Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Kim Mann, an Alabama DB Congress representative recently sent me an email explaining all the reasons she would like to be named a DBC Lobbyist.

*I vote and request daily

*I have Dierks' picture on my computer at work and at home as my wallpaper for all to see

*I have IWMYCYE as my ring tone on my phone (had Sideways until the new single came out)

*I have Sideways, IWMYCYE and FTF as answer tones so anyone calling me hears them

*I wear my concert Ts everywhere

*I wear my Congress T to every concert I go to

*I take other people not in the FC to shows to introduce them to Dierks' music

*I encourage other FC members to join the DB Congress so they too can be a part of this wonderful team of people trying to get Dierks music heard

*I talk to everyone I see about Dierks, his music and what a down to earth great guy he is and how he gives back to his fans by allowing us to be a big part of his success

*I show my pics with Dierks to everyone who cares to look so they can see how great he is with his fans

*I tell everyone about all of the great friends I have met through Dierks, friends that I will have forever because Dierks' people are the best kind of people

I am truly honored to be a part of this and I take my duties very seriously.

Thank you,
Kim Mann "kimmiejo"
Proud Alabama DB Congress Rep
Well, Kim, if you take a look at the Home page, you'll find your name listed in the Lobbyist section! Thanks so much for all you do to promote Dierks!

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  1. A nice read Kim. As I've had the honor of meeting you at two shows, I know you represent the DBC in a great way! Two things stuck out at me in your blog: That you wear your Congress T to every show and you mention the friendships you've made through the DBC. I feel the same way! So, congrats on being named a lobbyist! :)