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As if getting married didn't keep him busy enough, Nid Collins, our first DB Congress rep from England, just launched a new and FREE Dierks Bentley media/message board (

As well as being just a regular message board in which to discuss and post articles about Dierks Bentley, it will also be the permanent archive of all the public domain audio/video that Metrostar (Nid) has been collecting and making available to everybody. At the new message board he will be able to lay things out more neatly and provide more samples and info. Other people will be able to contribute to the archive as well.

Please come along and help get the place started and come back often as Metrostar adds all the stuff he's known for. He has some great media coming up soon that he just knows you are going to love!

A very important reason for starting this message board for Dierks fans, is that it's FREE and therefore doesn't exclude anyone. All are welcome and able to post in all areas of the message board.

The audio/video archives are only visible to members. Everything else is visible to non-members as well as members, though only members can post. Membership to the whole message board is FREE.

Don't forget to come back here to every day to see the latest news on all things DIERKS!


Photo credit: NASA

I was watching my DVR'd version of the CMT Top 20 Countdown (where Feel That Fire landed at #6 this week) and heard that Dierks had pledged to take part in this year's Earth Hour. I had not heard of the event before, but evidently it is an annual challenge to local businesses and citizens to go dark for one hour. Set for March 28 at 8:30 pm, Earth Hour 2009 is meant to battle the world's climate change. For one hour, cities will simultaneously turn off all non-essential lights.

Go to for details.


I know there are tons of raving reviews out there right now on Dierks' new Feel That Fire CD (and I for one am rightly pleased!), but this one had a little different spin. Enjoy!

Is Dierks Bentley trying for some pop crossover?
Published Saturday February 28th, 2009

Mainstream commercial country music has some shining stars, and one of them is Dierks Bentley. His fourth studio album Feel That Fire could be interpreted as his stab at some pop crossover as well.

For example, the album begins with a guitar effect straight out of Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love to kick into the lead track Life On The Run. As Bentley establishes a mid-tempo groove, it is above all else a mainstream pop tune. This is despite the country spices in the instrumentation and storyline of a solitary rambler.

This transition is a very east one for the Arizona-born Bentley. His early years were honed with country soil, and always conjured up images of the Merle Haggard/Waylon Jennings school. However, he has always managed to straddle on terrain outside those country roots.

At his best on this album, as in his career of the decade, Bentley is a songwriter in the broadest sense. His voice could safely fit in any genre, being the polar opposite of a trademark country twang.

That said, Bentley's ultimate foundation is the country genre itself. Spices are always there - steel guitar in the love anthem with a pop beat Feel That Fire and the mid-tempo groover You Hold Me Together, banjo at the end of the work-week tale Sideways, Tex Mex in the love lament I Can't Forget Her.

In all cases, his able lyrics match his melodies in basic country genre storylines.

The 12-song album has a few traditional country moments, and they are collaborations. One is in songwriting, as Bentley teamed up with Rodney Crowell to write the anthem Pray. Bentley also duets with Patty Griffin on the waltz Beautiful World. The album closer is Last Call, a bluegrass romp with Ronnie McCoury and his band.

Whether Bentley reaches beyond his considerable country fan base with this album remains to be seen. Regardless, he has delivered something that will keep his bread and butter audience rightly pleased.

Fredericton-based freelance writer Wilfred Langmaid has reviewed albums in The Daily Gleaner since 1981, and is a past judge for both the Junos and the East Coast Music Awards. His column appears each Saturday.


Published: 02/27/09

Rising star Dierks Bentley makes a stop in Tacoma


Brad Paisley might be the main attraction Saturday night (2-28-09) at the Tacoma Dome. But a lot of fans will be equally stoked for his opening act, hunky rising country star Dierks Bentley. The singer, best known for anthemic hits “What Was I Thinkin’” and “Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go),” will perform cuts from his new disc “Feel That Fire” during his 45-minute opening slot. We caught up with him just to get an idea of what to expect Saturday.

Jasmin interviews Dierks about the tour highlights, video treatments, The tone of the Feel That Fire album, and special guests on the CD. "It’s got everything in the past (fans have) always dug, as far as the rowdy stuff and the sexier stuff," replied Dierks about the album. When asked about the set list, Dierks said, "It’s a fun show for us to play. There’s zero fluff. Not that there ever was, but it’s really tight."

Read the rest of the story here.


Use the links below to vote for the Feel That Fire video.

*R&R Official Chart Position - #5 (LW #4)
*CMT Top 20 Video Countdown - #6 (LW #3)
*CMT Pure 12-pak- #11 (LW #9)
*GACTV Top 20 Video Countdown - NA (LW #NA--two weeks in a row! What?)

Call/email your DJ, say, "DJ, don't ya play nothin' slow!"
Or go to to request Dierks' new single, "Sideways."

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Straight from the February 27, 2009 issue of the American Country Countdown Newsletter, with Kix Brooks! Feel That Fire is #1 on the ACC chart for week ending Feb. 22, and Dierks Bentley is the artist/CD of the month!

KIX: I'm coming to you from the Great Scott Productions studio in Phoenix Arizona this week. I’m doing a little touring right now and stopped in to catch up on the hottest forty songs in country music. Dierks Bentley is a special guest this week… He’s a Phoenix guy you know!

Dierks tells Kix why he put bluegrass on his new CD, why failure can be a good thing and about starting out on Lower Broadway in Nashville.

Listen here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Dierks took time to chat with CW about life, his daughter, his wife, music, songwriting, studio time, the new album, babies coming alive, dogs, walking on the wire and living for what is.

Life Has Just Exploded

Dierks Bentley may feel he doesn’t deserve his blessed existence, but he’s “truly happy” with his wife, new baby and red hot career.

Shortly before the release of his new Feel That Fire CD, Dierks Bentley took time out to chat about his new music . . . and the new woman in his life, daughter Evie. Since then, both the title cut and the new CD have hit number one on the charts and “Sideways” has been announced as the project’s second single. Here’s some of what Dierks had to say.

For more from Dierks, check out the March 9 issue of Country Weekly.

Now that Country Weekly no longer offers subscription service, I am going crazy running all over town trying to buy a copy--with NO LUCK! The pub is nowhere to be found! Publix told me their distributor went out of business. CW has a brand new logo, they've transitioned to "weekly", and any issue now they are supposed to have Dierks as THE cover! And, CW actually told me in an email that the DBC website would be mentioned in an upcoming issue in their "What's New Online" section!

Who else is having the same problem? If anyone can help me out and send me copies, please email me at



From: Ted Shaw, Windsor Star
Published: Monday, February 16, 2009

While the good old boys were revving their engines Sunday at the Daytona 500, Dierks Bentley was cruising down the rocking country highway at the Caesars Windsor Colosseum.

This Arizona son who was bred on the outlaw country of Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash may just be the thing country music needs right now.

The fact his new album knocked Bruce Springsteen out of No. 1 on the sales charts proves he's more than country music's flavour of the month.

The 5,000 who filled the Colosseum were treated to a dynamic, high-energy 80 minutes of southern-fried rock 'n' roll in the Lynyrd Skynyrd tradition.

A sound built on the blazing guitar solos of Saskatchewan native Rob Janzen, Bentley recalled another Canadian rocker -- Bryan Adams -- in his onstage performance.

This guy loves being in front of an audience. You can see it in his face and hear it in his voice.

Opening with the hit How Am I Doin', Bentley roared his way through a mostly up tempo set that included most of the songs that have taken him to the top of the country charts in the last five years.

Surprisingly for an artist relatively new on the scene, the audience sang along to many of the songs. Hits that included Come a Little Closer, Every Mile a Memory, Settle for a Slowdown, and the new one, Feel That Fire.

When the heavy metal guitar riff that opens Feel That Fire cut a swath through the auditorium, many of those who were still in their seats for the first couple of songs jumped to their feet and sang or clapped along.

Bentley may have the name of a classic car, but he's all Chevy pickup when he performs. Not exactly a redneck but definitely a long way from the designer country of Nashville, Bentley is a product of a rock generation weaned on U2.

He's got a little of Bono's charm and talent for charging up an audience, too.

A honkytonkin' song like Sideways, from the new album, showed the rowdy side in Bentley. Later, he showed a different side on the ballads I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes, Long Trip Alone and Beautiful World.

Most of the time, he sang without a guitar, preferring to prowl the front of the stage and reach out his hands to the crowd.

But he's a serviceable player, and wields a well-worn 1969 Martin D-18 with authority. At one point, a member of the audience suggested Bentley give her the guitar. He jokingly agreed as long as she exchanged it for some of that "strong Canadian beer."

The show was paced to deliver the biggest emotional wallop in the least amount of time.

Among the other hits he touched on were So So Long, What Was I Thinkin,' and Come a Little Closer.

But when the opening chords of Free and Easy blasted through the speakers to open the encore, the audience responded with cheers and many sang along.

Just to remind everyone of his roots, Bentley finished the show with a rousing version of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues.

Bentley writes all of his own songs and while the lyrics are simple and homespun, the stories they tell are taken from everyday life.

The show opened with a video of Bentley backstage trying to score a beer from an inattentive crew. When he finally tracks down a drink, it's time to go on stage.

That self-deprecating humour went down well with the audience.


"What was I thinking?” What a great song! That one had me hooked, And for years I loved the music but shied away from fan clubs, chats, blogs, and other internet based stuff. I’m more old school. You know, go to the concert, buy the CD’s, ride around with the windows down, blaring the music, and praying no one I know hears me singing “Lot of Leavin’ Left to Do” at the top of my lungs! Not since Kindergarten had I been a member of a fan club!
After hearing LCB [Last Call Ball - annual DB Fan Club party] on my XM radio one morning on the way to work I remember thinking to myself: “I’ve got to be a part of this!” Now, here I am, mid-thirties, promoting my heart out for the hardest working country music singer/song writer/entertainer: Dierks Bentley & the TLB (Terminally Lonesome Band).
Once joining and becoming 'All Access,' I journeyed to Dierksville (on and my life was changed forever. The family & friends I have made there are very special to me! But once I saw how creative they all were I wanted to contribute too! BUT HOW? I’m just a gal from North Carolina--one of four NC reps at the time. What in the world could I do?

Then, I got an email from a company I used when I was in internet-based business that sells business promotional goods at low prices or free* (you pay shipping & tax of course). I thought, why can’t I use this to promote Dierks? So,I got online, made some cards (it was an election year so the patriotic art was prevalant!) and the ideas just flowed.Magnets for the fridge; large, medium or small car magnets (which I personalized with my own pics from the November 2007 DB concert), and business cards with the DB Congress logo & website address. I’ve ordered pens, post-it-note pads, address labels, etc. It’s easy and anyone can use it!

For the Atlanta Concert in May 2008, I was loaded down with Dierks material--prepared to promote! The car magnets were a huge hit! They went on my Equinox in Asheville, NC and we got comments on them everywhere we went! They were on both front doors and one on the back hatch with Dierks' picture on it! (I can’t wait to use them on the next DRT (Dierks Road Trip))! The business cards were passed out along with other things brought by many DBC reps! Atlanta didn’t know what hit it! Between the awesome concert Dierks and the TLB gave and the Congress, it was a night no one will ever forget!

I keep a few cards in my wallet, car, and my desk at work. If anyone mentions my DB Congress bumper sticker or T-shirt I happen to be wearing, I just pop out a card & welcome them to check out the website, ask if they‘ve heard DB‘s latest CD or if they have ever been to his show. Why? Because it’s the least I can do for our amazing Pres Dierks! He goes above and beyond the call of duty with us as Fan Club members and his congress. Anything we can do to show our support is my pleasure!

Happy Promoting Everyone! And remember, every mile is a memory when you’re a member of the DB Congress!

Tanya Roberts (TRR)
Proud NC DB Congress Rep!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


When Dierks Bentley turned over his finished album to his label after two years of hard work, he didn’t quite get the response he was looking for.

Something bothered Capitol Records Nashville President Mike Dungan, who slept on it until, finally, he had to speak up.

“He said: ‘I feel like you talked about how you wanted to get back to a lot of fun on your record. I think you’re missing a song or two. That’s all I’m going to say,’” Bentley said.

Bentley, 34, went back to work writing and recording eight more songs, two of which — the rockers “Sideways” and “Here She Comes” — ended up on his album released this month, “Feel That Fire.”

“It definitely tilted the record on the side of having a little more energy and fun than my past records, but it felt right,” Bentley said. “My goal is that on the first listen you come away thinking it’s fun and rowdy, but when you go back for subsequent listens you find” a deeper side.

Quality was never the issue, Dungan said, just balance. But he worried the young singer-songwriter might take his criticism the wrong way.

It’s almost like saying your baby is ugly,” Dungan remarked. “Whenever you’re making a critical comment about someone’s art you don’t want to do it lightly.”

They apparently got it right, though. The album and the title track both hit No. 1 — Bentley’s sixth chart-topping single.

“I respect him for saying something because that’s hard to do,” Bentley said. “I know I can get stuck and not see the forest for the trees.”



It seemed like only yesterday when the DB Congress was fresh and new in Dierksville (on We were quickly getting new members by leaps and bounds every day. I remember that everyone was posting where they were representing Dierks from and I thought it would be cool to see how much we were growing periodically. I just started jotting down everyone’s user-names and where they were from and I put it altogether into Microsoft Word on my computer. Then, I would post it every so often on the message board for others to see as well.

No one told me or appointed me to do this. I did this just because I thought it should be organized somehow. It was so exciting when we broke our first goal of 100 DBC members and there is still that same excitement now that we are on our way to 500 DBC members! Look at what we all have helped accomplish in Dierks’ career by voting, calling or emailing radio stations and other campaigns we have worked on over the last two years!! I am very PROUD to be a part of this wonderful group of fans!

Thanks Ronna and all 400+ DB Congress members!!


-Amanda Morris
DB Congress Secretary
Mississippi Rep

Monday, February 23, 2009


I know the March 2009 issue of People magazine (Country Special) has been out for a while now, but it's hard to find on store shelves! So now that I finally have it, I wanted to share with the DB Congress! Doesn't she look like a little doll-baby! Dierks is right--she IS perfect! She is so beautiful in her baby blue jumper--just like her beautiful mom and handsome dad! "His most memorable day recently? It was Nov. 11, the first time that Evie smiled at him." (

Can't read the fine print?...
"Sure Dierks Bentley is thrilled about his new album, Feel That Fire, and his tour with pal Brad Paisely, but what really gets his blood pumping? Swaddling! "He's a very competitive swaddler," laughs wife Cassidy. "There's a science to it--firm but not too tight," he says. "I'm a master!" The lucky beneficiary of this talent is, of course, 4-month old Evalyn Day, the couple's first child. But before Evie (as she's known) made her entrance on Oct. 4, Bentley admits, "I practiced on [my dog] Jake!" All that swaddling probably helped Jake, as well as the family's other pup George, welcome their new sibling. "Some nights when we're in bed and Cass is asleep and Evie's right there and the dogs are around us, it's like a big tribe--our tribe," he says. "It's the coolest thing. It's like, 'This is mine?'"
Does anyone else wonder how People magazine wrangled the "first photo" of Evie?


I know most of you can relate to the fact that my friends and family couldn't understand why I would fly via 2 planes (1 w/a propeller..I was freaking out...LOL) to Charlottesville, VA to witness 2 people who I have never met in person (1 from England and 1 from Virginia) get married. Nid and I met on the DB Congress thread of about 8 months ago and we formed an instant friendship. When he asked me if I would attend his wedding, not only was I honored but I knew I wouldn't miss it for the world.

I arrived in Charlottesville at 11:00 p.m. Nid, David (DBC Rep, KY) & Carissa(Nid's "Best Woman", from Wyoming--they met through the Keith Urban fan club where he met Jenny, too!) came to pick me up! Now this was the first time I had met Nid or David in person and I was so excited. It felt like I'd known then forever.

We all had breakfast together Saturday morning and hung out while Jenny (Nid's soon to be bride) was getting her hair and make up done. The ceremony took place on the covered porch of Jenny's family home in the beautiful hills of Virginia on Valentines' Day - February 14, 2009.

Nid and Jenny--in typical Dierks-style, both wore black and their DB Bracelets! Dierks was invited but he was in Canada so obviously couldn't be there, but he was there in spirit! They wrote their own vows and I was having a heck of time taking pictures through teary-eyes. Jenny dubbed me official photographer and I was trying to make sure to get all the shots on her list.

The highlight of the reception (at the Crozet Fire Department) had to be the three different cakes..the wedding cake, the groom's cake (a soccer ball) and a pretty little cake with the Eiffel Tower on it to bring back memories of Nid's very romantic proposal to Jenny. There were also pictures of Nid's two kids up on silver pedestals which I thought was such a sweet touch since they were not able to make it from England.

All of Jenny's family and friends are so nice. A lot of them came up to us and introduced themselves and then as soon as we said who we were they would say "Oh I've heard all about you." After dinner a little dancing started but Nid and Jenny didn't dance! Ok, so I'll let it slide since Nid is still nursing that broken leg. There was a lot of country playing...Keith & DIERKS!

Sunday, the first official day with Mr. & Mrs. Nid Collins, we again all went to breakfast together and then they opened a few of their presents. David gave them an awesome framed picture of Dierks that Dierks personalized to them for their wedding. That was a huge hit!
We took pictures of me, Nid and David with the DB Congress Banner, in front of David's car with his DB FAN license plate, his DBC Cling and my DBC Car Decal!

We headed out on our short DRT (Dierks Road Trip) to the airport. It was just David, Nid and myself. We were cranking Dierks and singing and it was just such a great moment. With Nid living in England he doesn't get the opportunity to do much DRTing, so we were loving it! I just want to mention too, that these two guys are perfect gentlemen--an English gentlemen and a Southern gentlemen. I swear I barely lifted a finger all weekend--opening doors, getting my drinks, taking my luggage...A girl could get used to that!! LOL. Thanks guys, you are the best! Hugs all around!

Now it was time for goodbyes..I hate goodbyes! It felt like leaving family. I was so sad to leave but I'm so glad I went. I am so happy for them and am so excited to have made a great new friend in Jenny! Now we just need to complete her conversion from Keith over to Dierks! I think she's almost there!

What an amazing weekend full of amazing friends. I will forever be grateful to Dierks for his music, for the person he is and the way he treats his fans, but mostly for the friendships I have been blessed with since joining the fan club and the DB Congress!

Alicia (DBC Wisconsin rep)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


If you're watching (or listening to) ESPN2 right now, you may notice that in between the rounds of the Nationwide Series race at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California, you hear the sounds of Dierks Bentley! Every time they cut to commercial, they play a 3 second Feel That Fire, Sideways, Life On The Run, or believe it or not, Better Believer! All new songs from his Feel That Fire album, released 2/3/09.
Curiosity got the better of me, so I googled ESPN, Motorsports, and I searched for "dierks." Here (in part) is what I found:

Sights and sounds from Daytona
Saturday, February 7, 2009 | Print Entry

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- A few sights and sounds from the Sprint Cup garage after a crazy night at Daytona International Speedway:

There's Tony Stewart talking to Hendrick Motorsports management about the engines they supply him at Stewart-Haas Racing, the ones that helped the two-time Cup champion to a third-place finish in the Budweiser Shootout.

There's fourth-place finisher Jeff Gordon giving advice to runner-up Jamie McMurray about the final two laps of the green-white-checkered finish, won by Kevin Harvick after a last-lap push from Denny Hamlin.

There's team owner Jack Roush walking past the NASCAR hauler, probably wondering whether there's something he could question officials about on the finish that saw McMurray's attempt to block Harvick fail.

There's country music star Dierks Bentley giving a postrace concert to the thin crowd that, for a cool winter night, forgot the tough economic times to watch the NASCAR season unfold.

And, blogger Marty Smith added a side note after his "A big Daytona Letdown?" blog: Song of the week: "Better Believer," Dierks Bentley. I feel like that a lot. Listen to it, you'll understand.

With all this dierksness in NASCAR, can't you just see Dierks singing, "...gonna get a little bit sideways" with NASCAR cars sliding sideways in the foreground, and Danica Patrick, with her long, dark hair (like all the leading ladies in DB's videos), "...I can see you came to rock in your blue jeans and white tank top...", (I know, I know, she's an IRL driver, but it could happen!). Sounds like a video in the making for Dierks' new single, Sideways, doesn't it?


The latest review from

Dierks Bentley’s Late Addition Becomes Next Single

Posted: February 19th, 2009 at 6:07 pm | By: Chris Parton

Dierks Bentley’s album, Feel That Fire, and its title track both debuted at No. 1 last week on Billboard’s country charts. But every success story includes its own trials and tribulations. In an Associated Press interview, Bentley talks about finishing up that album and submitting it to Capitol Records president Mike Dungan — only to be told it was missing something. After so much hard work, that must be a difficult thing to hear and, on the flip side, a tough call to make. But sending Bentley back to the drawing board may have been the best thing for him because he came back with a handful of fresh songs, including his next single, “Sideways,” and infused some extra energy into Feel That Fire.

“Sideways” is a let-loose-on-the-weekend tune, complete with a strong beat, background hollers and singalong ability. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear “Worked all week, it’s time to play/Gonna get a little bit sideways” pumping out of the open doors of country bars all summer. It feels like Bentley was able to get back to what he was originally shooting for, and fans of songs like “What Was I Thinkin’” will surely find a place for it in their collection.

I think Bentley and Dungan did well to include “Sideways” on Feel That Fire. The pace and lyric fit right in with what I imagine when I think of the title of that album. And it’s fun, too. It’s interesting, though, (and maybe a little relieving) to realize that even experienced artists need a little help sometimes. I know I do often enough.

What are your thoughts? Please leave your comments below.


Dierks posted a new Public Journal on and on his MySpace:

from the depths of canada...
Posted: February 21, 2009
whats up everyone. we are pretty far along in our canadian tour with brad and the shows have been have the extracurricular hockey activities. i had a chance to play a lunchtime pickup game in hamilton, skated solo in winnapeg and just practiced shooting, played "pond" hockey on a watered down section of cement in windsor, and got to practice with the saskatoon blades in...saskatoon. that was a huge highlight...checkout the link saskatoon blades..."dierks bentley practices with blades" under the 'blades video' player on the right of the homepage.

there is also some footage from the pond hockey game where i took a huge digger (whats it on stage at least twice a year!)...but thats for fan club only for now...that one hurt and is fairly embarrassing!

speaking of working on putting together a piece that has all the album release week craziness...its taking me awhile to assemble all the footage but i think you will love it. new york, LA, daytona and everything in between. it will be may thank you to you guys for all the support youve given me and the album...and for the number one song and album. very humbling...very awesome. i post my affection for the folks in our fan club on that journal fairly regularly...but for anyone just cruising by the website that isnt in the fan club but has been part of supporting my career: thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support...thanks for giving me and my band and crew and all the folks that have worked hard on this album and its release a great ride! ill get this footage put together asap!

God bless,

Leave your comments on this post below!


Use the links below to vote for the Feel That Fire video. Call/email or go to to request Dierks' new single, "Sideways."

*R&R Official Chart Position - #4 (LW #1)
*CMT Top 20 Video Countdown - #3 (LW #4)
*CMT Pure 12-pak- #9 (LW #8)
*GACTV Top 20 Video Countdown - NA (LW #14--what happened, dbc?)

Friday, February 20, 2009


Enter to win Dierks Bentley's new CD at the ACC Top 40 website.

Feel That Fire is the album of the week! Text key word ACCDIERKS to 62582 and hear audio excerpts of Kix Brooks interviewing Dierks every weekend in February.

Hear how Dierks' life has changed with a baby girl, Evie. Kix Brooks interviews Dierks.

Also on American Country Countdown, Dierks Bentley Keeps It Breezy:
Dierks Bentley has just released the second single from his album, 'Feel That Fire'. "Sideways" is a good indication of what Bentley went through to release the album, as it almost didn't make it onto the record in the first place.
(Dierks performs Sideways in Daytona after the Bud Shoot Out 2/7/09)

The president of Capitol Records, to which Bentley is signed, told the country singer prior to its release that the album was a little on the heavy side. As a result, Bentley returned to the studio, and "Sideways" became one of a pair of new tracks added to the effort.

"It definitely tilted the record on the side of having a little more energy and fun than my past records, but it felt right," Dierks told the Associated Press. "My goal is that on the first listen you come away thinking it's fun and rowdy, but when you go back for subsequent listens you find [more depth]."

Bentley's last album, 'Long Trip Alone', was a darker album than those that came before it. And while it did garner four Grammy nominations last year, it didn't sell as many copies as some of his earlier records.

Thus, Bentley (along with the president of Capitol) decided that 'Feel That Fire' should be more upbeat and fun.

"I respect him for saying something because that's hard to do," Dierks said. "I know I can get stuck and not see the forest for the trees."

Justin Starling for Citadel Interactive © 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009


If you're in the DB Fan Club, go to, media, videos and check out the new video in All Access! Dierks plays hockey on a little rink in Canada Sunday night after the 2/15/09 show! "This is the wierdest thing I've ever done after a show...the most fun you can have on a Sunday night at midnight!"


Have you ever heard of Today's Country Magazine? Me neither--until today! I just stumbled upon the website while on facebook, then one of my friends became a fan of Country Music Is Love, so that reminded me to click there and check out all the new country music news (yes--there are other artists besides Dierks!), and then I noticed they had a "favorite pages" section on their facebook page. Well, that got me curious, so I had to click "See All." Once there, I had to scroll down and see if was there and all of sudden Dierks' unforgettable face caught my eye--Today's Country Magazine. What a web I went through to get there, but check it out!
TCMs take: "Just give one spin to tracks like album opener “Life On The Run,” “Sideways,” where he mentions that famous little white tank top, or the honky-tonkin’ styled “Here She Comes, Here We Go,” or “Little Heartwrecker,” and I dare you to try and sit still. Wrap all of this around a great song about how the world isn’t such a bad place that features an outstanding guest vocal from Patti Griffin on “Beautiful World,” and the hot rising single “Feel That Fire,” and Dierks Bentley has put together arguably his most solid overall effort thus far."

See the entire raving review at

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


According to the February 20th issue date of Radio and Records, Feel That Fire lost it's top spot sizzle, sliding to the #4 slot this week. Time to start focusing on the new single - Sideways - due to be added to country radio March 2.

So get your dialing and posting fingers ready, DB Congress reps! Now with 400 of us, we need to hit the campaign trail hard and move Sideways up the charts! It's not too early to start calling, and emailing your local radio DJs! Let's show our president--Dierks Bentley--just what we're made of--and give him gold and platinum on his walls!

The higher the singles go on the charts, the better the new album will sell!

Gotta make 'em wanna come back for more!


A three-string of Dierks Bentley concerts started on Thursday, Feb. 12th for Mandy and Terry--girlfriend/boyfriend and DB Congress reps from London, Ontario, Canada. They were both fortunate to win the Meet & Greet Lottery prior to their hometown show. They had quite an adventure, hopping on busses and trains to transport them to experience the live music of their favorite artist. Read all about this unique DRT (Dierks Road Trip):

"We finally arrived at the concert venue just before the doors opened and picked up our meet and greet passes. We got held up in line at the bus terminal buying our bus tickets to go to the next day's concert. There weren't many people at the M&G since the room was really small--that was a good thing. We got our pictures taken and Dierks actually remembered us from last year. Someone in the M&G gave us an extra CD booklet so we could get it signed since we left ours at home by accident. Thank you so much, Lynn!

We ended up showing Dierks Terry's speech-enabled cell phone that reads the computer screen out loud [Terry is completely blind]. We took pictures with the phone rather than carrying a camera. When we showed him the phone, we told Dierks the story of the display picture on it...we bought a new stereo system recently and Terry decided to sit in the box like he used to do when he was a kid. Dierks thought that was funny. Dierks talked to the group about his Jay Leno experience. After the group photo, we got a hug and then unfortunately we had to leave to let others come in.

Crystal Shawanda opened. I only recognized a few songs, but she was really good (she's a Canadian singer). Dierks was great as always. Not enough songs though but Sideways was a good one for sure [It's also the second single from the Feel That Fire album, scheduled for a country radio add date of March 2]. Brad Paisley was good too--a little video crazy, but still good. At one point he started singing our (Canadian) national anthem and everyone finished it with him. At another point he called us Canadians, "God's frozen people."

We didn't sleep too much Thursday night with being excited for Friday's concert in Hamilton. When we tried to leave it got a little nuts. We went to the bus terminal but no one could tell which gate the bus was leaving from, so we ended up being switched to 3 different gates before we boarded our bus. When we got to Hamilton we had some food and the lady in the food place gave us the wrong directions to the venue so we got lost walking there and arrived right as the concert started. We were directed to the wrong seats and had to switch around after the opening act. This concert was good too--but again, not enough Dierks. Brad was teasing Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney by saying tell those wimps I said "hi," because I'm not scared to come up here in the cold (Keith and Kenny are coming in the summer).

On Sunday, we took the train to to the Windsor show. That was crazy because when we got to the train station the train was delayed 90 minutes and we had to call our friend that was giving us a place to stay and let her know we would arrive late so she picked us up at the train station and took us to the casino. We grabbed some food and just made it 15 minutes before show time. We loved hearing the new songs (Sideways, I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes, Beautiful World, and Feel That Fire). Someone gave him flowers and was joking they wanted his guitar in return.

We spent some time after the show telling a guy about the fan club and he may join. His name is Jim so we'll have to watch for him."

So, Jim, if you're reading this, go to and join the fan club and come back here and join the DB Congress--we'll be waiting. You could be DBC rep #401!

Monday, February 16, 2009


I am sure you've heard by now that FTF--the single-- made it to the #1 spot on the chart, making it Dierks' sixth number one song! And the video is still strong on the tv countdowns! What do you say, db congress? Let's keep the song at #1 for 2 weeks in a row! Use the links below to vote, and call/email your radio station once a day or go to >!

*R&R Official Chart Position - #1(let's make it two weeks in a row!)
*CMT Top 20 Video Countdown - #4 (LW #7)
*CMT Pure 12-pak- #8 (LW #8)
*GACTV Top 20 Video Countdown - #14 (LW #19)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Most Dierks Bentley fans are happy just to listen to his music. Others have a strong bond to each emotional lyric, vocal bravado and personal connection with Dierks’ charisma. So much so, that everything from db logos to lyrics, on ankles and backs, dedicated Dierks fans and DB Congress reps have him “inked” into their skin in the form of “all things dierks” tattoos.

According to DB Congress rep, Rachel, from Florida, “Its more than just Dierks…I’ve made a lot of friends…that’s why I got a Dierks Bentley tattoo--music notes that stand for Every Mile A Memory…” Listen to Rachel’s story here as she shows off her tattoo, and hear Dierks’ response:

“Man, that’s just the ultimate form of gratitude…people really incorporate my songs into the fabric of their lives…you wanna make sure you always make them proud to have gotten that tattoo.” (Dierks)

Nebraska DBC rep, Sarah, says, “A buddy of mine had a friend in town who does tattoos so I got it at my friends house in May of 2008. I'm such a huge Dierks fan. I love his music and everything he stands for. No matter how big he gets he always is loyal to his fans by keeping his meet and greets down so he can actually spend time with each fan--unlike some other groups that just make it seem like you’re being herded through like cattle. And even though I haven't had the chance to actually meet Dierks, I hope one day to get him to autograph my tattoo and have his signature tattooed on with it. It just wraps around my right ankle and connects so it looks kinda like an ankle bracelet.”

A thankful Erin (DBC Florida rep), explains: “I got this tattoo because Dierks and his music helped to pull me through the hardest time in my life. Not only that, but I have met some of my very best friends because of him. No matter what happens, I will always be grateful to him for that!"

Kim (DBC rep, MO) was struggling with a lot of decisions. She decided to get a Dierks tattoo “because he was the first artist who touched my heart through his music, and he helped me through some tough times. Listening to his music I felt I could tackle any situation--it's very inspiring. His music has brought me together with some of the greatest friends a person can have!”

"The reason I got the Tattoo was because it represents my loyalty to Dierks. His songs have gotten me through the darkest days of my life and I couldn't be more thankful for his music! He also has the name (Dierks) of my ex's last name who was killed in a car accident! I thought it was a perfect time to get both men that mean the most to me in one tattoo. So Dierks is stuck on me until I die! I wouldn't have it any other way. I got the tat on my birthday 2-5-08. I wouldn't change a thing about it! Dierks knows me as Samantha (DBC rep from Wisconsin) with the tattoo!"

Keesha, was so moved by the "Free and Easy Down The Road I Go" lyric, that she had it inked into her instep. Dierks himself had to see it a little closer.

Cassandra,(DBC rep, CA) and Hannah, (Ohio DBC rep) both got tats for Dierks, too! (Awaiting photos). How many other DB Congress reps have committed to permanently promote and pay homage to Dierks? Leave your comments below!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


According to the February 23, 2009 issue of Country Weekly magazine, February 14 can be pretty lonely if there's no one in the picture romantically. They asked some of the country stars to share their V-Day thoughts, and Dierks Bentley had this to say:


Straight from The Hoda Kotb & Kathie Lee hour of the Today Show on NBC, Dierks Bentley sings I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes to Kathie Lee and Hoda.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


How does country music and NASCAR go together? That was just one of the questions at the Question and Answer session with Dierks Bentley on February 7, 2009 at the Daytona International Speedway. According to Dierks Bentley, they're a natural fit. A lot of NASCAR fans also love country music. And many of the singers and drivers are good ole boys who have formed friendships and an appreciation for each others' talents over the years.

I am so glad I spent the extra money to get the Dierks Bentley Special Offer package. Not only did we get to experience the ARCA race and the Budweiser Shootout race, but the special VIP passes gave us front row access to the Q&A, the pre-race concert and the post race concert.

My husband and I enjoyed the practice prior to the ARCA race and the people sitting behind us in the grand stands were wondering who was performing, so my husband told them "Dierks Bentley", and the girl said, "ooooo I really like him!" So he reached in his bag and gaver her one of my dbcongress business cards and started talking about the website--I was shocked he beat me to it!

I met up with Cora and Renee while my husband enjoyed the ARCA race. We were the only one's in the Q&A tent for the longest time--we were front and center. We were getting worried nobody would show up, but about 5 minutes before D was to be there, we looked back and the whole tent was full! Yeah! I had made up some business cards with the fan club and website on them and placed them in the empty chairs (the new visitors to this site the next day was higher than any other day!). People were asking questions like "Are you going to sing?" - People--there were signs all over the place pre-race show/post-race concert!
One guy stood up and said he was the Bud distributor truck driver and wanted to know when Dierks was going to crack open that can of Bud Light at his feet by his stool--so he did.
The local DJ who was interviewing Dierks said, these ladies in the front row came all the way from Tampa--and he points to me and says, yeah I see Ronna and a lot of my fan club in the front row there. I asked the question, "Tell us about the Wubba Nub Girl song in the liner notes of your new album" He started to answer but raised the beer up to his mouth thinking it was the mic and started to talk. Everybody laughed. He explained something about the pacifier I think and that he wrote a song about it for his daughter. I asked him to sing a few lines, he said "No, that's a song only for Evie!" Oh well, I tried! The DJ had said to me earlier, I bet you don't care about the cars, you're just here for Dierks and I said "you're right!"
After the Q&A the ARCA race was just ending so we stood by the gate to go down on the track to the infield for the pre-race show.
We were dead center, but the stage was pretty high. They backed us up about 2 feel, telling us the "fire" would be coming out of these contraptions all across the stage--which it never did. But when I saw the DVR later, it was cool they way they had Dierks singing Feel That Fire and introducing the drivers with fire surrounding them. What they did not show on TV was him singing Free and Easy and Life On The Run. They sounded great as always. The only issue was the tall guy to my left with his elbow nearly on my head the whole time --he was video taping all 3 songs.

Then we went back into the stands to watch the Bud Shootout--what an exciting 75 laps! And Dierks was given the honor to recite those most famous words in Motorsports..."Gentlemen, Start...Your...Engines!" and was named the Grand Marshall, riding around the track in the pace car.

Then back across the infield we trekked to the post-race concert. I was worried because they opened the gate late, and when we got down to the stage area, there was a sea of people everywhere! Although I was happy for D to have such a huge turnout, I had no hope of getting up front. So, we walked around the back of the crowd and lo and behold there was a VIP area up front that our ticket gave us access to! So we squeezed up to the rail on Robbie's side. They played 13 songs--revving up the fans from the start with Life On The Run--I love that song! They had the whole crowd screaming and loving it!

I asked Jay for the set list afterward.

Even though it was in the 40's--good excuse to wear my DB hoodie--during the concerts it felt like 95--the whole FanZone was on fire! On our slow march to Parking Lot # 7 we were freezing but pumped up from a full day of great music, friends, and sport. It was a long day but so worth it to see Dierks three times in one day!


Dierks Bentley and his band of brothers performed "Life On The Run" last night on Jay Leno's The Tonight Show. The rockin' song is hopefully the next single from the new Feel That Fire album, released last week--and topped the charts right out of the box! Jay's other guests included Amy Adams (Doubt) and American Idol judge, Paula Abdul.

A couple of our DB Congress California reps--Janet and Debbie--were in the audience and gave us their view of the on-and-off camera antics.

Janet: What you couldn't see was Paula reaching for Dierks and him backing up. Not so nice to grab, Paula! Afterwards, Deb and I stood up and he looked through the lights and said "thank you" to us. We were in the first row of real seats on the end 10 feet away from him and the stage. We yelled as loud as we could when the curtain went up and he nods (don't know if you saw this on camera) and came as close as you can get to a wave with his hands busy playing. Life On The Run sounded good. Look out - there's the next single! Rod [Janzen] had a grin on his face the entire time and Robbie [Harrington] has a mic and sings along on this one. It needs everyone's voices on the back up but it sounds good. Even without the revving on the front end.

At the end they filmed some promo spots. Dierks, Jay, Amy, and Paula were standing in a line, with Amy and Paula hanging on to each other. Jays says 'we have a double date here tonight with...' but it looked like guys against girls. The next promo, he says, the girls are all dressed up and turns to D (Dierks) and says 'what happened to you?' D just looks down at himself and pantomimes 'huh?' Funny. After the promos, we yelled, he acknowledged and then Paula goes after him and he grabs both Amy (in the middle) and Paula and has someone take a picture of the three of them. He did a nice job of fending Paula off. Pretty funny to watch.

DBC Wisconsin rep, Samantha commented, "When the curtain goes up, Dierks looked nervous but it seemed like when he saw some familiar faces he felt really comfortable!"

Debbie: I totally agree that it makes him feel better to look out and see familiar faces in the audience. Not just a bunch of people who don't even know who he is! We did have a blast at the show. Jay never does interviews with any musicians because he never leaves enough time for that! Maybe he will on his new show! When he took his camera after the show and took a picture of himself with Amy and Paula was funny! I think it might have been his video camera and we may see it on when he posts all his little shots of himself doing his album release stuff. Anyway, it was great and we were very happy he noticed us and thanked us for coming.

Thanks for representing the DB Congress, ladies, and supporting our president!

You can watch the whole 42 minute show here, or just fast forward to the 38 minute mark.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Guess what Congress...WE DID IT!

The charts collided this week for Dierks as his fourth studio album FEEL THAT FIRE topped Billboard's country albums chart, and the lead single and title track also landed in the number one spot on both country singles charts. The first week sales debut of over 71,000 units is also strong enough to wrangle the number three spot on the all genre Billboard Top 200 chart. This is Dierks' sixth number one hit. Music critics are praising Dierks for his consistent and engaging songwriting skills and FEEL THAT FIRE for its undeniable energy, garnering three stars from USA Today, while Billboard hailed the new project "exceptional." Check out all the critical acclaim at the news page on!

Monday, February 9, 2009


As promised, here is the FIRST ORIGINAL VIDEO. Watch the exclusive edit HERE, however feel free to pass, paste and share the YOUTUBE version! It's a unique business card that can only give our mission more exposure. ENJOY!


IN DIERKS WE TRUST: You asked for them and now here they are! Official DB Congress Dog Tags are now available! Choose from classic silver or cool black. Each tag measures 1.25 x 2 inches and comes with an 18 inch metal ball chain, and includes the inscription:
DB Congress Member "In Dierks We Trust."
Show your Congress pride with the hottest concert accessory for just $7.00, shipping included. Please e-mail to order yours today. Customized tags in your choice of color, message, and font are also available for $12.00, including shipping. They make great souvenirs for your next DRT!


Dierks sat down with Lon Helton on Country Countdown USA this weekend to talk about the new album, Evie, touring with Brad and more! Click HERE to listen and don't forget to leave a comment on their page about what you think of the interview!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Hello to all of the Congress members who have been with us for so long and to all of you just joining us. I am Mona, the one with the tee shirt fetish. Here is a quick history of the DB CONGRESS tee.

I joined the Congress on Aug. 7, 2007--just seven days before meeting the man for the first time! After meeting him I became even more involved with and the Congress. Other Congress members were tossing around ideas to have matching tees. Being the pushy type person that I can be, I started searching online for design ideas. I took those ideas back to the Congress and the shirt you see at Dierks shows was agreed upon. Another member, Jackie Ohio, put me in touch with a company that could do the shirts at an affordable price. Granny Ann obtained permission for us to us the db logo. The first order I sent in was for 23 shirts.

The shirts came in in time for the Oct. 19-20 shows in Sioux City and Council Bluffs. Samantha MN was the first to show Dierks the tee shirt and have him autograph it for her. Dierks had a very busy tour schedule that fall and those 23 shirts were seen a lot! I began getting more requests for shirts and have now sent shirts to Canada, Australia, and Europe! Over 100 tees went out in the first year! We have also done the same shirt in a white version for summer time and in the ever popular LITTLE WHITE TANK TOP.

By the way, Dierks has his own Congress tee with DUDE on the back, thanks to David!

I really do have a thing for DB tees. I have about 20 shirts that I have purchased from store or at the merch tables. And I have 2 black Congress shirts-IOWA and MLVSLTA. Ronna's warning about silver sharpies? Oh yeah, I can no longer wear my Iowa shirt as the autograph is fading and I have a very special memory attached to the signing of that shirt.
I will once again be taking orders for the white version and the LLWTT starting in April. Numerous people have asked about hoodies, we have a decision to make about those, see my latest post in DBTEE SHOP thread on

Welcome new members and thank you to everyone who has allowed me to handle the shirts for our great CONGRESS. I hear from so many people, cards and emails telling about their experiences meeting Dierks...It has been so much fun!

Please email me at with any questions.


Dierks sat down with GAC recently to answer questions sent in by fans. Check out the 3 videos on GAC's site HERE. Hopefully one of your questions was answered!
And don't forget to vote for 'Feel That Fire' on Top 20 while you're over there!


I don't pretend to know anything at all about playing guitar, but I am guessing there are a lot of Dierks fans who do! So I hope you will be interested in the new tabs for some of the songs from the new album like, Better Believer, I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes, Pray, Sideways and Life On The Run. Click here two full pages on of Dierks song tabs and lyrics!


FTF--the single-- is definitely moving in the right direction on ALL the charts! Keep up the great work, dbc! Be sure to click on the links below from this blog to use as an easy, convenient, daily voting page!

*R&R Official Chart Position - #2 (#1 next week, right?)
*CMT Top 20 Video Countdown - #7 (LW #8)
*CMT Pure 12-pak- #8 (LW #11)
*GACTV Top 20 Video Countdown - #19 (LW #20)

Keep calling and emailing your radio DJs! They love the song as much as we do! One more week to get it to #1!!! We need all 389 dbc reps to do this every day!

Remember, we work for FREE, Dierks makes it EASY!


Good buddies Dierks Bentley and Kasey Kahne mixed up country music and NASCAR Friday night at The Coliseum, a club in Daytona Beach, at the "Off The Track, Off The Record One Night Stand Event, presented by Budweiser." Country Music Is Love has the scoop from a couple of Dierks fan clubbers who attended Friday night. See what songs he sang and photos here.

Dierks and Kasey moved the party to the Daytona International Speedway the next night for the Bud Shoot Out, and I was there! Full blog with photos and video coming soon!

Think this is the first gig for these two? Think again! They've been good guys with good causes from a few years now. Check out the article here.

Dierks and Kasey will team up for charity again, March 5th in Atlanta at Wild Bill's. Tickets are on sale via the DBFC website.


Country music is so easy, even a Jessica Simpson can do it -- so maybe Dierks Bentley was onto something when he said The Donald could fall back on it too if he falls into a rough patch. After Dierks so humbly says that "I'm not a big enough star to be on TMZ", he's got some advice for The Donald. WATCH IT HERE.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Originally scheduled to be pool-side, Dierks Bentley performed live inside Floyd's on this 32 degree Florida morning, at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa from 7-9 a.m. Audience members earned a seat by serving as Partners in Hope for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. WQYK broadcast the event live and Charley Belcher from FOX13 was also there filming live for tv.

Your very own DB Congress Chair and webmaster brother Tony enjoyed the performance, and meet and greet experience. Click here to see Tony's original video of the entire event including interviews in between songs not shown on FOX 13.
In between photos with fans, Dierks treated us to some old and new songs, in no particular order: Free and Easy, Last Call, Come a Little Closer, What Was I Thinking, I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes, Sideways, Life On The Run, and capped it off with Feel That Fire.
My turn for a photo...he gave me a hug and I asked if he had seen the website and he said no but he had heard about it. I gave him a vistaprint business card with the web address and he said "wow-something I said got quoted and turned into something huge" or something like that. He seemed impressed. Can't wait to see if he comments when he finally gets time to see this site!Check out the pictures from the WQYK broadcast and concert with Dierks Bentley.