Tuesday, April 22, 2014

#TeamCassidy: Dierks and Family Cheer on Wife, Mom, Daughter Running in the Boston Marathon

Dierks Bentley learned how it feels to be on the other side of the rail today, when his wife ran in the 2014 Boston Marathon.  The country music star, used to being on the receiving end of applause, found himself on the opposite side, cheering for "Team Cassidy" today.

Cassidy Bentley joined 36,000 runners for the historic race today to support survivors of last year's bomb blast and show that they were "Boston Strong."

She ran her first marathon when she was pregnant, and just six months after giving birth to their third child and first son, Knox, superwoman Cassidy ran the 26.2 mile Boston Marathon, "thinking of last year and everything people have endured.  Running for love," as she texted her husband.

Dierks was the official correspondent "man on the street" for Sirius XM The Highway. He said he felt like he was at the center of the universe-"like everyone's here."  There were a lot of emotions - laughing, crying, hugging...an overall feeling that this is really important, to honor those families from last year.  Listen to his whole report here.

A series of tweets from Dierks kept DB Congress and fans involved every step of the way:

Great job, Cassidy!  We are so proud of you!  We're on #TeamCassidy!  You're a Riser!

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