Thursday, February 12, 2009


Dierks Bentley and his band of brothers performed "Life On The Run" last night on Jay Leno's The Tonight Show. The rockin' song is hopefully the next single from the new Feel That Fire album, released last week--and topped the charts right out of the box! Jay's other guests included Amy Adams (Doubt) and American Idol judge, Paula Abdul.

A couple of our DB Congress California reps--Janet and Debbie--were in the audience and gave us their view of the on-and-off camera antics.

Janet: What you couldn't see was Paula reaching for Dierks and him backing up. Not so nice to grab, Paula! Afterwards, Deb and I stood up and he looked through the lights and said "thank you" to us. We were in the first row of real seats on the end 10 feet away from him and the stage. We yelled as loud as we could when the curtain went up and he nods (don't know if you saw this on camera) and came as close as you can get to a wave with his hands busy playing. Life On The Run sounded good. Look out - there's the next single! Rod [Janzen] had a grin on his face the entire time and Robbie [Harrington] has a mic and sings along on this one. It needs everyone's voices on the back up but it sounds good. Even without the revving on the front end.

At the end they filmed some promo spots. Dierks, Jay, Amy, and Paula were standing in a line, with Amy and Paula hanging on to each other. Jays says 'we have a double date here tonight with...' but it looked like guys against girls. The next promo, he says, the girls are all dressed up and turns to D (Dierks) and says 'what happened to you?' D just looks down at himself and pantomimes 'huh?' Funny. After the promos, we yelled, he acknowledged and then Paula goes after him and he grabs both Amy (in the middle) and Paula and has someone take a picture of the three of them. He did a nice job of fending Paula off. Pretty funny to watch.

DBC Wisconsin rep, Samantha commented, "When the curtain goes up, Dierks looked nervous but it seemed like when he saw some familiar faces he felt really comfortable!"

Debbie: I totally agree that it makes him feel better to look out and see familiar faces in the audience. Not just a bunch of people who don't even know who he is! We did have a blast at the show. Jay never does interviews with any musicians because he never leaves enough time for that! Maybe he will on his new show! When he took his camera after the show and took a picture of himself with Amy and Paula was funny! I think it might have been his video camera and we may see it on when he posts all his little shots of himself doing his album release stuff. Anyway, it was great and we were very happy he noticed us and thanked us for coming.

Thanks for representing the DB Congress, ladies, and supporting our president!

You can watch the whole 42 minute show here, or just fast forward to the 38 minute mark.

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