Thursday, August 20, 2009


A friend of mine--to remain nameless--received an email today from the Dierks Bentley camp:

"This e-mail was sent to you as a member of the Country Music Association (One Music Circle South, Nashville, TN 37203) in order to educate voting members about nominees and nominated products for the 43rd Annual CMA Awards..."

Click here to watch the video.

And the categories for your CMA consideration are:
*Male Vocalist of the Year
*Song of the Year: Sideways
*Single of the Year: Sideways
*Music Video of the Year: Sideways
*Album of the Year: Feel That Fire
*Vocal Event of the Year: Beautiful World with Patty Griffin

Of course I told my friend I hope they vote for Dierks and that DB deserves every one of those nominations in all those categories! Everybody think positive thoughts!


  1. That was an awesome video! Definitely hope he gets nominated for any one (or all) of what was mentioned this year!

  2. Wouldn't it be sweet if he was recognized at the CMA's? Past due if you ask me.

  3. That rocks!! He definitely deserves some recognition! Fingers, toes, eyes, arms and legs crossed he gets some noms.

  4. Well, I'd vote for him in all categories! This is great!

  5. He's got my vote!! Great to see they are finally seeing what we all here feel...WE love out Dierks....Dawn

  6. That is freakin' Awesome! It's LONG overdue! I'll be thinking positive thoughts, crossing everything I've got and sending up prayers!!! He so deserves it!!!

  7. That video is great! It gives me chills. I'm so proud of him!

  8. Awesome video!! It would be great if he was nominated for all of those!! He totally deserves all of those and more!!