Friday, July 1, 2011

Dierks Gets Knee-Deep in Dirt for Fan Emily

DB Congress rep, Emily Leisgang from Wisconsin, asked Dierks Bentley to take a knee for their Meet & Greet photo and he obliged.

Read her story below!

Last Thursday (June 23, 2011), Dierks Bentley was the head liner at Country USA in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, which is a HUGE five day country music fest. As soon as they announced he was playing at Country USA and the date was on his website I signed up for a Meet & Greet through his fan club. The Monday before the show I was so bummed when I got an email saying I didn't get a Meet & Greet. So I really didn't think I was going to meet Dierks this time.

In our hotel room Wednesday night, my friend Angela Mueller and I made a poster that said, "Dierks Wanna Dance? Fire up the band!" 

Finally Thursday came and I was to the point I would do anything for a M&G.  Well I got one...from a little local radio station--Y100. When they gave me the pass I cried and said I would never be able to thank them enough!

I always said if I met Dierks again I was going to do a "funny" picture because I had two pictures just standing next to him smiling and was sick of doing that. So I came up with the idea of Dierks on one knee proposing to me! It's always been a joke between my friends and I that Dierks would propose to me one day. No one thought I would actually get him to do it. Waiting in line for my turn at the M&G I was so worried I would get up by him and chicken out. Dierks is my idol and I was afraid I would lose all motor skills.

But when it was my turn I quickly walked up to him and before he could say anything I said, "Ummm, I have a question for you and if you honestly don't want to do it you don't have to!"  He looked at me and goes, "Okay, whats that?" (Mind you the tents were in the grass and all muddy and wet because it rained all week).  I looked him in the eyes and said, "If I put my jacket down will you get on one knee and pretend to propose to me?"

He looked at me and laughed then said, "Well then your jacket will be all dirty and wet and you'll be freezing tonight." I said, "I don't care," and threw my jacket on the floor. With a laugh Dierks got on one knee held my hands and we smiled for our picture.

Dierks then gets off his knee, picks up and hands me the jacket and says, "So last time I was on one knee was six years ago when I asked my wife to marry me."  I busted out laughing. I am the second girl ever to be proposed to by Dierks Bentley.

After our laugh I told Dierks about the sign I made. He then asked me if I could make my way to the front row because we were going to dance tonight.

Then my M&G was over and it was time for the show.  Even though it was pouring rain he did an AMAZING job like always! I did make it to the front row.  Dierks saw me but the stage was too high and he couldn't get down, but he did mouth the word 'Sorry' to me.

Later that night when I got home I was looking at my jacket.  It was clean except for one spot had mud on it...where Dierks put his knee.  I may never be able to wash my jacket again!

In July Angela and I are taking a mini-road trip to see Dierks and I'm hoping to meet him again to see if he remembers me and to get him to sign the picture of him proposing to me.

Now I can die a happy girl in my little white tank top knowing I got Dierks Bentley down on one knee :)

Emily Leisgang
DB Congress Rep, Wisconsin


  1. Only Dierks Bentley would do this for a fan..I am telling you he treats his fans like just gotta love this guy..I know I do! Fantastic glad you blogged it!