Saturday, July 9, 2011

Am I The Only One Who Wants To Learn How to Line Dance?

Dierks Bentley's top ten hit single, "Am I The Only One?" is now used for a new line dance!

Jane Sumner, DB Congress member representing Dierks in New York,  is in the video, dancing at the left end of the line. You can see her come into frame once in a while in the long white "Last Call Ball" Dierks T-Shirt! 

Jane told me, "The line dance in the video takes place at the City Sports Grille, Clifton Park, NY. Kevin Richards is one of our local DJs on WGNA & our line dance instructor extraordinaire. He almost always plays "Free & Easy," "Sideways" and/or now "Am I The Only One?" when I'm there.  I don't even have to request them anymore - he just KNOWS! Just about everyone knows I'm the #1 Dierks fan in the group. It was one of my line dance friends, Kathleen Slattery, who choreographed the AITOO dance as a surprise for me. She's in the front row on the right in the video.  Kevin always puts our local choreographers/instructors in the front row in the videos since other instructors see them.

To read Kevin Richards' story (WGNA's 107.7 i n Schenectady, NY) and review choregographer Kathleen Slattery's 64 steps to this line dance click here.

Wanna learn? Watch the video below:


  1. Nice job, Ronna! You always have the knack for putting together a great blog! I'll have to tell Kevin & Kathleen about it.

  2. hey:) I have this blog from today and I would be grateful if you came in and commented:). I beg you for help in ramping up my blog.

  3. Wow. I wish I was there dancing with them. Saw this blog mentioned at Dierks . Your awesome Ronna. Thanks for all your hard work. Dawn