Sunday, August 18, 2019

Cajun Congress Member Dies 'Holding On' to Dierks Bentley Memories

I first met Sylvia Silva in 2013, at Dierks Bentley's Last Call Ball 9 in Nashville--one of the Louisiana DB Congress reps known as the Cajun Congress.  I never met her mom, Ramona Ramos, also a DBC rep, but was saddened to read of her passing a few weeks ago.  Sylvia wrote the following tribute to her mom:

I send this ”Thank You” via FB because my Mom Ramona Ramos and I met these amazing people through FB. Many we have never personally met, so it seems fitting to extend my gratitude here.

My Mom loved dancing and MUSIC and we shared many good times centered around just that! I invited my Mom to join DB Congress, Dierks Bentley fan club and Mom easily fell right into the mix! We would join other Congress Members at concerts and meet ups and #DRT’s (Dierks Road Trips). Mom joined in our antics of dressing the part at our #1 celebration parties and wearing matching shirts at concerts, although Mom always added her own little flair to hers!

Mom was lucky enough to land several Meet & Greets with Dierks. She loved her front row seats or front row PIT! Her last front row PIT was at the young age of 73, at Champion Square in New Orleans, LA. She always brought little gifts to hand deliver to Dierks.

During the “I Hold On” campaign, I asked my Mom what does she hold on to and I’ll submit a picture. She took the picture of Jesus off of her wall and held it tight. It is one of my favorite pictures of my Mom. 

At the young age of 70, we brought her grandchildren to Nashville for the CMA Music Fest. We had the week pass which covered a week’s worth of craziness and country music from sun up to well past midnight. We all had a tough time keeping up with Mom! During that week, we landed Last Call Ball 9 tickets. At this very personal concert/fan party, Mom got a better feel of Dierks “the man” rather than “the performer.”  The music pulled her in but the “Dierks” he allows us to know is why Mom thought he was “A Doll." His love and devotion to his family and his faith, his love of country and respect for “Mother Earth” ~ all character traits they shared. She witnessed first hand his commitment to his fans as he stood at the front of Belcourt Theater and met with each person present.

My Dad, myself, my sisters and brother have so much gratitude for the DB Congress not only for extending your condolences, the beautiful plant (#Bentley)and for donating to my Mom’s favorite charities but also for embracing my Mom in the DB Congress and filling my Mom’s life with much love and friendship and MUSIC. We thank all of you and of course “The Dude” for bringing all of us together!  I’m sure my Mom is in Heaven singing... #BeautifulWorld, #LongTripAlone, #IHoldOn #FreeAndEasy, #Home, #Living

Special thanks to:
Cecia Guidry Benoit, Darrell A Benoit, Tracy Walters Carter, Marycoleen Geiger, Sherrie McKenzie Shamon, Nancy Harwood Eaton, Janet Marlborough, Amanda Morris, Nicole Dalton, Heather Ashley, Jenny Bable, Michelle Ly Wilson, Harriett Dickerson Watkins, Keri Nutt, Tom Underberg, Miranda Martinez, Christa Thornton, Mary Lou Greene, Ronna Clark, Jasmine Sanchz, Adrian Taylor, Renèe Glennon, Cheryl Parr, Carrie Srebro and Georgenne Joakim Foley.


Ronna Clark
DB Congress Chair (FL)