Saturday, August 1, 2009


A few weeks ago I posted a side note encouraging DBC Reps to send me their rationale of why they should be posted on the home page as a Lobbyist. Devin and Kendra did just that! Read their application here:

Okay I am emailing you about making me a Lobbyist! I have been Dierks' fan since LOLLTD came out and since Ii was around eight I guess, and I became an active FC member around the time of EMAM. My VERY first concert was the Free & Easy shoot in 2007. Sadly I don't get to go to too many concerts, but this year is the first year I am getting to go to two Dierks concerts in one year. Everyday I get on the computer and vote for Dierks on GAC Countdown, CMT Kick *** Videos, CMT First Time Videos, and I vote for Jake in the CMT Cutest Dog Contest. I am very proud to be representing Dierks and I love every second of being his fan. I met him for the first time earlier this month; I was very nervous but I made it through it without making a fool of myself! haha! So when I go to the Atlanta concert next month, I am hoping to be a little more outgoing! My car (well, my mom's car) is covered in Dierks bumper stickers, and my phone sports Feel That Fire as my ringtone!

~Devin , South Carolina Rep


Well, I want to become a lobbyist and I think I have a few good reasons:

  1. I am a DIE-HARD Dierks fan!!!
  2. I call our little town's two local country radio stations everyday and request his latest single.
  3. I got my Dierks bracelets from you along with my DB Congress T-shirt and I wear it EVERYDAY!!!
  4. I am constantly talking about Dierks and begging my friends to go out and get his C.D.'s or at least just listen to my favorite Dierks songs because I know if they do they will fall in love with him just like I did lol!
  5. I vote for Dierks on the CMT and GAC websites everyday also. I sure hope this is enough to make me a lobbyist!!! Thank you so much for giving all of us die-hard Dierks lover the DB Congress website!!! It really does help give me my Dierks fix when I can't make to a concert lol!

~Kendra, Louisiana Rep

Thanks ladies and welcome! You are now posted on the home page in the Lobbyist box! If you want to be a Lobbyist, just send me your story of what you do every day to support Dierks!

~Ronna, DB Congress Chair


  1. Welcome, ladies! :)

  2. Devin and Kendra-AWESOME! You are wonderful lobbyists. We need more people like you!