Tuesday, March 31, 2009


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Check out the new "seal!" What do you think?

Dierks is having a Town Hall Meeting on stickam.com tomorrow night for the fan club! There is supposed to be a special announcement from Dierks so if you're in the fan club, check your email for the link! See ya there!

Monday, March 30, 2009


Congratulations to...DIERKS BENTLEY! Your 2009 March Men's Madness Winner!

DB Congress, family and friends worked hard for this one! Voting thousands of times, non-stop for hours paid off big time in the US1035 online March Men's Madness competition! What a great victory! We have proved what we can do when we band together! THANK YOU!

Final score: DB-50.69% vs. TM-49.31%

Notice, D is not even in the banner of who they THOUGHT would be the finalists! So, we really showed them the power of the DBC! I am so proud!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Jasper Jones does justice to Sideways in his review below. I did send him a comment that Dierks has actually had six #1 songs, and I think Sideways will be #7! It slid into the #22 slot this week--four weeks on the charts!

The Phoenix, AZ native, Dierks Bentley, is back with another single release from his Feel That Fire album. Dierks certainly is a country music work horse. It seems like the guy is always cranking out a new single, out on tour, releasing a new video, etc. All that work is paying off though because Dierks level of success continues to rise. Feel That Fire is his third number one country album and his highest charting album on the pop charts at number three. Plus, five of his last ten singles have reached the number one spot. Whatever Dierks is doing, he's doing it right.

"Sideways" is the second single from Dierks Bentley's sixth studio album, Feel That Fire. It's an up-tempo country club number about keeping the chicks on the dance floor, getting drunk, and having an all-round good time at the club.
A club number driven by an electric guitar and a banjo sounds like a total train-wreck, but Dierks somehow pulls it off.
The song is sure to be a hit in the country dives with its "good time" feel and its sing-a-long chorus. If his last single "Feel That Fire" made it to number one, the far superior "Sideways" is a shoe-in.

Favorite Lyric: "Ain't no need to fight/ y'all take that redneck stuff outside/ that's what parking lots are for."

Rating: 4/5 - Country music isn't always about patriotism, God, or broken hearts. It can have fun too, and "Sideways" is a prime example.

Source: 411mania.com
Posted by Jasper Jones on 03.16.2009


Remember the "Feel That Fire" GACTV special, late January before the CD release? I remember how impressed I was with the way it was put together--song, interview, backstage, song, etc. But more than that, the definition of sound was sharp and sure gave me the feeling of being right there! Here's why:

Camp Digital Mobile Production Company Hits The Road With Soundcraft Vi4™ Digital Mixing Console

jwynohradnyk@griffinpr.com March 19th, 2009

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – Nashville based television production company, Camp Digital, has included as the centerpiece of its audio capabilities a Soundcraft Vi4 digital console into its new JOURNEY HD mobile production truck. Providing state-of-the-art High Definition production around North America, JOURNEY HD has recently provided video and audio support for a wide range of productions, including the television special ‘Feel That Fire’ for Great American Country starring Dierks Bentley, the 35th anniversary DVD of the band Kansas and a DVD featuring Christian comedian Chonda Pierce.

Read the rest of the story here.


Attention North Dakota Dierks fans: I've got some great news today for ya! DB has been added to the ND State Fair concert lineup for July 31! And it's not even on the Tour page of dierks.com yet!

I'm betting DB Congress reps in North/South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, and Wyoming are all gonna wanna consider this DRT! According to the Minot Daily News, "Bentley will close out the 2009 country lineup on July 31. He is known for hit songs like "What Was I Thinkin'," "Come a Little Closer," and his newest single, "Feel That Fire." Tickets go on sale April 8 at 8 a.m., and can be purchased online at (www.ndstatefair.com), at the State Fair box office weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or by calling 852-3247 or 857-7620."

Watch the video clip here. Who can tell me the typos in the video?

Saturday, March 28, 2009


This Saturday, March 28, will mark Earth Hour, an initiative of the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) in which people around the world are being encouraged to switch their lights off between 8:30 and 9:30pm in a bid to reach the target of one billion people who are committed to fighting climate change.

“I think it’s an honor for Nashville to be included in the list of flagship cities being asked to help promote Earth Hour. Climate change is for real and I’d like for my daughter to enjoy this beautiful world as much as I have. Personally, I’m hoping to be down in one of the Lower Broadway honky-tonks at 8:30! Acoustic hour at Robert’s…Cool!” -Dierks Bentley

So, who's headed to Robert's tonight? Oh how I wish I lived in Nashville!

Source: http://www.looktothestars.org/news/2273-celebrities-send-messages-of-support-for-earth-hour

Related DBC blog: "Dierks To Go Dark For Earth Hour" from February 28.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


...but it's gonna take an act of congress! The DB Congress, that is! Dierks Bentley is the Eastern Conference Champion in US103.5's March Men's online Madness! Can you believe it? And all of you made it happen!

Now it's up to all of us and our family, friends, co-workers, and their brothers and sisters and cousins...well...ask everybody you know to help vote for Dierks! He could go all the way!

In this last week of voting, Dierks is up against Tim McGraw for the Championship Round, so it will not be easy. In fact, right at this very moment, it is neck and knee (not close enough): 47.34%DB to 52.66% TM, but I have every confidence we will have sweet success!
This is no time to get Sideways! We'll press on because, there's so much to live for and so much to love in our president!
again and again and again and again and again!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The next best thing to being there in person, is listening to The Grand Ole Opry live via wsmonline.com. The longest running radio broadcast (since 1925), the Opry morphed into an iconic live entertainment experience, dedicated to honoring country music’s rich history and dynamic present.

It's even sweeter when GOO Member Dierks Bentley is on the line up! Tuesday night Opry was such a night, and a few of us DB Congress reps were listening online and chatting on dierks.com when the one and only Eddie Stubbs, an announcer on WSM’s Grand Ole Opry, and evening DJ on 650 AM WSM, introduced our prez: "It's a treat to have this young man with us tonight...he wanted to be a part of the Opry family so bad he could taste it!"

Dierks began his set with Free and Easy 1,2,3,4! And it was obvious the feeling was mutual, because Dierks plugged in "Eddie Stubbs is rockin' on the radio" in place of the normal lyric. ...someday I know it's gonna take me home...I could just picture him pointing to the sky! Love that banjo, Tim!

Next up, Feel That Fire. Perfect! So Steph, David, Debbie and I tried to guess what the third song would be (hoping there would be a third song), Sideways, Better Believer, Beautiful World....nope! He launched into Lot of Leavin' Left To Do, right after introducing the guys. I was really impressed that this time he actually said their names slow and clear enough to understand.

Right before LLLTD, Dierks told a story of staying out late after the Brad concert and coming home, having to kick in the doggie door. Really funny.

And then at the end of the Opry show, Eddie said Dierks was gonna join him in a few minutes in the WSM studio (next door to the Opry House in the Gaylord Opryland hotel). So we stayed online and cotinued to listen, and Dierks came in! He was there with Eddie for over two hours talking and playing most of the songs from the new CD! (Little Heartwrecker, I Can't Forget Her, You Hold Me Together, Better Believer, Last Call, Feel That Fire, I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes and Beautiful World).

Dierks talked about each song, and said FTF was written as a heads up to all the guys to know what makes a girl want to feel that fire.

When they played Beautiful World, Dierks said if there was just one song he would want to be known/remembered for, that would be it. So they asked listeners to call in and comment on the song. David called in to tell them he loved BW! They said they would pass it on to Dierks, and they actually said on the air, "this guy called from Louisville, KY, couldn't even wait for the song to be over to let you know how much he loves the song." So then I called and it rang again and again and again and again and again (sorry, I type in Dierks lyrical rhythm), then they picked up and I said "I'm calling to comment on Beautiful World," ok, hold on--click. So I'm on hold forever--really thought about hanging up, when they came back on the line.

ME: Hi, This is Ronna, from Tampa, Florida.

DB: Hey, this is Dierks!

ME: You're kidding?! They've got you on the phones?

DB: Yeah, so how ya doin?

ME: Great! We just listened to you on the Opry, you guys sounded great! We are so proud of you!

DB: Thanks! So what do you think of Beautiful World?

ME: You know I love that song...

DB: So do you think between 'close your eyes' and BW, which one should be the next single?

ME: I love both, but I think close your eyes has a better chance of making it to #1 on radio.

DB: I know, that's the cold hard truth (*he said disappointedly).
(*I felt bad, cos he had just said on the air that he wanted to be remembered for that song).

ME: I was at the March 14 Nashville/Brad concert--but up in the stands...you know I am used to being down on the floor by the stage.

DB: So how did we sound up there?

ME: Awesome!

DB: Well I gotta get back on the air, tell everyone I said Hi!

ME: I will!

OK, so after that, I did not wanna close my eyes! Was I dreaming?
ME: Honey, I just talked to Dierks on the phone!
Hubby: I know, I heard you. I told you he was a good guy!

And still tonight as I write this--nearly 24 hours later, Eddie Stubbs continues to show so much admiration for Dierks on his radio show: "We are so blessed to have artists like Dierks come by and spend their time with us...he was here for 2 hours last night...talking about his new album, and to get somebody of his stature in this day in time to give up his time...with wife and 6-month old daughter waiting at home, that speaks volumes."

Yes it does!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


From the East Coast to West Coast and everywhere in between to the depths of Canada and down under in Australia too! Let's give a big warm welcome to all of our newest members!

EAR_I_am – Australia

calvin2070 – British Columbia, Canada
SweetCaroline, Cangirl, Kiwi – Ontario, Canada
Laura13 – Manitoba, Canada
Stoonlovesdierks - Saskatchewan, Canada
lovindierksb – Alberta, Canada

- Alabama
Ca Rose, harvick29, queenshawna, flutterby – California
Drummersgirl – Colorado
CTCowgirl – Connecticut
Maria J. - Deleware
skspire – Illinois
Mainah04005 – Maine
Iluvdierks2008 – Mississippi
rachel_lea, dgbrown – Missouri
BuckyBoy73 – Nevada
Jake127 – North Carolina
rad2213, Rainbow – Ohio
ryanandkristen1 – Oklahoma
jules44 – Oregon
vickilee, Jen – Pennsylvania
Pattie – South Carolina
grantnichole79, blake12jess, coop0302 – Tennessee
dao0815 – Texas
Byrdfan - Vermont
karateamanda – Virginia
ThatDuckDude, SagesMom, BubbaGirl, Hoogman, MissEllie – Washington
jewelgirl32, sweetandwild - Wisconsin

I have really enjoyed reading your messages about how some of you became a Dierks fan or any of your concert experiences! Thanks for all of your support and Welcome to the DB Congress!

-Amanda Morris
Mississippi Rep.
DBC Sec.


When Austin Glenn (center) was in his second year of college at the University of Nevada, Reno, he started a "Dierks" club with his good buddy Paul. Well, sort of. It was a club organized to get school funding ($50 a semester) to travel to different concerts in the area by renting 15-passenger vans from the school; the funding went toward gas. They called it the “UNR Dierks Bentley & Country Music Club.”They made shirts for all the members of the UNRDBCMC club that were going to the concert, including one for Dierks with his name on the back.

"The great thing about 2005," writes Austin, "was that Dierks was in Northern Nevada 3 different times in the span of like 4 months. So we knew those few concerts as his 'Northern Nevada Tour 2005.' He was in Yerington July 30th; Lovelock on September 15th; and the last show in Reno, NV on December 9th."

The December 9 concert was at the Reno Hilton (now the Grand Sierra Resort).
"I did not become a member of the DB fan club until the 12th of December 2005 so I wasn’t able to sign up for the M&G quite yet. We were in the pit before the concert and some random guy came up to us and asked if we wanted to buy these 2 passes off of him. So of course I bought them and I was pretty excited to say the least."

My best friend Emma and I went backstage. We talked with Dierks about his travels a bit, his music, and of course Jake. While we enjoyed his stories we indulged in a few DLCs to make the experience that much better. We took some pictures and he signed some autographs.

Probably the best concert experience that I have ever had.

When I was backstage I gave him the shirt and explained our club’s mission to him, and when he came on stage for the concert he brought the shirt, thanked all of us for the support, and then played a kick ass show. (Back of shirt):
I am now graduated and the club has since been retired, but the experience was like no other."

Austin is a new member of the DB Congress (BuckyBoy73), representing Nevada! Everybody please join me in a warm welcome to him!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


CMT.com Editorial Director, Chet Flippo, sometimes writes about the negative in country music, but not today! He says he is enjoying listening to a variety of country music lately, including "Last Call," from our very own prez, Dierks Bentley!

Check out Chet's positive view on Bentley and bluegrass in the Nashville Skyline on CMT.com.


I have been waiting for this email for over a year! Country Weekly sends me an email every other week to survey my opinion (I'm sure many of you get this same survey), on which cover I prefer.

CW has been telling me that Dierks would be THE cover and now they are finally keeping their word! Today's email survey has a choice of two DIERKS BENTLEY covers for the April 13 issue! Check them out!

Which one will you choose?

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Posted on theboot.com is an article about Dierks and the making of the new Sideways video. "The concept for the video is very much a club scene, with friends getting together in a bar to have a little fun. As the night goes on and the drinks flow, the guy who couldn't dance a bit when he walked in suddenly becomes the person with the best moves on the floor."

Dierks said he learned on 'Free and Easy' that it is alright to put a song out there that people love and have fun listening to in their car.

"I wrote 'Sideways' on an airplane on the way to a gig and finished it with a friend of mine back in Nashville. Its just great to have a song out there that people can listen to and get away from their troubles a little bit and have fun."
Check out dierks.com to watch a video of Dierks on the set of the making of Sideways.


Kathy Grimm (DBC rep in Washington), had the winning bid for a Dierks-signed guitar, and made her granddaughter the happiest girl alive!

Dierks recently did a concert in Yakima, Wa. with Brad Paisley and signed a guitar. My granddaughter has had 3 open heart surgeries plus many other procedures and just before her last surgery she went to a Dierks Bentley concert at the Legends Casino in Toppenish. Now, after her open heart surgery, she got to go to another Dierks Bentley concert with her mother and me, her grandmother. Dierks signed a guitar and left it to be auctioned off at KXDD radio for the Childrens Wish foundation and I was lucky enough to win the guitar for my granddaughter. She can't wipe the smile off of her face and is still on cloud nine.
Dierks is her idol and she will cherish the guitar forever.
She treasures that guitar and will never part with it. All of her friends think it's so neat that she has a guitar signed by Dierks Bentley!


While relaxing in my hotel room in Nashville, I picked up the copy of the American Songwriter magazine resting on the armoire and began flipping through the pages. I always look for something "dierks" but never expect to see anything. But to my surprise, 83 pages in, there he was! Lizza Connor Bowen wrote her rendition of a "Feel That Fire" review:
"Twelve songs find the singer chasing skirts...pleasing them...or running in the opposite direction..."
She gave Dierks 3 1/2 stars, which straddles between "Swell" and "Exceptional." Of course, I would have given it 5 stars--Timeless!See the rest of the review here.

Friday, March 20, 2009


I just received my copy of the CMA E-newsletter and bam! There was Dierks' picture at the top! He was just added to the list of performers for the June 11-14, 2009 event. He must be performing on Thursday night, since his regular tour schedule takes him to Boston, Hartford and Gilford (NH) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I wasn't planning to attend the Thursday - Sunday Music Fest, but what I really want is a secure spot for the annual Last Call Ball! According to "turtles307" on the dierks.com message board: "Talked to him at a WSIX Radio event in Nashville on Thursday. Said the Last Call Ball would be at LUNCH time on the Wednesday before the CMA Fest." I sure hope they officially announce it soon so we can start planning!

Click here for all the CMA Music Festival details and to subscribe to the newsletter. Additional artists will be announced in the coming weeks.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Here's the video I shot at the Sommet Center in Nashville, TN on Saturday, March 14:

Remember to ask your favorite DJ to play Sideways! Gotta make 'em wanna come back for more...gotta get the song in the top 20 next week!


How does spending 20 hours on a plane with Dierks sound? Well, start rummaging all the couches you can for change because a first class ticket will cost you at least $20,000 according to Expedia.com. It's pretty clear why Dierks is sitting coach for his upcoming visit to the land down under.

GAC talked with Dierks recently about his upcoming trip to Australia.

As one of country music’s real road warriors, Dierks Bentley has seen plenty of the U.S. and Canada, and he’s even done a couple tours of Europe and played at a Nobel Peace Prize concert in Norway.

Nevertheless, he’s found new ground to cover with his upcoming tour of Australia as an opening act for Brooks & Dunn. Which is, of course, accompanied by a very long air trip.

"I cannot wait for the 20-hour flight in coach," he told the national radio show GAC Nights: Live From Nashville. "It’s gonna be soooo exciting."

Okay, so the travel won’t be so great. But the destination — that definitely gets a thumbs-up.

"I’ve always wanted to go to Australia," he continued. "Had a lot of opportunities to go down there and always wanted to and just waited for the opportunity. [Brooks & Dunn] have already gone down there and sold out buildings. Now we get a chance to go open up for them. So it’s the best way to crack into the country and make as many fans as possible and get in front of as many fans as possible. It’s a great opportunity and we’re real psyched they asked us to go. Other than the flight, I can’t wait."

Country stars seem to have taken note of the market of late. Joe Nichols and Deana Carter both performed there for the first time in the last three weeks, and Taylor Swift likewise made her first run Down Under, adding a four-song performance at the Sound Relief benefit concert on Saturday in Sydney. The show raised money for victims of the bushfires that destroyed more than 1,000 homes. Taylor was on the same bill with Coldplay, Jet and Barry Gibb, who had a cool country-related surprise: Olivia Newton-John made a guest appearance, Billboard reported, to cover "Islands In The Stream," which Barry wrote with his brothers for Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton.

Dierks’ visit to Australia begins May 1 in Perth.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Hey now here we go! DJ don't ya play nothin' slow....Sideways is up to #25 this third week on the radioandrecords.com charts, up 7 spots from #32 last week!

The song is also the second most added, with the following radio stations adding it to their play list this week:


Make sure you go to yes.com and thank these DJ's when they play Sideways and request it every day! Or, if one of these station's is in your area, call or email your request for Sideways to them!

I shot a video of Dierks singing Sideways at the Nashville show last week. It's not the entire song and some girl kept waving her arm, but I'll post it in a few days!


Who's the sexiest man in country music? I think we all know it's Dierks Bentley! And, our voting is paying off, db congress! Dierks made it to the "Fine Four" round, but he still needs our help!

Keep voting for the March Men's Madness Tournament on the Tampa US103.5 radio website, and move our president into the Championship Round!

Currently Dierks is at 53.94%--barely beating Toby Keith's 46.06%.

VOTE FOR OUR PRESIDENT--DIERKS! You can vote as often as you like!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Paisley Party Comes To An End

Brad Paisley's "party" ended Saturday with a sold-out crowd at the Sommet Center in Nashville, TN. The openers were Darius Rucker and Dierks Bentley, who have topped the charts in the last 12 months.

"Bentley is fresh off a No. 1 song with "Feel That Fire," and when he went onstage, the arena was already filled, an uncommon sight for most opening acts. Bentley spent about 45 minutes ripping through crowd-pleasing hits including his breakout single, "What Was I Thinkin', " and "Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go)" before relinquishing the stage to Paisley. Given the caliber of his performance and his ease with the audience, it's doubtful Bentley will spend much longer in anyone's opening spot."

Read the rest of the Paisley Party review here.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Dierks stopped by WSIX in Nashville recently to switch sides of the microphone and play DJ for the day.

He not only played some of his favorite songs from guys like George Strait and his tour mate, Brad Paisley, but he also answered questions from fans. And if that wasn't enough, he gave away tickets to the final show of the Paisley Party Tour this weekend in Nashville and he also had a private listening party of 'Feel That Fire' with lucky WSIX listeners! Check out pictures here and an exclusive video here!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Dierks Bentley will be performing at the upcoming March 21 Saturday night Opry and the Tuesday night Opry on March 24 in Music City (Nashville, Tennessee) at the Grand Ole Opry House. Other artists scheduled include:

3/21: Dierks Bentley, Kellie Pickler, Charlie Daniels, Ralph Stanley, Marty Stuart, Jim Ed Brown, Mike Snider

3/24: Dierks Bentley, Craig Morgan

He became an Opry Member on October 1, 2005. Here's an excerpt from The GOO website:

"From his early days in Nashville as a researcher at TNN, Dierks has had incredible admiration for the Opry and its members. In fact, he was such a fan in those days that the Opry's General Manager Pete Fisher had to go as far as limiting his backstage access making Dierks’ induction this week as the youngest member of the Opry a true benchmark in his career. “It’s like having a home off the road and a place you can always go to play music in town,” Dierks says about his new status as ‘Opry member.’ “The Opry is such a huge part of American history. It’s bigger than just country music. It’s a big reflection of our country.”

Get your tickets now at www.opry.com!


"Can you sing that?"

With Feel That Fire officially stepping aside and moving to the number one spot on the Recurrent chart, Dierks Bentley's Sideways takes six giant leaps forward to #32, just two weeks into it's Radio and Records chart climb. The song also mustered up the most added stations at 19, and had the most increased audience: 23,906.

Hey now here we go
DJ don't ya play nothing slow
Gotta make 'em wanna
Gotta make 'em wanna
Gotta make 'em wanna come back for more
Keep calling and voting online with your local DJs! Many have "Top 8 at 8" countdowns Monday-Friday! Click on Yes.com and thank all the stations for playing the song, and when they play any Dierks song, make sure you thank them, and politely request, Sideways as well.

Source: RadioandRecords.com, March 13, 2009 Issue Date.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Photo Credit: Brian Tipton

CMT.com provided the particulars and photos of Dierks Bentley's March 6 Number One Party for Feel That Fire, his sixth single to hit the top spot on the charts.

In addition to Dierks, the other three co-writers of the song: Brett Beavers, Brad Warren and Brett Warren, along with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill joined in the celebration.

An ASCAP representative presented Bentley a guitar and a plaque for his latest achievement.

Flickr.com posted a video of Dierks' speech, and more photos.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


In 2005, Kasey Kahne, driver of the #9 Budweiser Dodge in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, created the Kasey Kahne Foundation as a way to give back to chronically ill children and their families as well as disadvantaged youth. Every year the KKF raises funds for these deserving causes through several exciting events.
The Sound Check 9 benefit concert on March 5 in Duluth, Georgia (Wild Bill's) was one of those events, featuring Dierks Bentley, multi-platinum country music star. “I’ve been friends with Dierks for a while now,” said Kahne, a nine-time winner on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. “Dierks has been a long-time supporter of children’s charities, which is also the focus of the KKF. So teaming up on this concert is a good fit." All ticket proceeds go to the kids.

A special offering of 100 VIP Meet & Greet tickets with reserved seating sold for $150 per person. Reserved seating was $50, and General Admission was $30.

The latter was my budget this trip, and in my opinion, the best "non-seat" in the house! Re-united with many of my DRT (Dierks Road Trip) buddies from Atlanta last May, we all lined the front of the stage--the only place to experience a DB concert!

The evening kicked off with a question and answer session with Kahne, Elliott Sadler and Darrell Waltrip. Darrell asked Kasey how he and Dierks had become such good buddies and Kasey said they met at the Opry, got to talking, had a lot of the same interests--including NASCAR, country music, and children's charities. I recorded it, but there were several people in the audience talking loudly the whole time the interview was going on, even yelling at one point, "Stop talking and start singing!" How rude! After all--this WAS a benefit event--show some respect, people!
DB Congress representative, Angie (choppergirl) drove down from South Carolina again this year. "This had to be one of the best Dierks shows ever and one of the funnest DRTs I've been on. The day started early as I met Keesh and the Dierks-mobile and we swung by and picked up my friend Teresa and hit I-85 in SC with the pedal to the medal to Georgia! We got to Wild Bill's between 11 and 12 to see a handful of Dierks fans there. We hung around and chatted a while, and listened to soundcheck outside the doors--they sounded awesome.

As the day goes on we get to see more fan club members, a lot that I hadn't seen in a long time. It was really exciting when we went inside knowing the time to see D was getting closer. Nascar drivers took the stage first--DW, Kasey and Elliott Sadler talked a while. That was awesome since I'm a big Nascar fan as well.

Soon here comes Dierks and the band and they rocked Wild Bills! He sang all our favorites including some of the new songs. Hearing Feel that Fire and Sideways in person was out of this world! The whole night Dierks was right there in front of us. Keesh had her night made as he twirled her around and held the mic for her to sing along!

Dierks, you and the guys were awesome! Cant wait for a chance to see you again! Thanks for coming out and talking to us by the bus before you left! Was great seeing so many fan club friends and great meeting new ones!" ========================================================================
DBentleyFan7 is a new DBC rep from Georgia. She didn't' have far to drive! "This was my very first Dierks show, I have been wanting to see him live for the longest time and finally did! He is crazy and I loved every second of it!

One group had a sign saying 'I wanna feel your fire' and he screamed at them saying 'YOU WANNA FEEL IT?! COME ON FEEL IT!' And then he ran so fast to them and just let everyone grab him that was in the crowd!

He knows how to put on a show, wow! I loved him before, but now I am head over heels for Dierks.

There was also a moment where Dierks looked mad and I don't blame him! A girl RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME got a hand slap from Dierks and then she just decided to grab his boot; he almost fell when he tried to go to the next group because that lady held onto his leg! He looked back at her and THREW her hands off of him! I can't say I'm not shocked, there were quite a few drunks there and she was one of them. The girl next to her jumped down her throat and was saying she can NOT do that! You go girl!

I'm just so impressed with the way he performed. He knows how to get the crowd going! I'm a regular at Wild Bill's since they have a lot of country stars there, but Dierks was the only one I've seen get the crowd going as loud as they did! You can tell he loves his fans." =============================================================================
"OMG!!! That was me that jumped down her throat," says LILWHITETANK54, Tracy, DBC rep in Alabama. "She was all trying to get (bass player) Robbie's attention. She didn't even look at Dierks the whole time she was hollering at Robbie & that's why he moved I bet. I have no idea who she was or where she came from, she just came out of nowhere. When she could not get Robbie to pay her attention, that is when she grabbed Dierks' leg. I was totally mortified because I didn't know her and I was so worried he would not come back over there to us. After that I told her she had to GO (and a few more choice words)! But I had a blast and did not let her ruin it for me! I stayed afterwards & met Dierks & got pics & autographs! If anyone is on here that met me or my sister, (Tracy & Tabatha from Alabama) ya'll email me! ====================================================================================
Debra is a proud DBC rep from Alabama. Here's her review: "Hey all-just made it back from Atlanta today--Dierks was really on FIRE! I arrived at Wild Bill's about an hour before the doors opened and got to visit with my old DRT friends... Granny Ann and Debra above Debra and Angie (choppergirl)
...and met some new ones as well! Always love to meet new fan club members-you girls are the nicest people to spend time with and enjoy the concert with-seriously! Debra and Tracy above

Of course us DB fans-Congress members as well-were first in line to go in and made it right to the front of the stage! That was so awesome to have Dierks performing so close to us all night! Rod was so sweet to come and play several times right in front of us also! The band sounded fantastic and I heard Dierks perform Life on the Run for the first time LIVE and of course it was great! Thanks too Dierks for throwing Sweet and Wild in there for us-really enjoy you singing that song! Dierks sang to us lucky girls on the front row many times and Keesha got the dance floor twirl during So So Long! He held my daughter Kristen's hand and sang to her and I do believe she's a DB fan for life now-lol! Really fantastic performance by Dierks and the band-fun to see Robbie singing now! One of my best Dierks shows ever! I didn't get to see Dierks at the bus-my daughter wanted to stay at Wild Bill's with some of her friends so I joined them. Much love to my fav DRT buddies Ronna,Chrissie,Rachel and her gang,Tammy,Angie,Lisa,Holly and Kelly-it made the show sooooo much better to have you guys there with me! So great to finally meet Granny Ann-what a wonderful, sweet lady! Trenda and 2 new Tracys I met also!!

BTW there were several times that Dierks was so close to me I could have touched his boots too-but I would never think about doing that! He's so sweet about getting that close to us and I certainly don't want him to stop! Thanks to all the FC who commented on my DBC shirt (complete with Dierks autograph!)I also got many comments and questions about my DBC shirt throughout the night by other people there-love promoting Dierks that way! Thanks for a fantastic night Dierks-you ROCK!" My pics were some of the best I have ever gotten-but it's because we were soooooo close: ================================================================================
As for me, I loved meeting all the new people from the fan club. I was so flattered that Tracy asked me to sign her Band of Sisters (and a few brothers) book that Crissy (TX) made last year! Ann (AL) gave out tons of DB Bracelets sent from Tara (CA) and as I was squeezing my way through the crowd to get back to the front of the stage, one girl saw my bracelet and wanted to know where I got it--so I gave her mine! Anything to get people to dierks.com to join the fan club and the DBC! I also handed out business cards to everyone who asked about the dbc shirts, the fan club or just curious about what DB Congress is all about. I remember this one lady who had been to Red Rocks in Denver, CO(I had my RR shirt on), and I gave her a card--hope she and the others find their way to this site!Me, Granny Ann, & Chrissie (GA) I did get a hand-hold from Dierks during Every Mile a Memory--that's always been a good luck song for me to get attention from D during the live show!

I love when Robbie sings "low, low, low, low"--just like his bass--during Life On The Run. Here's the first minute...
I was surprised but happy to hear them sing Sweet and Wild. And Rod, Tim and Steve showed they're as talented as ever!
Robbie Harrington:

Tim Sargent (I saw Tim squeezing through the crowd by the stage before the show and we exchanged hellos):

Rod Janzen:

Steve Misamore:

I guess my favorite part was after the concert, by the bus. Although they had a long drive back to Nashville, Dierks made time to sign and take photos with about 20 of us die-hard fans. He was so excited to be singing with Jessi Colter at 10 am the next morning, so I think he was rushing to get out of the cold and to save/protect his voice.

I had him sign my FTF CD, but didn't ask for a picture. Instead, I used my time to ask, "Please tell me you've seen the dbcongress.com website!?" "Yes, I have, it's great! Amazingly detailed! I have been meaning to blog about it. I told them (Echo) to get with ya'll to make sure you were ok with us (fan club) using the name "dbcongress." I told him yes they contacted us and we'd be honored! That's our Dierks! Always thinking of others! I hate that I can't remember word for word what he said, but I was just happy he has seen the site and likes it, and that I heard it from him in person! Made my whole night!

~Ronna, DB Congress Chair


Not only is Dierks Bentley one of the feature articles (Life Has Just Exploded) in the March 9th issue of Country Weekly magazine, but his Bentley-blues shine brightly behind the Table of Contents, and one of our Wisconsin DBC reps-Alicia-secured a spot in the Stars Up Close section!
Make sure to pick up your copy of the magazine and send thank you's to letters@countryweekly.com for all the Dierksness!

There's been no mistake, Dierks! You are truly deserving of the great blessings in your life. You work so hard and are doing so much more than you think. You open your heart and give it all away every day--to your family, friends and fans. We are all better believers because of you! We are proud to promote you every day!

DB Congress Chair