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Dierks Bentley Weekend at BlackBerry Farm Will Benefit Miles & Music Charity

As the sun rises over the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, the morning mist fades to unveil one of America's greatest hidden treasures, Blackberry Farm.

Dierks Bentley comes to Blackberry Farm this fall with his chart topping music and his big heart. With a show dedicated to raising funds for his Miles and Music For Kids program that benefits the Children's Hospital Network, Dierks understands the power of a song and the heart. The September 30-October 1 weekend will offer two concerts, one by Dierks, as well as a Harley-Davidson ride led by the singer and supported by Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson!

For about $5,000, you and a guest can join Dierks for an intimate weekend and even better cause! This is a super exclusive event, and only 120 guests will get the opportunity for this experience.  A two-night minimum stay is required at Blackberry Farm to attend the concert. Rates range from $995 - $1,045 for the Estate rooms and $1,345 - $1,995 for the Cottages, meals included - per person, per night.

The Friday night (Sep 30) concert will feature an up-and-coming Country artist and is $200 extra. The Saturday show (Oct 1) is Dierks and is $300 per person extra. Or the package for $500 includes both concerts.

The exclusive ride with Dierks from Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson is $2,500 per person for the ride only.  Only 10 people will be able to join the ride.

Being from East TN, this cost seems a little extreme, but Blackberry Farm is an event in itself--an absolutely incredible place! And then Dierks in such an intimate setting, for sure would be worth the money.


Yesterday, Blackberry Farm tweeted: "@dierksBentley we are excited about having you in East Tennessee October 1! Bring some of the @dbcongress with ya!"

Availability is going fast since there are only 120 tickets to be sold.  Call now to reserve your spot! 800-557-8864.

Dierks Bentley Congress Feel Fellow Fan Clubbers Are Like Family

Kentucky Dierks Bentley Congress rep, David Mattingly, brought Randy Alan (DBC rep in PA) along to Last Call Ball 7 (Dierks' annual fan club party June 8, 2011 in Nashville), but Randy wasn't physically there--he hung around David's neck all night as the background photo of the commemorative admission lanyard!

Randy wasn’t able to attend, but when he realized it was his camera Dierks is holding in the lanyard photo, and Randy himself is in the background, he knew he had to have a commemorative LCB7 ticket. After all, he is a part of history!

David found out and here’s what he had to say in an email to Randy:

Hi Randy,
My name is David Mattingly and I am a proud member of the DBC (david915) representing Kentucky. I read a post about you wanting a ticket from this past LCB. What is coincidental about this is that I can remember the day I got that ticket in the mail. I looked at it and thought "wouldn't that be cool to be one of those people in the background."  So in a strange way, that is why I have no problem at all in giving you my ticket from LCB. And so cool as well that it's your camera that he has in his hand! Just send me your mailing address and I'll get it in the mail soon.
Dierks and David at LCB7

Randy Alan with LCB7 lanyard from David, pointing to himself

It's moments like these that make me so proud to be a part of the Dierks Bentley Congress! Fan-clubbers helping fan-clubbers—one big DB family!

“I feel the same way,” replies Randy. “Everyone that is part of the DBC or who is just a Dierks fan is a part of this great big family. That's one thing I love about all us Dierks fans is that we all help each other out.”

Randy became a Dierks fan when he first heard the song, “What was I Thinkin'” back in 2004, which was about when he got into country music.
From that point on Dierks' music helped me get through a lot of broken relationships and other issues in life. His music always depicted what I was going through. That in itself really made me feel more connected with Dierks' music.
“I'll be honest,” he continues, “the reason I joined the fan club was for a meet and greet ticket, and for $9.99 a year you can't beat that! But then after joining (and receiving the M&G) I realized how awesome this DB family is, and that we all look after one another.”

“Before joining the fan club I was a part of the "Wolf Pack" which was the group of Dierks fans that watched his Ustream of making the album in Asheville. From that point on I really got involved with talking to other Dierks fans. I met so many awesome people that I know today and we all share a passion for DB's music.

Being an artist hisself, and getting the chance to talk with Dierks about his music at the Meet & Greet really encouraged Randy to keep going.

“At the time of the meet and greet, I was in the middle of recording my album and told Dierks about it. He even let me play some samples of my music and I told him to check out my Ustream of recording live in the studio. He said I had a great voice and was looking forward to hearing more stuff from me in the future.

As an artist, Dierks’ music has influenced the way my music/lyrics are, and how I perform on stage. I've seen Dierks four times in concert, and I learn new things every time I go. The way he includes the audience and moves around on stage; these are things that I incorporate into my show and is probably why I have been getting great feedback and attendance rates.

Just to be able to meet him and talk with him about music in itself was incredible and a memory that I'll never forget. Even the fact that every show of his I attend he somehow manages to take my camera and take a picture with it. I can only hope one day that I would get to open for Dierks and get to know him better. But like his song says, free and easy down the road I go. I'll keep going until I get where I want to be.

Call me a hardcore Dierks fan or not, he has changed my life and helped push me to achieve my music goals. Thanks DB!”

Here is the video when Dierks took the camera from Randy (sorry there's a lot of static at the beginning):

Check out Randy Alan and his music here:

DB Congress Chair

Dierks "Levitated' by Fans at Kidd Brewer Stadium

Dierks tweeted the day after the Boone show to show us what he saw and felt from the crowd that night from his angle:

Dierks Bentley's photo your energy levitated me in Boone NC last night....
Dierks Bentley on WhoSay

July 24, 2011

"your energy levitated me in Boone NC last night.... "

Dierks In Boone--The Final Frontier - Part 3

Ever since Dierks Bentley played in Boone, NC last weekend, I can't get the theme song to "Daniel Boone" the TV show out of my head!  When ASU Chancellor Peacock was introducing Dierks to the expectant crowd, he said, "When I found out Dierks was coming to play here I said, 'Dierks Bentley? He's HUGE!'"  The 6,000 fans and ASU students agreed, chanting "Peacock, Peacock!"

So I took some liberties with the lyrics (Substituted Dierks Bentley for 'Daniel Boone'). 
Dierks Bentley was a man,
Yes, a big man!
With an eye like an eagle
And as tall as a mountain was he!

From the Stubbs BBQ cap on the top of ol' Dierks...."

What a Bentley! What a doer!
What a dream come-er-true-er was he!

The singin'est, laughin'est, happiest man
The frontier ever saw!

Dierks Bentley was a man!
Yes, a big man!
With a dream of a country that'd
Always forever be free!

The minute he hit the stage, Dierks had an 'eye like an eagle' as he scanned the fan faces, made eye contact and pointed to everyone from left to right, front of the stage to back of the stadium.  One of my favorite moments of the night was when he sang Long Trip Alone, which is rarely part of the set list lately, reminding us of his patriotism and thankfulness for our armed forces. 

Later, in his Stubbs (not coonskin) backwards cap, Dierks sheds the plaid to unveil buff guns under a black T--Dude's been working out!

"It was an amazing night as usual but a few things stand out," recalls Sandra, DB Congress rep from North Carolina who was nice enough to pick me up from the airport.  "The country cuties with the rock-n-roll booties, singing How Am I Doin, into Dierks' mic, the recognition of DB pointing to our DBC white tanks when he sang, I can see you came to rock in your blue jeans and white tank top, but the kicker was the fact that he saw us outside in line, in the rain before the concert and came over and took pictures and signed autographs with us in the rain!"

Laurie and Tammi
"Boone turned out some beautiful but hot weather for the Outdoor Fireworks Festival. After waiting in the blistering sun, Tammi and I ran inside when the gates opened to get our bracelets so we could be down on the field. My boyfriend, Bobby, was kind enough to hold our “spot” right at the front of the stage, in front of the speaker while we raced back to the meet and greet."

"We were both so excited to have our first M&G of the year, even more so that we got to go together. I had Dierks sign a scrapbook Tammi made for me at Christmas that is filled of all of adventures from 2003 to present. When I walked up to Dierks he shook my hand and said “Nice to see you again.” I told him about the scrapbook and pointed back to Tammi. He said to her, “It has been a while, good to see you.” He also told me how it is nice to have a friend make something like that. I agreed; I am lucky to have her as my best friend. He told me he would be doing “Every Mile A Memory” second that night."

"Tammi had Dierks sign a picture of him singing to her (and she singing back) at the race in Charlotte. It was a great moment. He apologized for not remembering her name. She told him she didn’t expect him to but he said he should because she has been supporting him for a while now."

"When we were done, we left and headed back to our front row spot. Bobby was still there and everyone was so gracious as to let us back in. When John Carter came on stage to introduce Dierks we found out just how loud it would be. We were blown away with the sound out of the speaker but when Dierks hit the stage, it was worth it. We even heard Sandra singing through that speaker (smile).

As always, Dierks never disappoints. He is so full of energy and really lets it show that he loves what he does. I always love to look around at the people watching him. You can tell the true Dierks fans, as we are singing every line; all others are just staring at us like we are crazy! He gave a shoutout to his wolf pack…cool! We are proud to be supporters of Dierks and a part of his great fan club. We love everyone we have met and look forward to seeing everyone again soon!  Oh, and the fall tour was mentioned--let’s hope dates are released soon!"
Bobby, Laurie, Tammi: "The price of being up front, losing your hearing....but so worth it."

Angie and Keshia
"Hi everybody, this is Angie! What started out as one of the craziest road trips ever getting to Boone turned into one of the Greatest Dierks Road Trips EVER!  Keshia and I started out our day with somebody running late--we wont mention who that was--got to her house around 10, and a road trip that should have taken us about 2 1/2 hrs took more like 5. From wild animals in the road, wrecks and some places that looked like it should have been a horror film, we finally made it up the curvy mountain roads and into Boone."

"We checked into our hotel and met Ronna and Sandra in line who told us we had just missed Dierks coming out saying hello to everybody. I thought 'oh no another bit of bad luck after our road trip' so Keshia and I were even more determined than ever to catch him after the show. Soon Carrie and her husband joined us as well as Tammi and Laurie. Misty didnt get there unti later so we ended up meeting up with her after the show."

"When the gates opened we all took off like we were running a marathon to get our green armbands to get on the field.  We all ended up right in front of the catwalk! The show was awesome! I wish it could have went on all night!"

"As soon as the show was over we all headed to the bus in hopes of getting to see Dierks before he got on the bus. There was a crazy crowd by his bus so we stood between the two buses waiting. After a short time, Tim Sergent (banjo, steel guitar) came out, saw us and came over to talk.  It was great seeing him--it had been a while since we had a chance to talk to him. Chris (tour manager) came by and gave us a hug and told us Dierks would be out later. All the DB Congress hung out and talked to Tim and all had pics taken with him."

"Dierks came out a bit later and after the wild crowd in the line, he gave all us a hug and we got a Congress pic taken with him. He then got on the bus it was still kinda crazy out there.  Not long after that, Keshia says 'Angie, there's Cassady! (bass player), who I had been wanting to meet. We talked to him and got pics, then talked to Brian (lead guitar, mandolin) and everybody got pics with him.  I somehow didn't, so next time definitely have to get one!  Then Chris, Brittany (tour assistant) and the crew came out and we got pics with them and got to talk to everybody. The only person we missed was Dan who we will hopefully catch next time! Thanks Dierks, the band and the crew for making the night one of the best ever! I can't wait until we all get together again!"

Angie and Cassady

Angie, Sandra, Dierks, Keshia, Carrie, Ronna

So there you have it, the last in the series of The Final Frontier - Dierks in Boone.  Thanks for making it so, so special for the DB Congress, dudes!

DB Congress Chair

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DB Congress Boone Session - Part 2

Hi all! Carrie here. I sure hope you all are enjoying hearing about Boone! We had so much fun that we knew a single blog post would not do it justice -- thanks for obliging us. Here's my story from the night.

My husband (who, by the way, I do not deserve, and is extremely patient and awesome!) and I drove up to Boone from Charlotte on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, I was a bit sick on the way up, so I had to make the decision pretty early on to avoid the crowd in front of the stage and to more or less take it easy pre-show. We got to Kidd Brewer Stadium around 5 pm and I promptly went and hung out in the shade, emerging only for our Congress photography session (as seen in Adrian's post), and my meet & greet. 

My meet & greet was a lot of fun, as always. I talked to Brit some and asked her about the wedding (gorgeous ring, by the way), and pretty soon it was my turn. I wore my Station Inn shirt that I got in Nashville a few weeks back, and that was the very first thing Dierks commented on (which might have been why I wore it...). We got our picture taken and then I handed him my UOTR album to sign. He commented that it was so cool, that he'd never actually seen it in vinyl yet. He also tried to take off the wrapper, but I had him sign the wrapper instead (although, in hindsight, having him sign the actual album could have been pretty awesome). We chatted about the Station Inn for a few more seconds, and then, all too briefly, it was over. And I'd forgotten to ask for a hug. Sigh. 
After the m&g, I headed off to find my husband, who had instructions to get seats in the first row of bleachers, and he did not disappoint (he rarely does). We had a completely unobstructed view of the stage, and since it was still light out when Dierks took the stage, he easily spotted me and my Station Inn shirt and I got the first point of the night! As always, Dierks put on a fantastic show. He was entirely full of energy, and completely played to the crowd. At one point, there was a guy in the top of the stands that was just dancing his butt off, and Dierks pointed him out to the crowd. And, at one point, a guy down in front got on somebody's shoulders, then got down again, and a girl got up. DIerks looked at him and said, "no offense dude, but I prefer her." Ha! The crowd did not disappoint, either. We basically just fed off Dierks' energy and gave it right back to him. Truly awesome.
After the show there was a fireworks display (I looooooove fireworks) so we stayed and watched that before heading out. Walking back out took us right past Old Goldie and lo and behold, there was the rest of my Congress friends hanging out, so Michael and I joined them. We hung out, listened to some Dierks for a while, Sandra did some dancing (my poor husband ...) and then we noticed Keshia and Angie talking to somebody ... TIM! We headed over and Sandra, not being shy, asked for a drink, and he promptly handed over his solo cup from the show. He also brought a refill, and it became more of a community Tim Cup. We all took pictures with Tim, and I had him sign my album as well. He too commented on how cool it was to see it in vinyl and asked where I'd gotten it. (Michael got it for me. I told you he is awesome.) He went away for a while, and we just started hanging out again. 
About 15 minutes later the door to the Field House (where they had the dressing rooms and catering set up) opened and Dierks walked out! He said hi to us, and then he went over to the group by Old Goldie (we had been hanging out with Tim by the crew's bus) to start signing. Keshia told Chris we wanted a Congress picture and he said he'd do what he could. We hung out for a little bit longer and eventually Keshia gave Chris her camera and we were able to snap a Congress pic with our Pres. And, I got my hug. :) 

After that, none of us wanted to leave. Tim came back out so we were talking to him again, and then Cassady showed up. Pretty exciting because I'd only ever met Tim prior to Saturday night. Cassady was talking to Sandra when I noticed that Brian had come out, so I went over and asked Brian if he'd sign my album, which he enthusiastically did, and then we took a picture. I went back to Cassady and had him sign the album and we also took a picture (and refilled the Tim cup for Sandra). Then Brit, Chris A. (m&g Chris), Ryan (camera guy) and Chris Reade came out, and we all chatted for a while. Chris A. had some very complimentary things to say about the Congress. At this point, I was only missing Dan and Steve on my album, and I told Chris. He explained that Steve had left already (his wife was at the show) and that Dan was on the bus but already in his pajamas. Then he offered to take the album on the bus and have Dan sign it! Awesome! So I'm still missing Steve, and I haven't gotten to meet Dan, but it's a-okay ... there's another tour coming up. ;)
After that, we asked Brit and Chris if we could get a Congress picture with them, which we did (and Tim joined, too - he is so great) but I'll let Ronna post her copy because in mine I'm blocking Angie! Oops! Then, Michael and I started saying our goodbyes with hugs all around and we headed on out... the end of a great, great night.
Ever since Saturday night, I've felt sort of overwhelmed. I've always felt "special" being a part of the Congress, and I've always noticed that the Congress gets lots of love. Whether it's a shoutout during the show, being sung to during the show, or Dierks going out of his way to give Ronna a hug in a crowd of people standing next to Old Goldie, he and his entire crew goes out of their way to make sure we get our moment. I don't know of many artists' bands and crews who so willingly just hang out with fans... refilling beers, sharing inside jokes, and showing a genuine interest in the people who regularly come to the shows, but I know a good thing when I see it. So, to Dierks, thank you for cultivating this relationship with your Congress. And thank you to your band and crew for making Saturday night in Boone a session of the Congress that we won't soon forget. 

Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC)

Dierks in Boone, NC (Appalachian State University): DB Congress In Session-1

DB Congress held session July 23, 2011 at Appalacian State University, just prior to our president Dierks Bentley's Saturday night concert.  Consensus from the crowd and more than 14 DBC reps was that we were ready to throw down.  Lining up hours before the 6:30 gates opened, 6,000 DB fans rushed in to get a green wrist band guaranteeing a spot on the field up against the stage.

"The Dierks Bentley concert at Kidd Brewer Stadium on the campus of Appalachian State University was possibly the best Appalachian Summer Festival concert I’ve ever attended," John Carter of Charlotte's WBTV stated in an email to one of our NC DBC reps (Sandra).  "I’ve never seen a crowd with so much energy and excitement for a performer! And Dierks Bentley was incredible! He put on a fantastic show! It was a totally enjoyable experience for young and old alike," adds John. "Dierks Bentley is a terrific entertainer!"

Truly, the Boone, North Carolina show was THE best pre-during-and-post Dierks show I've ever experienced.  In this series of blogs, you'll hear from many of the DB Congress reps who were there and their unique DB stories.  First up, Adrain Taylor (NC), who was celebrating her 24th birthday:

"So Saturday July 23 was the absolute best day of my life. Around 3pm, after the rain had finally passed, I was getting some things out of my trunk so we could start our tailgating party over again, I heard someone shout "Adrian Taylor..need to see you." I turned around and to my surprise it was Dierks Bentley coming to my car. He asked if he could hangout for a while and of course I said, yes! He took time to sign my nephews shirts, and my cousins' shirt and of course mine, as well as some other people who came up.

While he was there I gave him the gifts I took him. A replica of his 77 CJ7 Jeep (which he said he would carry in the jeep), a photo album from a lot of his shows (which he said would remain on his bus and he would add to it), and a tshirt that read, "Sang my butt {here there was a picture of his butt} off in NC and got this awesome shirt."  He loved the shirt.

Dierks made a comment about me being so close to his bus (we were like 10 feet away) and I said well when you get here at 1 pm, you find the best spot. I told him I was wondering if they were going to make us move, but he goes, are me.

While there, we talked about music and he told me to go for my dream of singing. Once again, he gave some helpful advice and some great points. He even told me to make sure I attend CMA Fest 2012, so I am definitely coming!

I had a cake made, and Dierks wanted some, but had to go somewhere right then, and said I will be back, if I don't get back, bring it to the meet and greet. So I took the cake to the meet & greet, along with the poster for Miss Willie Brown, as well as the DB Wolfpack sign! We had a good laugh about the MWB sign and I told Dierks he was way too nice to Amanda and Kasey with the beer prank. He said yeah and he thought one more prank needed to be done to determine a winner.

For my picture now, he got on one knee and we posed with the poster. Later after this, he asked me something that kind of shocked me. He asked if I was getting married..and I was like I have no clue, guess when I find the right guy. Dierks laughed and said, "well I better get an invite." And I replied, by saying, have no fear, you will be the first."

After all of this, Dierks--like always--put on an awesome show, and left us all wanting to come back for more! My nephew Max (who stood for Dierks the whole concert) was standing there singing most of Dierks' songs...and occasionally I put him on my shoulders...Max was so thankful that Dierks passed one of his guitar picks to Dan, who handed it to Ryan (Camera Guy) who hand delivered it to Max. After this, Max got back on my shoulders and gave Dierks a thumbs up, and Dierks gave him a thumbs up back. :):) Dierks truly knows how to make a fans day! Even an 8 year old who wanted to see Dierks for his birthday!

Dierks and Max
Can't wait for my next Dierks Bentley show! Thanks for a night I will never forget, Dierks!"

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dierks Wishes Luke Bryan a Happy Birthday

Luke Bryan opened for Dierks Bentley on tour in 2008 and they've been friends ever since.  Check out Dierks and others wishing Luke a happy 35th birthday.  Dierks chimes in at the 2:13 mark, saying how good Luke looks at "46" and hoping he's not up in a tree stand wasting bullets (referencing Luke's "Drinkin' Beer and Wastin' Bullets" song from the Doin' My Thing album).

Saturday, July 23, 2011

And Another "One"

In its 17th week on the charts, Dierks Bentley's latest hit "Am I the Only One" kept its climb toward the top of the charts alive, coming in at #7 on both the Billboard and Mediabase charts. It was also one of the Top 10 songs with the most increased plays at Billboard, up a healthy 212 spins this week over last. 

Over at Callout America, the song moved into the runner-up spot (up 2 spots from #4 last week), behind Chris Young's "Tomorrow" (which, coincidentally, is poised to move to #1 this week on the charts, as well). With a 71% positive rating, and only a .4% in "strongly dislike," it's evident that country listeners are still ready to get their good time on with Dierks! 

"Am I the Only One" is seeing similar growth this week from what I've seen, and should continue its forward climb next week as well! Top 5 within two weeks ... and then we shoot for the top! 

Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter - NC) 

DBTV Episode 27 - He is the Rovin' Gambler

In the latest DBTV, we get to see the guys killing time, again - this time, playing poker in Bluefield, WV. Is Dierks a sore loser? Watch and find out! 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dierks Feels That Fire (Department)

The Franklin Volunteer Fire Department in Chambersburg, PA turned to Dierks Bentley when they needed a little help raising some money for their equipment fund. The idea to host a concert at the local high school football stadium came from a group of firefighters who also happen to be country music fans. They suggested that having Dierks in town would be a huge event, since many of the people in the rural town had never even attended a concert, let alone one so close to home.

Hopes were high when Dierks agreed to play at the fundraiser, but ticket sales were a bit underwhelming for the hosts. There were worries that there would not be enough tickets sold in order to earn money for the equipment fund. However, after last minute tickets were purchased, the stadium held a respectable number of fans and was a great success for the firefighters. The show even sparked the idea of holding regular concerts in Chambersburg because the locals had such a great time.

Fire company spokesperson Brad Elter guessed the turnout was about 3,000. The stadium holds 10,000 people. He said everything was running smoothly, with no major problems reported as of 9 p.m.

"We wish a few more tickets were sold, but that's evident of what we're trying to accomplish," he said. "The key thing is, we got blessed with great weather."
The main attraction began about 9:30 p.m. with the artist's 2008 hit single, Feel that Fire." Early in the show, Bentley gave special mention to the fire company hosting of the concert.

"Thanks for having me and the boys tonight," he said.

Beachballs bounced throughout the crowd as Bentley and the band played their new song, "Am I the Only One?" A red plastic cup in his hand, the singer leaned into the crowd and interacted with those dedicated fans who managed to secure a spot in the front row.

Jim Leaman of Fayetteville said it was "exciting to have such a popular singer" come to the area. A frequent concert goer, Leaman is used to venues that are packed with people to the point of discomfort. He was enjoying more freedom of movement Friday night.

"Yeah, I was expecting more people," he said. "It's their loss if they didn't come, though. It's a great show."

To read the full article Click here.

It definitely was a great show for a wonderful cause! Dierks mentioned during the show that firefighters are close to his heart because his sister worked as an EMT for many years. He went on to say that the heroes that protect us here at home don't often get the recognition they deserve. We all know that Dierks has a big heart, and it's great to see others discover that as well. Great job, D!

DB Congress Rep

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dierks Bentley Appears In Kevin Fowler's "Beer"

Kevin Fowler's new video, "Hell Yeah, I Like Beer," features a few cameos by Dierks Bentley.

Ask Kevin Fowler how’d he’d describe his own music and he doesn’t think twice before responding: “It’s country with a bad attitude. It’s country with an edge. It’s just beer-drinkin’, hell-raisin’, good-time music.”

Watch the video below and look for all the DB appearances! Leave a comment describing the second cameo by Dierks and you could win a DB Jager Tour poster!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Dierks to Appear on CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night to Rock

Set your "D" VR's for Sunday, August 14 -- not Aug 7.  The date's been changed!  Dierks Bentley will appear on the special at 8 pm eastern on ABC.

DBTV Episode 26 - Bentley Angels in the Outfield

Bad Angel get off of my shoulder...Dierks Bentley TV takes us behind the scenes at Angel stadium in Anaheim, Calif. where Team Dude celebrates with a sparkly cake and gets wowed by the crowd.

Walking to the stage, Dierks says, "The baseball game was our opening act, so I'm willing to bet that maybe 5 to 10% came for the game, hoping that most came for the show..."

Dierks Bentley to Rock Richmond International Raceway Thursday, Sept. 8

Attention Virginia DB Congress!  Dierks Bentley will headline a Benefit Concert to drop the Green Flag on NASCAR Weekend at America’s Premier Short Track.  Our DBC president will kick off race weekend with a Thursday, September 8 concert at the Richmond International Raceway amphitheatre.

Dierks plays the track’s amphitheater for the first “Rockin’ the Raceway” to benefit the Cullather Brain Tumor Quality of Life Center at Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital.

Bentley’s first five albums have sold more than 5,000,000 copies, producing seven #1 hits. Additionally, he has received 10 Grammy nominations. His song “Sideways” is recognizable among NASCAR fans for its inclusion in FOX’s NASCAR race television promotional ads.

The concert, which precedes the September 9, Virginia 529 College Savings 250 NASCAR Nationwide Series race and the September 10, Wonderful Pistachios 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, serves as a festive way to drop the green flag on race weekend in Richmond.

“This is going to be a very special and exciting way to begin our ‘One Last Race to Make The Chase’ weekend,” said Richmond International Raceway president Dennis Bickmeier. “Dierks is an incredible music artist who resonates with our fans and I’m sure he will rock the Raceway on September 8.”

Tickets ($55 reserved, $35 general admission) go on sale this Friday, July 15, at 9:00 a.m. Tickets can be purchased by clicking here , via phone at 866-455-7223 and at Richmond International Raceway’s ticket office, located at 600 East Laburnum Ave, Richmond, VA 23222.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"One" More Spot for AITOO

After getting stuck at #9 for the past 2 weeks, Dierks Bentley's latest hit "Am I the Only One" climbed one more spot on Billboard this week to #8, however held steady, again, at #9 on Mediabase. Blake Shelton's "Honey Bee" held the top spot over 4 non-consecutive weeks, which unfortunately caused a bit of a logjam within the Top 10. Now that he's set a new single to be released, there should be movement once again at the top of the charts, which should help Our Prez get this 8th #1 hit.

What is sure to continue to propel the song forward is the great reception it's still receiving from country fans - "Am I the Only One" moved to #4 on the Callout America chart this week, with only .6% of respondents saying they "strongly dislike" the song. Additonally, "Am I the Only One" saw its rating climb on the Radio Feedback chart, as well (where it is #13). 

Hopefully, we'll hear about a release date for the upcoming album - so when DJs introduce the song, they can say, "From his upcoming CD due _____, here's Am I the Only One!" Keep calling, emailing, texting, and tweeting your DJs and let them know we are all still getting our good times on! 

~ Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DBTV Episode 25 - Killing Time in Canada

In the latest DBTV, Dierks and the gang are killing time during a day off in Canada. Watch as they play horseshoes, card games ... and find out what Dierks now calls one of the dumber things he's ever done. (Though, I've gotta say, this DBTV had me laughing - very loudly.)

Carrie S. ~ DBC Rep/Chart Reporter-NC

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Am I The Only One Who Wants To Learn How to Line Dance?

Dierks Bentley's top ten hit single, "Am I The Only One?" is now used for a new line dance!

Jane Sumner, DB Congress member representing Dierks in New York,  is in the video, dancing at the left end of the line. You can see her come into frame once in a while in the long white "Last Call Ball" Dierks T-Shirt! 

Jane told me, "The line dance in the video takes place at the City Sports Grille, Clifton Park, NY. Kevin Richards is one of our local DJs on WGNA & our line dance instructor extraordinaire. He almost always plays "Free & Easy," "Sideways" and/or now "Am I The Only One?" when I'm there.  I don't even have to request them anymore - he just KNOWS! Just about everyone knows I'm the #1 Dierks fan in the group. It was one of my line dance friends, Kathleen Slattery, who choreographed the AITOO dance as a surprise for me. She's in the front row on the right in the video.  Kevin always puts our local choreographers/instructors in the front row in the videos since other instructors see them.

To read Kevin Richards' story (WGNA's 107.7 i n Schenectady, NY) and review choregographer Kathleen Slattery's 64 steps to this line dance click here.

Wanna learn? Watch the video below:

Friday, July 8, 2011

Autographed Dierks Bentley Softball Jersey Up For Bid on ebay

Own a piece of the City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge! Bid on Dierks Bentley's signed team jersey!

What's Included?  Bid to own this piece of amazing celebrity charity memorabilia! This Grand Ole Opry team jersey has been signed by American Country Music Artist Dierks Bentley! Singer of seven number-one hits on the Country Singles Chart including, "What Was I Thinkin," "Come a Little Closer," and "Sideways." The jersey is a medium and has the 2011 "City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge" logo on the back.

Along with the signed jersey, buyer will receive a Hatch Show Print for the '21st Annual City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge', as well as a 'Strike Out Cancer' baseball cap and T-shirt. 100% of proceeds to benefit City Of Hope!

The high bid is $86 as of this posting--deadline is July 16!  Bid now!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dierks Bentley Celebrity Mentor of the Week on CMT's Platinum Life: Country

There's a new game on Facebook and our DB Congress president, Dierks Bentley, is featured as a celebrity mentor!

Developed by Heatwave Interactive, Inc., "CMT Presents Platinum Life: Country," is a game where players start as local, small-town singers and work their way up to the Platinum Life of an international country music superstar. Along the way, they’re guided by a celebrity mentor who encourages them on their journey.

Every week,  they promote an Artist of the Week, and this is Dierks' week!  And, since we are such a  dedicated, involved group of fans, and is a place where Dierks Bentley fans can come to meet other fans and share the love for the music, Platinum Life: Country thought you'd be interested in exploring this new game!

It's really cool!  You can create your own country alter-ego, pick out your hair style, clothes and let Dierks guide your rise to virtual stardom!  You can even build your own community and perform on stage!

Check out the game -- find out more information at the official website.  Then go to the PL:C facebook page and "Like" them. 

Keep checking back for possible contests and prizes, compliments of PL:C!

Dierks Bentley, Without The "G"

Ever notice how Dierks Bentley doesn't like the letter, "g"?  The Merritt Herald has a quirky way of pointing that out as they announce Dierks' third tour of duty in Merritt, British Columbia tomorrow night (7/8/11) at Active Mountain Park.
"Early in his career, it seemed like he had a vendetta against the letter ‘g’, releasing singles such as the already-metioned What Was I Thinkin’, Lot of Leavin’ Left to Do and How Am I Doin’. Bentley and ‘g’ have obviously made up, since one of his more recent singles was Trying to Stop Your Leaving, which featured the letter in two prominent roles."
Read the rest of the story here.