Saturday, August 1, 2009


Country Weekly does it again! Not only are they showin' the love for our main man, Dierks Bentley, but CW also found it fitting to include love letters from two of our DB Congress representatives--Carrie in NC and Takara in MO!

Although the August 10th CW features Kenny on the cover, they really revved up this issue with full page pics of Dierks. Like page 9--taking flight at the City Stages music festival in Birmingham. You gotta buy this issue JUST for this pic alone! It even shows "Slips" (Tim Sergent) playing his steal guitar!

Then there's the Story Behind The Song page for Sideways. I now have all 7 DB #1 singles stories from Country Weekly. What a great collection! Find out what Dierks thinks the best line in the song is.

Get your copy today! You don't want to miss all the Dierks love!


  1. NO WAY! THEY PUBLISHED MY LETTER?!!?! REALLY!?!?!? Oh geez I need to go to the store. Like, now.

  2. Awesome! I was so swamped at work, I forgot to look for CW. I am heading to the store!
    Congrats and GREAT JOB ladies for having your letters recognized!

  3. Hey I just read your letters. Both are very well written. Absolutely awesome!

  4. Thank you, Mona! I think I might have him autograph it next time I meet him (I stole the idea from Lee Ann). ... Now I just need to see him again. ;)

  5. I went to WalMart and actually remembered to look the 2nd time I went and couldn't find it! Grr...Looks like I'll have to hunt one down somewhere. I really want it since I was at the Bham show!