Friday, August 21, 2009


According to this article on, about "How Online Culture Redefines the Artist-Fan Connection," The CMA says that Dierks Bentley's fan club membership is up 96 percent annually for the past four years.

This is great news! I like to think the DB Congress has at least a little to do with that. You all have worked so hard at recruiting one fan at a time to join the fan club, join the DBC and they in turn start promoting as well. I am so proud!

And we should celebrate another win tonight! The official website for Dierks Bentley deployed a major relaunch today, and guess what? It's just one site - That just made my day! No more "" In a few days it will go away--they are giving us time to save any posts over there. How nice!

I'm still exploring, but so far so good. I liked it well enough to add my avatar!


  1. They need to lose that picture of Dierks and the board updates on the right and make the actual message board go right across the full page. Then they need to make the font size a lot bigger so people can read it. THEN it will be finished and usable. As it is, it's really quite bad and begs the question, why didn't they finish making it before they opened it?

  2. I have to agree with Nid. The font is small and the colors of the lettering and the background also makes it hard to read. I do like that you don't seem to have to keep logging in, and it IS one website, but frankly, I'm getting frustrated with all these changes.