Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dierks Bentley Congress Feel Fellow Fan Clubbers Are Like Family

Kentucky Dierks Bentley Congress rep, David Mattingly, brought Randy Alan (DBC rep in PA) along to Last Call Ball 7 (Dierks' annual fan club party June 8, 2011 in Nashville), but Randy wasn't physically there--he hung around David's neck all night as the background photo of the commemorative admission lanyard!

Randy wasn’t able to attend, but when he realized it was his camera Dierks is holding in the lanyard photo, and Randy himself is in the background, he knew he had to have a commemorative LCB7 ticket. After all, he is a part of history!

David found out and here’s what he had to say in an email to Randy:

Hi Randy,
My name is David Mattingly and I am a proud member of the DBC (david915) representing Kentucky. I read a post about you wanting a ticket from this past LCB. What is coincidental about this is that I can remember the day I got that ticket in the mail. I looked at it and thought "wouldn't that be cool to be one of those people in the background."  So in a strange way, that is why I have no problem at all in giving you my ticket from LCB. And so cool as well that it's your camera that he has in his hand! Just send me your mailing address and I'll get it in the mail soon.
Dierks and David at LCB7

Randy Alan with LCB7 lanyard from David, pointing to himself

It's moments like these that make me so proud to be a part of the Dierks Bentley Congress! Fan-clubbers helping fan-clubbers—one big DB family!

“I feel the same way,” replies Randy. “Everyone that is part of the DBC or who is just a Dierks fan is a part of this great big family. That's one thing I love about all us Dierks fans is that we all help each other out.”

Randy became a Dierks fan when he first heard the song, “What was I Thinkin'” back in 2004, which was about when he got into country music.
From that point on Dierks' music helped me get through a lot of broken relationships and other issues in life. His music always depicted what I was going through. That in itself really made me feel more connected with Dierks' music.
“I'll be honest,” he continues, “the reason I joined the fan club was for a meet and greet ticket, and for $9.99 a year you can't beat that! But then after joining (and receiving the M&G) I realized how awesome this DB family is, and that we all look after one another.”

“Before joining the fan club I was a part of the "Wolf Pack" which was the group of Dierks fans that watched his Ustream of making the album in Asheville. From that point on I really got involved with talking to other Dierks fans. I met so many awesome people that I know today and we all share a passion for DB's music.

Being an artist hisself, and getting the chance to talk with Dierks about his music at the Meet & Greet really encouraged Randy to keep going.

“At the time of the meet and greet, I was in the middle of recording my album and told Dierks about it. He even let me play some samples of my music and I told him to check out my Ustream of recording live in the studio. He said I had a great voice and was looking forward to hearing more stuff from me in the future.

As an artist, Dierks’ music has influenced the way my music/lyrics are, and how I perform on stage. I've seen Dierks four times in concert, and I learn new things every time I go. The way he includes the audience and moves around on stage; these are things that I incorporate into my show and is probably why I have been getting great feedback and attendance rates.

Just to be able to meet him and talk with him about music in itself was incredible and a memory that I'll never forget. Even the fact that every show of his I attend he somehow manages to take my camera and take a picture with it. I can only hope one day that I would get to open for Dierks and get to know him better. But like his song says, free and easy down the road I go. I'll keep going until I get where I want to be.

Call me a hardcore Dierks fan or not, he has changed my life and helped push me to achieve my music goals. Thanks DB!”

Here is the video when Dierks took the camera from Randy (sorry there's a lot of static at the beginning):

Check out Randy Alan and his music here:

DB Congress Chair


  1. Great story! David is an awesome guy, and a great friend - it doesn't surprise me at all that he would do this for a fellow Dierks fan!

    I love my Dierks family. Heck, now going to a Dierks show is as much about seeing my DBC family than it is about seeing Dierks! I love the friendships I've made through Dierks and hope to make many more! <3

  2. Hello everyone. Cool Story. And so true, we are like a family. You are all sooo cool.

    Joanne J Ma re

  3. What a great story Randy. So glad to see you in the family. Hope to see you open for Dierks one day.

    Granny Ann

  4. Such a memorable experience. Thanks so much to David and Ronna for helping me out with this!