Monday, February 23, 2009


I know most of you can relate to the fact that my friends and family couldn't understand why I would fly via 2 planes (1 w/a propeller..I was freaking out...LOL) to Charlottesville, VA to witness 2 people who I have never met in person (1 from England and 1 from Virginia) get married. Nid and I met on the DB Congress thread of about 8 months ago and we formed an instant friendship. When he asked me if I would attend his wedding, not only was I honored but I knew I wouldn't miss it for the world.

I arrived in Charlottesville at 11:00 p.m. Nid, David (DBC Rep, KY) & Carissa(Nid's "Best Woman", from Wyoming--they met through the Keith Urban fan club where he met Jenny, too!) came to pick me up! Now this was the first time I had met Nid or David in person and I was so excited. It felt like I'd known then forever.

We all had breakfast together Saturday morning and hung out while Jenny (Nid's soon to be bride) was getting her hair and make up done. The ceremony took place on the covered porch of Jenny's family home in the beautiful hills of Virginia on Valentines' Day - February 14, 2009.

Nid and Jenny--in typical Dierks-style, both wore black and their DB Bracelets! Dierks was invited but he was in Canada so obviously couldn't be there, but he was there in spirit! They wrote their own vows and I was having a heck of time taking pictures through teary-eyes. Jenny dubbed me official photographer and I was trying to make sure to get all the shots on her list.

The highlight of the reception (at the Crozet Fire Department) had to be the three different cakes..the wedding cake, the groom's cake (a soccer ball) and a pretty little cake with the Eiffel Tower on it to bring back memories of Nid's very romantic proposal to Jenny. There were also pictures of Nid's two kids up on silver pedestals which I thought was such a sweet touch since they were not able to make it from England.

All of Jenny's family and friends are so nice. A lot of them came up to us and introduced themselves and then as soon as we said who we were they would say "Oh I've heard all about you." After dinner a little dancing started but Nid and Jenny didn't dance! Ok, so I'll let it slide since Nid is still nursing that broken leg. There was a lot of country playing...Keith & DIERKS!

Sunday, the first official day with Mr. & Mrs. Nid Collins, we again all went to breakfast together and then they opened a few of their presents. David gave them an awesome framed picture of Dierks that Dierks personalized to them for their wedding. That was a huge hit!
We took pictures of me, Nid and David with the DB Congress Banner, in front of David's car with his DB FAN license plate, his DBC Cling and my DBC Car Decal!

We headed out on our short DRT (Dierks Road Trip) to the airport. It was just David, Nid and myself. We were cranking Dierks and singing and it was just such a great moment. With Nid living in England he doesn't get the opportunity to do much DRTing, so we were loving it! I just want to mention too, that these two guys are perfect gentlemen--an English gentlemen and a Southern gentlemen. I swear I barely lifted a finger all weekend--opening doors, getting my drinks, taking my luggage...A girl could get used to that!! LOL. Thanks guys, you are the best! Hugs all around!

Now it was time for goodbyes..I hate goodbyes! It felt like leaving family. I was so sad to leave but I'm so glad I went. I am so happy for them and am so excited to have made a great new friend in Jenny! Now we just need to complete her conversion from Keith over to Dierks! I think she's almost there!

What an amazing weekend full of amazing friends. I will forever be grateful to Dierks for his music, for the person he is and the way he treats his fans, but mostly for the friendships I have been blessed with since joining the fan club and the DB Congress!

Alicia (DBC Wisconsin rep)


  1. Not much I can add to that! Nice blog Alicia! I'll just say that I would drive the 8 hours again this weekend for another experience like that. It's amazing to me the true friendships that are created through the fan club of Mr. Dierks Bentley! I know he is very proud of his f/c!

  2. The message Dierks put on the pic was so sweet of him! I love how music can bring us all together! :)

    Congrats Nid and Jenny!

  3. He has since left Jenny and now lives in Wyoming with his "Best Woman" and proposed to her.