my workspace at work. Most people have their family members I have a "Dierks collage." (me too, Janet!) I brought two copies one for him to sign and one that I gave him in a photo magentic cover to put on the bus or home or wherever. I said he could put it on the bus and throw darts at it or something. He said No, No, I won't do that but I will put it up on the refridgerator. He thought it was so cool that I would do something like that in my workspace. So now I guess my "Dierks Collage" is now up on the refridgerator or somewhere on the bus. Dierks is still the same down to earth and caring person and it was great to see him again.

New and improved Dierks Collage:

The best investment I ever made was becoming a fan in his fan club. I had bought my tickets through his website through the presale and I sat on the 5th row. This was my first time seeing Dierks in concert and certainly won't be my last. Dierks puts on a very high energy awesome performance singing Sideways, Trying To Stop Your Leaving, Come A Little Closer, How Am I Doing, What Was I Thinking, My Last Name, Free and Easy, Feel That Fire to name a few songs he sang. 45 mintues wasn't nearly long enough so I'm looking forward to when he headlines his own tour sometime next year.

I also met Cindy and Marie again. They are both members of the fan club and DB Congress members. I had previously met them for the first time in February. It was great to hang out with them again before the show.

It was an awesome night! I will be a fan of Dierks Bentley for a long, long, long time!


Calling all reps! There's a new campaign for DB Congress! Whether you "tweet" or not, we need every one and their mother, brother, sister, co-workers, and friends to vote for Dierks Bentley for "Mr. Twitter" USA!

Currently in 22nd place with 1568 votes, Dierks needs our help! Only the top 20 get immortalized on the Tweeterwall "wall of fame" for the USA and have a chance to compete in the continental battle!

But hurry! Only 10 days left to vote. Click here to VOTE!


White lines on the road was the only trail we left behind us as we set out on our 8 hour DRT (Dierks Road Trip) from Tampa to Atlanta on Tuesday morning. Somewhere in the distance is where I needed to be to see Dierks Bentley perform for free at The Tabernacle. Sponsored by Samsung Summer Krush, the event was just that--an event. Not just a concert but a 24-hour adventure.

Hubby and I arrived around 3 pm. It had been a beautiful drive--sun and white clouds, but now it was raining. We parked in the lot and walked over to the barricade by the busses. Checked Twitter. Dierks said Jake was getting fluffed for the Country Weekly photo shoot. When it stopped raining, they all came out by the jeep and about 20 of us were gathered to watch the photo shoot. Dierks very gingerly picked up Jake and gently placed him on the hood of the jeep and then joined him.

After the shoot, he signed and took photos with everyone. I had a M&G (I know, I just had one, but we are allowed 2 per year now!) so I stood back letting others have their time with Dierks. Jake was running around without a leash and just when I thought D was not even watching him when he started to come around our side of the barricade, Dierks hollered for him and he went right to daddy! My husband brought to Dierks attention that The Tabernacle told us we could not bring cameras in that night and D said he didn't know that and he said he would see what he could do since he always encourages cameras. Needless to say, they let us bring cameras inside.

There were 3 different lines outside and it was pretty chaotic but we finally got in at 8 pm and made it to the rail. We left for the M&G at 9 but getting back to the rail was a nightmare! Talk about feeling that fire--hot, sticky, sweaty, squished in like sardines --now I know how Dierks feels every night on stage! But once he came out none of that mattered.

Dierks is known for bouncing all over every inch of the stage and interacting and connecting in some way with each fan in the house--whether pointing, eye contact or physical touch--and tonight was no exception. But it seemed he was giving way more db love than usual if that's possible--God love him!

As we walked back to the M&G, with Brittany as our escort, I overheard someone backstage say, "Oh, here comes the congress!" We're famous! During our M&G Country Weekly was filming and taking photos as well, so we may just make a future issue! Wouldn't that be cool? Atlanta is a lucky city for the DB Congress to get published in CW! It was May of 2008 we were in Atlanta at the amphitheater and took the pic with D of 18 of us and it got published in the October 2008 CW issue! (It's also the home page of this website). The only difference is nobody but Ann had their DBC shirt on! But we were there, representing: me, Ann (AL), Debra (AL), Tammy (GA), Kelly, Lisa (GA), Chrissie (GA), Jayme (IL) (and I thought Florida was far!), Lauren (FL), Tracy and Tabitha (AL), Keesha (NC), Carmin (good to meet you!), Trenda, and Hevs. I am sure there were more because there were several in the M&G who I had never met--so they're in the fan club but not sure if they are listed in the DBC.

I thanked Dierks for posting on here and he said, "Oh, did I do it right?" Yes--you did it perfectly. "I wasn't sure if you saw it." Yes--I saw it--everybody saw it and went wild! Now don't be a stranger! He said he would try to post more often.

Dierks & Me

Dierks & Ann

Jayme, Tammy, Keesh wait to meet Dierks

Jayme asked Dierks to sign her foot so she could go get it tatoo'd!

I finally squeezed my way back to hubby, who had been protecting my spot as best he could--and Lisa was on the rail with her hubby--she was 35 weeks pregnant--what was she thinking? She was thinking bout those blue eyes, curly hair, deep gravely voice.... hahaha...can't say that I blame her!

Lisa wants her nails painted black...

Hubby and me...
Starting out with Sideways, Dierks followed up with (in no particular order) Every Mile A Memory, How Am I Doin'? Trying to Stop Your Leaving, Feel That Fire, Lotta Leavin' Left To Do, What Was I Thinkin', Life On The Run, Free and Easy....and the slow songs: Come a Little Closer, Settle For A Slowdown, My Last Name, and I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes.

But there were two songs that stood out for me. Dierks said, "I was scheduled to perform at The Grand Ole Opry tonight, but when I heard about this gig and that it was an old church that's now a bar, I couldn't pass it up!" Then he sang Better Believer--for the first time live. Later during the slow set, he sang Long Trip Alone--which I have not heard him sing live since last year. How appropriate these two songs were for "The Tabernacle." Both songs have such deep meaning, and you could tell Dierks was feeling the spiritual vibes of the old church. His voice was truly inspiring!

After Free and Easy, they all left the stage, but came back out and Dierks said, "I'm all out of hits so how about some George Strait!? "All My Exes Live in TX", then launched right into Waylon's Lonesome, Onry & Mean, and Johnny Cash--Folsom Prison Blues--I just love when Dierks makes his voice sound like Johnny--cry cry cry cry cry--really great job!

As always it was over way too soon--but well worth every minute! I was just happy--since he was the only act, he was on the stage longer than he gets during the Brad show.

At one point I just could not stand to be squished anymore (hubby gave out way before me), so I slid out and went up to the balcony and WOW what a great view! I could not believe all the people on the floor that I had just been in the middle of! And it made me proud to see how many people were actually dancing--not just in their spot, but actually spinning each other around toward the back of the crowd. What a great new perspective!

On the other hand, I was disappointed and thought it a bit wierd when some people started leaving early--like during Long Trip Alone when he still had 4 or 5 songs still to sing! But then I remembered--oh, yeah, this was a free concert so most of these people don't have a clue how big DB is and how much bigger he's about to get!

So we waited outside by the busses after the show for about 30 minutes with about 50 other people, and talked to Tim (steel guitar) for a little while. Tim--if you are reading this--don't forget about our fiddle conversation! We decided to leave knowing that we had an 8 hour drive ahead of us. Exactly 24 hours later, after about 4 hours sleep at a last-minute Best Western, we arrive home in Tampa. Every Mile A Memory!


Here is some more coverage of Dierks' show at The Tabernacle: