Wednesday, February 25, 2009


"What was I thinking?” What a great song! That one had me hooked, And for years I loved the music but shied away from fan clubs, chats, blogs, and other internet based stuff. I’m more old school. You know, go to the concert, buy the CD’s, ride around with the windows down, blaring the music, and praying no one I know hears me singing “Lot of Leavin’ Left to Do” at the top of my lungs! Not since Kindergarten had I been a member of a fan club!
After hearing LCB [Last Call Ball - annual DB Fan Club party] on my XM radio one morning on the way to work I remember thinking to myself: “I’ve got to be a part of this!” Now, here I am, mid-thirties, promoting my heart out for the hardest working country music singer/song writer/entertainer: Dierks Bentley & the TLB (Terminally Lonesome Band).
Once joining and becoming 'All Access,' I journeyed to Dierksville (on and my life was changed forever. The family & friends I have made there are very special to me! But once I saw how creative they all were I wanted to contribute too! BUT HOW? I’m just a gal from North Carolina--one of four NC reps at the time. What in the world could I do?

Then, I got an email from a company I used when I was in internet-based business that sells business promotional goods at low prices or free* (you pay shipping & tax of course). I thought, why can’t I use this to promote Dierks? So,I got online, made some cards (it was an election year so the patriotic art was prevalant!) and the ideas just flowed.Magnets for the fridge; large, medium or small car magnets (which I personalized with my own pics from the November 2007 DB concert), and business cards with the DB Congress logo & website address. I’ve ordered pens, post-it-note pads, address labels, etc. It’s easy and anyone can use it!

For the Atlanta Concert in May 2008, I was loaded down with Dierks material--prepared to promote! The car magnets were a huge hit! They went on my Equinox in Asheville, NC and we got comments on them everywhere we went! They were on both front doors and one on the back hatch with Dierks' picture on it! (I can’t wait to use them on the next DRT (Dierks Road Trip))! The business cards were passed out along with other things brought by many DBC reps! Atlanta didn’t know what hit it! Between the awesome concert Dierks and the TLB gave and the Congress, it was a night no one will ever forget!

I keep a few cards in my wallet, car, and my desk at work. If anyone mentions my DB Congress bumper sticker or T-shirt I happen to be wearing, I just pop out a card & welcome them to check out the website, ask if they‘ve heard DB‘s latest CD or if they have ever been to his show. Why? Because it’s the least I can do for our amazing Pres Dierks! He goes above and beyond the call of duty with us as Fan Club members and his congress. Anything we can do to show our support is my pleasure!

Happy Promoting Everyone! And remember, every mile is a memory when you’re a member of the DB Congress!

Tanya Roberts (TRR)
Proud NC DB Congress Rep!

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  1. Nice blog Tanya. You sure do your part in promoting the DB Congress, Dierks, and the TLB! Thanks for all you do and I hope to finally meet you one day! :)