Saturday, April 19, 2014

DB 'Cajun' Congress Meet for "I Hold On" #1 Party Of Their Own

DB Congress reps in Louisiana couldn't wait for Dierks Bentley to invite them to his number one party to celebrate the success of his single "I Hold On," so they planned their own #1 party!

Cecia Benoit, Sylvia Silva, Ramona Ramos and Marycoleen Geiger all met at - where else - Mardi Gras (up in the clouds) and they shared their story with us below. Enjoy!

"DB Cajun Congress" as we call ourselves gathered at Prejeans Seafood Restaurant in Lafayette, LA on April 14th (which is on a Monday) for lunch to celebrate "I HOLD ON" reaching #1! I drove two hours from Thibodaux and Sylvia and her mom Ramona drove two hours as well from the New Orleans area as Marycoleen lives in the Lafayette area. We enjoyed each others company as well as seafood, (virgin) Bloody Mary's and a RISER #1 I HOLD ON cookie cake that I made. Although our busy President (Dierks) couldn't attend, we all had a great time! Thanks to him we have made life long friendships! Can't wait to celebrate his (our) next #1 hit, "Drunk On A Plane!"

Dierks always celebrates his #1's with a party. Why shouldn't we? We call, tweet, vote, request and pre order. We jump up and down every time we hear his new song played on the radio and train our friends and coworkers to do the same! It's just as much of a win for us - the fans - when a Dierks' song goes #1! So much to celebrate! 

Marycoleen, Cecia, Sylvia, Ramona

Our second meeting was a bang! Love you ladies and DB Cajun Congress! Can't wait until we meet again!

Meeting these ladies at Mardi Gras for the first time I thought of them like my sisters. Sylvia and I first met at my second time seeing Dierks at the Meet and Greet. I loved meeting Cecia for the first time at Mardi Gras - that was the best. Ramona, well she is our Dierks mom and I love all three of these ladies. Let's keep our sisterhood going!

Marycoleen, Cecia, Sylvia, Ramona

Thanks, Cajun Congress, for sharing your story and representing in all your Dierks shirts!  We're thinkin' DB Congress needs an invite to the "official" #1 party for "I Hold On!"

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