Sunday, October 31, 2010

Canada DBC Rep Meets DB in Windsor

Tania Pomerleau joined the Dierks Bentley Congress (fan club) a little over a year ago and immediately requested to be a DBC rep and Lobbyist for Ontario, Canada. It was difficult to find Dierks CDs in the stores in the Great White North, so a couple of other DBC members sent her a few CDs to help complete her DB collection.

Tania had never been to any concert and she wanted Dierks to be her first. She had never met Dierks either, but here she was promoting him daily through the DBC! Her luck was yet again challenged when the DB Tour date was announced for October 22 in Windsor, Ontario. Tania had issues with logging in to and her fan club membership to request a Meet and Greet. Another fan-clubber came to her rescue and she was finally able to login and apply.

Her luck was about to change. She won her first Meet and Greet!

"I had a great first concert experience last night. My friend and I got there and waited to get into the meet and greet. I almost lost my M&G pass just before going in, but I found it stuck to my Dierks Bentley poster, thank God!

I had made a special T-shirt to wear for the night since I hadn't received my DBC shirt yet. He said he really liked it, and I got him to sign it for me as well as the special 18 x 24 inch poster I had made. The poster was done on the back of another poster because I didn't have poster board, so Dierks asked who the other band was.

Dierks was a sweetheart, I'm so glad I was able to meet him! Dierks played my favorite song, 'Free & Easy.' This song has been my theme song for the last five years helping me through hard times. I loved watching him play on that stage--he was so much fun! I've now caught the concert bug! I had a smile on my face the whole night. So glad Dierks' concert was my first!"

Another DBC rep, Stacy Baker from Michigan, also had a M&G with Dierks that night--her second time meeting him. "It was such a great concert. I had front row so I was at the stage the whole time. I'm having Dierks 'let down' now since I don't know when my next concert will be! My husband's friend took pictures for the local radio station at the concert. We were standing by him, so you can see we had an excellent view."

The photographer Stacy refers to is Steve Wiseman from one of our favorite radio stations: CBS Radio 99.5 WYCD in Detroit, Michigan! They are huge Dierks and DB Congress supporters! Below is just one sample of his work.

Steve shared his link to the all the photos he took that night at The Colosseum at Caesars Windsor here.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Video Interviews With Dierks On MM4K

Dierks Sings Free & Easy for Chase in KC

Clint Bond, aka DB Congress rep CMB7869 from Kansas, bought a fan club membership for his son, Chase, when he heard Dierks was coming to his city, in hopes of winning the 5-year-old a Meet and Greet with the man himself. His hopes turned into reality.

"He is pretty shy so once he realized we were meeting Dierks he started hiding," Clint told me about Chase. "He plays Rock Band all the time and the only songs he likes to sing are: Free and Easy, What was I Thinkin' and Ghostbusters. He really likes Dierks but this was the first concert in the area for a couple years that wasn't 21 and over.

Once Dierks got there, Chase got really nervous. He had been planning on what he would say but once he got up there he got nervous. Dierks was really cool. Gave him a high five, asked what his favorite song was and everything. I was able to get Chase to take a picture with him. Dierks told him after he said that Free and Easy was his favorite song that he would play it just for him."

Everybody say, "Awwwwwwwwww!"

"Dierks was of course awesome last night," Clint said matter-of-factly. "I tried to get some videos of songs I didn’t already have. I got him doing 'Rebel Yell' which I had never seen him do before, even though I did know he loves Billy Idol."

Before 'Rebel Yell,' Dierks told the crowd: "Remember that first concert I was telling you about? I'm gonna take you there."

We've been waiting years for DB to add a fiddle player to the band! Check out Fiddlin' Dan Hochhalter playing a killer 'Fiddlin' Around':

'Wish It Would Break' is probably my all time favorite. Glad D has been adding it to the set list lately:

Thanks, Clint, for the sweet story about your son and for capturing these rare memories on video!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all the DB Congress, Dierks, Cass, Evie and all the guys! Check out the pumpkin that Illinois rep, Jayme Ottersburg carved! Above it's in darkness and below is the daytime version!

Earlier this month, Dierks posted a pic of himself with a giant pumpkin:

"NYCday#4.early happy Halloween with gigantic pumpkin from @Regis_and_kelly.southpaw,Brooklyn 2nite w punch bros"
Last year, little Evie Bentley was "Yoda" for Halloween. I wonder what she'll be this year? Dierks, we're dying to know...please post a picture of her in her costume!

See last year's blog and photo here.

Dierks in NYC Day 4: Regis & Kelly and Brooklyn's South Paw - Oct 21

"Ready tenacious Dierks? Ready, dude. Kick it off, Pickles! The opening line of 'Rovin' Gambler' on the Up On The Ridge album, has Dierks all smiles as he spends his last night in The Big Apple in Brooklyn performing with The Punch Brothers, who were featured on three of the UOTR CMA nominated recording.

The day started out with DB and TPB performing on Regis and Kelly Live before moving to South Paw to pick and grin some more.

"We got up at 5 am to get in the stand-by line for Regis and Kelly. After freezing to death all morning, we didn't even get in for the show, BUT we did catch Dierks on his way out and he insisted we get a picture!"
(DB Congress Reps Beth, WA; Jayme, IL; Dierks, and Steph, MO)

CMT's Jim Allen recaps the night in this detailed article.

One of our very own DB Congress members from Delaware, Amy Shepheard, shared her personal South Paw experience with us:

"The drive to New York from my house can be unpredictable so I gave myself plenty of time to get to Southpaw in Brooklyn. I ended up getting there really early and spending a few hours with some other fan club members in line. While we were all chatting and sharing nachos from the Mexican restaurant on the corner, Dierks arrived. He waved on his way in and called us the "faithful." He smiled and said that he loved us all.

(Photo Credit: Amy Shepheard)

(Photo Credit: Beth Longanecker)

As we waited for the door to open, we could hear sound check, which was pretty neat. I had a front row spot for the show itself, which was the best show I have seen yet! The tiny venue was so intimate that it was easy for the fans to connect with Dierks. He responded to requests from the audience and even accepted drinks that were passed up from the bar.

The Punch Brothers meshed with Dierks perfectly and were equally as impressive musically. They played a lot of UOTR songs as well as acoustic versions of some of the big DB hits. The guys rounded the show out with an impromptu version of Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell" that was unbelievable. It was easy to see that the guys on stage were having a blast. No one was ready for the show to end!

(Noam "Pickles" Pikelny; Photo Credit: Amy Shepheard)

(Dierks and Chris Thile; Photo Credit: Amy Shepheard)

(Photo Credit: Beth Longanecker)

(Photo Credit: Stephanie Lanham)

Photo Credit: Stephanie Lanham)

After the show, I hoped to catch Dierks outside. When he came out, he smiled and waved, and thanked everyone for coming. Then he spotted "Will Ferrell" in his pickup truck blasting "What Was I Thinkin'." The bed of the truck was full of people dancing and singing along with the stereo. Dierks laughed and ran down toward the truck, sneaking up on everyone. He jumped into the truck bed and joined the party! He spent a few minutes singing with the crowd.

As he ran toward the car waiting for him, he said, "Goodbye! I'll never forget this week!" And then he was gone, letting the party continue on the busy New York street."

Thanks, Amy!

After a phenomenal performance of Pride (In The Name of Love), Dierks asked Chris Thile, "Did you have the bluegrass operation?" (to be able to sing that high). Watch Chris's reply:

Hours after the show, Dierks posted on his Facebook/Twitter:

"NYC 4am w/ the punch brothers. thx for a week I'll never forget. so much fun. look forward to the next one!"

Dierks in NYC Day 3: Joe's Pub - Oct 20

Songwriter's showcases are always interesting to go to. I was really excited to hear that one of these would be part of Dierks Bentley's NYC residency! For this one, Dierks invited Jon Randall Stewart, Jessi Alexander and Jim Beavers.

Joe's Pub was the perfect setting for this show. The building is so small and intimate that you almost miss it walking by outside. Inside there are tiny tables set up all around the stage, some couches and then a bar area behind that. The lighting is pretty low and like most small venues made for songwriter's showcases, the biggest rule is no talking while the artists are performing.

The show was pretty casual straight from the beginning. When you get Dierks and Jim Beavers in the same room, there are guaranteed to be some laughs. They have a great banter between them on stage. Up On The Ridge producer, Jon Randall Stewart and Jessi Alexander seemed to anchor down the more serious part of the evening...probably a good thing they were between Dierks and Jim! Each songwriter took a turn telling the story behind each song and then giving their rendition of it. The songs ranged from unreleased originals to ones made famous on radio by artists such as Billy Currington, Gary Allan, Reba and even Miley Cyrus (Jessi co-wrote Miley's country crossover, 'The Climb' and performed an amazing version of it).

My favorite part was when Jim did his song 'Diamonds Make Babies,' a really funny song about how getting married leads to having children. He did a little poking fun at Dierks before that one since he has baby #2 on the way. Now that I think of it, there were quite a few songs about babies/children/married life. Another highlight was hearing Dierks and Jon perform 'Draw Me a Map' good acoustically!

Once the show was over, the tailgaters were gathered outside and continuing the party. Low and behold, out of the venue comes Dierks to join in on the party and get his picture with "Will Ferrell." Before it got really crazy, he hopped in a cab (with a random fan trying to join him...bad idea) and left the crowd to dance to his biggest hits. A little bit later the party was shut down by the NYPD...only to be continued the next night in Brooklyn!

DBC Missouri rep and Historian

Thanks for sharing your in-person experience, Steph! Later, Dierks tweeted the following:

"will ferrell @funnyordie is following me around.. tailgating and playing my songs outside Joe's pub!"

*Edit: Just found this video clip on YouTube:

One more blog to come in this series...Day 4: Brooklyn's South Paw with The Punch Brothers!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dierks in NYC Day 2: City Winery 10/19

Dierks Bentley and The Del McCoury Band formed a "Double D" team, performing at the City Winery in NYC on October 19. (Photo Credits: Stephanie Lanham)

As Kristin (PurdueCutie) would say, "Del, Yeah!" The DBC rep from Indiana promotes that phrase on a shirt at any Dierks show where Del or his boys are sure to play! She missed the NYC show, but two days before she was sporting the shirt when Del joined Dierks at Miles and Music For Kids, Nashville.

The most awarded band in Bluegrass history, The Grammy-winning Del McCoury Band, was also inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in 2003. Dierks and Del teamed up earlier this year on Bentley's own Bluegrass project, Up On The Ridge, to record a meticulous rendition of U2s, Pride (In The name of Love).

During the NYC City Winery show, Dierks joked about using the "delepromter" aka the lyrics taped to the top of his guitar. It appears Del got a kick out of that at his own expense!

(Photo Credit: Beth Longanecker)

(Photo Credit: Stephanie Lanham)

Delaware DBC rep, Becky, made her own "Double D" shirt and brought it to the City Winery. Even though the fan club Meet and Greets were cancelled, Becky was determined. She made contact with the City Winery management and gave them her shirt to take backstage to get Dierks and Del to sign it.

She expected to get the shirt back after the show, but got a surprise instead.

"This concert has got to be the best I have ever been to. The music was incredible. They had the City Winery jumping all night. I was lucky enough to have my t-shirt signed by both Dierks and Del because of a very kind employee, Schlmo, at the City Winery. He took the t-shirt to them for me before the show.

Right after they sang Free and Easy, to my surprise, Dierks held up the shirt and asked if there was a DB Congress Delaware Rep in the house. On the front I had Double "D" Concert with a picture of Dierks and one of Del. They signed above each picture and it made my year!

I want everyone to know just what a great guy Dierks is. The guy from City Winery said it was Dierks' idea to give me the shirt during the concert.

I thank you Dierks and Del from the bottom of my heart. As always, you gave it your all. I cannot say enough fine words to describe this concert. We laughed, we clapped, we stomped our feet. If you missed it, you missed THE BEST show.

Every member of The Del McCoury Band is extremely talented. I believe the bass player (Alan Bartram) blew us all away with his voice. Oh my, what a great, great night of entertainment--bluegrass style. I have to thank my fellow DB Congress member, Janet Lowe from New Jersey for being my partner in crime for the evening. We both had a blast.

Dierks and Alan (Photo Credit: Stephanie Lanham)

Dierks, you have to do another concert with Del! That was just more than I could have ever imagined. Hands down the best ever!"

I'd say your shirt was a "Triple-D", Becky! Dierks, Del and Delaware (on the back)!

Janet (DB Congress rep from New Jersey) joined Becky on this DRT (Dierks Road Trip), but almost didn't go!

"When I first heard about Dierks doing four shows in NYC, I debated whether or not to go. I had already scheduled a week's vacation in the beginning of October. My fellow DB Congress member from Delaware, Becky, really wanted to go but would rather go with someone else than alone. Finally I decided I was in. Becky went ahead and got the tickets for 10/19. Great seats: Table #2, seats 5 and 6. We decided it would be more affordable to stay in Secaucus, NJ then in NYC. After speaking with a few people, Becky realized it would not be a great idea to drive into the city and use a parking garage as she first planned to do.

I drove to Delaware on Tuesday morning and off on our Dierks adventure we went.

We followed the advice she was given. We took a bus from the hotel, then the subway to about one block from the City Winery. Of course the bus ride from the hotel was not as easy as we thought because two blocks away, Becky yells out: "Stop the Bus I forgot my tickets for a concert we are going to in NYC!" We got off the bus, walked back to the hotel, got the tickets and went back to the bus stop again! Becky had to tell the new bus driver the whole "forgot the tickets story" and he let us on without paying again. It was very funny! Our plan after the concert was to return to our hotel via a cab. Not cheap, but safe and comfortable.

When we first got to the City Winery we saw another DB congress member out front, Jane who let us know that they were not seating ticket holders just yet so we took a walk around for a bit. We went in and got our seats a little before 6:00 pm. A great venue for a concert, small and cozy.

The concert itself was great from beginning to end. It had a little bit of everything with Dierks joking around with Del and the other fellows and telling stories. Dierks gave each member of the Traveling McCourys some "song" time. I was truly blown away when Alan Bartram stepped up to the mic and began to sing. What a voice he has! (Instant crush on him.) The crowd went crazy after he sang. Del says to all of us "...and poor Dierks has to follow that!" We all laughed. Dierks and Del really interacted with the audience.

(Photo Credits: Beth Longanecker)

I think Becky's favorite part was when we saw Dierks hold up her T-shirt that her son had made and read it to Del. Del liked the idea of the name Double "D" Concert. Dierks then turned the shirt around and asked where was the DB Congress Rep from Delaware. He then reached over and threw the shirt to Becky...who gladly caught it and thanked them.

Every Dierks Bentley concert I attend gets better and better. Dierks is an awesome singer/songwriter. The only thing I missed was a meet and greet but I did get to talk with his tour manager, Chris, on my way to the Ladies room. I told Chris to tell Dierks the show was awesome.

Later on, while Becky and I were talking with other fans, Chris came upstairs to mingle. Myself, Becky and Chris had a picture taken. He seemed very happy that we enjoyed the show so much. We waited around for awhile longer hoping that maybe Dierks may change his mind and wander out. Eventually we hailed our cab back to the hotel with our memories of one fantastic concert! Another successful road trip to see Dierks and certainly not my last!

(Janet, Chris, and Becky)
~Dierks Bentley Concert Ticket 46.00
~Bus Ticket to NY 7.90
~Hearing you friend Yell Stop the Bus when realizing she forget the ticket information in the hotel room....

Priceless! "

Thanks Becky and Janet for sharing your stories! Next up, Joe's Pub--Songwriters Night!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dierks in NYC Day 1: Bowery Ballroom 10/18

DB Congress was in full force at each of Dierks Bentley's four consecutive days/nights in New York City last week. Enjoy their stories! (Photo Credit: Stephanie Lanham)

Day One - October 18, 2010 (Bowery Ballroom)
"An amiable country star from Nashville, Mr. Bentley sings, cleanly and earnestly, about family life and, in “What Was I Thinkin’,” of ogling a woman in a little white tank top. He’s dedicated to exploring both sides of the outlaw coin — the sinner and the savior, as established by Hank Williams — and does so with verve and wit. All these shows are sold out..."
-New York Times
Renee Glennon represents Connecticut for the DBC and she's got quite a story for you:

Monday October 18th began as any NYC outing for me, drive 2 hours to Stamford CT,take the 40 min. train into the city, take the subway...walk and walk for what seems like forever to shop, relax and eat dinner before attending an evening show. The thing that made this trip so special was it was my first time seeing Dierks Bentley perform in an intimate venue in New York and the first night of his 4-day bender in the Big Apple. On the Amtrack into Grand Central I sent a tweet out from my phone about my evenings plans, NEVER in a million years did I think the dude himself would respond back.

After a year of tweets to @Dierksbentley and finally a response....I was ELATED! I was bargain shopping & haggling with vendors on Canal St. when my pocket vibrated. It was a tweet/response from Dierks saying he was heading down to Little Italy for lunch himself and that he was "needing a break from making up the evenings setlist...taking a walk to get some fresh air." Suddenly every curly headed man in plaid that walked by me on the city streets made my heart stop! Us CT girls never did bump into Dierks, but who really cares. We still couldn't believe I got a tweet response. I knew this night would be magical for me...the miles & miles are always worth if for DB.

@CTcowgirl: On my way to NYC for some shopping, Little Italy & @Dierksbentley concert at Bowery Ballroom :)
@DierksBentley: @CTcowgirl right on! headed there myself.about a 20 minute walk to Bowery. been holed up working on setlist...liking it a lot. need air! #fb
So my concert buddy Becky and I eat a delish dinner, grab a canolli and head to the venue. The line was about 40 people deep which dampened my hopes of getting up close enough to see. General Admission is always a little sketchy. Low and behold the bartender told us girls to stand at a back entrance, and when the doors opened we bolted towards the stage. FRONT and CENTER...elbows under the microphone. I was floating on cloud one billion! I also was standing right next to three other DBC reps that I had never met until then & they introduced themselves--from all ends of the US they came to see Dierks. Great girls...the congress always brings us together eventually.

This concert was sold out and the people were really packed in. Bowery Ballroom is a gorgeous venue. Dierks had a great opening act that really got everyone warmed up, but didn't take the stage until 10 pm. He was full of early evening energy like he'd been waiting all day to come out with guns blazing as he performed his regular crowd pleasing concert for this city crowd. I was psyched because he stopped the show to point out his "from the beginning fans"--the Congress girls in the front--and sang a few songs that I had never heard him perform live in concert until then: "Wish It Would Break," which got a tremendous applause from the audience and immediately followed it with "My Love Will Follow You." I sang every word; it brought me back to when I first listened to his first CD over and over and over. Oh how the years have gone by. His music brings the memory right back though.

After Free And Easy, Dierks tells the story of how he came to write "Wish It Would Break," an old school favorite of the fan club's (and DB knows and recognizes that fact!) that never got released as a single, but should have.

Dierks is a real comedian though, I have to say. He had me roaring laughing that night, making fun of his new guitarist's T-Shirt that had Randy Travis' head on it. Dierks totally thought it was Arnold Schwarzenegger, getting the entire audience to scream "Hi (name)..." to every other single band member, and telling funny stories about each bandmember's nicknames and busting their chops, and making fun of Steve and his pinstriped pants or as Dierks called them "Easter pants." He really interacted with the audience that night too. Towards the end of the show DB was rolling laughing after he pointed out a guy in the audience that looked almost exactly like his "hero" Will Ferrell. The entire crowd was in hysterics. This guy was almost identical to the "Old School" star. DB seemed very giddy that evening. It's great to see him truly having an excellent time up there.

He broke down a couple of bluegrass songs off of the Up On The Ridge CD and the city crowd turned completely hillbilly country. They loved every bit of it. The band seemed pleased that their audience welcomed the acoustic jam session as they sang "Fiddlin Around," and other covers of bluegrass favorites from a long, long ago.

Of course my favorite parts personally were every time Dierks gave me some front row love. He pointed his finger down during Come A Little Closer... "girl it's right here at our fingertips" ...and joined fingertips with me and then repeated the same motion during Free & Easy "...if you only get to go around ONE time" Fingertip again. He knew I'd get it.

A single fingertip touch from Dierks is like an all over hug for me!

The very ending of the concert was interesting--not sure if the guys had too much Patron Tequila, but it got real rowdy. All of a sudden a Will Ferrell look-alike was pulled up onstage by Dierks. Then a girl with a little white tank top, then another then another, and another, then a GUY with a little white tank top on. It was an all out party.

By this time Dierks was trying to orchestrate a final bow with the boys and it just was like a wave, up down up on the right down on the left up on the left down on the right...Dierks fell to his knees in laughter.

Another amazing trip to the city and incredible show--one I'll never forget and it all started with a tweet from D.

The night ended with a tailgate handout of beers to a crowd of people on the sidewalk & Dierks Bentley songs blasting in the city streets from the Will Ferrell look-alike. He was an instant celebrity thanks to our other favorite curly headed Comedian Dierks and looked just as elated as I was for having such a memorable evening.

Never a dull moment in NYC, and this was only night one...

Thanks for sharing, Renee! Stay tuned for the Day Two - City Winery blog!

Welcome New DBC Reps! 623 Strong!

Please join me in welcoming the newest @DierksBentley DB Congress representatives!

Welcome dani29s (Florida), JessSimmons87 (Michigan) and stephanie1974 (Kentucky)! Speaking of Kentucky, one of our long time reps, David has just been promoted to Director of Promotions (see home page). And we have a new Lobbyist: Tara from New York!

What began as 12 DB Fan Clubbers promoting him daily--the 'congrass' is now 623 strong, representing, all 50 United States, Canada and ten other countries! Let's go for 650 by Thanksgiving! Recruit your family and friends!

Let's show our president (Dierks) how powerful we can be! Let's get Draw Me A Map to the Top 30! Call, post, click, tweet, facebook, email, text--vote any way you can every day! Let radio know how much we love this song!

DB Congress Chair

Blake Shelton's Opry Induction

Why a blog on Blake Shelton on a Dierks website? Simple. During Blake's media interview before his induction into the Opry last night, Blake mentions our DB Congress President and fellow Grand Ole Opry member, Dierks Bentley!

Media Question: Did you listen to the Grand Ole Opry growing up in Oklahoma & why do you think the Opry has had such a longevity as it has celebrated 85 years?

Blake Shelton: I watched the Grand Ole Opry growing up - I don't know they say you can get Channel 650, it's clear across the nation, & man my crappy radios in Oklahoma, they don't work, it needs to be on TV...but growing up, you know, it was on TV, & it was presented by Purina all the time, I remember that...The reason why I think it's lasted so long, is the same reason I think that Country music has lasted so long & to me Country music as a whole embraces change...things have to evolve to survive & music is no exception to can look at other genres in jazz or blues...& they are not big industries. Pop, Rock & Country are big industries...they adapt, they change, they keep following the youth. I'm sure when George Jones came in with the "White Lightnin'" those old-timers were like, eh, that ain't Country... damn rock-a-billy. I'm sure he pushed the envelope...& every generation, we seem to embrace that type of change.

The Opry inducting's shocking b/c I don't really fit the mold of who the members are, when you walk up & down the hallways b/c you see the other generation before. But that's what's happening now & it's weird because that's what we're doing now...& when you add me & Carrie Underwood &'s that passing on the torch & that's why it is still here today...I think we'll find that as devastating as that flood was to Nashville & to this building ...I think it's going to turn out to be really important & a great thing for the Grand Ole Opry, for people to have seen for a second...that could've gone away...I think it's a rebirth.

You may remember Dierks crashing Blake's fan club party in June:

Read the whole interview at

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Listen to Dierks Talk and Sing Live on The Leonard Lopate Show, WNYC Radio

While in New York City this week, Dierks Bentley chatted live with Leonard Lopate of New York's WNYC radio about songs on Up On The Ridge. Dierks also sings live on the show, "Bottle To The Bottom" and "You're Dead To Me" accompanied by Ronnie McCoury. You can listen to the interview below!

(Photo: Ronnie McCoury and Dierks Bentley. Photo credit: Stephanie Lanham, City Winery, NYC, Oct. 19, 2010)

Dierks Bentley's Miles & Music For Kids Nashville: A DB Congress Perspective

(Dierks leads the pack-Photo Credit: Janet Marlborough)

(Photo Credit: Amy Shepheard)

"Our feet never touched the ground, " Dierks told the concert crowd of more than 5,000 on Sunday afternoon, October 17, 2010, referring to the group of bikers who followed him from the Harley-Davidson in Columbia, Tennessee to downtown Nashville's Riverfront stage--without stopping. According to Dierks, they shut down Green Hills so the Police Department could escort close to 1,500 bikers as they rode to raise money for the kids.

DB Congress Missouri rep, Leigh and her husband Scott were among the riders. They also rode in the Dallas MM4K event earlier this year.

New Delaware DBC-er, Amy and her husband Bobby also followed Dierks on their motorcycle. "I am really pleased with my first experience at Miles and Music For Kids," Amy told me. "It was a perfect day to raise money for a great cause. The weather was beautiful, and all of the participants were eager to make friends with one another. One of the best parts of the day was being able to meet people from all over the country who share the common bond of motorcycles and country music."

Amy continues, "Dierks was a gracious host and made time to thank every fan for participating. It was exciting to know that he was riding with the rest of us! Dierks led the pack on a relaxing, hour-long trek through some gorgeous Tennessee countryside that I would otherwise have never seen. A police escort kept the group together all the way into downtown Nashville where the riders got to park next to the park. I had a fantastic time making new friends and raising money for a wonderful charity. I am already planning my return trip next year!"

Even though this was the 5th anniversary of the Miles and Music For Kids in Nashville to benefit the Monroe Carell Jr.'s Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt, it was my first time at the event. It was an enlightening experience!

My Southwest flight from Tampa landed in Nashville on Saturday, October 16 around noon and my DB Congress friend Ann picked me up from the airport. We checked into our downtown hotel and then off to the fan club get-together at Joe's Crab Shack. We were 23 strong, from 11 states and signed 94 get-well cards for the kids! David (DBC rep in KY), organized the evening, and arranged through Chris (Dierks' road manager) to get a bag of DB guitar pics to place inside each card! WOW! We found out later there are over 200 kids in the hospital, so next year we need more cards, congress!

Debbie (IL), David (KY), Janet (CA)

The next morning we drove to the Harley shop in Columbia to see Dierks off. We ran into about a dozen DBC-ers, too!

That's me on the far left--with the Starbuck's Grande Skinny Caramel Latte!

We picked up our VIP back pack and T-Shirt and I found a place to put all my stuff down and get organized. I had my back to Ann and her family and was only gone about 30 seconds. When I walked back over to them, there was Dierks! I couldn't get my camera out fast enough, but got a hug from him then up the stairs he went to the VIP lounge.

Outside, Ira Dean was just finishing up his set and I planted myself there right up front thinking Dierks would do some announcements before the ride. During that time, Dierks did some media interviews inside the shop, and several fans got autographs and photos. I was torn between running in there or holding my ground. I stayed, and got a few good shots of Dierks pre-ride:

Dierks with Heidi Newfield (formerly with Trick Pony)

After annoucements, they were walking toward the bikes and I tried one last time to get a pic with D, but it wasn't meant to be. Oh, he took a pic with me, but I forgot to take it off zoom! It's not like I don't have umpteen photos with him, but this day was a special event.

Once the riders were on their way, we drove to the Riverfront and found the VIP tent, which was serving Mexican (what else?), and ice cold beverages. We took our chairs up to the side stage and watched all the performers. How surprising and refreshing to see Dierks' band-mates playing for some of the artists! Even Dierks himself came out several times to play guitar in the back part of the stage.

Dierks joins the Del McCoury Band!

On a few occasions he stepped to a microphone and joined in the singing, too! Special thanks to Jayme for taking pics with my camera since she was in the front row!

Dierks and Luke Bryan go Fishin' In The Dark!

Dierks and Miranda team up.

Then he did his own set, beginning with "Lot Of Leavin' Left To Do," where he changed the lyric to "There's at least another million miles under these old 'bike" treads," instead of 'bus'. All the fast hits followed, as he catered to the bike-enthusiast crowd:

Tom Petty's 'Learning to Fly' was covered creatively by Dierks and Mat Kearney, and What Was I Thinkin', while not on the set list, is always a given staple of a Bentley show! The Up On The Ridge arrangement was, well, WOW! Steve was rocking out on those drums!

Dierks was clearly in awe of host Laura Bell Bundy's tap dancing skills!

Miranda makes Dierks laugh so hard...I wonder what's in that cup?

Bad Angel was a treat since Miranda was there, and they added Jerrod Nieman to fill in for Jamey Johnson's part.

In between artists, we meandered in and out of the VIP tent and we saw people like Ray Scott, Tim Sergent (steel/banjo), and Brian Layson (lead guitar). At one point we were asked to stay inside the tent for a minute--what? Then Dierks walked by on his way to a Meet & Greet a few yards away. He waved and said hi.

I saw Brian and asked if he'd take a pic and he agreed!

Dan Hochhalter, Dierks's new fiddle player, came out before Miranda performed to say hi and take a pic (thanks Brit!). Thanks, Kristin for finding me and taking the pic! We told him how happy we were to finally have a fiddle player in DB's band! It was great to meet the new guys finally! Next time--Cassady!

The big moment of the day came when the kids presented Dierks with the "check." He gladly signed below the $250,990.62 amount, "On behalf of C & W fans and motorcycle enthusiasts, Dierks Bentley."

After the concert I noticed a couple dozen fans by the fence and decided to take my chances again. Dierks did come up to the fence and signed for a few minutes and I was able to get him to sign some CD covers, but again, no time for a pic--wasn't meant to be. Dierks never ceases to amaze me, though. Chris had the car running, waiting for Dierks since he had to be at the airport at 5 am for NYC the next day. A few fans were disappointed. One girl yelled, "Dierks, it's her birthday and she didn't get a picture with you!" Dierks got out of the car, came back to the fence, smiled for the camera and off he went! How many artists do you know that would do that? I can only think of one. Dierks Bentley.

If Dierks' feet never touched the ground once the caravan of motorcycles started on their mission, my mind never left the clouds. It was a beautiful day in so many ways! Great music, great friends all coming together for a great cause!

The Capitol Building at night from my hotel window.

DB Congress Chair