Thursday, August 13, 2009


Morgan, the Site Admin from, posted the following message. So if you're in the fan club, add your thoughts to that thread over there!

"Hey everyone! We are in the final stages of building Dierks' new message board... But we want to hear from you before we wrap things up! Many of you have said that you preferred the old message board, and we would love to hear why. Can you let us know what you loved about the old message board? We want the new board to feel like home for you guys, so don't hold back."

DB Congress Chair


  1. Hey Mona, Thanks for the heads up. I liked all the things you suggested. Way to go girl. You are on top of things. Dawn

  2. I saw all your suggestion Ronna. You could have saved yourself some typing by just saying "Exactly like the old board" Haha! But yeah, the old board was just right and unless they go back to how that was, there will be a few unhappy people. The essential thing is having just ONE board and since that is going to happen, I don't really think it matters what else they do, we'll all just get used to it no matter what.

  3. One more thing, your link only works if you have paid to be a member of that board.

  4. Yes I grabbed that link from the fan club section so you do have to be a member to access it.

  5. Ronna you nailed it! Great job!BTW you have email.