Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Dierks took time to chat with CW about life, his daughter, his wife, music, songwriting, studio time, the new album, babies coming alive, dogs, walking on the wire and living for what is.

Life Has Just Exploded

Dierks Bentley may feel he doesn’t deserve his blessed existence, but he’s “truly happy” with his wife, new baby and red hot career.

Shortly before the release of his new Feel That Fire CD, Dierks Bentley took time out to chat about his new music . . . and the new woman in his life, daughter Evie. Since then, both the title cut and the new CD have hit number one on the charts and “Sideways” has been announced as the project’s second single. Here’s some of what Dierks had to say.

For more from Dierks, check out the March 9 issue of Country Weekly.

Now that Country Weekly no longer offers subscription service, I am going crazy running all over town trying to buy a copy--with NO LUCK! The pub is nowhere to be found! Publix told me their distributor went out of business. CW has a brand new logo, they've transitioned to "weekly", and any issue now they are supposed to have Dierks as THE cover! And, CW actually told me in an email that the DBC website would be mentioned in an upcoming issue in their "What's New Online" section!

Who else is having the same problem? If anyone can help me out and send me copies, please email me at



  1. I haven't been able to find a copy of Country Weekly the last few times I've checked at WalMart. :(

  2. I haven't been able to get the last couple of issues here in NW IOWA. I am getting a bit ticked off. I would encourage everyone to email CW and tell them where you can no longer find their magazine and contact Wal-Mart, or any other large chain where you normally buy your copy. Let them know they are LOSING sales!! If you come up with an extra copy, think of me, please!?

  3. I haven't been able to find anything in my area more recent than the Feb. 23 issue, and I have e-mailed Country Weekly about it. Luckily a friend about 200 miles away found the Mar. 9 issue for me.

  4. I'm having the exact same problem. One of our Borders here had consistently carried it, but not the last 2 issues.

  5. This is devistating!! :(

  6. I hate that they had to cancel their subscription service, it's not an easy magazine to find. I went to the 2 grocery stores today that I occasionally find it at but they only had the old issue. I decided to try this Hallmark called RK News and I found 2 copies there! I can try in a few days to hit those grocery stores again and I'll pick a few extras up in case anyone needs one. Just let me know. BTW...I'm in this issue with Dierks too!!! Stars up close! They even quoted me!