Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bentley's Got A Lot Of Love For His DB Congress!

Dierks Bentley sings about a lot of leavin' left to do, but at the last show of the year in Cherokee, NC last Saturday night, it was obvious he wanted to stay and showed his love for his DB Congress by running up and down, left and right across the stage--long after the band left--giving high fives and saying Thank You to his die-hard fans up front!

I flew in from Florida and met up with Sandra and her husband Rick. They were so gracious to drive me around and Rick was a good sport while we ladies shopped and went down in the mine!

It was such a good feeling meeting all the DB Congress reps I had only known "online" like Sandra, Carrie, Connie, Michelle, Laura Marie, Karen, Tammi, Laurie and seeing Lissa, Keesh and Angie again. It was like a family reunion! And we all had Meet & Greets with Dierks, except Sandra, who had already used her alloted two for the year.

The Casino was offering free play $5 with your DB Ticket Stub!

At the Meet & Greet, Dierks signed our picture from the Country Music Hall of Fame, "Thx for all you do!" I told him I left a card with Brittany for him with all his accomplishments from 2010 that we had blogged on dbcongress.com. He couldn't believe I flew from Florida and said he couldn't wait to see what I left for him. Brittany and Chris are always so nice, but seemed especially happy and huggy that night!

During the Q&A I asked if he and Cassidy had decided on names for the baby and he said no hadn't thought about it, and someone asked if he knew if it was a girl or boy and he said, "no, don't know that either, but I want a another girl so Evie will have a sister!"

He told us he had been writing songs and would be recording in Jan/Feb 2011 with hopefully a spring record release. Except for the Superbowl, his tour would not start again until March 7. We're still not sure what he means by Superbowl, but I guess we'll find out! I was holding up my camera while he was talking to me and all of a sudden he just stopped talking, looked at the camera and smiled! Thanks, D!

But enough about me. I'll let some of the other DB Congress reps tell you about their experiences.

SANDRA - Pics, drumsticks and set lists...Oh, My!
Sandra got her Meet and Greet after all...during the show! "Dierks sang to me, held my hand and asked me "are you an angel or devil?" "I am both an angel and a devil," I replied right before he broke into 'Lot Of Leavin' Left To Do.'" You can see her iphone taking the picture of him and then the close up! After the show, Sandra's luck continued, picking up pics, drumsticks and the set list! Notice the "Final Fiesta" title and the spelling of some of the songs!

CONNIE - The Newbie
This was my first time meeting Dierks. I was so nervous yet super excited! When it was finally my turn for my picture with him, I was completely speechless. He said he liked my shirt (I believe to start a conversation) but I was just so excited to be standing next to him and focusing on not screwing up my picture with him that all I could do was grin and say "Thank you!" I finally calmed myself down a little bit and after our group picture I gave him a Christmas present for his dog Jake. It was antler chews for dogs. My father cuts them and smooths them down and packages them to sell. I thought it would be a great idea, as they are healthier than your normal rawhide dog chews. He seemed really surprised and excited!

After the meet and greet, I headed to the front row for the concert. It was a great night! He held my hand while he sang "What Was I Thinking" as I sported my "little white tank top". I had gotten plenty of pictures and definitely have plenty of memories from the night. I even got a guitar pick from Cassady Feasby! I believe it was a successful final show to wrap up his 2010 tour. This was, by far, the best experience of my life to this day! It was so much fun! There is no doubt that I will be heading to the next Dierks show that is nearby.

TAMMI and LAURIE - The Besties
For us, we loved seeing the newest members of the band. Cassady, Dan and Brian are good additions and we look forward to seeing them more. We like the six member set. Cassady's red headband was a nice touch. He rocked it! (Dierks referred to him as 'Willie Nelson') The "UOTR" Tour was great and hated to see it end but it was nice to get back to a "traditional" Dierks show.

We loved how Dierks just walked onto the stage and then the guys were around one microphone to start "UOTR." That was a nice touch and really set the tone. The end where they huddled together again before the bow was pretty cool too. A nice way to end the year.

We were two of the few that were standing the entire show (and the people around us didn't like it). It was nice to have Dierks recognize us not once, but five times for that. Maybe we just looked silly dancing around but we didn't care: You do not go to a Dierks Bentley show to sit down. I was kind of disappointed in the crowd for not being up on their feet but that is not reflective at all of the show. (My guess is that most of them were "high-rollers" that the casino "gave" tickets to)

Anytime we leave, we are anxiously waiting for the next show. I considered it quite special that Dierks chose NC to host his last show of the year. Maybe because of all of the great support he has from the Congress there....nice thought...ha! Now, we sit and wait....but we will be ready to go again when those tour dates are released.

CARRIE - DB Congress Chart Reporter
We'd all been waiting about six months for this night to come, and I know that I, for one, had my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that I'd get my second M&G of the year. I was so excited to find out I'd gotten it -- along with my DBC friends Angie, Tammi, Keesh, and Ronna, who I was finally going to meet! (Sidenote: the best thing about Dierks shows is that it's like a reunion every time. I look forward to catching up with the girls almost as much as I look forward to the show!) We all hung out before the show, eagerly anticipating our time with Dierks. Brittany came out and chatted with us for a while, joking that she was starting to remember names since she sees us so often.

My husband, Michael, made this shirt for me. Back in 2004, right after I'd moved from Phoenix to Charlotte, Michael surprised me with tickets to see George Strait in Greensboro. I asked him who was opening and he said "Kelly Coffey and some guy named Dierks Bentley." My response? "What the hell is a Dierks Bentley?" I found out, obviously. Bought his debut CD at the show and never, ever looked back. (I quite happily blame the Dierks love on Michael. ;)) The back of the shirt lists all of the shows I've attended since that fateful night in 2004, and I had Dierks sign the back of it (my plans are to frame it). Dierks, who enjoyed the story behind the shirt quite a bit, signed it "Carrie -- I am Dierks Bentley!" Thank you, Dierks. I know. Trust me, I know. And anybody who knows me knows what a Dierks Bentley is, too!

The show was great. I LOVED the Up on the Ridge tour, a LOT, but it felt so good to hear the songs he didn't do on that tour again. It was almost like putting on your favorite pair of jeans -- the comfort, the familiarity -- everything felt just right. We'd heard him soundchecking Wish it Would Break before the show, which made Tammi and I giddy with anticipation (one of my all-time favorite songs, by any artist, ever), and we were also treated to Little Heartwrecker and another of my personal favorites, So, So Long. But the best moment of any Dierks show ever came for me toward the end of How Am I Doin?, when he made his way to my side of the stage. The next thing I knew, my hand was in his, and those bright blue eyes were locked on me and I was just singing along in a state of shock! Luckily, I'd given my camera to Michael who was able to snap a picture of the moment, which will be the next item signed at my next M&G!

Even though the crowd was below par (lame-o!), it was very evident who was there to see Dierks, and he knew where we were, too. He spent a lot of time thanking the people lined along the front of the stage after the show, and raised his glass to us in salute before walking off stage. After the show, Ronna and I wished Brittany a Merry Christmas and she threw her arms around us in a hug and said "I know I'll see you both next year!" Yes. Yes you will. It can't happen soon enough!

ANGIE - choppergirl
This was my 14th dierks show and they keep getting better and better! I agree with Laurie--I enjoyed seeing the new members. I met Dan (Hochhalter) and thought he was a very sweet guy. It was a great show like always at a Dierks show. It was great remembering the first time I got to meet him and had the crash pic signed at the meet and greet. I will never forget crashing (her car) with goldie (Dierks' bus) lol. Can't wait for our next show wonder if he realizes how many people have become good friends because of him and his music. To me, Dierks and DB Congress feels like a big family.

Carrie and Ronna before the concert:

Steve Misamore on the drums:

Brian Layson on the lead guitar:

Cassady Feasby, Slapper of da bass:

Tim Sergent, steel guitar:

Dan Hochhalter, gotta have a fiddle in the band, Fiddlin' Dan:

A river runs through it (Cherokee, NC):

After the show, Dierks posted these two tweets:

taping them up one last time. going to bury them next week... hold a small service. they've had a good run

(Pic by Laurie at the M&G)

our guitar tech carlos dubbed this picture "so many hands, so little talent"...i am going to alert the authorities

I flew home to Florida with a huge sense of euphoria and pride! Thanks for all the memories, Dierks! Your team is awesomely talented and makes us all feel like family.

DB Congress Chair

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving From The Dierks Bentley Congress!

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Happy Thanksgiving! On behalf of the 627 DB Congress representatives from all 50 United States, Mexico and Canada, to Europe, Asia and Australia, we wish you peace, prosperity and abundance!

Many times, Dierks has said he can't believe how his music has brought so many of us fan clubbers together and allowed us to meet and become best of friends. One time he even claimed we didn't need him anymore since we had each other. We quickly corrected him--yes we do!

We are especially thankful for Dierks and his entire team: Chris, Brittany, Jay, Morgan, Cassady, Tim, Steve, Dan, Brian and all the behind the scenes light and sound techs who make it possible for the band to look and sound great on stage every night! Thank you for enriching our lives!

We're thankful for Cassidy and Evie for sharing their husband and daddy with us!

Special congrats to Brian Layson (lead guitar) who is expecting a little one in the spring!

We would love to hear what everyone is thankful for! Please leave a comment!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's On Bentley's Bucket List?

Honky Tonk TV asked Dierks that very question and more. Watch the video to find out what he said.

Dierks' Thanksgiving Cooking Challenge

Dierks Bentley says cooking Thanksgiving dinner in his new cabin is gonna be challenging!

"going to take a long time to cook a turkey on my new stove in my cabin. lucky if it warms a chicken nugget." #fb

Dierks Bentley's Fav Christmas Album

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dierks Starbucks Pick of the Week!

A few weeks ago, Dierks Bentley's "Draw Me A Map" was the Pick of the Week at Starbucks! Even though I go to Starbucks every morning, I long ago stopped picking up the free itunes POTW cards since they never featured country artists. But then one day on Twitter, I saw a tweet from Arizona Harley that DB was the POTW! I drove to my local Starbucks the next morning and all the cards were gone, so I asked the manager, Ariel (yes, we're on a first name basis and my name to her is Grande Skinny Caramel Latte). She started to pull out a supply to refill and it was some other band. I said, "No, I want the one from last week for Dierks Bentley." She said "Yeah, those went fast, but hold on..." She went to the back room and came back with one in her hand. "You can have mine," she said. Well that just made my day--and affirmed my loyalty to Starbucks! I told her it wasn't like I didn't have several copies of the album, but this would be a great souvenir!

For those who didn't get one, here's the code that doesn't expire until January 28, 2011: 6TEWLYXEEJ9P. Go to itunes.com now!

The Reason He Rides: Country Weekly Reports on Dierks Bentley's MM4K

Dierks Bentley landed a three-page feature article with some great photos in the November 22, 2010 Country Weekly issue. Country Weekly spoke to Dierks at his fifth annual Miles and Music For Kids event. He talks about the reason he rides motorcycles and raises funds for sick kids. "More and more bikes every year. The support from the community is always a surprise. You never know what to expect...it's a great energy when you get a bunch of motorcycles together all going down the street together...it raises awareness." The ride/concert raised over $250,000 for Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville in October. Be sure to buy your copy if you don't subscribe to Country Weekly.

Bentley Covers Country People

"Dierks Bentley Making Bluegrass Hip" is how People magazine titles DB's 2-page spread in the Country Special (December 2010 issue). He's one of 30 stars who made 2010 great and he tells why he loves his farm in Leiper's Fork near Nashville, Tennessee. I think they are a year ahead, though, since they write that Dierks is 36, (when in fact he just turned 35 yesterday). The Punch Brothers are pictured with our DBC president, so be sure to pick up your copy today! Check out his smiling face across the top between Miranda and Tim!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Thiry-five years ago today (November 20), our DB Congress president, Dierks Bentley, was born to Kathy and Leon Bentley. Although he grew up in Arizona, DB found his way to Nashville, Tennessee in 1994 and blessed us fans with his talented songwriting, killer vocals, and charismatic personality--not to mention his golden, curly locks and baby blues. (Photo credit Country Weeky Dierks as a boy with dad Leon).

His love for his family-wife Cassidy, daughter Evie and baby #2 on the way--make him even more lovable, but it's his unparalleled appreciation for his fans that truly makes him our favorite country music artist and Dierks Fans For Life!

Dear Dierks,

We the 624 DB Congress members who support you daily, wish you the happiest of birthdays and hope all your dreams for 2011 and beyond come true!

We love you!
~DB Congress

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dierks and Kelly on Tulsa Time

Can the gray plaid shirts of Dierks and Kelly match any better? The Oklahoma DB Congress rep shared her picture with Dierks and experience at the Meet and Greet at the Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa, OK November 6, 2010.

"This was my second time to get to meet him and he was as nice as ever. I almost didn't get to make it this time. I just had a sweet and wonderful baby boy in August. People tell you babies are expensive but you really have no idea until you have one. When I saw the tickets go on sale for the show I instantly signed up for the meet and greet and planned on buying the tickets later. Well every week the tickets got put off for baby stuff.

The week before the concert I'd decided I wasn't going to be able to afford to go and I hadn't heard if I'd been accepted for the meet and greet. Then three days before the concert I got the email from the fan club telling me I'd been chosen. I was so upset! I vented to my friends and family but knew I would survive LOL Then through the kindness of some wonderful people in my life they surprised me with tickets and said go! I was so, so ecstatic.

My husband and I showed up at the casino and got my meet and greet pass then went to stand in line. I visited with Karissa (who also has a baby on the way--congrats!), another fan club member I'd made friends with at the last meet and greet. We waited for a few minutes then Dierks came out. He thanked us all for coming and for being in the fan club. When it came my turn he asked my name and we chatted for a minute. We got our picture taken together. Then he signed my son's little cowboy boot. He said it was the cutest little boot he'd ever seen. Everyone else got their turn for pictures and autographs. He stood around with us for a few minutes talking about how excited he was for the Country Music Awards and told us they'd be practicing for it during our concert. Also he talked about his new baby on the way.

The concert was awesome! He opened with "Up On The Ridge" and everyone went nuts. We were in the pit in front of the stage, just a few feet away from Dierks. Song after song we just cheered louder and louder. We made some great new friends also. During "Fiddlin' Around" a fight broke out! I don't know how many people ended up in it but it was a bunch! Dierks just kept on playing! I was excited when he played my all time favorite, "Settle For A Slowdown."

As usual it was an hour and a half of incredible music! This was my seventh Dierks concert and I plan on going to many more. Hopefully soon I can take my little guy. I was two months pregnant the last time I saw him so technically Dierks Bentley was his first concert.

Thanks, Fan Club, for giving me another amazing opportunity to meet my favorite singer!

Kelly Pointon
DB Congress Rep
Tulsa, OK

Thursday, November 11, 2010

CMA Awards Wrap-Up

The 44th annual Country Music Association awards have come and gone. The day started off on a good note with a bright and early performance on Good Morning America. Dierks played 3 songs, including the current single, 'Draw Me a Map.'

In case you missed it on tv this morning, click here to see the rest of Dierks' GMA performance.

Once it was time for the actual awards show, Dierks walked the black carpet in style. He cleans up nice, huh? He mentioned on CMT's coverage of the black carpet that he was more than ready to put his jeans and plaid shirt back on though.

Once inside for the awards, sadly Dierks' name was never called to receive an award, but I don't think I'm alone in saying it was nice to hear his name on several lists of nominees again!

The night ended with a great performance of the title track from 'Up On the Ridge.' Complete with a group vocal intro, and plenty of fog, Dierks and his band turned out what I believe was one of the best performances of the night, all bias aside. It was refreshing to hear a fiddle at a country music awards show.

And even though he didn't win any awards, after the show Dierks was a trending topic on Twitter!

You'll get them next year, Dierks!

-Stephanie, DBC Historian

Monday, November 8, 2010

Dierks Dances Behind the Scenes of the 44th Annual CMA Awards

Morning Frogmen Chat with Dierks

Dierks Bentley talks to the Morning Frogmen of Californina Country K-Frog radio about the CMA Awards, his Up On The Ridge party tomorrow night (Tues. Nov 9), and being the Wagon Wheel Country Music Festival headliner Saturday, November 13 in Lake Elsinore!

Dierks Goes Boating in Oregon

One early morning in Oregon, Dierks Bentley and his bass player, Cassady Feasby went for a boat ride! CMT posted the video below.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dierks Is Enjoying CMA Album Nod

When I went in to make the record (Up On The Ridge), I put away all my expectations for any sort of [awards or accolades], country radio airplay, anything. I went into it with no expectations," Dierks tells The Boot. "That's what freed me up to make the kind of record we wanted to make. So, the back side of that to have country radio play the song, see the video on CMT and GAC, and then to be recognized by the CMA for making a record that leans on the bluegrass side of things, there's not a lot of words for it. I'm still taking it all in, and the Album of the Year [nomination],
I'll be enjoying that right up until the moment they announce Miranda Lambert's name. [laughs]."
"That's the main thing for me -- Album of the Year -- because every record, I go in there hoping to make a record that is recognized by folks for the songwriting and the production, but this one was special," adds Dierks, who took home the CMA Horizon Award in 2005. "I knew that when we started working on it. I'm elated, and I just feel real happy for the small group of people who believed in it in the very beginning and encouraged me to make it."

Photo credit from Twitter (Amanda Eckhard):
@DierksBentley tapes an interview for the #CMAs. Is it getting hot in here or is it just him?

Watch the CMA Awards Wednesday night, November 10 on ABC.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vote Double Dierks on GAC Top 50 Videos!

Great American Country wants YOU, the fans, to decide GAC’s Top 50 Videos of 2010, and Dierks Bentley has been nominated--twice! “Up On The Ridge” and "Bad Angel" are among the 130 videos nominated. Voting runs now through Nov. 30 and you can vote once a day for up to 10 of your favorite videos.

When voting simply drag both of Bentley's videos to the #1 and #2 spots! Remember to cast your vote for Dierks each and every day until voting ends! Oh, and even though you can vote for 8 other videos, fight the urge! It will give both videos a better chance to make the list--without that added competition!

GAC's Top 50 Videos of 2010 on-air countdown kicks off on Monday, Dec. 27 at 8/7c.