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Dierks To Debut "Home" On WSM

Waiting not-so-patiently to hear every song in it's entirety on Dierks Bentley's new "Home" CD, instead of the mere 90 second preview on iTunes? Can't wait for the CD release date of February 7? Then tune in to 650am WSM radio on Thursday, February 2 at 2 pm central time!

You may recall that Dierks did a radio show last year on WSM called, "The Thread," produced by Shannon McCombs.  Shannon posted on facebook that she was editing a Dierks radio show--a special that our DB Congress president is hosting--where he will showcase his next CD (Home).

I know many of us DBC-ers will be in Nashville on that day to see DB that night at The Ryman, so be sure to tune in!  If you want to listen online, go to!


*The photo was found on facebook taken at the Country Music Hall of Fame about ten years ago.

Happy Birthday to The Hawk!

The DB Congress extends warm birthday wishes to everyone's favorite fiddle player, Dan Hochhalter!

We all got a glimpse of Dan's incredibly adorable birthday cake via twitter today.

Tweeted by Dan:  "Birthday cake from the one and only @mrshochhalter...good stuff!"
Tweeted by Dierks:  "It's @fiddlindan bday today. check out this cake...!" 

Happy birthday, Hawk!  We hope you have a fabulous day with many more to come!

DBC Rep, Delaware

Dierks earns an ACM nomination

Nominations for the 47th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards were announced this morning and we were quite pleased to see Dierks on the list! He received 2 nominations (composer and artist) for 'Song of the Year' for the current single, and title track of his new cd, Home.

Dierks appeared to be excited about the nomination. So excited he tweeted this picture:

Congress members from around the world want to wish Dierks all the luck on winning a much deserved award for such a great song. Hopefully a performance too...

-Stephanie, DBC Historian

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dierks Bentley Honors Bob Dylan

A couple of months ago, we posted about Dierks being part of the Bob Dylan compilation cd that was released today, January 24.

Senor Dierks Bentley Joins Bob Dylan Compilation CD

In case you forgot, Dierks was nice enough to remind us today via Twitter!

You can visit the Facebook page for Amnesty International USA and get more information about the compilation cd. Be sure to check out the live version of 'Senor' featuring The Punch Brothers from the Up On the Ridge tour stop at the Ryman in May 2010.

Dierks Jumps On Stage With Alan Jackson & Keith Urban!

Last night, Dierks Bentley tweeted that he, "jumped on stage with some dude playing a bar downtown Nashville tonight. he was pretty good..."

Since the face of "some dude" was kind of blurry, Dierks was trying to throw everyone off track, thinking it really was just some "random" singer. When in fact it was none other than Alan Jackson!

“@dutchiron: @DierksBentley totally cool of you. I'm sure you made his day!”---that was Alan Jackson! the day made was mine!"

Country Weekly reported the night as a private party jam with all the big hitters at Capitol Records, including Bentley, Jackson and Keith Urban, with his first public performance since throat surgery, singing "Mind Your Own Business."

Any Nashvillians attend?  Send us more pics and videos if you got 'em!


Finding a 'Home' in the Top Ten

In its 17th week on the chart, Dierks Bentley's latest single "Home" became his 14th Top-10 single thus far in his career! Congrats, Mr. Prez! Though it moved into the top 10 on Mediabase last week (it is #9 there), it finally hit its current peak on Billboard, at #10, this week (the two charts have different rules when it comes to sending songs to recurrent status, hence the difference). 

It may seem as though the song is moving somewhat slower, and in some respects, it is. However, it is important to note that slower songs typically have a slower ascent up the charts. Not only that, but it did have a 3-week "rest" as the charts dealt with the Christmas effect. Right now, this looks to hit #1 in week 23 or 24. Average chart run time on Billboard is 21.8 weeks. There is an "everybody gets their turn" trend right now on the charts, which puts it 6th in line, assuming nothing going up drops out in front of it. And although it had a little bit of an "off week," I think Capitol is letting it have a bit of a breather before heavier rotation starts back up in conjunction with the album release, as well as Arizona's Centennial (you'll remember it's the "theme song"). For a slower song, it's selling fairly well, too, with current sales sitting at roughly 140,000. And, its listener feedback is also very high - it is #3 on Radio Feedback, and #9 at Callout America.

So although it won't be #1 when the album drops (I think it will be just outside the Top 5), it's still a very healthy-performing song and is doing a great job of promoting the album. As Mike Dungan pointed out to Billboard over the weekend, the great thing is that this album already has two songs that fans are familiar with and responding to (not to mention "Diamonds Make Babies," "5150" and "Cold Cans" that they introduced fans to on the road over the course of the past year). That should only help translate to album sales once the album comes out on February 7th (that's just TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!).

Keep telling radio you're still interested in hearing this song - call, text, tweet or email your stations regularly to request and/or thank them for playing it!

~ Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC)

Big D and Bubba and Dierks in the Studio

Watch Dierks Bentley and radio Ninjas Big D and Bubba in the studio as they talk about everything from the new album, (Home), the first time he heard himself on the radio, whether he likes vinyl, CDs or digital downloads and his pilot's license.

Do you remember the first time?

Vinyl or digital?


Come fly with me...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Map of Home Contest Winner Collects From Dierks Bentley

Justin Bockbrader is one of two grand prize winners from Dierks Bentley's "Map of Home" contest, and he spent the day on the road with Dierks and crew in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan yesterday, collecting on his grand prize package!

The Map of Home contest was created to promote Dierks' new single, “Home.”  DB Congress members were encourged to "pin" their "home" on a giant map of the world, and tell their story of what home means to them, with words, pictures and videos. 

Justin lives just outside of Bowling Green, Ohio in the country side of a very small historical town.  Dierks' Mt Pleasant, Michigan show on January 21 was the closest tour date near Pemberville.

"I just started this past summer to be a fan club member (now listed on the rep page under Ohio!).  I never knew it existed. But I came to know of Dierks when I listened to some of his older stuff and loved it because he sings about heart break and at that time I felt like I was in every song because I've went through all of that," Justin told us.  "I respect and love how he writes the majority of his own music--now a days that's very rare." 

Justin's winning entry is below.

I chose this picture because it is a true definition of home. This farm has been in our family for many generations. From the flag that hangs that was given to us at my uncles funeral, to the 1941 John Deere thats plowed many of fields and helped the family survive. My uncle lived on the farm right after WWII was over. He served for his country just like thousands of others did, and once he passed we could not give the farm away, so now we have family reunions and gatherings at the homestead. All 150 people come out year in and year out to see the old tractors and barns that stand tall for over two centuries. We still farm the land because thats what my uncle and our ancestors would want. I always stop out to see the flag drapped over the beams and think to myself I live in the greatest country in the world and nobody could ever take that from me. God Bless.

Dierks posted a series of tweets to introduce us to Justin:

"the first winner of our HOME map contest is here at our show in Michigan. about to go meet him. he is hanging out with us all day"

"say hi to justin bockbrader! or @bockbutt10. cool HOME story" (Justin tells us the nickname "bockbutt" was given to him by a buddy in the 6th grade and it has stuck every since...)

"he's a hockey player AND the number 7 is his number like me. liking this dude"

""I'm pretty sweet at #NHL Xbox".... wow, its on."

Justin told us that hockey was another huge influence on why he's a fan of Dierks.  "I've played since I was four and it's rare to see any artist lace them up (hockey skates) let alone a country superstar like Dierks

"1st preshow prayer and huddle with our HOME map contest winner . thx justin for hanging w us all day."

From Justin's Perspective"

My day with Dierks was one of the coolest experiences ever--the man is so down to earth and the nicest dudes I've ever met. Not only him but also all his band members and stage crew guys. Such good people involved with Dierks. We started out eating lunch and meeting all the members, then we went to the tour bus and played some video games but the NHL game was scratched (he knew I would of owned him). 

Next I watched the sound check to all the songs he was doing that night. Later in the day my parents and I got to do the meet and greet and attend the show.

Justin watches Dierks and the guys at sound check

"Finally after the show we got to hang out on the tour bus with guys and tipped a few brews back. Dierks is a big fan of old classic country music like Hank, Johnny, Strait, and Waylon which I love about him. I always felt like he would be a good man to tip a few back and listen to country gold saturday nights with." 

Dierks lived up to that sentiment by opening the show with a new song from the upcoming "Home" album, "Tip It On Back."  Justin and his dad got to do just that. 

"Just an overall hell of a time," adds Justin. And one final Tweet:

@Bockbutt10: @DierksBentley Dierks man, really appreciate everything, was a badass time and experience, thanks for everything brother hope to see ya soon

Congratulations, Justin! Thanks for sharing your experience! And welcome to the DB Congress!

DBC Chair, FL

DBTV - Episode 51: Feel That Fire Hot Wing Eating Competition

During a break from rehearsing for the 2012 Country & Cold Cans Tour, the band held the First Annual "Feel That Fire Hot Wing Eating Competition." Take a look at DBTV, Episode 51 to see who came out on top. The winner cries afterward, "It hurts to breathe!" Let's hope he recovers quickly in case "Breathe You In" gets added to the set list!

Dierks Bentley Returns 'Home' to Country

Reposting from

Dierks Bentley Returns 'Home' to Country

by Deborah Evans Price
January 21, 2012 9:00 EST

When Dierks Bentley steps onstage at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium on Feb. 2 to launch his new album, "Home," the show may feel like a walk down memory lane.
"I played gigs on Lower Broadway for a number of years. I'd walk by the building at three o'clock in the morning and rub my hand along the bricks in the back alley. That building means a lot to me. All I thought about was all the people who used to run back and forth between the Ryman and Tootsie's," he says of the country legends who traveled between the Grand Ole Opry stage and their favorite watering hole. "I think of all the history that has been a part of that place -- it really does mean something."

It's been more than a decade since Bentley (@dierksbentley, where he has 206,000-plus followers) was just another aspiring artist playing Music City honky-tonks. He's never lost his appreciation for country music's past, and it's Bentley's ability to merge the genre's traditions with his own progressive musical sensibilities that has earned him his own spot among today's contemporary hitmakers.

"The greats all have unique, distinctive voices -- Dierks is one of those," Capitol Records Nashville president/CEO Mike Dungan says. "He possesses one of those voices... you know who it is immediately. That's something you can't ever take for granted, or discount too lightly, especially in an environment where a lot of our men are starting to sound the same."

Bentley is also among country's most versatile artists, a gift he brandished boldly on 2010's "Up on the Ridge," a Grammy Award-nominated album that earned tremendous critical praise, but only a smattering of radio support. Ridge was about Bentley's passion for bluegrass and roots, and he was supported by guests like the Punch Brothers, Alison Krauss and Kris Kristofferson. With the Feb. 7 release of "Home," though, Bentley returns to the sound that made him a star.

"It's a step back into the country music mainstream," Capitol Records Nashville senior VP of marketing Cindy Mabe (@capitolnash) says. "It's 'home' because that's where he belongs, right in the middle of this format. He's so talented, and such a music lover that he needs to stretch his wings as an artist... but in the end, this is naturally his home. These songs and his voice take you back to the music of his first album, but it feels fresh at the same time."

Bentley debuted in 2003 with the No. 1 Hot Country Songs hit "What Was I Thinkin'." Since then, he's earned seven more chart-toppers, including "Come a Little Closer," which notched three weeks at No. 1; "Settle for a Slow Down"; "Every Mile a Memory"; "Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go)"; and "Feel That Fire." "Am I the Only One," the first single from "Home," hit No. 1 last September, and the title track is No. 11.

Of Bentley's five previous releases, three hit No. 1 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart. His self-titled debut sold 1.1 million, and sophomore set "Modern Day Drifter" sold 1.5 million, according to Nielsen SoundScan. "Up on the Ridge" peaked at No. 2 in June 2010 and has sold 244,000 units.

It's not unusual for country acts to record side projects, but such activity generally happens in the twilight of a successful artist's career. The move was risky.

"I really try to practice living in the moment," Bentley says. "No matter where it is -- onstage, or at a meet-and-greet or being with my family -- just listening to my voice at the moment. ["Ridge"] was what I wanted to do, and once I get it in my head, it's hard to talk me out of it."

Dungan was supportive of Bentley's creative detour. "That music comes out of him so naturally," Dungan says. "Every album Dierks had released until then had included a bluegrass-style song. Once a decision was made to go forward, that record probably came together easier than any Dierks Bentley record had before because that's where he lives creatively."

Dungan never intended for a single to be worked to country radio. Nevertheless, "Up on the Ridge" peaked at No. 21 on Hot Country Songs and "Draw Me a Map" reached No. 33. "I had in mind a relatively inexpensive project that we'd work hard for six months, and then be off of it and on to the next thing," Dungan says. "Then the press started to ring in strongly and favorably. We started to hear things like 'album of the year' and 'one of the best records ever,' and it went from being a six-month record to an 18-month record where we released singles to country radio. The broader world got an appreciation for the Renaissance man that Dierks is. But here we are back to the bread-and-butter side of things, and I'm happy to be here."

When Bentley returned to business as usual, country radio was ready. "We had massive success with 'Am I the Only One,'" Dungan says of the No. 1 hit. The label then followed with the title track, a heartfelt salute to America that Bentley performed in November at the White House before President Obama in a concert that aired on PBS. "One of the things we're coming to the market with when this album streets is that we're going to have not one, but two hits," Dungan says. "That doesn't happen often in our business. I'm happy about that. We're offering two tracks that are instantly recognizable, and that's value for the fans."

Bentley began the project by heading to Asheville, N.C., with producer Jon Randall. "It was five days of doing the most intense preproduction I've ever done on a record," Bentley says. "'Am I the Only One' came out of that session. It was a great way to bridge from the bluegrass world back into country."

Bentley recorded the remainder of the album in Nashville with longtime producers Brett Beavers and Luke Wooten. "I wanted to make sure the album had some kick to it, but also incorporate the acoustic sounds that I love so much," Bentley says.

The Arizona-born singer/songwriter has written or co-written his eight No. 1 hits, but while recording the new album, he spent more time than before listening to outside material. "Thousands of songs," he says. "I've had 16 singles and they've all had my name on them. It's the way that I've always approached it. But I want to have a single that's not mine -- put an end to the streak. I'd love to see somebody else's song go to No. 1. There are 12 songs on this record and I wrote six, although for this record, I wrote more songs than I've ever written in my life."

Bentley wrote the title track with Beavers and Dan Wilson. "Home" has been selected as the official song for Arizona's centennial celebration. "People are going through a hard time, the way the country and economy are. Hopefully it's a song that makes you believe better days are ahead," Bentley says.

The remainder of the album is a blend of romantic ballads like "Breathe You In" and such escapist fare as "The Woods" and "Tip It on Back," which Bentley describes as the flip side of "Home." "It's like, 'Times are crap right now. I'm going to drink a little more than I should and just enjoy tonight. I'm not going to worry about all that stuff. I'm just going to have a good time.'"

"When You Gonna Come Around" is a soulful duet with Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild. "I love her singing, love that band. They're so talented," says Bentley, who approached Fairchild about duetting at Capitol Records' post-Country Music Assn. Awards party. "She said she'd love to do it, so the next day I sent her the song and two days after that, she was in the studio. It was so easy, natural and fun, and [there was] good chemistry."

The closing track, "Thinking of You," features an appearance by Bentley's 3-year-old daughter, Evie, singing the final words: "Daddy's home." Wooten took the audio from a birthday video. "Luke ended up putting it on the record. Normally I'd be hesitant about something like that, but it felt like it was natural."

"What I hear when I listen to this album," Capitol's Mabe says, "is that Dierks is comfortable in the place he is in his life, and this music reflects that. He's 'home.'"

In addition to the Feb. 2 performance at the Ryman, Bentley will visit Denver, Phoenix, Chicago, New York, Boston and Washington, D.C., for special listening events through Feb. 11, and he'll do a series of live chats from each city. He's also scheduled to appear on NBC's "Today" (Feb. 7) and CBS' "Late Show With David Letterman" (Feb. 8). Mabe says CMT will run a "Bring Dierks to Your Home" sweepstakes on the TV channel, online and on CMT Radio.
Bentley will resume the second leg of his Country & Cold Cans tour on Feb. 15, but first he'll take the stage at the Ryman, reveling in how far he's come. "I'm just a singer/songwriter that loves to be onstage with a band and loves to be out on the road," he says. "I love playing music. That's the dream I've always had."Fans are also being invited to submit photos that represent "home" to them, and that'll be part of a mosaic that makes up the album cover. Bentley will select one of the submitted images and the person who sent it will receive tickets to the Ryman show and meet him backstage. "We wanted the fans to get a chance to tell the story about their home," he says. "That's the most powerful four-letter word there is."

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dierks Bentley Live Stream: Recap of Town Hall Meeting

Dierks Bentley just finished a live video online chat a few minutes ago! He answered questions from his fans who had posted on facebook, twitter and the live chat box.  How DOES he keep up with us all?

**EDIT:  Here's the video, but we've also recapped some of the Q and A below that. 

dierks on Broadcast Live Free

These are not verbatim and not complete answers, just general notes.

If you weren't playing music, what would you be doing?
"Maybe coaching a pee wee hockey team," he joked.  But he does love hockey.

What song on the new album "Home" was the most fun to make?
"Heart of  Lonely Girl."

Where's "Fastback" why is it not on the album?
"I love that song but it didn't make it."

What about "Country and Cold Cans?"
"That song will be on a special edition for Target, along with "Line No. 7.""

What song by another artist do you wish you recorded?
"I listened to Jake Owen's last two singles when they were demos.  I like it when the song finds the right home (artist)."

When did  you decide to be a songwriter?
"I was 17, listening to Hank, Jr., I rewrote the lyrics to a Charlie Daniels song...I'm still trying to be one (a good songwriter)"

Some DB Congress Reps are doing a Lake Jump at Percy Priest 2/3, the day after the Ryman show 2/2.
"Looking forward to The Ryman show.  I'll be in town that day I may have to check that out."

How do you pump yourself up before a show?
"We have Brit who makes backstage really nice /comfortable; we jump up and down a few times..."

What CD is in your truck?
"I know there's something, just don't remember--I'll get back to you on that one."

Plans for the song, "Distant Shore?"
"I wish I had made it a single.  I'm thinking of breaking it out for this tour."

What do you hope to leave for your legacy?
"I never think about it.  I love what I do and I'm so thankful to be doing it.  I hope to be remembered for putting on great shows and I hope the music's meant something to you guys."

Got any advice for songwriters wanting to move to Nashville?
"Follow your dream."

Touring must be exhausting--how do you do it?
"I feed off the energy from the Meet and Greets and the crowds.  This year we're gonna have fan club passes with embarrassing pictures of the guys.  The goal is to collect all five (LOL)"

What is your dream concert line up?
"I would draw on my friends from the country world - loved doing Bad Angel with Miranda and Jamie; the Bluegrass world, the rock world - Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam--I'm a big fan--Bono, Springsteen..."

What do you enjoy the most on the road?
"That one and a half hours on stage is the best; being on the bus with the guys in the band, playing poker, listening to music, just talking and hanging out."

When are you gonna quit duct-taping your boots and get new ones?
"My boots are new every tour, I have 3 sets, just tape them up... they don't last long, maybe I'll get some cowboy boots..."

Do you ever get nervous on stage?
"I really don't.  I used to when I first started out, but now I'm more anxious to get out there and do it right, my heart is racing and I just want to get out there and play!"

I only ever see you with the guitar with the hole in it--when will you get a new one?
"I don't like new things.  That guitar and I have been through thick and thin.  It is special to me, given to me brand new from a friend."  Just like our tour bus--old--will turn a million miles this year.  When it does, we'll have to stop and have a gig to celebrate."

Being from Arizona, how did you get into hockey?
"I wanted to do something totally different off the road and hockey's a great release--that and beer with the guys afterward."

Do you like smaller or bigger venues?
"Both.  I like variety.  I love the small intimate bars, and being outside in the summer, never knowing what we will get."

Random shout out to Stacey and Rachel in Australia!  Dierks said he knew about Lee Kernaghan years ago and is excited to tour with him in March in Australia.

If you could see any 3 people in the front row of your concert, who would it be?
"Someone with a Little White Tank Top--it would be the fans--passionate fans with the [DB] merch on, the signs held up with song titles--when I see them down front I know they waited all day long to have that spot."

Who wuld you like to do a duet with?
"I love Karen Fairchild's voice (from Little Big Town) and I love the song we sang on the new album--it's called 'When you gonna come around.'"

What's a typical day like for you at home?
"I write songs, I work out, got up at 5:50 a.m. this morning cos the rest of the day was so busy, band practice, then home on the red couch hanging with my girls."

Do you want your daughters to get into the music business?
"I'm banking on my girls getting in the music, I would love for them to be in music, I hope for the fun of it."

What's your favorite TV show?
"Right now it's Breaking Bad."

Favorite bus pranks?
"Human smells, nudity are the go to options...(HA, HA, HA)--just kidding!"

Which songs get the best reaction in concert?
"I have never tried out more songs than last year.  Diamonds Make Babies and 5150 got good reactions (both made the album)."

Favorite concert lineup to watch?
"I love watching all genres.  George Strait would have to be in the mix."

Tell us about your Stubbs hat.
"My good friend Cody Canada (Cross Canadian Ragweed) gave it to me so I love it just for that reason alone, but also Stubbs is a BBQ place in Austin--love Austin, and then there's Eddie Stubbs."

Dierks thanked everyone for their support and signed off the live chat after just 45 short minutes (vs. the normal hour).

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dierks Bentley Congress Members Plan Special Song For Our President

The DB Congress has one primary purpose—to support our president, Dierks Bentley. We are from all 50 United States and 10 countries and are dedicated daily to making and keeping him number one. But for a few DBC members, calling radio, tweeting and voting for him online was not enough to show Dierks how much he has influenced them and how much he is appreciated.

Kelsey Hodges (TN), Randy Alan Shaffer Jr (PA), and Adrian Taylor (NC) are planning a special project for Dierks and they want all of DB Congress to be a part of it. The trio from three different states used the power of the internet to put their ideas together to co-write a song--"Bentley's Jam"--about our DBC president (Dierks).

The Story Behind The Song

Kelsey is a Business Major at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. “Ever since I was in the 7th grade, my life has revolved around Dierks; from traveling hours for a concert or playing his songs at church, Dierks is one of the biggest influences who has led me to move to Nashville,” says Kelsey. Adrian, Randy, and myself are all musicians and huge Dierks fans. It was a great experience making this little tribute with two people that sincerely care about Dierks the way I always have. The main purpose of this song is to let Dierks know we all care and will forever support him!”

You may remember Randy as the face on the 2011 Last Call Ball souvenir lanyard. Randy says, “There have been numerous times in my life where Dierks' music has helped through troubled times. All of his songs and the way they are constructed relate to any listener and I think that's what connects Dierks’ congress so close to each other and all Dierks fans.” Randy remembers meeting Dierks for the first time in March 2011. “He’s just a really down to earth guy. I definitely will take Dierks’ advice that he gave me when I move to Nashville in a year and a half to continue my pursuit of being a country musician/songwriter."  Randy proudly admits the threesome put a lot of thought into the song, trying to incorporate titles of Dierks' hit songs, to make "Bentley's Jam" a fun, rocking song.

Adrian says Dierks and his music have changed her life. “I can remember a friend of mine talking about a new artist in Nashville back in 2001. At first no one really knew the name Dierks Bentley, but by 2003, that all changed.” In high school, Adrian was jamming to Dierks in her car and posted his lyrics on her locker, already on the DB bandwagon and spreading the word to her friends.

“Dierks has been my inspiration and motivation many times in my life. It has been his music that has seemed to always bring me through the toughest times. Never will I be able to tell Dierks just how much his music has meant to me. So just to show him a little bit of a big thank you, I asked two of my friends who I know have some music experience just like me, to help co-write a song about Dierks.”

“We all agreed that we wanted to show Dierks' life through a song. So we basically started with him, traveling from his home in Arizona, to his new home in Tennessee. We mentioned the struggles and the accomplishments that he has faced. For me, this song isn't to be bragging, but to let Dierks know how much his fans appreciate him.”

Adrian feels this song, which came together in a matter of days and one 30-minute online session, symbolizes what all of the DB Congress feel--that his fans appreciate him and we support him with all of his work.

How Can Other DB Congress Reps Help?

Phase Two of this special project is spreading the word. Kelsey, Randy and Adrian want everyone to learn about “Bentley’s Jam” and the story behind the song. All DB Congress reps and other fans of Dierks Bentley can help by mentioning this project to their friends, posting on facebook and tweeting.

They definitely want the DB Congress involved in this project, not only by promoting, but being a part of it. All DBC members who are planning to attend the pre-party at Jack's Bar-B-Que on February 2 before Dierks’ “Home” concert at The Ryman will get a special treat! Kelsey and Adrian wanted the congress to hear it first so they will be debuting it at Jack’s, where reps can help with a special part of the song.

Also, The Gherm Guys have agreed to interview and video the co-writers when they take the plunge during a lake jump on February 3rd at 1 pm at Percy Priest lake. They’re asking any DBC member to participate or stand on the side lines to cheer them on.

What’s next?

Next steps are to get the music in order, followed by editing the music video which will include footage from Nashville (some of Dierks’ favorite hangouts) as well as pictures from Phoenix, and concert photos and personal photos of each songwriter. “Expect some laughter as well as some more somber moments,” added Adrian.

When All Is Said and Done

Once everything is completed, they will be making copies of the video. When asked what they would like to see happen from this experience, just a few things came to their minds. First, that Dierks will hear about the song. Second, that people will realize what a great artist Dierks is, and that he worked hard to get where he is today. And finally, that Dierks will allow them to sing this song for him in person.

“Whether or not Dierks will hear this song, we hope that all the Dierks fans out there will enjoy it. I’ve met so many great people that are fans of Dierks and I can’t wait to meet more people as Dierks makes more music,” Randy added.

Adrian wants to thank the people who have given them feedback so far. “This song wouldn’t be what it is, without three very talented brains working together--so thank you again for jumping on board Kelsey and Randy!”

Contact information:
Kelsey:; Twitter: @kelseybentley92
Randy:; Twitter: @randyalan99
Adrian:; Twitter: @adrianftaylor

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hear Dierks Bentley on Two Album Releases Feb. 7

Not only will Dierks Bentley release his next album, "Home," on February 7, but you can also hear him on a new Waylon Jennings tribute album, The Music Inside: A Collaboration Dedicated to Waylon Jennings, Volume II, which will also be released on Feb. 7. 

Dierks' contribution to the compilation, "Lonesome, On'ry and Mean", was a staple cover in many of his shows a few years back.

Other artists on Volume II include Montgomery Gentry ("Good Ol' Boys"), Justin Moore ("I Ain't Living Long Like This"),Hank Williams Jr. ("Waymore's Blues"), Colt Ford ("Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line"), Pat Green ("Rainy Day Woman"), Jack Ingram ("Bob Wills Is Still the King"), Jewel ("Dreaming My Dreams With You"), and Josh Thompson ("Love of the Common People").

The Music Inside: A Collaboration Dedicated to Waylon Jennings, Volume I was released in February 2011, with a third album also planned.

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DB Congress Nominated for "Best Fan Group!"

Get your votin' fingers ready, congress! Charlotte, NC's 103.7 is celebrating the best of the best with their "Y'alls Call" Awards--and  you can vote for your favorite fan group. 

DB (Dierks Bentley) Congress is one of five nominees, including Christian Kane's , Brantley Gilbert's , Jason Aldean's , and Eric Church's .
Please VOTE for DB Congress and post to your facebook and Twitter pages, too!

Hint:  If you are not from NC, you can enter 28213 for the zip code. 

DB Congress To Hold Session February 2, 2012

Calling all DB Congress Representatives! If you're planning to experience the Dierks Bentley Album Release Concert at The Ryman on February 2, 2012, come early and meet your fellow DBC fan club friends!  We're planning to gather at Jack's Bar-B-Que from 4-7 pm.  Jack's back door is right across the famous "alley" that leads to The Ryman's back door/artist entrance!

You can find all the "D"tails and RSVP on facebook on the Ryman Show Pre-Party Events page.  We need to get a head count.  The more the merrier!

We also have a general events page (Album Release Show) started for all happenings surrounding the big day, including ticket exchanges, group hotel room rates, etc.

Feel free to visit our regulart DB Congress facebook page and "Like" us and invite all your friends to "Like" us, too!

Hope to see you soon!

DB Congress Chair

DBTV - Episode 49: Dierks' New Year's Day Lake Jump Debacle 2012

Ryan "Flash" Silver (aka Camera Guy) thought he was filming boss Dierks Bentley's annual lake jump on New Year's day but something went terribly wrong.  When he tried to blame it on technology, Dierks wasn't settling for that.  Instead, he held Ryan accountable like any good boss. 

Happy New Year!